June 30, 2017

Breaking! Chuck Schumer Total Sexist Dick!
Has Issues With Females in Authority!

Chucky Chucky Chucky! That's no way to treat a lady.

Not to mention one of these cell phone jackasses.

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June 29, 2017

How UK Got to Summer 2017 A Short History of al-Muhajiroun

Radical Jihadists are dangerous, and their online activities are dangerous.

The online recruiting and brainwashing is just as important as a bombing or attack, for without the former the latter cannot be.

War on The Rocks: In the aftermath of the attacks on London Bridge, various British media outlets revealed Khuram Butt and Youssef Zaghba, two of the three men who killed at least eight people during their rampage, were part of the al-Muhajiroun network, one of Britain’s first, most influential, and most studied Salafi-jihadist movements. While its activities have been carried out under the banners of various groups, al-Muhajiroun is best understood as a network of likeminded and closely connected individuals with a physical presence in the United Kingdom and a number of European countries. It practices and preaches a specific brand of Salafi-jihadism that has found a way to survive and grow in Western countries. This is largely due to the savvy of its members, who have found ways to continue operating despite numerous bans on the groups they have formed around.

...The group was later taken over by Anjem Choudary, the man who would lead it into the 21st century — turning it into the movement it is today and spreading its message beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. While it has attracted people from various backgrounds, in Britain it is largely made up of British citizens of South Asian descent and operates in some of the socio-economically deprived areas of the country where these communities are concentrated, in particular around east London and the town of Luton.

And every rock was soaked in blood. (inside baseball)

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Imperial Good News! Tarik Chadlioui Arrested in Birmingham For Online Terrorist Activities in Support of Islamic State

Know the powah of the Dark Side!

A radical cleric living in Birmingham has been accused of using YouTube videos to recruit and lead an Islamic State group terrorist cell based in Spain.

Click image to see how this relates to my post here.
readers have called it confusing. Well be unconfused

Tarik Chadlioui, 43, was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday as police in Spain said they had seized four of his alleged acolytes in Majorca.

Spanish authorities alleged Chadlioui was a “well-known” radical cleric who recruited fighters for Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (Isil) and allegedly acted as the “spiritual leader” of the group.

Benjamin Joyes, representing the Spanish authorities, told Westminster Magistrates: "It is alleged that the requested person with several others as a member of an organisation gave support to the terrorist organisation Islamic State by means of propaganda and incitement of new members to join the organisation.

Dressed in a traditional Arab robe and speaking through an Arabic interpreter, Chadlioui spoke only to confirm his name and address.

Anti-terror police used a European arrest warrant to detain Chadlioui in the Sparkhill area of Birmingham as part of a wider investigation into support Isil, also known as Daesh.

A 28-year-old Spanish man was also arrested in the German city of Dortmund.

Spain’s national police said their investigation had been running for two years and began “when a series of videos were discovered on a website which showed the process of indoctrination, recruitment and subsequent journey to Syria of a young Muslim living in Spain. The film promoter was identified as a Salafist imam."

Online he is known as Hārūn ArRašīd or always some variation of Harun.

See our post here.

I can't be sure if those are operated by he or his supporters. One was arrested in Germany. So it remains to be seen how active this node will be after these arrests.

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Attn: Twitter User 大やルكクル‏ந‏大 @LOV_yDHUe_oCO_ @BNH_yDRUe_oTO_

Did you ask my permission to spam the world with head chopping videos?



No, no you didn't.




You should not have come back

Hat Tip: Alya.


https://t.co/hukra0CJbu (vimeo vids and associated user)


محمد اليمني (@CDSg5VP32FjxHJb)
كواسر الانبار (@b6CDxEJTVBK0n53)
دنا (@YHsLuqkDN)

Nice move there Tokyo Rose, chickenshit.

大ルكクル‏‏大 (@ENH_yHJUe_AT0_)

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June 28, 2017

Breaking! Fidget Spinner Part of World Wide Zionist Khinspiracy!

An Imam said it, therefore it must be true.

My God! The horror!

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If a Man Ever Deserved Knighthood its Wayne Marques

Well done my good man!

Now don't spoil his effort with anything less than winning, for those he could not save.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Terrorists Are Failures 101

When you get back to Switzerland and your face is all over ISIS propaganda videos it hurts your prospects.

Jihadis returning to their home countries in Europe are now finding out the hard way, and many cannot get a job as they try to reintegrate into western society.

Swedish daily newspaper Expressen interviewed former jihadis about life after ISIS and they discussed the challenges of finding work. As many as 150 have returned to the Scandinavian country to try and rebuild their lives.

“I just want to forget everything,” Walad Yousef, a 27-year-old returning fighter, told the newspaper. “I apply for a lot of jobs, but I can’t get any because my pictures are out there.”

Well obviously they were not good Muslims because a good Muslim would have stayed and achieved martyrdom for IS.

Hell, we'd even help you out in that endeavor. Better you achieve martyrdom than we have to pay to support your chickenshit ass for the next 40 to 50 years.

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If You Want To Jihad Jihad

Go ahead and strap on a bomb, because we catch your ass its Federal Pound Abdullah in the Ass Prison.

Oh and also Swiss Miss is Haram.

In 2013, six Bosnian immigrants in the United States allegedly sent money, riflescopes, knives, military equipment, and other supplies to jihadists in Syria and Iraq through intermediaries in Bosnia and Turkey. According to the U.S. government’s allegations, individual ISIS fighters would make specific requests—mostly for money and military equipment—and the group would then raise funds and send supplies to Syria. The requests included what was surely an unexpected revelation of nostalgia—packets of Swiss Miss hot cocoa. By sending the cocoa mix and other supplies, federal prosecutors argue, these U.S.-based Bosnians provided what is known as “material support” to terrorists, in violation of the Patriot Act.

To uncover Abdullah Ramo Pazara’s story, we spent months tracking down the fragments of Pazara’s life from around the world—U.S. federal court documents in the Eastern District of Missouri, reports of military records from a Serbian nationalist paramilitary formation, truckers’ licenses from the state of Michigan, media accounts, Facebook posts from a villa in Azaz, Syria. Our reconstruction shows an upbringing shattered by civil war and violence in Bosnia, followed by a failed transition to civilian life in the United States. And then, Pazara found a network of like-minded individuals and friends—people who allegedly backed his growing fanaticism and then his ascent into the innermost circles of the Islamic State in Syria.

This is the story of Abdullah Ramo Pazara’s path to radicalization, and the six U.S.-based Bosnians charged with supporting his violent jihad.

Read the rest.

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African Taliban Complains About Defectors Speaking to Press

Shabaab are crooks and liars, Omar Hammami found out. Now others are leaving and telling the truth about Shabaab. That they are not in it for Islam nor Sharia nor the welfare of Somali Muslims, they are in it to be the premier scumbags and reap the spoils they steal from Muslims and others.

Pajama's Media:

Al-Shabaab issued a lengthy slam against a report that the group decried as fake news, laying out a Sharia case against using anonymous sourcing and trying to shore up their defense with a list of terror leaders who think they're great.

The terror group is taking issue with "Why My Wife and I Left Shabab in Somalia," a two-part Skype interview featuring two Europeans, unnamed and with their faces covered and voices altered, who described life with the terror group and their imprisonment upon attempting to flee Al-Shabaab. The interviews were posted by New Yorker Bilal Abdul Kareem, who runs a video channel called On the Ground News.

Shabaab expresses "dismay" that the lengthy interviews were "nothing more than unsubstantiated allegations and sweeping statements that sought to delegitimize the Mujahideen of East Africa by portraying them as an oppressive band of crooks and criminals," and accused "brother Bilal" of deviation from "the expected journalistic integrity and Islamic etiquettes required from a Muslim reporter."

Shabbab doesn't like these videos? Say no more.

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June 23, 2017

Iran Just Wants Destruction of israel

Ahlubayt News Agency.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The International Quds Day demonstrators announced on Friday that liberation of the occupied lands and freedom of the innocent people of Palestine from domination of the Zionist occupiers are the ideas of Iran’s Islamic Revolution and strategy of its leadership.
The statement, which was read at the end of the demonstrations, said that Quds Day is now celebrated beyond the borders of Islamic world and it has foiled Zionists' dream of dominating the land between the River of Nile in Egypt and the Euphrates in Iraq.

The Iranian nation will use all its capacity to support the Palestinian intifada and the Islamic resistance movements, it noted.

The Quds Day rally's statement said liberation of Palestine and dissolution of the Zionist regime of Israel is still the Islamic world's top priority.

It also called for return of all Palestinian refugees to their homeland and holding free referendum for determining the future of Palestine.

