January 31, 2015

ISIS Murders Kenji Goto Joto

ISIS has carried out the Murder Japanese hostage of Kenjo Goto Jogo.


I can confirm this is the case. In the video Jihad John appears, it is his voice, he then speaks about the Grace of Allah, but Kenji was shown no grace. Joto is silent and stoic, a still at the end of the video confirms his death.

Our prayers go out to the people of Japan and to his family.

Evil does abide on this Earth its name is ISIS.

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.

ISIS seems annoyed that states are not recognizing the power of the group as a true state, the irony of murdering a bound journalist while hiding in a ravine seems to escape them.

The video is also very short and has a number of issues playing outside a web browser. Its fairly high resolution but appears hastily prepared with out many of the post production features. Aside from the reappearance of the al-Furqan label.

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Chatter Jordanian Pilot Executed( Update: ISIS Claims Killing of Syrian Accused of Working for Jordanian Intelligence: Video Released)

I'm seeing chatter that the Jordanian Pilot has been executed. There are posts on forums and twitter indicating the release of a high quality video production of his death.

I would warn that this is at this point only chatter. I can't confirm it yet. But the sources look credible.

I would note that ISIS never provided proof of life for the pilot, that combined with al-Furqan media's recent troubles. Sending out still images over audio messages indicates to me that the pilot has been dead for some time.

That ISIS didn't provide proof of life because ISIS was sitting on a this production as things went sour.

We'll update if this is confirmed.

Upate: From what I can gather its of a Syrian accused of working for Jordanian intelligence.

Not the pilot. No news of him. But this person had been held for some time so when he was killed is still not clear.

Update : The video is here and below the fold.

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January 30, 2015

Confirmed British ISIS Fans Are Porn Obsessed Losers Who Can't Score Chicks

I can confirm this, in conversations with some of them when they get pissed off hey send you gay porn. Never realizing that Duh, that having gay porn on their computers makes them, gay.

Which means girls won't let them touch them, because EEEEWWWW!

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Jordan Doubles Down

If ISIS executes Jordan's pilot it will summarily hang the prisoner ISIS is demanding, then quickly try and execute all ISIS terrorists in its custody.

One of the Islamic State’s hostages is Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, who is being held along with Japanese journalist Kenji Goto. Jordan told the terrorists that it will summarily try and execute ISIS prisoners in their control should they murder their pilot.

Elijah Magnier, chief international correspondent for Kuwait’s Al Rai newspaper, told MailOnline: ‘I have reliable contact in the Jordanian government who says a message has been passed to ISIS.

‘It warns that if they kill the pilot they will implement the death sentences for Sajida and other ISIS prisoners as soon as possible.’

Shortly after reports of the ultimatum emerged, Jordan issued a statement saying they were still waiting for proof that the captured F-16 pilot was still alive.

Jordan executes those sentenced to death by hanging. A method of death the ISIS terrorist find most dishonorable.

So this is backfiring on ISIS in a very bad way.

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Peaceful Indian Imams Beat Muslim Boy For Not Being Muslim Enough to Join ISIS

Although none of the ROP clerics will go to Syria to fight, they were more than willing to force other Muslim families to donate their sons as cannon fodder for the crazed Abu Ibrahim al-Baghdadi.

A 16-year-old boy was reportedly beaten up by six people, including four 'Islamic clerics' for refusing to join Islamic State (ISIS) and wage jihad against the infidels.

urquan Sheikh, a class 10 student, was thrashed near his house in the suburban town of Mumbra, located 40km from Mumbai. The boy's family was reportedly approached a few days back by the four maulvis (Islamic clerics) asking him to join 'holy war' in Syria and Iraq being fought by Sunni militants.

The four reportedly even came to the boy's house telling his parents that the boy would be trained properly and would get to live in foreign lands. The family, however, is said to have politely refused the offer.

On 26 January, the four clerics, who are members of the local mosque ganged up on the teenager along with two other men and beat him up mercilessly. The six even threw stones and broke the glass windshield of the car belonging to Furquan's father.

They accused the boy and his family of not being true Muslims as they refused to join the Islamic State (ISIS). They reportedly even tried to drag the boy through the streets into the mosque to make him recite Quran, to prove his faith.

