April 21, 2010

Insider: Top Ohio homeland security officials falsify credentials, obtained fake diploma mill degrees***Updated***Updated 2x

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Our correspondent inside the Ohio Department of Homeland Security brings even more troubling news. Last Friday they informed us about the department's destruction of thousands of taxpayer-funded brochures because the author, multicultural affairs director Omar Alomari, had promoted a whole laundry list of Islamic groups identified by the DOJ and FBI as groups that had supported terrorism. Alomari described these terror-tied groups in the brochure as "organizations we [Ohio homeland security] are working with".

Then on Monday we were informed that just last week, Ohio homeland security director William Vedra defended his organization's continued association with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), despite a nationwide ban by the DOJ and FBI on any formal association with the group. And yesterday our correspondent had provided us information that Vedra's right-hand man Alomari had been fired from a local college for violating their sexual harassment policy by sleeping with infidel coeds taking his classes. This would be of no one's concern except Mrs. Alomari, except Vedra has invoked Alomari's academic credentials to defend Alomari (and himself) from their critics.

Now comes our inside correspondent with potentially earth-shattering details:

Despite the information I've already provided it is difficult to understate how absolutely corrupt and incompetent our department really is. Most of our leadership are [Gov.] Strickland flunkies and flacks who only have their high-paying jobs because of their political connections. This is nothing new in state government, but the ramifications of such corruption and ineptitude in the agency responsible for our state's homeland security are dire.

For instance, many of our top leaders have inflated their resumes and some have falsified their credentials. I've seen the personnel files for our department, and we have a number of people who have obtained fake degrees from diploma mills. One example I know of first hand is Olen Martin, task force coordinator of our Northern Border Initiative. He not only has one fake degree; in fact, he has two that he cited to get employment here. He is hardly alone in our office. It is truly an insult to those of us who spent years in college and graduate studies that we sometimes work for and are paid less than these frauds.

The leadership problems in our department start from the top down. Bill Vedra never served a day on duty in law enforcement and is a retired firefighter. That is certainly a noble profession, but it hardly qualifies him to be our state's homeland security director. The only reason he is here is because of his political connections to Strickland.

The situation in our state is extremely dangerous, much more than our leadership is willing to publicly admit - even to our elected officials. The flunkies and flacks who run this department are going to get people in our state killed. And when that happens, it will be a very short line from those engaged in terrorist acts and those who encouraged it. Those encouraging it include groups that we continue to work with despite their known terrorist ties, usually escorted into our offices by Omar Alomari. And the politically-connected people in our office with no experience, padded resumes and fake degrees who will have allowed this situation to occur will be the ones promoted when there are dead citizens in our streets.

Checking the LinkedIn profile for Olen Martin (don't worry Mr. Martin, we've got screenshots and printed copies to post once you delete the information; Google cache of the page here), who heads up the Northern Border Initiative, finds that he lists both a bachelors and masters degrees from "Suffield University". But a fifteen second check on the internet finds that "Suffield University" is an illegal diploma mill. Here's what their wikipedia page says:

Suffield University (sometimes referred to as Suffield College and University) is an unaccredited internet school specializing in what it calls Life Experience Degrees, issued upon payment, with life experience assessment based on the word of the applicant. Suffield is not accredited by any accreditation body recognized by its [sic] country. According to the US Department of Education, unaccredited degrees and credits might not be acceptable to employers or other institutions, and use of degree titles may be restricted or illegal in some jurisdictions...

In 2004 the Hartford Courant reported that state authorities in Connecticut had ordered Suffield to cease operations. The states of Oregon, Texas, and Maine list Suffield University as "operating illegally in Connecticut." According to its website, Suffield University now operates in Twin Falls, Idaho, but does not provide a mailing address.

Is falsifying applications for government employment such as what Olen Martin has done with his two fake degrees illegal in the state of Ohio? You would have to ask a legal expert in Ohio about that, but it appears to be the case. A few years ago the police chief in Fostoria, Ohio was indicted on charges of falsification and tampering with records. During the trial it came out the the department's police dog also had a degree from the same educational institution as the police chief. No doubt the next Ohio homeland security director (depending on who had the better political connections -- the police chief or the police dog)!

Having such problems of falsifying resumes in a local police department is certainly one thing; to have top homeland security officials engaging in the same behavior is clearly another. Where are the Ohio state legislators and attorney general? And where the hell are the Ohio media?

***UPDATE: Well, it didn't take long for Olen Martin, coordinator of the Ohio homeland security Northern Border Initiative, to remove his LinkedIn profile, so here's a screenshot showing his bogus "Suffield University" education. Google cache of the page is here. Thanks to Stable Hand for the screen captures!

Olen Martin - Suffield.jpg

Here he shows his education as a BA (should be BS) and MS degrees from Suffield:

Olen Martin - Suffield2.jpg

UPDATE #2: Olen Martin has now reposted his LinkedIn profile sans the "Suffield University" information. No doubt he is doing this on his state government computer and over the state government networks. It is always the cover-up that gets you in the end, Olen!

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