March 25, 2010

Eric Cantor's (R) Office Shot Up By Teabagger Some Individual Loner Nutjob With No Affiliation to Any Democrat or Democrat Political Cause Like The Massive Socialist Health Care Bill That the Democrats Passed

UPDATE: A police report suggested that Cantor's window was struck by a bullet that was allegedly 'randomly fired.' So now we can call him a "liar," because he didn't just automatically assume that a bullet that hit his office window (the same way Bush/Cheney campaign HQs were shot up during the Bush admin) might have been fired by some person randomly firing a gun somewhere off in the distance miles away (probably some McCain/Palin supporter, who are known just randomly shoot guns into the air while attending their cross-burning rallies with Hitler). Of course, if the bullet had killed anybody, he also would be a "liar" if he suspected foul play because...well, we're not sure why he should assume that. I guess 'these things happen.' Bullets just randomly hit Congresspeople's offices after contentious votes all the time - doesn't Cantor know this? F-ing liar.
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Wow. You damned teabaggurz and your outrageous outrage at are really pushing the envelope here.

What was that about "right wing violence," Obamacrats?

Is shooting up the office of a Republican what the Democrats who coined the phrase "BUSH IS A NAZI" consider "civil discourse?"

One Obamacrat in the comments lets loose with the anti-GOP death-lust:

And they missed? Damnit

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