April 29, 2010

Manliness Meets Wussidom

Readers may recall the report from a couple weeks ago regarding the Green Party adopting an Anti-Macho Manifesto which was driven, of course, by feminist leadership in the party. Arguably, the intent is to hyper-estrogenize or de-testosteronize the males in society. Simply put, the manifesto outlines a campaign to make men less manly. Consequently, it's hard to dispute the contention that radical feminists are really out to change biology.

Curiously folding into the same theme is a new report which attempts to convince men not to be manly in the boudoir. Specifically, a noted female psychologist, Dr. Pam Spurr, asserts that men shouldn't strive to be long-lasting during sexual episodes since women don't want it. Dr. Spurr states that women won't admit it but their preference is for quick sex, a minute of less would likely be ideal. According to Dr. Spurr:

Women are shy of admitting that short sex sessions actually suit them, because they fear it means they have a low sex drive. But the truth is that quick sex sessions aren't always a curse. For a great many women they are actually a blessing.
Frankly, I would suggest that Dr. Spurr's assertions reflect a minority viewpoint on women's preferences. Nevertheless, her remarks are provided as a revelation oddly in conjunction with a report that a new drug is available to treat premature ejaculation. Obviously, the underlying message is that men should not use the new drug since women prefer premature ejaculators.

I suggest the goal of radical feminists is to redefine manliness, making all men into premature-ejaculating wussies. Readers can decide. (more.)

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