Furquan's mother Parveen Sheikh who rushed to the scene after being informed by the neighbours, told the local police in her complaint that the boy received severe injuries to this rib cage, which caused internal bleeding, Mumbai Mirror reported.

Baghdadi has proven to be quite talented inb getting foreign volunteer Muj killed in wasted battles.

Like Baghdadi the only interest the Islamic Clerics in Mumbai has ion the boy was for cannon fodder, when he refused to waste his life, the decided to waste him.

Religion of something something, I forget.

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Attn: Twitter User @islamujohn



Your twitter has been beheaded, again.


You lose.

Add to the list of losers


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January 29, 2015

CyberAnvil Hacker Collective Takes Over Dutch TV

The red light is on, the mic is working. But no speech?


A gunman has been arrested in a studio of Dutch news broadcaster NOS after disrupting the main evening news, reportedly demanding airtime.

Staff were evacuated from the building in the Media Park in the central city of Hilversum.

The man, smartly dressed and carrying a long pistol, paced around a studio that appeared to be empty.

When armed police confronted him, he dropped the gun and was overpowered.

The suspect, from the small town of Pijnacker near The Hague, is being held on suspicion of making a threat, weapons possession and taking a hostage.

I'm working on it so far all I can gather is there are 98 hackers in CyberAnvil whatever that is.

So whomever whatever you are we'd love to read what you're saying we love Kiihnspiracy theory....

Ok I think Cyberaanval is cyber attack. LOL anyway if anyone has a full English translation of the letter?

Update: Here is what I think is a fairly accurate translation I got from some asshole Jihadi.


Its clickable if you can't see it.

Another here on Pastebin from some scary looking hacker guy.

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Video: Female Russian Hacker Disables Car!

Never underestimate the power of a woman, with an axe to grind

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War Porn :Freshly Dead ISIS Courtesy of Iraq MOD

Hey that's a nice big machine gun he's packing. I wonder how it does against Hellfilre?

Not very well.

Toyota vs Hellfile: Nope.

Concrete vs Hellfire? Nuh uh.

Bonus: The Pesh copy of this one with all the cool music got removed but here ya go.

I think the Pesh is saying that he won't be using this knife anymore.

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Abu Saad al-Dagestani Rot in Hell

He's dead Jim.

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Condemned Al-Shadadi Resident Resists His Murder by ISIS Savages

A video from Al-Shadadi in ISIS controlled territory shows a crowd gathered in the square where a man is beheaded by ISIS goons.

n yet another disgusting display of the subhuman monstrosities of which ISIS is capable, they’ve taken to yet another barbaric beheading of an innocent man. This time taking place on a public street after a crowd had come together to bear witness to the event, the Syrian man is pinned down and releases a few blood curdling screams before being decapitated for disobeying their Islamist rules.

The incident took place in a town of about 25,000 people called Al-Shadadi. As the prisoner remains at his knees secured by a handful of terrorists, he pleads with the crowd to come to his aid, but it appears they’re too afraid to do anything to help.

In some recent ISIS execution videos published recently byu the official media houses show large crowds that are treating the executions like great entertainment.

In this video the crowd is much less so. But still does nothing, possibly out of fear and the fact that ISIS confiscates all weapons except theirs. So to make any resistance by the locals very difficult,.

The man's resistance is heroic... But in the end he is beheaded in one stroke. IN such cases the victim's head can live for up to 30 seconds.

The video is below the fold. In passing it would be a great mercy to everyone present if these events were treated as the target rich environment they actually are.


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Disassembling ISIS Malware Attack Against Raqqah is being Slaughtered Silently

A look at an ISIS malware attack by Citizenlab.

This report describes a malware attack with circumstantial links to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. In the interest of highlighting a developing threat, this post analyzes the attack and provides a list of Indicators of Compromise.

A Syrian citizen media group critical of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was recently targeted in a customized digital attack designed to unmask their location. The Syrian group, Raqqah is being Slaughtered Silently (RSS), focuses its advocacy on documenting human rights abuses by ISIS elements occupying the city of Ar-Raqah. In response, ISIS forces in the city have reportedly targeted the group with house raids, kidnappings, and an alleged assassination. The group also faces online threats from ISIS and its supporters, including taunts that ISIS is spying on the group.

