April 20, 2010

Ohio homeland security multicultural affairs director Omar Alomari was fired by college for sleeping with student, but his boss touts his sterling character and outstanding reputation to attack his critics

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alomari.jpgIn recent days we've been providing an overview of the glaring incompetence and outright corruption within the Ohio Department of Homeland Security, led by its director William Vedra. Thanks to our correspondent inside the department, Jawa readers have been treated to a shocking inside view of the agency. Yesterday we noted the recent statements made last week by William Vedra before a group of local law enforcement officials heard and related to our correspondent by a department employee who was present in support of his agency's ongoing partnership with the the terrorist front group, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). As we demonstrated with photographs, not only has Vedra had his picture taken with CAIR officials at department events, he also had the top CAIR official in the state of Ohio, Asma Mobin-Uddin, speak at their "interfaith forum" last August, thumbing his nose at a nationwide ban by the FBI and DOJ of formal contacts with CAIR.

The director's "right-hand man" (a pun, see below) in this ongoing outreach to CAIR is the department's multicultural affairs director Omar Alomari. Last month we noted that Alomari had authored several publications for the homeland security department that Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, likened as "classic Islamist propaganda". Of particular note was a pamphlet authored by Alomari entitled "Agents of Radicalization", which our correspondent informed us the department had to destroy thousands of copies of (at taxpayer expense) when informed by local counterterrorism officials it listed several Islamic organizations who have been identified by the FBI and DOJ as terrorist front groups (including CAIR) that Alomari described as "organizations we [Ohio homeland security] are working with".

Now we have received new information about Alomari and his background. While Omar Alomari and his boss William Vedra like to flaunt his academic teaching credentials, there is one curious hole in his resume: his previous teaching position at Columbus State Community College. This is no mere accident.

In fact, what CSCC officials discovered during Omar Alomari's tenure with their institution is that he liked to have sex with pretty blond-haired, blue-eyed infidel coeds. On its face this would only be of concern to Mrs. Alomari, the relevance for our purposes is that the college also discovered that Alomari was sleeping with his female students while they were enrolled in his classes in violation of the school's sexual harassment policy. We've been provided by our inside correspondent a copy of the CSCC investigation report that found he was doing exactly that.

The school didn't appreciate Omar Alomari's peculiar approach to "multicultural affairs", because upon confirmation of those facts, Alomari was fired. In good Islamist fashion, he immediately claimed that he was being discriminated against for his ethnic and religious background. Take one wild guess who his case was supported by? The Ohio Civil Rights Commission eventually disagreed, though they didn't take into account his right to take "women whom your right hand posses" (4:24), proving that they too are a bunch of Islamophobes.

From those internal CSCC and court documents we were provided it seems that Alomari's special approach to "multicultural relations" would be to target married coeds in his Middle East and Arabic classes, promising his victim "special help" with projects. After wooing them for a while, he would promise to leave his wife and marry them if they would divorce their husbands, treating them to weekend trips to Niagara Falls and continued "special help" with their classes he was teaching. In the case that prompted his firing from CSCC, the scandal cost the victim her own marriage.

Again, while this would be of no concern for us whatsoever if it were a strictly private matter, William Vedra has recently cited Omar Alomari's academic career as something to silence Alomari's (and also his) critics. Now we see that in doing so Vedra is being flatly disingenuous. When Vedra speaks of the sterling character and outstanding reputation of "his friend" Omar Alomari, it is clear his standards are pretty low. No doubt members of the Ohio Muslim community would be rightly outraged to discover that the only person considered for the multicultural affairs position with the Ohio Department of Homeland Security is the scandal-ridden and CAIR-selected Omar Alomari.

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