April 23, 2010

The Death of a Marine

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My father, the man I most loved and respected in the world, passed away last Friday -- one day after his 73rd birthday. He leaves behind 7 children, 19 grandchildren, & 5 great grandchildren.

My father served his country as a Marine. I always sensed a twinge of regret in his voice when he would explain to people that he was in the Corps just after Korea but too soon for Vietnam. His personal hero? Chesty Puller.

In addition to serving his country he also served his community in law enforcement for 35 years and in various positions in his church's lay hierarchy. He will be sorely missed.

Because of the unexpected expense of traveling halfway across the country with my wife and four kids, I'm asking friends, fans, and readers if they might be willing to make a small donation to The Jawa Report to help defray costs? Any donation, however small, will be greatly appreciated by myself and my family.

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