March 31, 2010

They all look alike!

In the fictional Star Wars, the Jawas are a pygmy and rodentlike race inhabiting the desert planet Tatooine. They are a hardworking people that work as scavengers and tinkers. They are entirely covered in brown cloaks and their glowing yellow eyes are the only body parts visible. However, they do appear to have hairy arms in Episode IV. They use vast Sandcrawlers as transports in the desert world.

They are usually 1m to 1.5m tall (between three and five feet). Jawas are not as short as they appear to be, because in actuality they are taller than Jedi Master Yoda. It is as the Ewoks say, "eeechaaa," which roughly translates to "the only good Jawa is a dead Jawa."[15]

Jawas also employ a variable language. This means that almost no other species can understand their language, due to the fact that any given word can have more than four different meanings.

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