April 05, 2010

Rifqa Barry Parents Try to Block Emmigration

rifqasmall0405.JPGBasically they all are here illegally, Rifqa is applying for special emigration status to prevent her from being deported to Sri Lanka where she does not feel safe. Her parents are trying to block her application so she will be returned to their control.

FOXNEWS: COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) A teenage girl who converted to Christianity and ran away from home is being blocked by her Muslim parents from fighting the possibility of deportation, her attorney told a judge Monday in an ongoing custody dispute.

Rifqa Bary, 17, who fled home last year and stayed with a Florida minister whom she met on Facebook, is an illegal immigrant and does not want to be returned to her native Sri Lanka because she fears being harmed or killed by Muslim extremists.

Rifqa is seventeen, why this girl has not been granted emancipation is beyond me. In Texas and several other states she is of age. She could marry and or make her own decisions. But in Ohio it's strictly 18 to become of age. One can only hope that she can make it to 18 and then have her Asylum granted. The publicity her case has drawn will make her a target for those who would murder her for honor.

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