April 25, 2010

Tarek Fatah calls out secular Canadian press over embracing Tariq Ramadan, complicity in stealth jihad

This video is must watching. He really gets revved up about three minutes in. What is important about Tarek Fatah's statement is that his ire is directed at the secular media and Western intelligentsia dhimmis who embrace rabid Islamist Tariq Ramadan (see Caroline Fourest's indispensable book, Brother Tariq) whose agenda is nothing short of Islamicizing the West and the imposition of sharia. The statement that stands out for me was this: "Tariq Ramadan differs from Osama bin Laden only in tactics, not in strategy." This is the essence of the Muslim Brotherhood's "civilizational-jihadist process" of destroying the West from within by our own hands.

Oh, and concerning Ramadan and his father, Said Ramadan, being on the CIA's payroll prior to 9/11, see this 2006 article by Robert Dreyfuss. What was their job (as Fatah identifies)? Delegitimizing moderate and secular Muslims. This catastrophic "outreach" continues today unabated with government "outreach" to groups like CAIR, ISNA, etc.

Seriously, watch this whole thing.

HT: Creeping Sharia

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