The statement called for unity of Palestinian groups against Zionist regime and urged the international and regional bodies to prevent judaization of the occupied lands by Zionists.

Takfiri terrorists and Daesh seditions in Iraq, Syria and Libya as well as Saudi crimes in Yemen and Bahrain are plots of Tel Aviv, reactionary regimes of the region and Washington to guarantee security of Zionist regime, it added.

The statement criticized certain regional states’ policy for normalization of relations with Zionist regime and declared support for the people of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain against their enemies

So let me translate this for you. Iran wants to destroy Israel. But they don't want to destroy Israel themselves because Israel might kick their ass. So they are more than willing to trick, I mean support, Sunni Arabs or Palestinian terrorists who also want to destroy Israel.

This works out for Iran because these wars weaken Arabs and Iran grows in power relative to to the Sunni Arab states. The minute Israel was destroyed or Iran saw a crack they would take out the Arabs and dominate the Islamic world.

Also Death to America. I almost forgot.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Taunting Secret Service is a Very Very Bad Idea

I know this is three PSAs in a row, so many idiots, so little time.

Yet another Left Wing Violent Extremist.

An Edwardsville man posted on Facebook that he wanted to assassinate President Donald Trump, according to federal authorities.

Joseph Lynn Pickett was charged with threatening the president of the United States on June 15.

U.S. Secret Service Special Agent Vincent Pescitelli said Pickett threatened to “take the life of, to kidnap, and to inflict bodily harm” against Trump on Facebook, according to a criminal complaint filed with the charges. The complaint included screenshots of Pickett’s Facebook posts.


Before I die I want our president and congress to sign a treaty to never side with Russia or any enemy of the United States of America! If one will then that person deserves to be shot,” his post read. “Guess what Trump? I’m waiting for the right time...and I KNOW your (sic) Putin’s (expletive)! The secret service now has a heads up as to my plan to assassinate Trump...let’s see if they act.”
Well I guess we have the answer to that question!

Hat Tip: Sheli.

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June 22, 2017

Sandcrawler PSA: Helicopter Parenting Is Fascist

I feel very lucky, to have been raised free range, where you were expected to go outside by 8:00, come in for lunch and dinner. Unless, you know, there was a blizzard or something.

American childhood has taken an authoritarian turn. An array of trends in American society are conspiring to produce unprecedented levels of supervision and control over children’s lives. Tracing the effects of childrearing on broad social outcomes is an exercise in speculation. But if social scientists are correct to posit a connection between childrearing and long-term political outcomes, today’s restrictive childhood norms may portend a broader regression in our country’s democratic consensus.

...Consider that practically every declining health outcome in children can be traced to the sedentary, indoor, micromanaged lives that now define American childhood.

Experts meanwhile are linking increasing rates of anger, aggression, and severe behavior problems to a lack of free play. These outcomes are consistent with evolutionary psychology theories that consider play to be a critical part of child development, teaching children to cope with, and ultimately master, fears and phobias.

Also the main thing we need to do with kids, focus on the three Rs in young kids and run their little asses off.

Then when they get to middle school, run their asses off some more. In HS, you got it, run their asses off.

But there has to be give and take, decent grades and running your ass off earns you free range time. Which you can spend on your bicycle down at the creek reading discarded Playboys and smoking cigarettes like you're supposed to.

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June 21, 2017

Sandcrawler PSA: Mental Illness And You

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Today's Islamic Contribution to Our Culture

A man at the airport shouted Allahu Ackbar and stabbed a cop ion the throat.

This is just a small sample of Islamic culture. Not a very good one. But you have to take the good with the bad and the positive contributions outweigh the bad or some I'm told.

Unless you're the guy with the huge hole in his neck, then its pretty bad. But there are 350 million people in America, the chance that you are next is small, but its not nil.

So go stuff yourself with Kebabs like a good American, diversity!

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Brussels Attacked Again

Another day another terrorist attack, ISIS death throes are intense at the moment.

A man who triggered a suitcase bomb in a failed attack at a busy Brussels train station was a 36-year-old Moroccan citizen who was known to the police but was not wanted over terrorism-related offenses, the Belgian authorities said on Wednesday.

The bomber entered Brussels Central Station at 8:39 p.m. on Tuesday, went downstairs from the main ticket hall and began shouting near a group of passengers, according to Eric Van der Sijpt, a spokesman for the federal prosecutor’s office.

He was carrying a suitcase bomb that contained nails and gas bottles, Mr. Van der Sijpt said. The man set off a partial and relatively harmless explosion.

He then left the bag behind while he went in pursuit of a station master, Mr. Van der Sijpt said, and it “exploded a second time, more violently.”

After the second explosion, the man went back upstairs, approached a soldier and screamed “Allahu akbar” (Arabic for “God is great”). The soldier opened fire, killing him. Initial reports that the man might have been wearing a suicide belt proved to be unfounded.

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Imperial Good News! Turki al-Bin’ali Obliterated

I just love to post happy stories. Daily Caller:

U.S.-led forces said Tuesday in a press release that they killed the Islamic State’s chief cleric in May.


Turki al-Bin’ali, the chief cleric who referred to himself as the Grand Mufti, was killed by U.S.-led coalition forces in Syria in May, according to a press release from Operation Inherent Resolve.

Bin’ali’s central job was to recruit foreign fighters and instigate terror attacks. He held the high-ranking position from 2014 until May, according to details issued by the coalition.

You know what this means don't you.

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NPR's Shockingly Honest Report on Islamic Terrorism

It appears the left, despite all their efforts has become, to use their term has been woke to terrorism. I mean after all the daily attacks are hard to ignore.

MARTIN: So Shankar, what would these researchers say to someone who sees these headlines time and time again over the years and the perpetrators are either Muslim or are acting in the name of Islam? Is it unreasonable for them to assume a connection?

VEDANTAM: No, I don't think it's unreasonable at all, Rachel. Many of the reasons driving these disparities in coverage are driven by fairly normal psychological processes. Kearns finds, for example, that Muslims are responsible for a disproportionate number of terrorist attacks in the United States.

They're about 1 percent of the U.S. population, but they carried out about 12 percent of the terrorist attacks that occurred between 2011 and 2015.

After all even if you just count the US the average Muslim is 825 times more likely to commit an act of terror than the Kuffar.

Which answers the question about why the coverage of 12% of attacks is 50% of media. It's because of that 825% aberration from the normal expectation.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Stress is Bad MKay?

I've been feeling a little stressed lately and then I realized that what this blog needs is more boobies.

Boobies are the natural stress relief. Addictive yet beneficial, like The Spice.

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June 20, 2017

Christians Denied Refugee Status by Muslim UN Refugee Social Workers

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The Freedom Caucus Listed on Kill List

The left wing terrorist who shot Steve Scalise had a list of people he wanted dead.

All of them were House Freedom Caucus members.

All of the Republicans on Hodgkinson’s alleged kill list are members of the House Freedom Caucus, a group that represents the conservative wing of the GOP in the lower chamber. Rep. Steve Scalise, the House majority whip and the only House member shot in the attack, was not on the list. He is also not a member of the Freedom Caucus.
These are not the victims we're looking for. Move along. Move along.

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June 18, 2017

Van Hits Ten Muslim Men In Front of Finsbury Park Mosque (Attacker Identified: Darren Osborne)

There are reports of a rented van crashing into 10 Muslim men outside the mosque.

A van has reportedly ploughed into a group of pedestrians outside a mosque in north London, leaving numerous casualties.

It is believed the group of around ten Muslim men were run over at the renowned Finsbury Park Mosque, in Seven Sisters Road, just after midnight.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing bystanders wrestle the suspect to the floor and pin him down until officers.

Update: More details coming in.

The Finsbury Park attacker is identified as Darren Osborne.

The man suspected of using a van to attack worshipers at a London mosque has been identified as 47-year-old Darren Osborne, a father-of-four from Cardiff, Wales. Police have confirmed that he will be charged with the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism and attempted murder.

Osborne's neighbor, 52-year-old Dave Ashford, told the Guardian he was shocked to discover that Osborne was suspected of being behind the attack...

“Someone called me and said it was him and I said ‘It can’t be’. Then I saw the picture on the news and said, 'it’s him."
As RT reports, one person died and 10 others were injured in the incident, which British Prime Minister Theresa May has called "sickening," and London's mayor has described as a "horrific terrorist attack."
Thanks to Zerohedge.

An update on Osborne here from RT 06/20/17.

The family of Osborne said he was beset by mental problems and had never expressed extremist views. He is alleged, however, to have expressed increasingly antagonistic views towards Muslims in the weeks since the London Bridge attack.

