March 21, 2010

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: "Israel Won't Change It's Policies"

Photo-op "Poor Me I'm Abused by IDF" actress name unknown

Hopefully Netanyahu will stand strong and not give into stupid AND dangerous concessions demanded by this administration and others.

Poor, poor Palestine my arse:

Israeli will neither change policies that have been upheld by its various governments since 1967 nor halt construction in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stressed at Sunday's cabinet meeting.

“We will clarify that building in Jerusalem is like building in Tel Aviv,” Netanyahu said. A final-status agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, he said, could only be reached at the conclusion of direct talks in which the two sides "sit together and sort the issues out." The prime minister said that the planned proximity talks – indirect negotiations with US mediation – would enable the two sides to individually state their case, but would not facilitate an enduring peace process.

Netanyahu said his position would remain unflagging during his visit to Washington later on Sunday, and that he would clarify that to the Obama administration.

Obi One will definitely not like. Tough shite I say.

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h/t Kenneth L Solomon & Iranian Friends of Israel.

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