May 07, 2010

U.S. Army Launches Resilience Program

US_Army_Logo.jpgLed by Brig. Gen. Rhonda Cornum, the U.S. Army has launched a resiliency training campaign for every soldier, encompassing emotional and psychological screening and counseling, to assist in dealing with stress.

"Alexa Smith-Osborne, a social-work professor at the University of Texas at Arlington who conducts research on resiliency among troops and veterans, credits the Army for attempting to give soldiers the tools to rebound psychologically from difficulties, even if the science behind the psychology is still emerging."

Thousands of NCOs will receive instruction to become "master resiliency trainers" to conduct 15-minute online assessments of every soldier's "emotional fitness by asking questions about relationships with family and friends, spiritual beliefs and social interactions."

"The assessment kicks out a bar graph in several areas, with the "score" higher the farther it extends to the right. (The Army avoided numerical scores for fear of soldiers thinking they failed.) Then it offers feedback on areas where a soldier should get additional training for improvement."

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