April 10, 2010

Revolution Muslims Zach Chesser Message To The People Of Poland

Zachary "Abu Talhah al-Amrikee" Chesser spouting off again. Umm Zach, has Obama converted to Islam yet?

This is good news, because Poland is a country which has soldiers in Afghanistan. Rather than the mujahideen killing these kuffar, Allah has done it for them in a manner which is easier.

To the people of Poland,

As your President's soul enters a ditch from Hellfire, in sha'a Allah, along with his advisors and his family, you now have an oppurtunity to rethink your failing operations in Afghanistan.

The only thing you can accomplish in Afghanistan is the oppression of an impoverished people. You can kill innocents and prolong the lifespan of the single most corrupt government on the face of the Earth so long as Allah allows you, but while you do this your citizens will die and your country will remain a fair target in the eyes of the Muslims.

Take a lesson from Spain, who tasted death and realized that it was something which they wanted to run far away from. And know that what happened in Spain does not even compare to three days of what your ally America inflicted upon the Muslims before 9/11.

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Do you have a job Zach? Or are you living off kaffir welfare?

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