April 08, 2010

For The Idiots Who Still Say There Was no RPG -- UPDATED: Wiki Leak as Left Wing Propaganda

What RPG? I don't see an RPG??? The shape is unmistakable.

Thanks to Ryno.

UPDATE: Bob Owens follows up yesterday's debunking of the Wiki Leak propaganda with this excellent work. In it he follows up and debunks Wiki Leak's assertion that the two wounded children were not treated by the US military. In fact, they were rushed to a FOB for treatment and then to a military hospital before they were taken to the Iraqi hospital.

And this wasn't classified information. It was publicly available, making the false assertion made by Wiki Leak against the US military all the more despicable.

Here's a teaser:

We’ve already established that the critics at WikiLeaks would have us question whether or not pilots in a combat zone should fire upon identified enemy forces based upon their body language and posture. WIkiLeaks also seems not at all concerned about the verified presence of weapons among those killed, and they also ignore the fact that militants use camera equipment as part of their propaganda war. Even more troubling, they go out of their way to erroneously suggest that American forces treated children wounded in the engagement with callousness. This suggests that the WikiLeaks release, “Collateral Murder,” was not intended to shed light upon the incident, but instead was carefully constructed to elicit outrage and fury.

The organization happens to be attempting to raise funds now. Claiming the need for an operating budget of $600,000, the group states they have only been able to raise $370,000. The implication seems both sad and obvious. Desperate for both attention and funding, WikiLeaks carefully constructed a propaganda video designed to raise their profile and increase donations.

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