April 07, 2010

Diplomat Attempts to Blow Up US Airliner***PIC OF SUSPECT ADDED***

UPDATE: Now news reports are saying the guy was just smoking in the bathroom and, when questioned, popped off to the Air Marshal that he wasn't smoking, just lighting a shoe bomb.

Which doesn't make him a terrorist, just an asshole. If true, I hope they bill Qatar for the cost of scrambling the jets.

But, if I understand the source of this version of events it is another Qatari diplomat. So, they have a vested interest in constructing an alternative narrative ... or maybe just downplay how big of an asshole this guy really is.


A Qatari man with a diplomatic passport has attempted to blow up a flight from Washington, DC to Denver reports Gabe from AOSHQ.

If he had diplomatic immunity does that mean he gets to bypass certain security procedures such as having his shoes checked for explosives?

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Thanks to AllahP.

UPDATE: ABC is calling this a "shoe bomb" attempt. The would-be terrorist is named Mohammed al Modadi, and he is a vice consul. He has full diplomatic immunity.

Remember the classic line delivered by Danny Glover to the South Africa diplomat in Lethal Weapon 2? Right before he shot the guy? Yeah, I hope one of the Air Marshals says that.

Also, I just noticed that the ABC report has the Air Marshals on the flight restraining him. Did they thwart the attempt or was this another failed detonation ala the Christmas Day underwear bomber?

Of course, the usual suspects come to mind, namely Anwar al-Awlaki and al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

The latest reports out of Yemens, where AQAP is headquartered, are that the leadership of the group have fled across the straights to Somalia where they have safe harbor. It's the kind of report that's plausible, but since it comes from the Yemeni government itself it's also self-serving and therefore suspect. But what if there is merit to the claim that AQAP leaders have fled a now more openly hostile Yemen? Why should they confine themselves to the dusty flea infested streets of Southern Somalia when a nice air conditioned apartment in Doha would suit their purposes just as well?

UPDATE: My usual instinct to Google the guy has turned up nothing on him. Any one have a photo or any background?

UPDATE from Barbarossa. Here's a pic of the dick (guy on the right; original is here):


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