May 25, 2017

In Mother Russia The Fire Puts Out You

Ypa! Everyone is safe. We drink now.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Muslims are Islamophobes

Wow the Muslims in this poll recite the same opinions about Islam as we racist Islamophobic Kuffar pigs!

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For Over 40 Years

the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic.

Before the dark times... before the Empire!

Know the Powah!

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Manchester Attack Colossal Failure to Act on Intelligence Tips

I'm so disgusted..... my apologies, I always feel bad then these things happen. That I can not stop it. Yes I realize that's unrealistic.

But its turning out that Salman Abedi was very stoppable. It just was not done.

Abedi's father Ramadan and younger brother Hashem were in custody in Libya last night after being arrested by counter-terror police a day after elder brother Ismail, 23, was detained in Manchester. Detectives said Hashem had links to ISIS and was planning to carry out a terror attack in Tripoli.

Hashem was accused of having known about his brother's murderous plans for more than a month, while it emerged his father had been a revolutionary fighter against Gaddafi who publicly voiced support for an Al Qaeda-linked group in Syria.

...A third relative, Abedi's older brother Ismail, was arrested in Manchester.
It is not known what his involvement, if any, was. He was once reported to a counter- terrorism unit after concerns were raised by members of the Muslim community.

A senior Whitehall source confirmed Salman Abedi was 'one of a larger pool of former subjects of interest whose risk remained subject to review' by the security service and its partners.

...Hashem (pictured after his arrest in Libya this evening) was 'aware of all the details' of his plans, Libyan security forces said

Yes indeed, removing Gaddafi sure has paid dividends. Who's project was that, oh yeah it was Hillary Clinton's project.


Sources suggest that authorities were informed of the danger posed by Abedi on at least five separate occasions in the five years prior to the attack on Monday night.

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May 23, 2017

Flashback: When al-Qaeda's Emir in UK Was Arrested in Manchester

Remember Umar Rabie?

It turns out that al Qaeda's "emir" in Britain, "Sheikh Umar Rabie al-Khalaila", is a guy in his early 20s from the Manchester area. You may remember him from the threat he made against Gordon Brown back in January on al-Ekhlaas and other forums.
Nine years later.... Manchester....

So the shocking thing is that its went on this long.

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Attn: Twitter User @AmetAme96547292




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Attn: Twitter User @ayla_a530643 @a5 45541_ayla @ayla_a4667884 @ayla_q46774


All your base are belong to US.


We don't call you Islamic State of Losers for nothing, loser!

Update: If at first you don't succeed lose lose again.

Update: 05/05/17:

Update :05/23 She is persistent.

Bonus Jihadi @ticct_75.

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May 22, 2017

Terrorist Attack on Ariana Grande in Manchester UK

Reports are it was a device similar to the Boston bombings with 19 killed and as many as 50 injured.

The explosion happened near an entrance to the 21,000-seat arena just minutes after Grande’s concert ended with the song “Dangerous Woman” and the singer left the stage, witnesses said.

British counter-terrorism investigators think the possible terrorist attack may have been the work of a suicide bomber who entered a crowded area outside the performance space where attendees were streaming out of the concert, according to U.S. law enforcement sources briefed on the investigation.

Update: Not for sure if this video below the fold is a hoax or not, so take with a grain of salt. The bomber himself we know is dead.

I'm now getting reports that a second device was present, it's unclear if it failed but I see reports of a controlled demolition.

Update: 05/23/17. And now we begin finding our who was murdered.

The death toll is now 22.

ISIS claims attack, we'll see I guess ISIS claims started immediately at the attack and I've even seen some before claims I can't verify. This IMO indicates an internet inspired "cell" not a central operation. The bombs created most likely from Inspire magazine or a similar offshoot.

Normally a connected cell takes about 24 hours to claim, and regardless if its an actual ISIS operation they would claim it anyway. We'll just have to wait and see what shakes out and who he was in contact with.

One man has been arrested in connection so we'll learn more.

A horrific act of barbarism.

Chris Parker, 33, said: 'I heard a bang and within a split second I saw a white flash, then smoke and then I heard screaming. There was people lying on the floor everywhere.

'I saw a little girl ... she had no legs. I wrapped her in one of the merchandise T-shirts and I said 'where is your mum and daddy?' She said 'my dad is at work, my mum is up there'.'

