April 26, 2010

Evidence: Yes, Abu Talhah al Amrike Really Did Threaten South Park Creators

Since my Dad died shortly after we first broke the news that South Park's creators had been threatened by one of the guy's behind the Revolution Muslim website, I've been kind of out of the loop.

Not so far out of the loop that I didn't know that we've gotten virtually none of the credit for breaking the story, so that's a little irritating, but out of the loop nonetheless. Also that people over at George Mason University's MSU denied knowing the man who had made the threats -- even though many of their leaders are Facebook pals with him. How do you spell taqiyah?

Another thing, though, that caught my attention were the replies by Zach "Abu Talhah al Amrike" Chesser that he wasn't threatening Matt Stone and Trey Parker, he was only making the observation that they might be killed for blaspheming he-who-must-not-be named.

You know, warning them in Good Samaritan fashion and what not.

Let me just answer Zach's denials that he was threatening Stone and Parker with a few observations.

First, no one ever accused Zach of being brave. Instead of fighting for Allah, he is safe in suburban Washington, DC. He is a pussy. The kind of pussy who believes his job is inciting the believers (Quran 4:84) to violence, not to do that violence himself. Like Muhammad, Abu Hamza, bin Laden, and Hitler, Zach and people like him never personally kill any one. You don't have to worry about that.

But, I cannot let him get away with these denials that he was threatening Stone and Parker. He was.

Before he ever posted on Revolution Muslim he twittered the same sentiments and also posted on an Islamic Forum. I archived both of these threats knowing in advance that once this hit the media Zach would pull back and try to explain them away (just like his mentors Samir Khan and Yousef al Khattab once did).

First, the Twitter threat:

May Allah kill Matt Stone and Trey Parker and burn them in Hell for all eternity.
And a screenshot.


Sounds like a threat to me. Especially given the added context that the man making the statement once used an image of Osama bin Laden for the banner on his blog.

But, Zach might argue that he was only praying that God would kill Stone and Parker, not that he or any radical Islamist would actually carry out God's will by murdering them (like they did with Theo Van Gogh). No, he was just hoping an tornado would strike.

Okay, maybe. But then how do we explain Zach's threat posted over at the Ansar forum?

He starts the thread out with this title: "South Park Insults The Prophet Muhammad Salaa Allahu 'Alayhi Wa Salam In 200th Episode". He then posts a picture of the murdered Theo Van Gogh and asks the question, "Theo Van Gogh - Have Matt Stone And Trey Parker Forgotten This?"

Here's an image of that part of the original post.


Zach then quotes this news article about the South Park episode which had many people speculating would be canceled.

He then asks, "asks, "Where do they live?". Meaning where do Parker and Stone live.


Followed by a link to a Huffington Post article describing where Parker and Stone live.

And how do we know this is the same Zach Chesser who goes by the online name of "Abu Zacharia" and "Abu Talhah al-Amrike"? Here's how the post was signed:


The Mujahid Blog being owned by one Zachary Chesser, formerly of George Mason University, and more recently seen doing street Dawah -- not in New York, as is being reported by the MSM, but in Washington DC and in nearby mosques.

After praying that Allah would kill Parker and Stone, warning them that they will share the same fate as the murdered Theo Van Gogh, and then giving clues as to how angry Islamists might actually hunt them down -- Zach actually has the nerve to say that he wasn't threatening them?

Two words: Bull & Shit.

Also, Zach was complaining to a mutual friend of ours just a couple of weeks ago that he was no longer trolling her comments section because she wasn't producing enough page views to his own website to make him famous.

Hey Zach: you're welcome.

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