Raqqah is being Slaughtered Silently's feed is here.

Thanks to B&B.

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January 28, 2015

New Deadline Set For Jordanian Pilot Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh And Kenji Goto Jogo

ISIS says that if al-Rishrawi is not at the border by sundown Thursday they will kill the Jordanian pilot.

There is no proof of life for the pilot in the video I can confirm it is Kenji Goto Jogo but there are no images but of Arabic text and his voice. The translation reads that the pilot will be killed at 5:31 but sets no deadline for Jogo.

I'm not going to run this one. I'm sick of them.

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Red on Red Vinnie Doxes Howie

Vinnie send this never before seen image of Howie.



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New Conflict Between Hizballah and Israel

Well see the problem was there is not enough war, so now we have an Israel vs HizbAllah conflict quickly escalating in Southern Lebanon and Northern Israel.

Israel's military says two of its soldiers were killed and another seven were wounded in a Hezbollah strike Wednesday on an army convoy near the Lebanese border.

Israel's military responded to the anti-tank missile strike on the convoy with aerial and ground attacks on Hezbollah positions in Lebanon. Lebanese security officials told the Associated Press that Israel fired 25 shells across the border. The Israeli Defense Forces said that residents of the area had been ordered to remain in their homes.

The Lebanese terror group Hezbollah earlier claimed responsibility for the attack and said it destroyed a number of Israeli vehicles. A Spanish U.N. peacekeeper was also killed in the clash.


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Angelina Jolie Visits Iraqi Kurdistan

She recounts her visit here in the NYT's

I HAVE visited Iraq five times since 2007, and I have seen nothing like the suffering I’m witnessing now.

I came to visit the camps and informal settlements where displaced Iraqis and Syrian refugees are desperately seeking shelter from the fighting that has convulsed their region.

In almost four years of war, nearly half of Syria’s population of 23 million people has been uprooted. Within Iraq itself, more than two million people have fled conflict and the terror unleashed by extremist groups. These refugees and displaced people have witnessed unspeakable brutality. Their children are out of school, they are struggling to survive, and they are surrounded on all sides by violence.

For many years I have visited camps, and every time, I sit in a tent and hear stories. I try my best to give support. To say something that will show solidarity and give some kind of thoughtful guidance. On this trip I was speechless.

What do you say to a mother with tears streaming down her face who says her daughter is in the hands of the Islamic State, or ISIS, and that she wishes she were there, too? Even if she had to be raped and tortured, she says, it would be better than not being with her daughter.

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Hostages Fate Unknown After Efforts to Exchange Prisoners

Daily Mail:

Jordan today agreed to release a would-be suicide bomber in exchange for one of its air force pilots being held by the Islamic State.
Pilot Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh and Japanese hostage Kenji Goto have been threatened with execution this afternoon unless the Jordanian government frees an Iraqi terrorist.

Al-Rishawi was sentenced to death in Jordan for her involvement in a 2005 terrorist attack by Al Qaeda on hotels in Amman that killed 60 people.

Information Minister Mohammed al-Momani said 'Jordan is ready to release the Iraqi prisoner' if al-Kaseasbeh is released unharmed, according to a statement on Jordan's state television.

But Mr al-Momani made no mention of Mr Goto.

In separate developments, efforts to free the Japanese journalist were thrown into confusion today after Tokyo was forced to deny reported comments by one of its ministers that a deal was imminent.

The Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister was earlier reported as saying that Mr Goto would be released 'within hours' in a prisoner exchange deal for al-Rishawi. I see chatter that an exchange has occurred but at this point that's all I can say chatter.

Here is more at Huffpo

It seems the hangup is that Jogo and Jordanian pilot are not held by the same cell. And Jordan is demanding its pilot. There is no mention of him. If ISIS has already murdered Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh then it might sour the deal for Jogo.

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January 27, 2015

Meanwhile in Tripoli

Remember Tripoli? Its seems there is a song that mentions Tripoli.


Militants have attacked a hotel in the Libyan capital Tripoli, killing at least nine people including five foreigners, officials say.