He said he thought the child's mother had died from her injuries.

Mr Parker added: 'She passed away in my arms. She was in her 60s and said she had been with her family.

I haven't stopped crying. There were nuts and bolts all over the floor. People had holes in their back.'

I've een a lot of chatter on the ISIS side about "our children die". Well civilians die in war, it's unavoidable when forces fight that civilians die.

But his is a direct attack on women and children with no military in sight.. It is the worst of Shirk.

Update: The terrorist has been identified and shockingly was known to authorities.

More at

Update: The dead loser what's his name.

Thanks to Tom.

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Deuling Jew Haters

What do Neo Nazis and Islamic Terrorists have in common?

I'll give you one guess.

Authorities are investigating whether the stabbing death of a black college student who was visiting the University of Maryland during graduation weekend was a hate crime.

The chief of the university police said Sunday the suspect, a white University of Maryland student, is a member of a racist Facebook group. An FBI official said the federal agency will assist with the investigation.

Police have charged Sean Christoper Urbanski, 22, of Severna Park with first-degree murder in the attack.


Police said initially there was no indication that race played a role. But University Police Chief David Mitchell said information about the Facebook group was brought to their attention on Sunday.

The group, called "Alt-Reich Nation," contained racist posts, he said.

"When I look at the information that's contained on that website, suffice it to say that it's despicable, it shows extreme bias against women, Latinos, persons of Jewish faith and especially African-Americans," Mitchell said.

Our other winner for today is Devon Arthurs.
TAMPA — A man accused of shooting his roommates in a New Tampa apartment told police he shared neo-Nazi beliefs with the two men until he converted to Islam then killed them because they disrespected his faith.


Devon Arthurs told investigators he shot Jeremy Himmelman, 22, and Andrew Oneschuk, 18, because he had become angry about the world's anti-Muslim sentiment and "wanted to bring attention to his cause," according to a Tampa Police Department report obtained Monday by the Tampa Bay Times.

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Dearest Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, GFYS

This is a message from America.

Turkey’s foreign ministry on Monday lodged a formal protest with the U.S. ambassador to Ankara over what it said were “lapses of security” during President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Washington earlier this month.

Jawa File image of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan


They’re not even claiming that the protesters started it. Their beef is that the protest was “provocative.” Are you kidding?
No they are not kidding, I like how Erdogan says he didn't approve the protestors permits. As if we're part of his little Caliphate.

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May 19, 2017

Weiner's Wanker To Plead Guilty

Reasons why Hillary lost #312.

Anthony D. Weiner, the former Democratic congressman whose “sexting” scandals ended his political career and embroiled him in a tumultuous F.B.I. investigation of Hillary Clinton before the election, is to appear in a federal courtroom in Manhattan on Friday to enter a guilty plea.

The information has not been made public but was related by two people who have been briefed on the matter and asked not to be identified.

Mr. Weiner will plead guilty to a single charge of transferring obscene material to a minor, pursuant to a plea agreement with the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan, one of the people said. Mr. Weiner surrendered to the F.B.I. early Friday morning.

Update: Anthony is sad.
Weiner pleaded guilty to a charge of transmitting sexual material to a minor and could get years in prison. He agreed not to appeal any sentence between 21 and 27 months in prison.

In court, Weiner cried as he apologized to the teenager with whom he exchanged sexually explicit texts.

"I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse," the former Democratic congressman said.

Weiner was already in federal custody ahead of the hearing. The judge told him he would have to register as a sex offender.

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May 18, 2017

The Thing Terrorists Fear The Most is Losing Their Power
That Power IS Online Propaganda

The only way ISIS exists is if it exists in the minds of people, it achieves this with online snuff porn heavily laced with radical Wahhabist narratives.

Kill the idea, kill the perception. Kill their ability to wreck Muslim minds.

He talked of the executions in the public square at the hands of ISIS:

“I saw people get their heads cut off. Usually, they would kill one to two people a day, but sometimes there weren't any people killed. Every time someone was killed, they left their body out for at least a few days for the people to see.”

