April 24, 2010

GMU Muslim Student Association Faculty Member: I Have No Knowledge Of Zach "Abu Talhah Al-Amrike" Chesser -- but, of course, Zach is pretty well connected to them

Update on South Park.

In FNC's article on Zach, GMU MSA stated they didn't know anything about Zach.

Chesser, for his part, declined to indicate exactly what led him to join the group. A faculty member for George Mason University's Muslim Student Association said he had no knowledge of Chesser, who began attending the school in fall 2008 before dropping out in his second semester.
Oh really, GMU MSA Facebook says otherwise. Umm Talhah is his wife, friend of Zainab Hassan (Public Relations Officer). Click all images to enlarge.

And friends of Fatuma Yasin (Sisters Vice President) Note: Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia - in left hand corner - one hell of a breeding ground for terrorists.

Administrators and officers:

Haris Ali, brother coordinator commented on Zach's progress - note the date February:

Taqiyya , lying for the sake of Islam? Or did it just happen to slip this persons mind?

h/t Zionist pimp #5.

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