April 13, 2010

Brit NHS Drops Standards for Muslims

(London, England) The rules of the British National Health Service (NHS) now formally recognize that NHS workers who are Muslims are more equal than those who are Christians.

The Department of Health will allow female Muslim staff to opt out of a strict NHS dress code to cover their arms and protect their modesty.

But campaigners warn that the NHS is putting lives at risk because guidance that all staff should be 'bare below the elbow' was introduced after long sleeves were blamed for spreading MRSA.

The change has been brought in after some female Muslims objected to being forced to bare their arms on wards. The Department of Health has also relaxed its no jewellery rule to let Sikhs wear their Kara bangles as long as they can be pushed up to the elbow when dealing with patients.

The policy is in stark contrast to the treatment of nurse Shirley Chaplin who last week lost her discrimination battle against Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Trust which claimed the cross she wore round her neck was a 'hazard' in case it scratched patients.

Last night she accused the NHS of 'double standards.' She added: 'What can you say? It seems that life is stacked up against Christians these days.'

So, what's the NHS going to do when the unsterile practices of the Muslims and Sikhs result in death from MRSA infections? I know. They'll blame it on the Christians.

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