...From Greece, Samir went to Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, and his last stop was Germany. When asked about what ISIS is the most scared of, Samir said:

“Losing control. Without their control of the media, TV, radios — they are weak. They cannot last. We were scared at first when we saw the first videos of Islamic State killing people, but then we see this is their source of power. They are very scared of losing this control.”
Hamad, 27, was a civilian activist when ISIS invaded Raqqa, which made him a threat from the very beginning. Hamad spoke to IJR about how ISIS views activists. “They find all intellectual people to be threats. They murdered many of the activists, the educators, and media personalities in Raqqa,” Hamad said.
Hat Tip: Brad Thor.

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Where is Dr. Rusty Shackleford? Droid Shopping! Edition

Rslutty is out buying a new droid.

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Just Taking A Bit of Oil

I think it was a total Russian hit and miss engine problem. I mean.... yeah.

It just blew up all by itself.b I swear!

It was pretty though.

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May 17, 2017

Islamic State of Losers vs Killdozer!

Spoiler alert! Killdozer wins.

Update: The hero!

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Sandcrawler PSA: You Will Be Hated For Failing To Hate Jews

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Good Gun Control Right Square in The Nutz Edition

Carjacking can cause impotence and infertility, don't carjack.

A pair of men — one of them armed — approached a car owner standing outside his vehicle on the southwest side of Chicago in broad daylight May 10 and demanded his keys.

But police told the Chicago Tribune the victim wouldn’t hand over his keys.

See, he’s a concealed carry license holder, police told the paper — and he pulled out his own gun and started firing.

The vehicle owner shot one of the perps “in the groin area,” the Tribune reported. The other one took off running but was arrested shortly thereafter, the paper said.

I was once at a hospital when the news that a lady was pulled out of her car, then shot in the face just for the hell of it I guess.

I said, "If you could carry, when that first moron came up to her car she then blew his brains all over the other two that would stop that shit."

Needless to say I got some looks for that one. I get it, they don't like guns.

But it's true, nothing teaches a lesson better than the hard way. A few more incidents where carjackers end up with an extra hole in the head would go a long way towards lowering the number of carjackings.

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Dear Youtube user - * -



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A Jawa Prayer

Dear Lord please let this be true.

I promise to believe absolutely everything she says, no questions asked.


So um what did ya'll want again?

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May 15, 2017

Safe Passage Out of Tabqa?

It's a trap!

Once they left the city, the U.S. systematically targeted the fighters within their rules of engagement. “I think SDF let them have safe passage out of Tabqa, but once they continued on the battlefield, I don’t know if that’s something we’re required to honor,” Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis told TheWSJ.
Know the powah!

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Attn Twitter User داعس الديمقراطية @U4XlCPN8Q5hEe3o + Bonus @khilafa46567885




Bonus Jihadis

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The Maker Turns 73

Yesterday was Star Wars creator and the only man known to have banged Penny Marshall, Arthur C. Clarke's birthday!

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Sandcrawler PSA: Racist Muslima Hates Krackers And That's OK

There is no racism in Islam, but Racist Muslima Rihanna Martin still hates you.

RACE Why Black People Are Allowed To Be Anti-White

If we go back to history when there were points where white folks were “enslaved”, it could never be compared to the disastrous past we’ve faced. White people weren’t taken away from their country by black people who were too lazy to work. They weren’t forced to work under deplorable conditions, labeled as not human, dehumanized, publicly lynched, bombed on their own country’s soil, or unlawfully experimented on by the government

None of that stuff actually happened to this Muslima but, you know, it's still OK to hate whitey.

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Laith Waleed Alebbini Wanted King Abdullah Beheaded

This is Laith Waleed Alebbini.}

In an interview with the FBI in January regarding his alleged break-in to the Turkish embassy, Alebbini admitted to posting pro-ISIS videos on his social media page, and claimed he was the “perfect recruiter for ISIS,” but said he did not agree with their violence.


According to the complaint, Alebbini said the security at the Embassy was very lax and that “If I had a bomb on me, I swear to God, three embassies would have gone down.”

Laith Waleed Alebbini liked to post Jihadi videos on Facebook, Laith Waleed Alebbini is going to Federal Pound Waleed in the Ass Prison.

Don't be like Waleed.

From the complaint:


Note the importance of Dabiq magazine and other ISIS propaganda in this case.

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Murphy Attends Wedding Party

Well on the bright side, um.... Ok so there is no bright side.

