May 08, 2010

9/11 Firefighter opposes mosque at Ground Zero as "a Trojan horse rolled onto our most sacred ground", asks "Where is the money coming from?"

A decision by a Lower Manhattan community board this week gives the go-ahead for a $100 million mosque to locate beside the Ground Zero site. But not everyone is happy with the decision, including those who survived the attacks and the families of those murdered by Islamic terrorists on 9/11.

In this Fox NY interview below on Thursday, 9/11 firefighter Tim Brown describes the mosque project as "a Trojan horse being rolled into our most sacred ground". He squared off with the mosque's imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, asking whether any of the money for this mosque will be coming from the regimes of Islamic countries who have actively aided and financed Islamic terrorists, and where Rauf got the reported $4.85 million in cash to purchase the building, prompting profuse evasion and side-stepping by the imam.

Tim Brown is one of the few 9/11 survivors to survive the collapse of both WTC towers. He also a first responder to the 1993 WTC bombing by another group of Islamic terrorists. Here is his story on what happened on 9/11:

On the morning of Sept. 11th, Tim Brown had recently arrived at his office. Tim was working in a year and half long detail from FDNY’s Res3cue to the NYC Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) located in 7 World Trade, when the first plane struck the World Trade Center tower. He immediately responded to the command post set up in the lobby of WTC Tower One. After the 2nd plane struck, he was directed to WTC Tower Two. There he attempted to set up and maintain some type of command structure in the chaos of the lobby...

Just before the first collapse, Tim had exited the lobby of Tower 2 and gone across the street to gather up an EMS crew to assist the rescue efforts in the lobby of that tower. He was just re-entering the lobby with EMS when he heard the rumble and felt the earth move. Instinctively, he knew what was happening. He and the EMS crew scattered...

As one of the world’s tallest buildings collapsed all around him, Tim ducked into the first open door he could find, the doorway to the Tall Ships Restaurant at the WTC Marriott Hotel, located directly between the towers. There he found a substantial support beam, and held on for his life, as the 110 story building came crashing down around him. Everything went dark; the wind created by the collapsing structure blew off his helmet, his phones, and his pagers and lifted him off his feet. Then, as quickly as it began, it ended. Tim managed to escape through the debris to the street level, where he began to assist in searching for trapped members giving “mayday” calls heard over the radios...

As WTC Tower One collapsed, Tim was with the FDNY brass and city leaders at the northwest corner of the WTC complex. He, along with everyone else in lower Manhattan , ran for his life, again. Tim ran north. As the dust cloud began to overtake him, he saw two young women duck into an open door on a side street. They were kind enough to offer him refuge. There he also found a working phone.

Read all of Tim Brown's testimony before the WTC Task Force.

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