April 30, 2010

Muslim Who Graffitied War Memorial With "Osama is on his way - Kill Gordon Brown" Gets no Jail Time

Remember, it's not just the graffiti but the fact that it was on a war memorial.

Daily Mail:

Shah admitted spraying the words 'Islam will dominate the world - Osama is on his way' and 'Kill Gordon Brown' on the plinth of the East Staffordshire Borough Council-owned memorial, on December 10 last year.

He was given a two-year conditional discharge and was ordered to pay 500 compensation to the council, plus 85 costs. [MORE]

I think "conditional discharge" is something like probation, which seems kind of lenient for a guy making death threats against a head of government. I can't help but wonder if the light sentence for something like this is explained by Britain's general leniency on all criminals? Or if it was motivated by fear.

At least in the States Mr. Shah would have got a good ass kicking if nothing else.

Thanks to Jen.

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