May 01, 2010

Arizona Sheriff Clarence Dupnik Refuses To Enforce "Racist" Immigration Law

Silly me, I thought he swore an oath to uphold the law. I wonder what he thinks about Arizona's Pinal County Deputy, 53 yr old Louie Puroll, who was shot with a AK47 yesterday by suspected illegal immigrants? Does that not show a need to enforce the law? Racist my arse.


.... "We are not immigration officials," Dupnick vowed Thursday. "We fight crime. The state put us in this position."[...]

Dupnick said he never joined the contentious debate over the controversial bill because he didn't expect Gov. Jan Brewer or state legislators to approve it.

"This law, it's just irresponsible," he said. "It makes them [legislators] look like racists."

Yet another poll, maybe this one will be pulled as fast as the one some of you voted on yesterday.

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