December 11, 2018

1440th 1439th Annual Islam Hates Baby Jesus Festivities Begin in France (Update: Baby Jesus' Followers Kill Terrorist!)

Iran today called France's Yellow Jacket Protests an Islamic Awakening.

The head of the Islamic Republic Judiciary has said on Monday that protests in France are part of the “Islamic awakening” and a development foreseen by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.
Also almost at the very same time. al-Qaeda's AQIM branch released a message, also in French.
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has released a statement denying that its members were killed in a Nov. 29 airstrike. The statement was disseminated via social media in both Arabic and English.

“We in [Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb] categorically deny any organizational link to those innocent Muslims targeted in Uwaynat in southwest Libya, asking Allah to cover them with His mercy and accept them among the martyrs,” the statement reads.

“We confirm what media reports said according to notables in the area, that those who were targeted were a group of Tuareg youth with no link to the organization,

A coincidence?

I think not, and if it is it has certainly inspired one French Asian Youth.

At least two people have been killed and 12 others wounded in a shooting in the eastern French city of Strasbourg.

The gunman, known to security services, is on the run and is being hunted by police. He had been injured in an exchange of gunfire with a soldier, police said.

The shooting happened close to a Christmas market near one of the central squares, Place Kléber.

France's counter terrorism prosecutor has opened an investigation.

Confirming the death toll had risen to two, French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, who is on his way to the city, called it a "serious public security incident".

The attack is terrorism and the French a seeking a known person.

WAPO updates the number of innocent's murdered to 4.

Woke yet?

The terrorist is identified as Chérif Chekatt.

The gunman suspected of killing three people and injuring 13 near Strasbourg’s Christmas Market served several terms in prison for armed robbery and is believed to have been radicalised in prison.

29-year-old Chérif Chekatt has been on France’s “S” file terrorist watch list since 2015, and his profile matches that of self-styled “jihadists” who have carried out other attacks in France.


Born in Strasbourg, he is a French citizen and has some 27 convictions in France, Germany and Switzerland to his name, according to Strasbourg's public prosecutor Rémy Heitz. In 2016, he was released from prison in Germany and, before the attack on Tuesday night, was wanted in connection with an attempted murder and an armed robbery, according to a source close to the investigation.

On Tuesday morning, police raided Mr Chekatt's home and found grenades, a .22 firearm and two hunting knives, but failed to capture him. Five associates were, however, detained.

Update 12/13/2018: The French Police approached the suspect, he opened fire, they killed him.

Well done.

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Dear @Jack

F*ck you very much.

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December 05, 2018

The Taliban's Super Realistic Combat Training

Complete with incoming Hellfire.

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December 04, 2018

Hey Mr. Tally Man Tally Me Dead Taliban

Add 1 Mullah.

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Abu al-Umarayn He's Dead Jim

Feel good story of the week.

He was also in the same ISIS cell that murdered Kayla Mueller.

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December 03, 2018

Fatwa This! All She Wanted Was A Pepsi Edition

Rania Youssef has gotten herself a Fatwa, I guess for choosing Pepsi or something.


I'm a Coca Cola Man myself, so I get it. Can't accuse me of Islamophobia, nope nope nope. I'm totally into their culture



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December 01, 2018

Alaskans Report Slight Issue With Ground

No one was killed in this week's Earthquake in Alaska, praise the Lord!

But there is a lot of damage. I kind of worry about them keeping warm as winter approaches. But my concern might be misplaced. I mean come on, its just a little shaking its not a Grizzly Bear.

I saw one video on ABC, some joker was yelling Yahooo! during the damn quake.

But just in case, we're down here in the lower 48. We don't want to offend you or anything but if you need something let us know.

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Rest in Peace George Herbert Walker Bush

George passed away in the night. He is now reunited with his beloved.



Mr. Bush was my favorite president. A man of integrity, so rare in today's world. And he paid the price for it. When he lost to Clinton it broke my heart.

A life well lived, May the Lord keep him and comfort his family.

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