April 14, 2010

British Nanny State

(Isle of Anglesey, UK) Peter and Claire Davey, parents of seven children with one on the way and plans for 14 total, are unemployed and live entirely on welfare.

The Daveys subsist in their four-bedroom home, with two cars and a 42-inch wide-screen among other electronic gizmos, on the paltry sum of 42,000 a year in benefits. That's about $65,000.

For some strange reason, the Daveys complain that they deserve more in benefits.

Mrs Davey, who has never had a full-time job, told Closer magazine: "It's hard. We can't afford holidays and I don't want my kids living on a council estate and struggling like I have.

"I don't feel bad about being subsidised by people who are working. I'm just working with the system that's there.

"If the government wants to give me money, I'm happy to take it. We get what we're entitled to. I don't put in anything because I don't pay taxes, but if I could work I would.

"We couldn't afford to care for our children without benefits, but as long as they have everything they need, I don't think I'm selfish."

Mr. Davey said he's better off unemployed than working.

The British government deserves condemnation for turning a population of proud and independent people formerly at the forefront of industry and invention into a parasitic crowd of arrogant beggars.

Standby, Americans, nanny state is coming soon to your neighborhood.

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