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May 12, 2017

New Improved Hijab And Shoulders 2-1

Its Shampoo! Plus fabric softener. So when you sweat your Hijab wet in the tropical outdoor heat.... never mind she's not allowed outdoors.

Also that Muslima is slutty and I mean slutty in, you know, the good way.


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James Leaker on Comey's Meeting With Trump

Oh did I say Leaker? I meant Clapper.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said James Comey was "uneasy" about having dinner with President Donald Trump in January.

Clapper told MSNBC on Friday that Comey, the FBI director whom Trump abruptly ousted on Tuesday, had mentioned he was invited to the White House for dinner shortly after Trump's inauguration.

Clap, drip, leak its all the same.
The conversation that night in January, Mr. Comey now believes, was a harbinger of his downfall this week as head of the F.B.I., according to two people who have heard his account of the dinner.
When Trump fires Jim don't say I didn't warn you, I mean someone has to take up McLaughlin's slack.

Update: Damn I forgot he fired himself already. Dan Coats is serving. Not heard a word from him, on anything. Which is why I forgot. Come to think of it that's refreshing that he's directing rather than talking.

I'll shut up now, but not for long!

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Jawa Lost and Found: One Leg!

Dear Islamic State of Losers in Afghanistan. We found your leg, you can pick it up at your earliest convenience.


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Islamic State of Losers Surrenders Tabqa


Defense officials described ISIS’s surrender as “unconditional,” saying the group agreed to remove explosives from around a dam and leave its heavy weapons behind as its fighters left the city of Tabqa.

The sudden collapse of ISIS’s grip on the Syrian city of Tabqa and the dam supporting it was the result of a negotiated settlement between US-backed forces and the militant group, two US defense officials told BuzzFeed News.

A third defense official said the withdrawal of roughly 70 ISIS fighters was “unconditional.” ISIS agreed to remove explosives from around the dam and leave its heavy weapons behind, a US official explained. Tabqa sits just west of ISIS’s self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa, and has served as an entry point for the capital. Its collapse Wednesday could mark the last major step before the long-anticipated battle for the city, US military officials have said.

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May 11, 2017

Minnesota Student Hates Herself

Maybe it was not a hoax, maybe it was, you know, self directed racism?

Where a person hates themselves for being whatever they are. Yeah so I just made that self directed racism thingy up. No big deal right?

NORTHFIELD, MINN. – A racist threat against a St. Olaf student that touched off campuswide protests and forced the college to cancel classes earlier this month was a hoax, the school revealed Wednesday.

A student confessed to writing the note, St. Olaf President David R. Anderson wrote in a message to students. The threat — an anonymous, typewritten note — was “fabricated,” he said, as an apparent “strategy to draw attention to concerns about the campus climate.”

On April 29, St. Olaf senior Samantha Wells, who is black, posted images on social media of a threatening note she said she had found on her windshield. Wells was a featured speaker at campus rallies this month, tearfully relaying the discovery of the note and how unsafe it made her feel on campus.

Anderson said Wednesday that a student was responsible for the fake threat, but “federal privacy laws prohibit the college from disclosing the identity of the author of that note and disclosing the actions taken by the college now that we know the author’s identity.”

Wells, on social media early Wednesday afternoon, addressed the president’s disclosure. But it was unclear from what she wrote whether she acknowledges or denies being the note’s author.

“So, it looks like something made its way back to me in the investigation,” she wrote. “I will be saying it was a hoax. I don’t care. There is nothing more that I can do.”

Wells could not be reached Wednesday for an explanation.

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Corrine Brown Convicted on 18 of 22 Couunts

Corrine Brown, Democrat, Felon, aspiring Prison Bitch.

A jury found former Congresswoman Corrine Brown guilty on 18 counts of a 24 indictment Thursday, bringing an end to the 30-year political career of one of the region's most recognizable politician

he verdict capped eight days of testimony, nearly 50 witnesses and more than a hundreds of pieces of evidence introduced at trial. The jury deliberated for MORE THAN two days at the federal courthouse in downtown Jacksonville before returning its verdict.

Brown was found guilty of 1, 2, 4, 6 - 13, 15, 17, 19, 21 - 24 She was found guilty on charges of Conspiring to commit mail/wire fraud, filing false tax returns, and lying on financial disclosure forms and working to obstruct the IRS.