...There is no immediate evidence that Osborne was an active member of a far-right organization. He was not known to security services, according to Ben Wallace, the security minister.

...His neighbor Khadijeh Sherizi, who described herself as a white Muslim, said she could not believe Osborne was being investigated for carrying out an attack on Muslim worshippers. Sherazi told the Guardian she had never had any problems with Osborne or his family until this weekend, when he called her son an “inbred.”

...Over the weekend, Osborne had also reportedly been thrown out of a local pub for getting drunk, “cursing Muslims and saying he would do some damage.”

...Osborne was born in Singapore but grew up in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, where he attended Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College.

Also if you read further it appears he was quite a fish, even leading to reports that he has split with his wife and was living in a tent.

So it appears that what happened was he was upset about the London bridge attack to start with, went on a bender and attacked Finsbury in a drunken revenge.

If you look at a lot of copies of the videos he appears to be drunk even waving after being placed in the police van.

So the lesson? Terrorism begets terrorism. This IS the blowback we've been looking for. I'm not optimistic about this either, we've reached a tipping point where terrorism has become so normalized we'll see it happening all over from all sorts of angles.

The pooch is screwed, I repeat the pooch is screwed.

Update: Why thank you for the crazy blog money dear Reader. I needed that(below the fold).

That will go to retainer for Buddy the Dog. The color of Justice is green you know.

The rest of you slackers can donate on the upper left sidebar. Seriously I've got 27 irons in the fire. Wars within wars, plans within plans. I'm just too bashful I like to do it myself. But that was really nice.

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Jawa Report Hereby and Forever Claims Dibs on #Trushia

Trushia: Short for Trump Russia investigation.

All forms, with a hashtag, without, on a fidget spinner. BTW our Paypal is on the upper left sidebar.

Think about it, might just be enough disk to save the entire planet!

Update: #Trussia

Well SOB!

Foiled again, by evil spelling! Spelling is a terrorist.

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June 16, 2017

Russians Attack Zombie Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Ok so we reported a rumor last week from the Syrian regime that Baghdadi is dead.

I gave it a 20% percent chance due to all the whining about airstrikes on Raqqa a couple days before.

Now the Russian at saying they also believe he's dead Jim!

And that the strike on a ISIS command was theirs, its hard to tell because the US, UK, Russia and France are all bombing Raqqa or claiming to.

So there is no proof of life from ISIS to dispute the claims. I'm hopeful. Bumping it to 40% chance.

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Ministry of Irony; Islamophobia Edition

Is this real life?

It's not a phobia when they really are killing you.

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Defeating The Digital Caliphate

In order to stop the growth of Islamic Terrorism it's helpful to read their statements. They often talk of Success.

As in the Islamic State successfully attacked this, or successfully took this area or defended that area. The event does not matter, what ISIS and terrorists are offering to young disillusioned Muslims is success. A pathway to make a difference.

Of course its a dead end as the terrorists can't provide the end state they suggest.
But without an alternative narrative or pathway to succeed in life , young idealistic people will continue to be sucked into the terrorist camp.

There must be an alternative pathway for them as well as efforts to fight.

The U.S. government has incorrectly characterized the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s (ISIL) strategy as having the endstate of creating an Islamic state according to the Westphalian definition of “state” built on the shared experiences achieved through geographic proximity and territorial integrity. While this goal is certainly an aspect of ISIL’s strategy and one that the U.S. may be thwarting, ISIL’s overarching strategic objective is one that U.S. national security professionals do not adequately appreciate or address: ISIL is leveraging basic psychological manipulation principles in order to build an online community predicated on the notion of a digital caliphate which is more important to ISIL’s long-term success than a geographically bounded caliphate. While true that U.S. military forces are defeating ISIL fighters and liberating key terrain from ISIL control, it is a mistake in perspective to see these defeats and ISIL’s associated transition from the land domain to the cyber domain as large blow to ISIL’s organizational efficacy.

This paper argues that ISIL’s notion of a Caliphate is aligned with the concept of a community rather than that of a state and that ISIL’s strategic focus is on psychological control rather than territorial control. After exploring ISIL’s success in building a digital caliphate based on the sociological concept of community, this paper presents recommendations for developing and promulgating alternative methods of community that will usurp the appeal of ISIL’s burgeoning digital caliphate. Finally, this paper concludes by discussing the implications of this research on a U.S. counter-ISIL digital messaging strategy.

The argument advanced by this research adheres to the following structure. The paper begins by articulating the differences between the concepts of community and state from a sociological perspective. It then makes the case that psychological control is more important to ISIL than territorial gains by assessing ISIL’s ideological impact on their three major target audiences before disaggregating the digital caliphate into its four basic components. After showing how these four components support ISIL’s concept of community, the paper offers a new paradigm for developing alternative models of community that offer credible alternatives to ISIL’s digital caliphate and how the U.S. government bureaucracy and organizational structure should be leveraged in order to effectively address the digital caliphate.

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Yet Another Happy Landing

They tried to steal the wrong car.

A Tennessee homeowner held two escaped inmates wanted in the killing of two prison guards at gunpoint Thursday until authorities arrived and made the arrests.

Miller says something alerted the homeowner that people were outside his home and he saw the men trying to steal his vehicle. The trooper says the homeowner held the two at gunpoint with a neighbor he called until the Rutherford County Sheriff's Department could get there to arrest them.

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June 14, 2017

Ship Boarded in Charleston SC (False Alarm)

I hate to be alarmist but Patterico is pretty reliable.

Last five ports of call for that ship are.

Jun 05, 2017, 06:05 UTCALGECIRAS, SPAIN
May 26, 2017, 00:48 UTCSALALAH, OMAN
May 22, 2017, 00:00 UTCMUMBAI (EX BOMBAY), INDIA

This is her.


Looks like she may have stopped in NY on the return, I'm not sure.

Update: Reports this morning is that its all clear.

Coast Guard Lt. J.B. Zorn told NBC that an anonymous call was received, followed within minutes by a YouTube video with similar information regarding a potential threat on board the vessel.

The Coast Guard twitter account said the original reporting source of the threat had been detained by authorities for questioning.

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House Minority Whip Steve Scalise Shot in Attack in Alexandria Virginia (update Suspect Named James T. Hodgkinson)

Sketchy reports coming in, two police also shot.

Police outside of Washington, D.C. are investigating a shooting in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia.

Police are calling it a “multiple shooting,” WRC reported.

ox News is reporting that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and members of his staff were shot during baseball practice.

The shooting occurred in the 400 block of E. Monroe Street, police told WUSA9. In addition to Scalise being wounded, WJLA is reporting that two capitol officers were also shot.

ABCNews is reporting that members of the FBI are on the scene of the shooting.
One witness told WRC that there were many shots fired and that members of Congress took shelter in nearby apartments. A baseball game was scheduled for Thursday morning, according to Roll Call.

Hat Tip: Matt.

Update the suspect is James T Hodgkins.



Don't blame the media.


Also he supports Rachel Maddow for President and is a member of a group called The Road to Hell is Paved With Republicans and Terminate the Republicanb Party.



Also an Occupy activist.

Update: His twitter feed.

Update: Bernie Sanders' statement.

Update: I would like to point out that when people go off and shoot people, I post on every one (who I will not name here) the same way. Other mass shooting POS no matter their political affiliations.

It would be refreshing to see some on the left do the same. Because lets face it, if someone shoots up an abortion clinic and you don't question yourself about it. Well you're not trying very hard. IMO of course.

But there has been an effort on the left to start trouble, like in Chicago last year and point fingers. And at every mass shooting to point fingers. At us, at those of us on the right who are appalled by all these actions. And terrorism.

We're called Islamophobes. Look if Amish start blowing shit up and starting WWIII and I don't develop some sort of Am-o-phobia, then that's crazy, its counter survival.

And go ahead and throw odds and statistics, that's the point of terrorism, to act in spite of the statistics. To sew terror. That's the point. To make you and the left and me on the right afraid.

Fear is perfectly normal, its the response that matters. You have to stand when you're scared.

So that is also what James T. Hodgkinson wanted. To make Republicans afraid.

We all have to stand against that as surely as we stand against all forms of murder.

Right, Left, Islamic, Amish (not very likely and I wouldn't expect it) , no matter. But we have to call evil what it is.

ISIS and other Islamic terrorists ARE evil. This lefist toxism and communist movement are evil, anti-free. Right wing racism is evil. if you hang on StormFront you can go strait to hell for all I care.

because those murdered people didn't deserve it. Those DC cops didn't deserve it. Lee Rigby didn't deserve it. Ken Bigley didn't deserve it.

