April 08, 2010

ChicagoGOP + Boobies = Instant Link

gopboobiesjawasmall.JPGMaybe NSFW discussion at Chicago GOP:

I am extremely excited that women today enjoy the entire spectrum of freedoms that men do. As sanctified the 19th amendment that has bestowed upon women their rightful divine right of equality. Nevertheless, the dishonorable way in which some women derive financial gain from inappropriate disclosure of their sexual conquests is alarming.

Worse off this behavior is rewarded and glorified by the media as they are portrayed more as victims! The New York Times has reported today that Oprah Winfrey has arranged for the first televised interview with Rielle Hunter, the woman with whom John Edwards admitted to having an extramarital affair.

Does everything that is sacred has to be sacrileged in the most obscene way possible?Without complete disregard for the irreversible consequences of negative behavior that this poses on our youth . Not to mention on John Edwards' children.

The discussion in comments there seem to be mostly about if boobies posted at the top of the story are appropriate. Jawa Report will come down on the side of we like boobies as usual.

More interesting is the double standard by which the media has treated the sexes during all these "scandals". The men are vilified while the other woman (women) are treated as if their choice to pursue married men were holy.

Is it just me or are both are equally wrong?

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