Several gunmen stormed the Corinthia Hotel and opened fire in the reception area. A car bomb also exploded nearby.

Unconfirmed reports say some of the assailants have blown themselves up. The officials say the dead include one US and one French citizen.

The security forces say the stand-off has now been brought to an end.

The US State Department has confirmed the death of a US citizen, without giving any further details. The dead American is believed to have been a security contractor.

The death of the French and American citizens have been confirmed by their respective governments.

There are conflicting reports as to the total number of attackers.

As you might recall after Libya was liberated it became a staging ground for al-Qaeda aligned fighters and weapons moving into Syria.

It seems Islamic State knows who the militants were and who they were targeting. They most hoped to kill Americans.

Even if the press pretends they don't know.

What’s more disturbing, is that those claiming credit for the attack call themselves ISIS in Libya. It was only two months ago that the Islamic State took full control of Dernah, Libya, a city of about 100,000, off the Mediterranean coast.

or patrons at the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, Libya, on Tuesday, what was supposed to be a stay in the lap of luxury turned into a bloody massacre. The last thing guests at the Corinthia could have expected was for ISIS terrorists to crash their stay – jihadist style.


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Sandcrawler Intermission: Making Fun of Arabs For No Particular Reason

I mean why not, if not for them life would be dull, no?

In the interest of diversity we shall now make fun of Hindus and Sikhs at the same time. Mainly because we can't tell them apart.

AliBaba Bunny from Ute on Vimeo.

And last but not least those pesky Crusading Cross Worshipers!

I hope the Cross Worshipers don't kill me!

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Remember Auschwitz

The Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated 70 years ago today.

Scratch marks found on wall inside gas chamber.

Instead of paying respects to the 6 million who died in the Nazi death camps, President Obama will be meeting the new Saudi King.

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Miss USA Has A Message For "Global Terrorists"


From Business Insider via Weasel Zippers:

"If you were given 30 seconds to deliver a message to global terrorists, what would you say?" world champion boxer and Miss Universe judge Manny Pacquiao asked Sanchez.

Sanchez replied: "OK, if I was given 30 seconds to give a message to the global terrorists, is that what you said? OK. I would just say, 'I know as Miss USA, I can always spread a message of hope and love and peace,' and I would do my very best to spread that message to them and everyone else in the world."

I wonder... would they give her those 30 seconds to spread her message before they stoned her to death, or would she have to fit it in during the stoning?

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ISIS Issues New Threat to Kenji Goto Jogo and Jordanian Pilot Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh

clock for larger

The video was released via the ISIS forum aplatformmedia and Archive.org.

This video is a slightly different still image of Goto reading a statement with an image of the Jordanian Pilot apparently PhotoShopped into one of the previous images of Goto holding the image of the beheaded hostage Haruna Yukawa.

ISIS says the execution of the Jordanian pilot is imminent and Goto is given 24 hours to live.

The release was quickly followed by several copies uploaded here by this Google Plus user.

A fan of Manchester United and also terrorism.




Which links to this twitter user. Followed closely by Alkhaleej Online.

Update: If AQ murders Jogo it will be the third Japanese beheaded by AQ. Recently Haruna Yukawa but in 2004 al-Qaeda murdered Shosei Koda in revenge for Japanese logistical support in Iraq. Another Japanese victim of ISIS parent Ansar al-Sunnah Saito Akihiko.

Update II: I would like to welcome all the readers from Japan, although I'd rather it be under different circumstances.

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Jawa Present Must See Fatwad Films

Films for Phobes via Zip:

300: Rise of Empire – Film

American Sniper – Film

Amira & Sam – Film

Dracula Untold – Film

Exodus: Gods and Kings – Film

Honor Diaries – Film

Oppressed Majority – Film

RoboCop (2014) – Film

Enjoy the phobic arts today!

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SteepHost The Criminal Datacenter Helping the Cyber Jihad

If you're wondering who helps the Cyber Jihad spam sites that say things they don't like. Meet Steephost.

However, other companies have risen to take the place of McColo. In particular, Lanstein points to a pool of compromised computers, or “botnet”, known as Grum, which at certain peak points last year was responsible for 26 percent of the world’s spam. Lanstein says he traced Grum’s operations back to a block of Internet protocol (IP) addresses hosted by a single company in the Ukraine called SteepHost.

