May 04, 2010

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer Bummed Times Sq. Bomber Was A Muslim Radical

Echoing what Jonah Goldberg IMHO correctly opined, the left is bummed that this wasn't a tea partier.

This wasn't the "teachable moment" they had hoped for - if anything, it's another opportunity for the American right (who have been relentlessly tarred and maligned by Obamacrats on all levels as racists, terrorists, killers, psychopaths for expressing peaceful opposition to bad legislation in Congress) to laugh and point fingers at the incompetence of the federal government for focusing on finding that ever-illusive "rightwing/GOP terrorist" while real terrorists plot unmolested to kill innocent people. And shock of shocks if this one wasn't a radicalized Muslim.

Like clockwork, MSNBC anchorette Contessa Brewer comes along to tell you what the Administration and the left was actually thinking all along while they were forced to report on the facts of this story as they emerged:

I'm sure she would have been sorrowful and regretful had this turned out to be what she had hoped it would be - an Obama-hating GOP/KKK/racist/Nazi militia member who had problems with the, er, health care bill or something.

Transcript at Radio Equalizer, who made this nice catch.

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