These Muslims didn't deserve it.

Cynthia Marie Graham Hurd (54) – Bible study member and manager for the Charleston County Public Library system; sister of Malcolm Graham.
Susie Jackson (87) – a Bible study and church choir member.
Ethel Lee Lance (70) – the church's sexton.
Depayne Middleton-Doctor (49) – a pastor who was also employed as a school administrator and admissions coordinator at Southern Wesleyan University.
Clementa C. Pinckney (41) – the church's pastor and a South Carolina state senator.
Tywanza Sanders (26) – a Bible study member; grandnephew of Susie Jackson.
Daniel Simmons (74) – a pastor who also served at Greater Zion AME Church in Awendaw.
Sharonda Coleman-Singleton (45) – a pastor; also a speech therapist and track coach at Goose Creek High School; mother of MLB prospect Chris Singleton.
Myra Thompson (59) – a Bible study teacher.

They didn't deserve it.

Private First Class Kristian Menchaca and Private First Class Thomas L. Tucker didn't deserve it.

Paul Johnson, he didn't deserve it.

Levana Melihi and Yosef Kirme, they didn't deserve it.

James Adams, he didn't deserve it. Nor Helen Jones.

Shabbir Ahmed - 47 years old - Windows on the World Restaurant
Tariq Amanullah - 40 years old - Fiduciary Trust Co.
Michael Baksh - 36 years old - Marsh & McLennan
Touri Hamzavi Bolourchi - 69 years old - retired nurse on United #175
Abul K. Chowdhury - 30 years old - Cantor Fitzgerald
Mohammad Salahuddin Chowdhury - 38 years old - Windows on the World
Jemal Legesse De Santis - 28 years old - World Trade Center
Simon Suleman Ali Kassamali Dhanani - 63 years old - Aon Corp.
Syed Abdul Fatha - 54 years old - Pitney Bowes
Mon Gjonbalaj - 65 years old - Janitor, World Trade Center
Nezam A. Hafiz - 32 years old - Marsh & McLennan
Mohammed Salman Hamdani - 23 years old - NYPD Cadet
Zuhtu Ibis - 25 years old - Cantor Fitzgerald
Muhammadou Jawara - 30 years old - MAS Security
Sarah Khan - 32 years old - Forte Food Service
Taimour Firaz Khan - 29 years old - Carr Futures
Abdoulaye Kone - 37 years old - Windows on the World
Abdu Ali Malahi - 37 years old - WTC Marriott
Nurul Hoque Miah - 35 years old - Marsh & McLennan
Boyie Mohammed - 50 years old - Carr Futures
Ehtesham U. Raja - 28 years old - TCG Software
Ameenia Rasool - 33 years old - Marsh & McLennan
Rahma Salie & child - 28 years old (7 months pregnant) - American #11
Khalid M. Shahid - 25 years old - Cantor Fitzgerald
Mohammed Shajahan - 41 years old - Marsh & McLennan
Nasima Hameed Simjee - 38 years old - Fiduciary Trust Co.
Michael Theodoridis - 32 years old - American #11
Abdoul Karim Traore - 41 years old - Windows on the World
Karamo Trerra - 40 years old - ASAP NetSource
Shakila Yasmin - 26 years old - Marsh & McLennan

It's all the same, Lord forgive me but may the memory of James T. Hodgkinson die today.

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Tragic Fire in West London

There was a horrific fire in London last night. 120 apartments burned. So far 6 people are reported dead.

It is said the building had no alarms or sprinklers. No word on the cause. Many are still missing.

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June 13, 2017

Sharia4Belgium Cleric Allowed to Marry

Apparently Fouad is racist against Moroccans, either that or he doesn't want to face the drug charges. He already served time in Belgium but the Moroccans convicted him in absentia.

Daily Mail:
Belgium's most notorious terror recruiter has been allowed to marry the mother of his three children from behind bars.

Fouad Belkacem, 35, wed the woman in Hasselt prison several weeks ago in a move that activists and politicians fear could stop him being deported back to Morocco.

Under the alias of Abu Imran, Belkacem ran the Islamist website Sharia4Belgium which aimed to turn the European nation into an Islamic state.

Really he should be deported but to Gitmo as a POW and kept until all hostilities cease. Which if that's forever it's forever.

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Islamic State of Losers Funniest Threat Ever

So Islamic State says they are either going to wipe out all the infidels or die trying.

An editorial by IS's Naba on the Raqqa battle: "We either eradicate the infidels or we die trying, no third option.
Actually there is only one option left, Islamic State dies.

But you have to hand it to them, they have a great sense of humor about it.

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Ginger Ginger Ginger

Another one!

A GINGER jihadi Muslim convert was radicalised online from his home in the Welsh Valleys, downloading evil terror manuals on carrying out “lone wolf” attacks.

Call centre worker Nathan Saunders, 24, used the web to seek out ISIS guides on making homemade bombs.

Which brings up the age old question about why so many Gingers go Jihadi?

Well it does but not at Jawa Report, here we ask the really important questions.

Ginger or Mary Ann?

Of course we're out of water, the vaporators are broken.

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June 11, 2017

Sandcrawler PSA: Islamophobe Crossing

(read as david attenborough, in your mind)

As the summer solstice approaches in Tunisia, Islamophobes migrate in large numbers.

I have a very bad feeling about this.

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June 10, 2017

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Got Bombed

I'd say this is just chatter.

Except for this airstrike on the 5th and reported the 6th seemed to get a lot of attention and accusations of hitting a mosque.

Confidence? 20% at best. So read this while we wait.

BTW this all track back to the Daily Star. the Syrian Regime, and Kremlintrolls. Which does not mean it is a lie, until the Kremlin denies it's a lie, then it's a total lie.

Hat Tip: Good Lt.

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Batman is Dead

Adam West died last night.


By Howie at 11:49 AM | Comments |

June 09, 2017

Oxford Jihad Goes Terribly Right

I was hiding in Palmyra! I'm a desperate man!

A former Oxford schoolboy who converted to Islam and traveled to Syria is begging to be released so he can 'explain some things' to his mum.


Jack Letts is being held by the Kurdish militia in Syria after traveling to the country - and admits he has 'no idea' what will happen to him next.

The 21-year-old denies claims he travelled to the Middle East to try and join ISIS

The shit has hit the fan!

Hit it!

By Howie at 09:13 PM | Comments |

The London Attacks That Almost Happened (Updated: Another Total Coincidence)


This is not the Asian Youth carrying a machete we're looking for. Move along. Move along.

Update: Another one.

By Howie at 06:29 PM | Comments |

Zawahiri Out From Under His Rock

You may be reading that Zawahiri released a new message.

Here it is for as long as it lasts.

Update: So far as I can tell its is Zawahiri's voice, he sounds short of breath but I can't tell if its just the production, age or illness.

Also he seems to be addressing the recent spat between SA and Qatar, or possibly the splintering of Jihadi groups. Begging them to come together as one and make war on everybody (West East Christians, Chinese, Hindus, Shia, Secular or Nationalist Sunnis) till the Caliphate is restored. By restored he means until they conquer all former Muslim lands including Israel and Spain.

Because under his interpretation of Islam only Islamic conquest is valid, any land ever taken by Muslims under conquest is theirs, and any land taken from Muslims by conquest is an unjust stealing from the Ummah.

Of course from there the rest of us are next.

