March 26, 2010

Congressional Black Caucus Members Video'd the 'Racist' Tea Party Crowd in D.C. Where's their Footage?

Certain members of the Congressional Black Caucus made their way through a crowd of tea partiers in D.C. on Saturday. They claim the crowd was shouting the N-word and even spitting on them. There's a whole bunch of video footage of their walk through the crowd. None of the available footage includes any individual shouting any racial epithets, and certainly doesn't show a crowd chanting anything other than "Kill the Bill!"

Of course, that doesn't necessarily prove anything. It's theoretically possible that a part of the crowd very close to the CBC members were shouting things that didn't make it on the video CLIPS, which were shot from different vantage points.

On the other hand, it turns out the folks making the racism charges shot their own video footage from their own point of view. If there were any racial epithets lobbed at the CBC members, it would certainly have been picked up by their own cameras. Has any of this footage been made public? If not, why not?


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