April 21, 2010

Conservative Writer Punished due to Ideology at Associated Content

The author below has requested a platform to post his story, so we've made him a guest blogger for a day.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Marc Schenker, and I’m a freelance writer. Politically, I’m a committed conservative. First off, thanks to Howie for graciously allowing me a post on this blog to expose and document the vicious, anti-conservative bias and censorship that one of the most heavily trafficked, “news” websites has subjected me to.

I write for Associated Content, a popular news site that gets more unique visitors per month than the Washington Post or the Huffington Post, according to web analytics company Compete.com. I’m a freelance political writer there and am paid per article I publish through an ad revenue-sharing business model. Ostensibly, Associated Content claims to be a non-partisan website, encouraging its contributors to publish articles at will on any topic without prohibitions towards political ideology…unless, as it turned out in my case, YOU ARE CONSERVATIVE.

The actor Jon Voight recently appeared on Fox News’ Huckabee program on April 10, where he read a letter to the American people criticizing Barack Obama. Among many choice criticisms, Voight correctly said Obama was raping America due to his policies. I, being an observant political freelance writer, noticed how absolutely no one in the media covered this electrifying Voight speech, so I decided to write a report on Voight’s Obama criticism and, since I’m conservative, gave it favorable coverage in my analysis. That’s when my publisher, Associated Content, immediately started punishing and retaliating against me for being conservative and expressing a conservative viewpoint in my Voight report.

Associated Content heavily edited my Voight article by censoring exact descriptions of his criticism against Obama as well as the embedded video of his speech that I included; they, without explanation, deleted previous articles that I had written where I criticized Obama and Al Gore; they cheated me, to boot, by actually denying me the payments I had earned for said articles; they threatened to ban me outright from their site when I dared to complain about their unjust anti-conservative bias; they revoked my ability to publish without editorial control; and they subjected all my future articles to first pass through their editorial panel before publishing, a total turnaround from their policy before I authored my Voight article!

In conclusion, it’s beyond undeniable that Associated Content is punishing me, a conservative freelance writer, for reporting on Jon Voight’s criticism of Obama. The issue here is not that Associated Content can do this (they likely can since they’re not a government website), but I think that they are defrauding everybody by not advertising themselves as they should, which is a liberal website that crushingly censors criticism of Obama and Democrats! They claim that they’re simply an open-content publishing “news” site, but they aren’t.

To further prove my point, Associated Content shamelessly allows cheap shot, character assassination articles on their site which tear into conservatives like Glenn Beck. In example, AC contributor Timothy Sexton calls Glenn Beck a 13-year-old special needs kid, yet he wasn’t punished by Associated Content like I was; his Beck-defamation article was even featured on their political section!

What I’m asking is that all conservatives and those who value honesty in advertising and freedom of speech boycott Associated Content absolutely. If you don’t go on Associated Content, you still may find yourself there if you search on the internet for news, as they appear quite frequently at the top of search results, so be cautious. For what I think is their fraud, censorship and anti-conservative bias, Associated Content ought to lose business and thus income as a consequence.

Sincerely, Marc Schenker.

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