Update: The speech doesn't seem to play well. (below the fold)

Maryama ganaane3 hours ago Oh God, protect our Sheikh and our Amir and our beloved in God ... God, O Assad of Islam, our Sheikh Dr. Ayman, we see God we love you in God Reply 2  Suria hims Suria hims2 hours ago Crown on our heads, our sheikh and our wise, the wise man Ayman al - Zawahiri Reply 1  John Patrick John Patrick4 hours ago I bear witness to God that I love you in God, O Imam, may God reward you and seal you well Reply 1  Suria hims Suria hims2 hours ago I love you my brother Reply 3  Abu Turki ابو تركي 5 hours ago Ok, I have declared a union with the Islamic state and I am trying to resolve the dispute, especially that you were the one who ignited it and I refer to the right Reply  John Patrick John Patrick4 hours ago He called on them to cooperate against the Americans but they refused Reply  Abu Suhaib ابو صهيب 5 hours ago We congratulate the mujahid al-Mujahid, the great Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri, may God preserve him ... by the month of Ramadan ... How much do we crave for your words and guidance? Reply 3  John Patrick John Patrick4 hours ago Believe and God the same as my feelings Reply 1  Suria hims Suria hims2 hours ago Yagali believed how much we need his directions and his words at this difficult time wise nation bless God and benefit him Reply 2  Yousif Saddik Yousif Saddik5 hours ago This dementia is from Haradh before the battle of Mosul in weeks in his speech (God God in Iraq) Mujahideen to go out on the Islamic state and the formation of factions and new groups. !! Reply 2  Thba7 Shmry Thba7 Shmry5 hours ago Yousif Saddik They are the ones who went out on it O literature Reply 4  Yousif Saddik Yousif Saddik5 hours ago Al-Golani said on him the curses of Mahabeel al-Qaeda that the front of the monster Sham is nothing but Breaking a legitimate relationship in front of the refill We will still enjoy some in secret Al Qaeda sought this hidden hidden relationship But Gulani changes the name of his group to escape the shame of betrayal Just as a prostitute has changed her clothes with a vengeance and a vengeance It is a taboo about people I am All the people of the city knew that they were selling their honor for a satanic whim And so on The Giulani hid his divorce paper from the base of evil On a night they did not mention God The boy 's boy is the treacherous traitor And he gave him the heat of the heat after he was full of his savagery The important Al-Zawahiri suffered from treacherous treachery and realized that there was a bullet between the legs of these heretics Try to get up But Because the Hull thinking in the vagina of Baghdadi him He swallowed bitter bitter and scents Which Jolani gave me Nor should I be flattered by al-Awadi and his followers And the Julani took advantage of the treacherous treachery He announced the divorce and the pledge of allegiance to the apostate Abu Jaber The masquerade party ended in Sham Show less Reply 1  Yousif Saddik Yousif Saddik5 hours ago Al-Zawahiri says that the Commander of the Faithful Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Had warned him not to accept the betrayal of the treacherous treacherous Golani And that this will cause a great rift But Zawahiri heard the words of the hyenas He walked in their steps and stretched his face under the soles of Golani Before the traitor has a cover and robe Then he warned him again Sheikh Adnani said to him I have made yourself a joke and made the boy treacherous manipulating your manipulation of the boys ball all of this After Zawahri said about the Islamic state that he was a descendant of Ibn Malgam The important Did not respond explicitly stated that he sees the Islamic state Kharij Zawahiri did not succeed in his war The reason It became a ride for the Golani and the royals They were riding back to reach their goal Zawahiri himself is the best riding companion When he realized that his mouth did not affect He stirred up his packmates and flirtatious girls They also did not succeed The Islamic state remained like the mighty mountain and the mighty sea The hardness of all that is caused by adversity increases And the destruction of the ravaged whenever the strife Then Zawahri used his last papers before burning completely He said to the Mujahideen of the Islamic state that they are Baathists The villain was not long Until he found his face and falsified it The flare of the descent All his miserable campaigns lost What was the Golani soldier betrayal and the dog running behind the Awakening But to drink it from the same cup that he tried to give him to the state But with the men of the caliphate, he provided a good service for the abayas of the virgins But Zawahiri put a cup of bitter and evil Zawahri is still a paralytic poison He did not utter from time We thank God who responded to the prayer of Sheikh Adnani in them Show less Reply 2  Yousif Saddik Yousif Saddik5 hours ago Al-Zawahri tried all kinds of infidels he possessed Proof of the subordination of the Islamic state to him It is impossible When he failed to launch a trivial campaign to overthrow the Islamic state And make the issue of allegiance one of the first starting points And he began to fret and tremble He says that the pledge was made and they betrayed the covenant and contract of Mullah Omar Of course, without any evidence proving the state's allegiance to him or the Taliban Zawahri accused the abbot of his followers and opponents of the Islamic state That his cry and his wailing are the source of his concern for allegiance But It turns out that he is a liar who is more flattering than a price When the Golani came, which he had promised to fill Then he took off his sale and bought it and separated from it Al-Zawahiri did not cry openly and did not listen to the Golani and did not mention the characteristics of treachery and treason I applied to his mouth despite the Nkoth Golani and break it without permission and not informed of the old sheikh And it becomes clear to the deceased and my father That Zawahri's enmity was not for God But envy in his chest echoed back Had it been a distant measure, God would have prescribed it To the factor of the Golani divide his sins on the State of Islam, even falsification But Because the slap is loud and because he does not want to admit the futility of his action Silence And when the mediator of the Jerusalemites spoke and exposed them He pointed out that Julani and his brothers hyenas They were only liars who manipulated him and Zawahiri manipulated the boys with the ball Abu garbage was quick to mend the scam And he said to them, Cover them with filth So as not to confuse us Ibn Awad and his supporters ..

Thus, like the elders of the tyrants, they cover the feces of their masters with each other's feet
And people smell the infamy that swells from them
They reckon they are doing well
Show less
Reply 2

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Jihad For Vagina

I've often been asked just what makes someone become a terrorist, you know, and want to kill people and become splodeydopes?

The answer is.

Because for the Islamic State of losers its the only chance they have to find a receptive, you know, um....

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Where is Dr. Rusty Shackleford? Maidenhead

Dark Lord of the Bucket!

By Howie at 09:39 AM | Comments |

Syrian Civilians Protest al-Nusra

And under fire.

By Howie at 08:45 AM | Comments |

Terrorist Attack in Karbala

Terrible, this is Islamic State's product, death.

By Howie at 08:12 AM | Comments |

June 08, 2017

Reality Winner Held Without Bail

Wow the government alleges she's highly intelligent, not to mention batshit crazy.

But then again she's talking shit on the jailhouse phone, so she ain't that bright.

Reality Winner portrayed little emotion in court Thursday as she was denied bond in her federal espionage case after the government alleged that she may have stolen other top secret information and poses an ongoing risk to national security.

The Air Force veteran, 25, is accused of mailing a classified report on a Russian military intelligence cyber-attack in 2016 to a news website.

She entered a plea of not guilty before Judge Brian K. Epps at U.S. District Court in downtown Augusta, Georgia on Thursday afternoon after she was charged with a single count of 'willful retention and transmission of national defense information'.

The prosecution stated that Winner had a fascination with the Middle East and Islamic terrorism. The government claimed that they had found handwritten notes during a search at Winner's home which appeared to sympathize with Osama bin Laden and other terrorists.

Authorities claim another handwritten statement found during a search of Winner’s home allegedly read: ‘I want to burn the White House down and go live in Kurdistan.’

Everyone wave buh bye to Reality!

I mean, well....

Hat Tip: Dan.

By Howie at 08:26 PM | Comments |

Comey? What Comey?

The reason I don't cover Trump/Russia or Comey much is because it's all theater.

I have friends who salivate at the thought of Trump's impeachment waiting patiently and some not so patiently. I'm not sure what for, maybe for a reincarnation of Reagan or Lincoln to magically appear?

The problem is while all this political theater is going on the world keeps turning.

Turning? I forgot is Ramadan, Sploding. Yeah sploding, that's it.

By Howie at 03:23 PM | Comments |

Dearborn Raid Linked to Hezbollah

I've seen a lot of speculation about last weeks FBI rain in Dearborn that took place near some relatives of Huma Abedin.

You can stop speculating, here is the real deal from DOJ presser.


Ali Kourani, 32, of the Bronx, New York, and Samer el Debek, 37, of Dearborn, Michigan, aka, “Samer Eldebek,” were arrested on Thursday, June 1, on charges related to their alleged activities on behalf of Hizballah, a designated foreign terrorist organization.

Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security Dana Boente, Acting U.S. Attorney Joon H. Kim for the Southern District of New York, Assistant Director in Charge William F. Sweeney Jr. of the FBI’s New York Office, and Commissioner James P. O’Neill of the NYPD made the announcement.

Acting U.S. Attorney Kim said: “Today, we announce serious terrorism charges against two men who allegedly trained with and supported the Islamic Jihad Organization, a component of the foreign terrorist organization Hizballah. Recruited as Hizballah operatives, Samer El Debek and Ali Kourani allegedly received military-style training, including in the use of weapons like rocket-propelled grenade launchers and machine guns for use in support of the group’s terrorist mission. At the direction of his Hizballah handlers, El Debek allegedly conducted missions in Panama to locate the U.S. and Israeli Embassies and to assess the vulnerabilities of the Panama Canal and ships in the Canal. Kourani allegedly conducted surveillance of potential targets in America, including military and law enforcement facilities in New York City. Thanks to the outstanding work of the FBI and NYPD, the allegedly destructive designs of these two Hizballah operatives have been thwarted, and they will now face justice in a Manhattan federal court.”

