April 07, 2010

MSM Continues False Reporting of Reuters "Murder" in Iraq

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My biggest problem with this whole story is that it's a story at all. It took me no more than two minutes of watching Wiki Leak's video to realize that not only was their nothing to the accusations, but also that the video did exactly the opposite of what the Left Wing conspiracy theorists over at Wiki Leak claimed it did: fully exonerated those involved, proved that the investigation into the matter was spot on, and that there was no "cover up" as they alleged.

Seriously, this whole thing didn't even deserve a "debunking" story. The evidence that the US soldiers acted well within the rules of engagement and that Reuters stringers were embedded with enemy combatants is that overwhelming.

I'm embarrassed to link to yet another good debunking post by Director Blue because it really is that obvious.

This whole affair reminds me of Rathergate. Two or three minutes of good solid fact checking would have uncovered that the Killian memo was fake. Instead news reporters went with their gut instincts and ran the story since it fit nicely into the narrative about President Bush's National Guard service.

So, there was no story here at all. I don't even agree with Uber Pig over at Black Five that the PAO (Public Affairs Officer) who decided not to release the full investigation report until after a FOIA request was filed screwed up. The anti-war Left constantly questions every single KIA. It's simply not feasible to release every after-action report in order to stave off Leftist criticism. And in this case since there was really nothing to see then how could one be accused of a "cover up"?

But why would the MSM and the Left pass up yet another opportunity to smear our troops and the decision to go to war? Apparently, they just can't help themselves. It fits in with their narrative that US soldiers are trigger happy and bloodthirsty cowboys.

UPDATE: An email from armaros points out that Wiki Leak founder Julian Assange likes to hang out on Truther websites and give them interviews.

He claims to defend citizens privacy against state surveillance but publishes personal SMS messages from 911 victims and their families.

And he writes for the antii-American far Left Counterpunch.

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