April 27, 2010

Confirmed: Guy Who Threatened South Park Creators Lives in Mom's Basement

Well, this explains a lot.

UPDATE: Related and worth reading.

UPDATE II: Also related and worth reading from Ayaan Hirsi Ali (with thanks to Dan):

In essence, Mr. Amrikee's posting is an informal fatwa. Here's how it works:

Did any one get a screen grab from either Sunday's or this next week's Simpson's episode which starts out with Bart writing on the chalkboard, "We'd stand with you South Park if we weren't afraid."??

UPDATE III: Also worth the read.

Sorry I'm kind of late to the party here, but regular readers know that we've been following Zach's antics for a long time and that we noted the threat he made against the South Park creators days before it hit the MSM. But because of my Dad's death I wasn't around for all the fun.

UPDATE IV: Found the pic, but decided it needed its own post.

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