Assistant Director in Charge Sweeney Jr. said: “The charges announced today reveal once again that the New York City region remains a focus of many adversaries, demonstrated as alleged in this instance by followers of a sophisticated and determined organization with a long history of coordinating violent activities on behalf of Hizballah. Our announcement today also reveals, however, that the dozens of agencies working together with our FBI JTTFs nationwide are just as determined to disrupt the plans of those working to harm our communities. I’d like to thank the hundreds of investigators who comprise the FBI’s New York JTTF and display constant vigilance on our behalf, and I encourage the public to remain engaged and to immediately report suspicious activity to law enforcement.”

Commissioner O’Neill said: “As part of his work for Hezbollah, Kourani and others allegedly conducted covert surveillance of potential targets, including U.S. military bases and Israeli military personnel here in New York City. Pre-operational surveillance is one of the hallmarks of Hezbollah in planning for future attacks. As alleged, Kourani, on at least two occasions, received sophisticated military training overseas, including the use of a rocket propelled grenade. In addition, El Debek is charged in an unrelated complaint, for allegedly possessing extensive bomb making training received from Hezbollah. Today’s charges of two for their work on behalf of Hezbollah is a tribute to the collaborative work of the agents and detectives of the Joint Terrorism Task Force.”

Kourani was arrested in the Bronx for providing, attempting, and conspiring to provide material support to Hizballah; receiving and conspiring to receive military-type training from Hizballah; a related weapons offense that is alleged to have involved, among other weapons, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and machine guns; violating and conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA); and naturalization fraud to facilitate an act of international terrorism. Kourani was presented on Friday, June 2, before Magistrate Judge Barbara Moses in Manhattan federal court.

El Debek was arrested in Livonia, Michigan, outside of Detroit, for providing, attempting and conspiring to provide material support to Hizballah; receiving and conspiring to receive military-type training from Hizballah; use of weapons in connection with a crime of violence that is alleged to have involved, among other weapons, explosives, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, and machine guns; and violating and conspiring to violate IEEPA. El Debek was presented on June 5, before Magistrate Judge Henry Pitman in Manhattan federal court.

As alleged in the criminal Complaints against Kourani and el Debek,[1] both of which were unsealed today in Manhattan federal court:

Source: DOJ Presser here, rest below the fold.

Complaint 1
Complaint 2 (pdfs)

--- presser continues below the fold-----

Hat Tip: Seamus.

Background on Hizballah and the Islamic Jihad Organization

Hizballah is a Lebanon-based Shia Islamic organization with political, social, and terrorist components. Hizballah was founded in the 1980s with support from Iran after the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, and its mission includes establishing a fundamentalist Islamic state in Lebanon. Since Hizballah’s formation, the organization has been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks that have killed hundreds, including U.S. citizens and military personnel. In 1997, the U.S. Department of State designated Hizballah a Foreign Terrorist Organization, pursuant to Section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, and it remains so designated today. In 2001, pursuant to Executive Order 13224, the U.S. Department of Treasury designated Hizballah a Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity. In 2010, State Department officials described Hizballah as the most technically capable terrorist group in the world, and a continued security threat to the U.S.

The Islamic Jihad Organization (“IJO”), which is also known as the External Security Organization and “910,” is a component of Hizballah responsible for the planning and coordination of intelligence, counterintelligence, and terrorist activities on behalf of Hizballah outside of Lebanon. In July 2012, an IJO operative detonated explosives on a bus transporting Israeli tourists in the vicinity of an airport in Burgas, Bulgaria, which killed six people and injured 32 others. Law enforcement authorities have disrupted several other IJO attack-planning operations around the world, including the arrest of an IJO operative surveilling Israeli targets in Cyprus in 2012, the seizure of bomb-making precursor chemicals in Thailand in 2012, including chemicals manufactured by a medical devices company based in Guangzhou, China (“Guangzhou Company-1”), and a similar seizure of chemicals manufactured by Guangzhou Company-1 in Cyprus in May 2015 in connection with the arrest of another IJO operative.

Kourani’s Alleged Support of Hizballah

Kourani, who was born in Lebanon, attended Hizballah-sponsored weapons training in Lebanon in 2000 when he was approximately 16 years old. After lawfully entering the U.S. in 2003, Kourani obtained a Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering in 2009, and a Masters of Business Administration in 2013.

Kourani and certain of his relatives were present during the summer 2006 conflict between Israel and Hizballah in Lebanon, when a residence belonging to his family was destroyed. Kourani was subsequently recruited to join the IJO by 2008. In August 2008, Kourani submitted an application for naturalization in the U.S. in which he falsely claimed, among other things, that he was not affiliated with a terrorist organization. In April 2009, Kourani became a naturalized citizen and was issued a U.S. passport. Despite claiming in his passport application that he had no travel plans, Kourani traveled to Guangzhou, China – the location of Guangzhou Company-1 – on May 3, 2009. He later claimed to the FBI that the purpose of the trip was to meet with medical device manufacturers and other businessmen.

Kourani was assigned an IJO handler, or mentor, responsible for providing him with taskings, debriefings, and arranging training. Kourani sometimes communicated with his handler using coded email communications, including messages sent by the handler that informed Kourani of the need to return to Lebanon. In order to establish contact with his handler when Kourani returned to Lebanon, Kourani called a telephone number associated with a pager (the “IJO Pager”) and provided a code that he understood was specific to him. After Kourani called the IJO Pager, the handler would contact Kourani to set up an in-person meeting by calling a phone belonging to one of Kourani’s relatives. The IJO also provided Kourani with additional training in tradecraft, weapons, and tactics. In 2011, for example, Kourani attended an IJO military training camp located in the vicinity of Birkat Jabrur, Lebanon, where he was provided with military-tactics and weapons training, including training in the use of a rocket propelled grenade launcher, an AK-47 assault rifle, an MP5 submachine gun, a PKS machine gun (a Russian-made belt-fed weapon), and a Glock pistol.

Based on other taskings from IJO personnel, which were conveyed during periodic in-person meetings when Kourani returned to Lebanon, Kourani conducted operations that included searching for weapons suppliers in the U.S. who could provide firearms to support IJO operations, identifying individuals affiliated with the Israeli Defense Force, gathering information regarding operations and security at airports in the U.S. and elsewhere, and surveilling U.S. military and law enforcement facilities in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Kourani transmitted some of the products of his surveillance and intelligence-gathering efforts back to IJO personnel in Lebanon using digital storage media.

El Debek’s Alleged Support of Hizballah

El Debek, a naturalized U.S. citizen, was first recruited by Hizballah in late 2007 or early 2008, began to receive a salary from Hizballah shortly thereafter, and was paid by Hizballah through approximately 2015. In July 2006, shortly before he was recruited by Hizballah, el Debek expressed by email his support for Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hizballah.

El Debek received military training from Hizballah in Lebanon on several occasions, from approximately 2008 through approximately 2014. El Debek received training in basic military tactics, the handling of various weapons, surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques, and the creation and handling of explosives and explosive devices. Based on information el Debek provided to the FBI, FBI bomb technicians have assessed that el Debek received extensive training as a bomb-maker, has a high degree of technical sophistication in the area, and was trained in techniques and methods similar to those used to construct the improvised explosive device used in Hizballah’s 2012 Burgas, Bulgaria, bus bombing, a bombing that el Debek reported was carried out by a relative of his. El Debek received by email in 2010 a list of raw materials that could be sent from Syria or Dubai, including items often used in explosives and improvised explosive devices.

El Debek also conducted missions for Hizballah in Thailand and Panama. In May 2009, el Debek traveled from Lebanon, through Malaysia, to Thailand, where his mission was to clean up explosive precursors in a house in Bangkok that others had left because they were under surveillance. El Debek used his U.S. passport to enter and leave Thailand, consistent with his instructions from Hizballah to use his U.S. passport so he could travel from Malaysia to Thailand without obtaining a visa.

El Debek first traveled to Panama for Hizballah in 2011, where his operational tasks included locating the U.S. and Israeli Embassies, casing security procedures at the Panama Canal and the Israeli Embassy, and locating hardware stores where explosive precursors could be purchased. Shortly before traveling to Panama, el Debek updated his status on Facebook with a post that read, in part, “Do not make peace or share food with those who killed your people.”

In early 2012, el Debek again traveled to Panama for Hizballah, passing through New York and New Jersey, and was asked to identify areas of weakness and construction at the Panama Canal, as well as provide information about how close someone could get to a ship passing through the Canal. Upon his return from Panama, el Debek’s IJO handlers asked him for photographs of the U.S. Embassy there and details about its security procedures.

El Debek has told the FBI that he was detained by Hizballah from December 2015 to April 2016 and falsely accused of spying for the U.S. Between November 2014 and February 2017, el Debek, who received religious training from Hizballah, has conducted more than 250 Facebook searches using search terms such as “martyrs of the holy defense,” “martyrs of Islamic resistance,” “Hizballah martyrs,” and “martyrs of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon.”