Brown was stoic and stared straight ahead as the verdict was being read.

At the center of the trial was a bogus charity that Brown used to raise some $833,000 between 2012–2015. Big name donors like former CSX CEO Michael Ward, philanthropist Gasper Lazarra and attorney Steve Pajcic were just some of those who testified they gave money to One Door For Education in order to help poor and minority students.

One Door gave out just $1,200 in scholarships, prosecutors said. The rest went to pay for lavish events hosted by Brown, or into the pockets of the congresswoman, her chief of staff, and the charity's president, Carla Wiley.

I'm sure this is all the Russian's fault.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Noah Almost There

So I had the honor of meeting a youngling yesterday and refilling his canteena.

Please support Noah, he's a good kid. By my calculations he's got 1200 miles down.

Noah was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at 16 months old. He has been living with the daily challenge of monitoring his blood sugar levels for the last 8 years. While doing research for a school project, he came across a “walk for a cure.” He asked his Dad, “How far do I need to walk to be cured?”

I always wanted to see America, you know the whole thing. Go Kid!

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That Other FBI Director Firing

You know, the one we're not supposed to talk about.

I did not say this, I am not here.

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May 09, 2017

Director Comey You're Fired


One down one Clapper to go.

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At Last Trump to Arm Kurds!

OK so I'l say this is so far the best decision Trump has made.

The Kurds get screwed over every time despite loving America and fighting for us and for their freedom.

*Not one US soldier has ever been lost under the Kurds. None nada zilch.

By that I mean the Kurds themselves have never turned on us in areas they control, not that we've not lost any in battle.

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Blogosphere Co Founder Bob Owens Takes His Life

Tragic especially with the recent passing of Beth Cleaver. Bob and Beth's blogs were some of the early sites that I read daily.

As Rusty once said, "Open and honest blogging is becoming more rare".

But back then that was the attraction of blogs left and right. That people could be open and honest. That ideas were openly presented and debated. Facts checked and alternative opinions presented in comments.

It was this that made blogging worthwhile for me. You not only got to present your opinions but by the end of the day you might have totally changed that opinion based on interactions with other bloggers and commenters.

It was a revolution in speech though short lived. It has now been surpassed by a much more commercial alternative media, as opposed to the hobbyist days.

It's sad to see it go, and sad to see a founder Bob go as well. We pray for his family and for the Lord to accept him.

I'll turn it over to Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters.

wish I could have had more time to get to know Bob. I know there are a lot of people who feel that way today. Pray for Bob, his family, his colleagues at Townhall Media Group, and for all of you whose lives he touched in some manner, great or small. And be sure to read the touching tributes from my colleagues and friends Jenn Jacques and Katie Pavlich today, too, who knew Bob better than most of us.

Bob leaves behind a wife and two daughters. Townhall Media Group has launched a GoFundMe page to help them through the financial struggles of Bob’s death. All donations are much appreciated. It’s a great way to express what Bob meant to us for his family, at a time when they can really use our support.

More here at WAPO.

A fund to help with expenses is here.

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Interfaith Conference Muslim Informs Infidels They Have a Choice Revert or Die

Hey Infidels! Convert or die! I'll be fine all I have to do is pay the tax. Unless the Caliph considers People of the Book infidels. Then um.....

But just look at how moderately he informed the infidels of their impending beheading. See mostly peaceful.

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May 08, 2017

Lebanese Bring Cultural Enrichment to Australia

Such nice polite young people.

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May 05, 2017

Opening! Great Opportunity! Travel Good Pay Great Bernefits

Meet exotic people! Be famous!

I mean your life expectancy is about 90 days but hey, don't look a gift Arab Charger in the mouth.

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Attn: Twitter User @abofatmah08577


Everyone wave goodbye to Abo. I wonder if he knows his name is racist?


Oh well, he does now! LMAO.

Thanks to Mr. Unbeliever.

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Meanwhile In Somalia

Remember Somalia, and the armpit of Islamic Terror known as Al Shabaab.

A U.S. service member has been killed during an operation against al-Shabab militants in Somalia.

The U.S. military said Friday that the service member -- reported to be a Navy SEAL -- was killed near Barii, Somalia, approximately 65 kilometers west of Mogadishu.