Lanstein found that the IP addresses commanding Grum were spread across all the addresses managed by SteepHost, which he believes indicates that the company is operating purely as a criminal data center.

Which is Ironic Russia really has no interest in helping Islamic Terrorists. They are a common enemy.

So Mr. Putin should lower the boom on Steephost for doing so.

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January 26, 2015

Shami Still In Slami Charges Pending

Poor poor ShamiWitness, I'm sure his job is history by now.

The investigating team probing pro-IS Twitter account @ShamiWitness handler Mehdi Masoor's case has found a key evidence to prove his connections with the IS fighters.

IS sympathizer Mehdi Masoor, who hails from West Bengal, used his Twitter handle @ShamiWitness to help an IS fighter to enter Syria from Turkey, reports Indian Express.

IS fighter with Twitter handle @TalabAlHaqq Twitter, who had been waiting at the border since June 19, 2014 to enter Syria tweeted, “how can a mihajir stuck in southeastern turkey get help crossing through to raqqa in sha allah??”

To this @shamiwitness responded, “Tal Abyad crossing open now."

Masoor also marked the tweet to two other Twitter accounts, namely @onthatpath3 and @AbuUmar8246.

@ShamiWitness replied to @TalabAlHaqq's tweet within two hours, as per Bangalore Police.

Further @TalabAlHaqq tweeted to @ShamiWitness, @AbuUmar8246 and @onthatpath3, “Assalam aleykom, ShamiWitness could you please clarify how long will it be open?’’
@ShamiWitness tweeted back that “Jarabulus etc” might also be open.

So don't Jihadi your mother might starve.

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Islamic State of Losers Lose Kobane


BEIRUT – Kurdish troops on Monday notched a major symbolic blow to the Islamic State group, taking full control of Kobane after months of battles against ISIS.


Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG) units “took full control over the town of Kobane following violent clashes with ISIS that lasted 112 days,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Monday afternoon.

“YPG units are still combing some houses in the eastern suburbs of the town, and dismantling and detonating [left over] explosive devices,” it added.

SOHR director Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP that “the Kurds are pursuing some jihadists on the eastern outskirts of Kobane, but there is no more fighting inside now.”

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CyberJihadis on Twitter Becoming Annoying

The count of airplanes forced to land via twitter bomb threats is up to 4.

So those were the two planes in Atlanta, two more this weekend Seattle.

There are two solutions to this problem. One, Twitter stops giving Jihadis space on Twitter. They have done a good job the last few days suspending ISIS accounts. They could do it.

Or large companies could close their twitter accounts, I mean really, a large company want to open itself up to the chaos and unpredictability of social media is beyond me. Corporations usually like control over the narrative, you sure as hell won't get that on Twitter.

Of course the thing that frightens Twitter is not the Jihadi accounts but losing large corporations now given the history of Twitter bleeding cash, um yeah. That might get their attention. Providing the Jihadis "free speech" might become very expensive.

So if I were one of these airlines, I'd just dump Twitter and leave to jerks like those bloggers at Jawa Report.

Just saying.

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CyberCaliphate's No Class Hack


The website of Malaysia Airlines was hacked Monday by a group that proclaimed support for the militant Islamic State group and also vowed to release data stolen from the site.

The airline's site was down for at least seven hours, replaced by a message from the hacker group, before the company brought it back online by mid-afternoon in Malaysia.

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January 25, 2015

ISIS Video Dispatch From Kobane: Fine We're All Fine Here

Situation normal. How are you?

ooops another copy

Boring conversation anyway.

*Note: Blame laid squarely at the feet of Obama and The Juice at around 1:15.


Apparently showing a beaten and defeated ISIS is against Youtube rules the alternate copy is without the threat to Obama and the Jews because Jihadtube doesn't want you to know they threatened our President and the Jews.

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January 24, 2015

War Porn: Kurdish Grove

The Kurds, I can dig it.

Hat Tip: Rick.

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ISIS Murdered Haruna Yukawa

Gateway Pundit had the story.