* * *

Kourani is charged with providing and attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison; conspiracy to provide material support and resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison; receiving military-type training from a designated foreign terrorist organization, which carries a sentence of 10 years in prison or a fine; conspiracy to receive military-type training from a designated foreign terrorist organization, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison; conspiracy to possess, carry, and use firearms and destructive devices during and in relation to crimes of violence, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison; making and receiving a contribution of funds, goods, and services to and from Hizballah, in violation of IEEPA, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison; conspiracy to make and receive a contribution of funds, goods, and services to and from Hizballah, in violation of IEEPA, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison; and naturalization fraud in connection with an act of international terrorism, which carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.

El Debek is charged with providing and attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison; conspiracy to provide material support and resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison; receiving military-type training from a designated foreign terrorist organization, which carries a sentence of 10 years in prison or a fine; conspiracy to receive military-type training from a designated foreign terrorist organization, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison; possessing, carrying, and using firearms and destructive devices during and in relation to crimes of violence, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison; making and receiving a contribution of funds, goods, and services to and from Hizballah, in violation of IEEPA, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison; and conspiracy to make and receive a contribution of funds, goods, and services to and from Hizballah, in violation of IEEPA, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

The maximum potential sentences in this case are prescribed by Congress and are provided here for informational purposes only, as any sentencing of the defendants will be determined by a judge.

Mr. Kim praised the outstanding efforts of the FBI’s New York Joint Terrorism Task Force, which principally consists of agents from the FBI and detectives from the NYPD. Mr. Kim also thanked the FBI’s Detroit Office and the Counterterrorism Section of the Department of Justice’s National Security Division.

These prosecutions are handled by the Office’s Terrorism and International Narcotics Unit. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Emil J. Bove III and Amanda L. Houle for the Southern District of New York are in charge of the prosecution of Kourani. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Andrew D. Beaty and Stephen J. Ritchin for the Southern District of New York are in charge of the prosecution of el Debek. Trial Attorneys Lolita Lukose and Alexandra Hughes of the National Security Division’s Counterterrorism Section are assisting the prosecutions.

The charges contained in the Complaints are merely accusations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

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Why Democrats Lose Coastal Edition

Boys I reckon we needs to cuts off Ally's supply of Wheat Thins. she don't 'preciate em anyhows.

By Howie at 07:58 AM | Comments |

June 07, 2017

Jihadtube STILL Hosts Abu Haleema and Ahmad Musa Jibril

Michelle Malkin reminds that the alarm on Islamic Terrorists use of Youtube was sounded many years ago. Long before the pile of dead bodies we've seen this Ramadan.

One of the many maddening takeaways from the London Bridge jihad attack is this: If you post videos on YouTube radicalizing Muslim viewers to kill innocent people, YouTube will leave you alone.

But if you post a video on YouTube honoring innocent people murdered by barbaric jihadists, your video will get banned.

I know. It happened to me in 2006.

...nly after receiving fair exposure in The New York Times (my, how times and the Times have changed) did the video magically reappear on my channel.

Now, contrast Google/YouTube's ridiculous stifling of "First, They Came" with its hands-off treatment of murder-inciting videos of hate imams Ahmad Musa Jibril and Abu Haleema

As of today Abu Haleema Media is active with 115 videos. We know that Abu Haleema is connected to known terrorists. He is in all effect an enemy agent of the UK operating in the UK.

Crazy right?

Abu Musa Jabril's channel. Also active with 130 videos and his search results (Musa Jabril) down the last few days from 49,600 to 23,700 results.

Still unacceptable.

By Howie at 09:32 PM | Comments |

The London Attack Ending

In this video the terrorists attack a man and get him down. Just as the police arrive and kill the terrorists.

By Howie at 01:36 PM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: He Really is Watching You

Feel good video of the day.

By Howie at 12:11 PM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Allah Will Get You

Just because three Muslimas stabbed a Kuffar woman on a London street on her way to work in the nursury does not automatically mean it's terrorism.

The month of Ramadan is a tough one for people in London. Just this morning a female nursery worker was on her way to work when she was stopped and thrown to the ground by three Muslim women who beat her, kicked her, and even slashed her arm with a knife as they shouted “Allah will get you”:
I mean unless you're the one being stabbed, or one who walks to work in London or are a Kuffar or non Muslim.

See I feel perfectly safe, mostly I mean. It's not very likely I'll be walking to work through Londonistan on a dark night by myself. But if you do, yeah be scared shitless.

By Howie at 09:22 AM | Comments |

Ramadamabombathon 2017 Resumes Islamic State Attacks Iran

Well the reprieve was short lived. Islamic State terrorists have attacked Iran.An Iranian state-run news website says 12 people were killed and 42 wounded in attacks on the country’s parliament and the shrine of its revolutionary leader.

Mizan Online, which is affiliated with the judiciary, attributed the toll from Wednesday’s attacks to Pirhossein Kolivand, the head of Iran’s emergency department.

Several gunmen and suicide bombers attacked parliament and the shrine to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, setting off an hours-long siege at the legislature that ended with four attackers dead. The Islamic State group claimed the attacks.Again the timing stinks. Its more IS death throes. But given the tensions between Qatar and SA over Yemen and it seeking aid from Iran and Turkey. Very dangerous times.

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June 06, 2017

Ramadamabombathon 2017 Terror Streak Ends at Ten

There has been a terrorist attack every day since May 26th through June 5th.

So far today the 6th of June there has not been one. At least not that made news.

*Feel free to correct me, but its not a streak I care to see extended.

*But I'm sure that has nothing at all do with Islam. I swear..... don't call me a phobe.!

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Ministry of Irony :TrumpBlockGate Blogger Uses Blocklist

No kidding...

Lawyers for Twitter users blocked by President Trump after they criticized or mocked him are asking him to reverse the moves, arguing that the Constitution bars him from blocking people on the social media service.
Holly Holly Holly.

Till we called her on it, now we're mysteriously pre-unblocked whereas before we were pre-blocked. Proving the whole list thing. Actually the unblocking is the biggest giveaway.

You know what they say, its not the blocklist, it's the cover up.

Jim Treacher makes the TrumpBlockGate list too.

I’ve never interacted with this person in my life. I’d never even heard of her before yesterday. And yet the woman who made the pages of the New York Times because Trump blocked her… had blocked me. Apparently she used some sort of block list, because a lot of other people who follow me on Twitter are discovering they’ve been blocked by her too.

She has every right to do so, of course. I never would’ve cared, or even noticed, if she hadn’t made a spectacle of herself in the Newspaper of Record by howling about Trump doing the exact same thing to her.

Actually Jim blocklists are against twitter TOS yet the liberals use them very frequently to blunt the speech of conservatives.

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Tolerant Muslims Smashing Baby Jesus' Mommy

Remember Mary is a respected figure in Islam as the mother of the Prophet Isa.

Also I have a nice bridge overlooking the Hudson River for sale. My Paypal is send on top left. Free shipping!

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Surrender? LAMO

Hey Laughing Boy, Islamic State wants Christians to surrender to Islam, again.


Before the Islamic State was even able to take credit for Saturday’s terror attack in London, its supporters took to cyberspace praising the attacks and calling for Christians to surrender.

The religious overtones in the responses to the attack were stark, according to a report by the Middle East Media Research Institute. Much of the support came over pro-ISIS channels on Telegram, a messaging app used as a forum for the group and its followers. One supporter called for “worshippers (sic) of the Cross” to submit to the caliphate.

“The only solution for you is to pay the jizya willingly while subdued,”

How about this. I get that some of my Christian brothers have went all limp wristed but I lived under the threat of Global destruction already. If we are to go down, how about we take you with us. Every last one of you.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Insults and Snark Delayed

This gives our readers a break from being, you know, Jawas to read actual thoughtful stuff.

A “Linkage-Based” Approach to Combating Militant Islamist Propaganda: A Two-Tiered Framework for Practitioners

Making CVE Work.

“Defeating IS Ideology” Sounds Good, But What Does It Really Mean?

Hat Tip: Godzilla.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Moisture Farmers.

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Autofill Headline of The Day Terrorist Attack in (Insert place here) Paris

Someone went after a policeman outside Notre Dame with a hammer, probably some disgruntled Napoleon supporter I'm sure.

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How ISIS Really Treats Civilian Muslims

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The Last Letter

Pretty good tweet for D-Day.

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Last London Bridge Stiff Was Youssef Zaghba

We now know the identity of the last POS.

