May 06, 2010

Our Own Sweet Jane, A Global Inspiration

Jay Nordlinger of NRO is at the Oslo Freedom Forum and notes this:

He mentions the prominent American journalist Thomas Friedman. He expresses disappointment: saying that Friedman came to Yemen and stuck close to the government, his hosts, without “going into the streets” or “meeting any journalists.” (I have no idea whether this charge is true.) He then says, “I would like to salute the American blogger Jane Novak, who learned about Yemen and led an international campaign to free me. Jane restored my faith in human beings.” He pleads with journalists in free countries to keep an eye on their colleagues in unfree countries, and yell as loud as they can when those colleagues are in danger.

I'm proud to call Jane a good friend. She is a blessing on this Earth to whomever she comes in contact with, whether it is here online or out there in the real world.

Not only does she restore our faith in human beings, she's always there with the right wisecrack at the right time.

Thanks to some blogger.

Update by Jane: Thank you very much Vinnie! I wanted to jump in here to say that the speaker being quoted is Yemeni journalist Abdulkarim al Khaiwani. The long time readers will remember the campaign, the petition, the media. It went on for months. Jawa was one of the headquarters. And everyone helped so much. HAMSA was incredible. So the salute is to you all too.

Al Khaiwani also said “living in Yemen is like being trapped on a hijacked plane.”

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