I'm looking this over at the moment. Anyway there was a delay in the release and Kenji Goto Jogo it appears is still alive.

click for larger

At first glance it appears the new video is a hasty release, without the high production value in the previous video. It is a simple audio message over a the above still image.

Our thoughts go out to the People of Japan and to the family of Haruna Yukawa.

Update: In the video, in which Jihadi John is conspicuously absent Kenji Goto Jogo in English says the captors demands have changed. The demand for ransom is dropped and that Mr. Goto will be traded for a single female captive help by the Jordanians.

I'm not sure the spelling of her name or who she is. I will update shortly on that.

I can verify that Haruna Yukawa has been murdered.

Obviously something has seriously went wrong for the al-Furqan Media cell that was running this operation. But the video appears authentic despite the obvious difficulty al-Furqan is having.

More on the demands for the Jordanian prisoner here at USA Today

Goto, again speaking to his family, said in the purported video released Saturday that Islamic State had changed its ransom demand and no longer wanted money.

"Their demand is easier. They are being fair. They no longer want money. So you don't need to worry about funding terrorists. They are just demanding the release of their imprisoned sister Sajida al-Rishawi," he said.

Sajida al-Rishawi is a female suicide bomber dispatched by al-Qaeda in Iraq to attack a hotel in Jordan in 2005, SITE reported. She survived when her explosive belt failed to detonate.


Al-Rishawi was arrested by Jordanian authorities at the time of the attack on the Radisson SAS hotel in Amman that killed 57 people, many of whom were at a wedding reception.

She was later shown on Jordanian tV confessing to participating in the attack, the BBC reports. Jordanian police said she was the wife of one of three Iraqi male suicide bombers involved in the assault.

"My husband wore one [bomb] belt and I another -- he told me how to use it," she said, explaining that he took one corner of the hotel and she took another.

"There was a wedding in the hotel. There were women and children," she said. "My husband executed the attack. I tried to detonate and it failed. I left. People started running and I started running with them."

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January 23, 2015

Attn: Twitard @AL_Zarqawi_10





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War Porn: A-10 VS ISIS

A strike softening up IS ahead of Peshmerga.

I've ears in Mosul telling me that ISIS found yesterday very unpleasant. (I should say, had ears, its pretty darned quiet LOL)

Update: Moar War Porn.

Update ISIS fighters have a very bad day, below the fold.

This post being cyberattacked via IP

inetnum: -
netname: SteepHost-DC-UA
descr: PP Andrey Kiselev
remarks: SteepHost.COM Datacentre Allocation
remarks: +380-63-618-45-00
remarks: Please send all spam/scam/fraud abuse to abuse@steephost.com
country: UA
admin-c: SH3855-RIPE
tech-c: SH3855-RIPE
mnt-by: SH3855-MNT
mnt-lower: RIPE-NCC-END-MNT
mnt-routes: SH3855-MNT
mnt-domains: SH3855-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered
sponsoring-org: ORG-MTL12-RIPE

Is this a dead man Dr.?

Very dead Mr. Spock

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ISIS Versus Saudi Arabia

Middle East Eye compares punishments in the Islamic State - which the Obama Administration claims is not Islamic at all - with ultra-Islamic Saudi Arabia.

Middle East Eye writes:

The Islamic State (IS) and Saudi Arabia prescribe near-identical punishments for a host of crimes, according to documents circulated by the militant group.

IS published a list of crimes and their punishments on 16 December 2014 to serve "as an explanation and as a warning" to those living in territory under their control in large parts of Iraq and Syria.

The document lists hadd crimes, which are considered to be "against the rights of God," and includes fixed punishments for theft, adultery, slander and banditry.

Crimes deemed hadd and their punishments are derived from the Quran and the hadith, the collected teachings and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. However, with the exception of Saudi Arabia, and IS-controlled areas, they are rarely applied.

A comparison chart is below the fold.


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Just a Note of Irony About Japan and Internet Terrorist

Looking through my stuff, there have been times that terrorists used Japanese infrastructure for internet hosting and DNS registration.

In two out of three cases I looked at in our archives this morning. Japanese providers helped us out with Lee Media where the DNS was actually in Japan.

But in another case where we chased the Hizbollah server across the internet taking it down several times until it found a safe harbor in Japan.