British police named the third of the attacker who killed seven people in a knife and van attack in London as Youssef Zaghba.
The 22-year-old was believed to be an Italian national of Moroccan descent and lived in east London. The other two attackers as Khuram Butt (27), a British national born in Pakistan, and Rachid Redouane (30), who had claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan, and had recently lived in Dublin.


Zaghba’s mother lives in the northern Italian city of Bologna and he had broken off relations with his Moroccan father, the source said, confirming a report on the website of newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Corriere wrote that Zaghba was stopped at Bologna airport in 2016 when he was trying to fly to Syria via Turkey, and that Italian authorities had tipped off Britain about his movements.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Islamic State of Losers Final Loss Imminent

This week Mosul will fall to Iraqi forces and the push to take the IS capital Raqqa has begun.

Look for lots of reports complaining of civilian casualties and last minute desperate attacks in the west and also the ME.

Hang in kids, its going to be a bumpy ride.

Update: Right on cue...

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June 05, 2017

Terrorist Attack In Melborn

I like autofill headlines during Ramadan. Saves me from having to type "Terrorist Attack" over and over and over.

Here we go again.

The Australian confirmed that the hostage-taker, whose body was riddled with bullet wounds, was known to counter-terrorism police but that investigators were open-minded about whether terrorism was the trigger for the shootout. The fact a counter-terrorism source said the gunman was on parole will, however, raise serious questions and put pressure on the Victorian government.

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London Attackers Appeared In Channel 4 Documentary ( Khuram Shazad Butt and Rachid Redouane (confirmed))

One of the London attackers appeared in the Channel 4 documentary, "The Jihadist Next Door," according to the Daily Mail. The article included this image:


Although the Daily Mail blurred all pictures and avoided naming him, it did not take much to figure out who he was. I found another video of the same incident at Youtube. If you look at the picture above, you can see another jihadist recording as well. This video I found appears to be his. The man the Daily Mail claims is one of the attackers can be see arguing with police at the 5 second mark:

He is also seen in this related video and he is identified at the 20 second mark by name as Mohammed Shamsuddin:

A little Googling pulled up several articles about. It appears Mr. Shamsuddin lived off disability benefits in the UK and enjoyed beheading videos over lunch. What is most disturbing is that Shamsuddin was quite open with his extreme radical beliefs, but, apparently it was too politically incorrect to hold him accountable.

Over the next few days, the rest may or may not be identified. The UK government is trying to keep the names of these terrorists out of the media. And the media is complicit, as the Daily Mail, The Sun, and The Mirror have done several stories about at least this one attacker.

I may update as more information comes out, but for now, you can see what we are dealing with, not only with the jihadists, but also with the media and Western leadership.

Update by Howie 06/05/14 13:00 cdt: We do know he's in this video and is an associate of Abu Haleema (just google him he's a notorious jerk).

According to CNN the names will be released today. So stay tuned.

Update by Howie: Two attackers identified. Mohammad Shamsuddin and Siddhartha Dhar were main characters in the documentary. But the attacker is another who appeared Khuram Shazad Butt.

Pictured here.


This is Mohammed Shamsuddin. Still no confirmation on his either way. But its is reported they UK is looking for more information. They would have plenty on Mohammed Shamsuddin though, he is a major figure in the documentary.



Neighbors say he was the attacker who wore the fake suicide vest during the vehicle and stabbing attack that killed seven people in London on Saturday night. The Islamic State’s Amaq News Agency posted a message on Telegram on Sunday claiming that the attack was carried out by ISIS fighters.

The man was a member of Al Muhajiroun, a small group of men led by Anjem Choudary and Siddartha Dhar who openly preached for the need for Sharia law.

It appears Siddhartha Dhar was not involved in the attack. He was last seen i an ISIS video.

Khuram Butt (L) and Rachid Redouane (R) have been named by the Metropolitan Police

This is the part of the video that you're interested in.

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June 04, 2017

Mostly Peaceful Muslims Respecting The Prophet Jesus(pbuh) Whom They Call Isa

Yes, Muslims believe in Isa, they believe in wrecking the body of Christ.

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One of London Attackers Radicalized on Jihadtube

This man, was turned in by Muslims twice previously. Nothing was done.

The friend told the BBC’s Asian Network that the terrorist had been radicalised watching videos of the infamous American hate preacher Ahmad Musa Jibril.

He said: “We spoke about a particular attack that happened and like most radicals he had a justification for anything and everything and that day I 
realised I needed to contact the authorities.”

He added: “He used to listen to a lot of Musa Jibril. I have heard some of this stuff and its very radical. I am surprised this stuff is still on YouTube and is easily accessible. I phoned the anti-terror hotline. I spoke to the gentleman. I told him about our conversation and why I think he was radicalised.”

However, he said he was not arrested and was allowed to keep his passport. “I did my bit, I know a lot of other people did their bit, but the authorities did not do their bit,” the friend said.

We've all been doing our bit haven't we. We the People are not failing. We are giving our asses, nothing is done.

A simple search for Musa Jabril on Youtube at this moment returns 49,600 results.


More on Ahmad Musa Jibril here at the Counter Extremism Project.

In April 2014, ICSR researchers found that 60 percent of foreign fighters in Syria followed Jibril on Twitter.* Jibril’s followers have primarily joined al-Qaeda-affiliated groups, but some have joined ISIS as well.* Jibril has been in direct contact with several foreign fighters and families of deceased fighters.* Jibril “bridges the gap” for Westerners who may not understand Arabic, according to Shiraz Maher, one of the study’s co-authors.* Jibril “provides the political and theological justification” and “comfort” to jihadists, according to ICSR director Peter Neumann.*

Jibril’s Twitter account, @ahmadmusajibril, has more than more than 33,000 followers. His Facebook page, under the name Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibril, has more than 240,000 likes, although he has not updated it since July 2014. His YouTube page, https://www.youtube.com/user/AhmadMusaJibril, has more than 9,500 subscribers. Jibril also maintains a blog at https://ahmadjibrilblog.wordpress.com/. Jibril previously ran a now defunct Islamist website, AlSalafyoon.com, which included “fanatically anti-American sermons by militant Islamic clerics,” according to U.S. authorities.* A group of Jibril’s followers created the website www.ahmadjibril.com/, which hosts lectures and articles by Jibril and his students.

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June 03, 2017

London Bridge Attack Coverage

Patrick Poole has coverage here at6 PJMedia.

Breaking reports indicate that a van has jumped onto the sidewalk on the London Bridge and struck pedestrians. There are subsequent reports of possibly related stabbing and gunfire incidents in nearby Borough Market and Vauxhall.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Hate For Trump To Bring Steep Drop in Carbon Emissions

The Left is making Trump's point for him. There is a market for clean energy and it has to compete in the open market.

It must if it is to survive, that is the way of things.

The truth is hatred for Trump is now driving those wanting lower Carbon Emissions more than the Paris Accord had ever hoped for.

So shall it has been written, so shall it be done.

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June 02, 2017

Kathy Griffin Still Doesn't Get It

Kathy, Trump's armies didn't "break you". If anything the left was as upset as the right. Mainly because that image is now an anvil around their neck too.

Face up, stop blaming and maybe someday someone somewhere will let you work, at 7-11.

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Mike Huckabee Takes Internet

Everyday there is a winner on the internet, today that winner is Mike huckabee.

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June 01, 2017

They Mostly Come at Ramadan Mostly

So there as been a terrorist attack on a hotel that hosts western guests in Manilla and also a bomb at Vatican city.

The is like the bestest most peaceful Ramadan ever!

Update: The fire at the Vatican was at a nearby car lot, either a junkyard or repair shop. It's not clear. Anyway it created a huge fire and the explosions were from burning cars either tires of fuel tanks.Firefighters battled the blaze as it tore through several cars while a nearby building was evacuated, Italian media reported.

According to Rai News, flames erupted from a car at the scrapyard before spreading to other vehicles.

The heat caused a series of explosions sending glass and car pieces flying in the air.

More than 50 vehicles were said to be damaged in the massive blaze.

It is unclear whether anyone was hurt.However the Manilla attack has been claimed by ISIS with British citizens feared to be targeted.

AT least 25 people have been injured – with fears Brits are among those hurt – after gunshots and explosions were heard outside a resort in the capital of the Philippines.

Masked men reportedly entered Resorts World Manila in Pasay City around midnight local time and started shooting at the third floor.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, Philippine authorities have been fighting ISIS in parts of the country.

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More Splodeydopes Sploding

Two Islamic State soldiers surrendering, cept they were actually bombs.

The were Bas...?

No bombs.

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