April 19, 2010

Insider: Ohio homeland security director likens CAIR to gangbangers, drug dealers, mafia rats, criminal informants and other "bad guys" - to justify continuing to work with terror front group!!!

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Strange goings-on in the state of Ohio. Last Friday we published correspondence from an official inside the Ohio Department of Public Safety, which oversees Ohio homeland security, informing us that the department had to destroy thousands of copies of homeland security brochures authored by multicultural affairs director Omar Alomari. Our correspondent noted that the copies of the brochure (printed at taxpayer expense), "Agents of Radicalization", had to be destroyed because Alomari promoted several Muslim groups on the back of the publication identified by the DOJ and FBI as supporters of terrorism as "organizations we [Ohio homeland security] are working with".

Just last month Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich sent a letter to several members of Congress explaining why the terror-tied group was named unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism finance trial in American history and why the DOJ and FBI has severed relations with CAIR.

But Ohio homeland security director William Vedra has not apparently got the DOJ and FBI's memos on CAIR. Our correspondent informs us that just last week, Vedra appeared before a group of Ohio law enforcement officials explaining why his organization continues to do business with CAIR in defiance of the federal ban on open association with the terrorist front group, which DOJ prosecutors said in February 2008 had "conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists".

Now to our correspondent inside the Ohio department of homeland security:

The office is buzzing about comments our director Bill Vedra made at a law enforcement meeting this week in defense of our ongoing association with the Council on American-Islamic Relations. There are pictures circulating of Vedra getting cozy with CAIR officials at an interfaith forum organized by Alomari last August, even though we were already aware that the FBI had cut ties with them.

According to one of my co-workers who was in the room, Vedra explained that we continue to work with CAIR just like we meet with gangbangers, drug dealers, mafia underlings, criminal informants and other "bad guys" to gather information. He explained away him getting his picture taken with Alomari and the executive director of the local CAIR office by saying that it was an open forum and he couldn't stop anyone from attending.

I doubt CAIR is going to appreciate likened to criminals, but it is staggering that he had to scrape the bottom of the social strata to defend their association with CAIR. Through another source we were able to procure for Jawa readers a copy of the photograph in question, which indeed shows Ohio Homeland Security director William Vedra with Omar Alomari and Babak Darvish, the CAIR-Columbus executive director (who Jawa readers will remember organized the persecution of Muslim apostate Rifqa Bary).

CAIR-OH ODHS Interfaith Forum5.jpg

Ah, but our correspondent still has yet to reach the punch line:

Vedra started to squirm when someone asked him if he couldn't prevent a top CAIR official from attending the event, why was Darvish's boss, CAIR-OH president Asma Mobin-Uddin, asked by Alomari to speak at the event. I'm told that with a deer-in-the-headlights look, Vedra mumbled something about not inviting Mobin-Uddin to speak as a CAIR official.

Indeed, we also have procured a copy of CAIR-OH president Asma Mobin-Uddin speaking at the Ohio homeland security interfaith event:

CAIR-OH ODHS Interfaith Forum6.jpg

So William Vedra gets caught in a lie with his initial explanation that he couldn't prevent CAIR officials from attending a public event, conveniently forgetting that the top CAIR official in the state was on the homeland security's agenda as a featured speaker that day. Vedra must also be Ohio Secretary of State if he can magically wave his hands and deem a CAIR corporate officer a non-CAIR official for the day so they can speak at his interfaith forum. Do you think that William Vedra has gangbangers, drug dealers and mafia rats speaking at his state-sponsored forums on gang violence, drug prevention and organized crime????

It is nothing short of institutional rot, incompetence and outright corruption that allows a state homeland security department to publish "classic Islamist propaganda" as Zuhdi Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy described the Ohio homeland security publications authored by Omar Alomari. And it is becoming clear that the fish is rotting from the head down in Ohio beginning the homeland security director William Vedra, who can justify as the top homeland security official in Ohio continuing to work with terrorist front groups like CAIR. Then again, he has allowed CAIR's own mole inside their organization, Omar Alomari, to operate with impunity.

Our thanks to our correspondent inside the department who is risking not just job, but also career, to let the public know the truth about this situation. We'll bring you more if and when we get it.

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