May 06, 2010

Video threatens violence over Belgium burqa ban cites Jawa Report, raises money for terrorists from US hosted blog *Sticky*

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Belgium is investigating a video posted at YouTube that threatens violence in the wake of a ban on Muslim veils that cover the face. I've posted the video below.

The poster is named Muhammad Zaib Khan. In fact, we've run across Muhammad here before.

The biggest giveaway that he reads The Jawa Report? Check out this frame from the threatening video. I added the arrow.


That would be this post.

So, who is Muhammad Zaib Khan? For the past year he has been trying to raise money for terrorists on his Mujahideen Media Centre blog, hosted, naturally, right here in the USA by Google.

And yes, he really was raising money for terrorists:

This Blog is Dedicated to our Mujahideens Brothers who Fight for the Sake of Allah in all over the world In Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechniya, Palestine, Kashmir, Somalia, Iraq etc.

Request to all Muslim Brothers & Sisters Please Pray for Mujahideens Everyday & Help that peoples to Forward Your Donations.

Seems pretty cut and dry to me. Either he's raising money for terrorists or he's scamming people and pocketing the cash.

But as Islam in Europe notes he's also a commenter over at the Jamiah Hafsa Urdu forum, which means it's likely that he actually was at least trying to raise money for terrorists. If I'm not mistaken, even if he can weasel out of the threatening video, raising money for terrorists is still a crime.

Here's the threatening video. Notice all the women and children with guns.

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