May 01, 2010

Awesome: Obama Cheated on Wife (Poll Update: Hot or Not?)

Usually I don't run scandal stories like this from the National Enquirer, but they got it right with Silk Pony didn't they? Plus, anything to make Oprah Winfrey cry and burst the bubble of the media obsession with the First Couple is a public service in my mind.

In any event this is Vera Baker, the alleged mistress.


Is it just me, or is she kinda hot for a Presidential mistress?

Then again, compared to Monica Lewinsky any one looks good.

UPDATE: Oops, it looks like Howie already ran the pic and story. My bad.

But still, HOT or NOT? Let's do a real poll on this one.

Is Obama's alleged mistress Vera Baker Hot or Not?
Hot: If Obama didn't hit that he's gay.
Not: Dude, hotter than Michelle isn't saying much!
As a "committed Christian" there's no way Obama would ever cheat on Michelle no matter how hot she is.
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