The statement from the military's Africa Command said U.S. forces were conducting an advise and assist mission alongside members of the Somali National Army.

A senior official in Somalia's Lower Shabelle region says the soldiers raided a building which houses Radio Andalus, al-Shabab's official radio station.

He told VOA's Somali Service that eight al-Shabab militants were killed in the operation. He said he believes the soldiers seized radio station equipment.

Al-Shabab said Friday that their fighters killed a number of “enemy soldiers” in the operation.

The group's military spokesman, Abdulaziz Abu Musab, told Radio Andalus on Friday that militias have “foiled” an attack by U.S. troops.

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Celebrating Yet Another French Surrender

The French, carrying on a tradition of surrender started by General Charles de Lorencez for 152 years!

We love the French, they sent Lafayette known here in America as the only Frenchman to ever fight. But far be it from us to pass up such an opportunity to ribb our first Ally.

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War Porn: Boom and Boom Again

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Jawa Plug For Anatomy Of Terror

I'll plug this book because for one I agree with Ali Soufan here.

SOUFAN: And I think we have to realize the nature of these conflicts. Also, we have to wage war not only against the physical space. But more importantly is to wage a war, an international, global campaign...


SOUFAN: ...Against the space that these guys occupies in the minds of the vulnerable and the minds of the alienated. And this is the hard part. And when we begin winning that battle, we will finally win this war.

The book Anatomy of Terror is available here.

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May 04, 2017

The 4th Will Be With You


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May 03, 2017

Sandcrawler PSA: Antifa ARE Nazis

Very interesting that the Antifa asshole hates da Jooos.

So what I'm seeing is the lefties projecting themselves on the alt-right. Its deception. But what they are is the manifestation of fascism itself.

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May 02, 2017

Message in a Bottle

Via The Blaze.

In this series of videos I want to show how hard and terrible the situation is in my country, Venezuela. As long as it's possible I want to show you my every day Life and my struggle to survive in this hell.

I'd really appreciate your help. If you want to make a donation to my cause, send them to my Bitcoin address


Thank you very much!

This is what the internet is for, hell this is what America is for. Good luck, make it here and we'll lobby for you.

Pray for Carlos.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Canadian National Center for Truth and Reconciliation is The Borg

The Borg exists.

Troller told CTV Winnipeg that he received a call from someone at the Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) office who told him that two people called the MPI and complained that his license plate was "offensive" to minorities. Troller also stated that he received a letter telling him to immediately "surrender" the license plate.

"We've become way too sensitive," Troller said. "You can't say anything anymore to anybody."

Ry Moran of the Canadian National Center for Truth and Reconciliation disagrees.

"For basically the entirety of this country's history, indigenous peoples have been forcibly assimilated through really extremely destructive means and ways," Moran said. "Words like that, meant or not, have an actual impact on many people."

Become one with the Canadian National Center for Truth and Reconciliation.

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Cat-O-Phobia Strikes Oregon!

Legal weed does have its drawbacks.

Efforts to contact CAIR for a statement proved unfruitful.

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May 01, 2017

Sandcrawler PSA: The Penalty For Blaspheming Kate Upton is Death

I hereby issue a death Fatwa against Andrew Stiles!

EDITORS' NOTE: This column by the disgraced former journalist Andrew Stiles originally appeared in the May 2017 issue of War Fancy magazine, the Free Beacon’s monthly print publication and the official magazine of the Backyard Axe Throwing League. Over the weekend, hundreds of subscribers wrote letters, sent emails, and posted on social media to express their rage in response to the columnist’s views. Many threatened to cancel their subscriptions, which is somewhat odd since the Free Beacon is, well, free. Staff writer Brent Scher threatened to resign. Free Beacon ombudsman Biff Diddle reported (by proxy) that his voicemail inbox was "more repugnant than the Port-a-Pots at Taco Fest" and "gave me flashbacks to Grenada." We have decided to republish the column here in furtherance of our ironclad commitment to free speech and unrestrained preemptive warfare in the battle for truth and enlightenment.

This. Shall. Not. Stand!


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Ayatollah Khamenei Skirts Twitter Suspenion

Skirting a Twitter ban is not against Sharia but it is against Twitter's TOS.

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