March 19, 2010

Gitmo Closing Deal Imminent?

From the looks of it, yes. NRO:

And remember, all of this will be based on the fiction that Gitmo foments anti-U.S. terrorism and to the extent the U.S. reputation in the world has been tarnished, much more of that has been done by the politicians who've attacked Gitmo than by the facility itself, which is a model.
Indeed. The problem was never with Gitmo, it was with the idea of Gitmo. Gitmo represented treating the war against Islamist extremeists as a war. Liberals don't like war. Even when they claim they support a war, they mean only so long as everything goes exactly the way that they hope; and only then if we fight the way they want us to fight -- with each and every soldier overseen by their better who, not so incidentally, is a lwayer.

It's also a place out of reach to liberals and the only national institution liberals have any faith in -- the courts.

I have no problem with closing Gitmo. Gitmo is a place. The real problem isn't with people who want Gitmo closed down, the real problem is with people who don't like the idea of Gitmo. Which, as McCarthy points out, was never as bad as its critics made it out to be.

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