March 23, 2010

Police Note The Cyberjihad

Media coverage of jihadists has often focused on acts of violence in the physical world, such as suicide bombings and shooting sprees. Less publicized, however, is the growing importance of the virtual world to the extremist groups that make the news. The free territory of cyberspace offers them a virtual sanctuary where they may plan, train for, and finance physical attacks. The jihadists' operations are facilitated by web-based services and applications, such as social networking sites, encryption programs, and streaming video.

Organizations such as al-Qaeda and factions of the organizations Hamas and Hezbollah have used the Internet to propagate their extremist religious ideology. Members of these organizations use many of the most popular social-networking sites

...Despite the advantages of social-networking sites for centralized and controlled collaboration, they also pose security risks to the extremist sects that use them. Infiltration is one danger; just as extremist groups will attempt to hide their operations, law enforcement and intelligence agencies will attempt to discover them. Security may also be compromised because extremist groups do not own the social-networking sites they use.

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