So when ISIS murders your people today. Just remember Randy supports them.

Randy helps them, from Japan.

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Reader Love Mail: Ibrahim Hates English Edition (Update: @Ousama_Ibn_Zayd PWNED)

For trying to explain to him the difference between you are and your.

Click for Graphic Death Tweet Fatwa

They say no good deed goes unpunished. I mean how can you Jihad credibly when your English skillz suck? Maybe I'm losing my touch? I dunno.

Graphic Death Tweet Fatwa below the fold.

Update: You can educate people, but you can't fix stupid.

Update: I win, Again!



I winz a lot ;-)

Update: Next! https://twitter.com/OusamaBnLadn

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January 22, 2015

NYC Councilman Responds To Pro-Palestinian Activists

(Hat Tip: The Right Scoop)

From the NY Daily News:

Pro-Palestinian activists disrupted a City Council meeting Thursday to protest Council members' planned trip to Israel next month.

Protesters in the balcony of the Council chamber unfurled a Palestinian flag and began yelling "Palestinian lives matter," "Don't support genocide," and "Melissa, you're a hypocrite," a slam on Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, who will lead the Israel delegation.

Council members reacted furiously to the demonstration - especially because the disruption began as they were concluding a vote on a resolution commemorating the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

A few dozen protesters were booted from the chamber, with some physically removed, and were ordered off the City Hall property all together.

By DMartyr at 09:51 PM | Comments |

Woah! King of Saudi Arabia Really Did Kick The Bucket!

Wow Jim, he really is dead.

Anyway I know sometimes we at the blog are a little disrespectful and relations ain't been the best.

But sorry for your loss and may the new King Salman have a smooth transition.

Also, The Spice must flow.

*Update: Total coincidence I swear.

I mean there can't be two assholes?

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Yemen Another Obama Foreign Policy Success

Yemen as of today is a failed state.

Not that it was much better before, so you now have a choice, abandon Yemen to AQAP or let Iran and the Houthis work over AQAP in Yemen for US.

Yeah I know the press is always saying that the Houthis are the other Shia, not the Persian Shia and that may be true but the Administration wants to play down any Iranian connections or support for obvious reasons. Namely sectarian conflict.

I say we need to play this sectarian conflict the way folks in the ME would. Play it dirty, and let Iran and AQAP go at it. For so long as they are killing each other they are not killing US.

So go pop some popcorn kids. And my apologies to those of you that didn't like the other Pop Corn Song. Here is a more modern, appropriate and multicultural version.

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January 21, 2015

Attn: Retard Abu Suleyman (@LONEWOLF__03)


The latest Tweets from Abu Suleyman (@LONEWOLF__03): "#Iraq: Elite Golden Division forces currently clashing with IS after the HQ of the Counter-Terrorism

Ur mah biyatch.



LOL https://twitter.com/LONEWOLF__04


Ahhh LOL



Stubborn little cuss, ain't he?




Jawas love Whack-a-mole.

https://twitter.com/AbuYoussra DOWN!

Had enough?

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Attn: Twitter User Khaled_IbnAbdelAziz



Don't mess with Jawas.


Additional note to https://twitter.com/_ummwaqqas

Delete? Wuss. If you are going to say something stand by it. Don't be a vag.

Update: https://twitter.com/IbnAmghar13


Update: https://twitter.com/IbnAmghar15


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Man Tackles Legal Gun Owner And OMG! WHITE PRIVILEGE or something...

Certainly, this story will cause some liberal heads to explode. Race has nothing to do with the case, but since liberals try to attribute white privilege to everything conservative, I'm sure they will have problems grasping what, exactly, happened and who to blame.

Do they blame it on white privilege and racism saying the white man stereotypically judged a black man who was legally carrying a handgun, or do they blame the black, gun-toting "Uncle Tom"?

Here's the story:

Hillsborough deputies arrested a man who spotted someone with a gun, followed him into a Walmart, and tackled him. The problem? The man with the gun had a concealed weapons permit, and the man who rushed him didn't call 911 or alert store security.

According to the sheriff's office, Michael Foster, 43, saw Clarence Daniels, 62, in the Walmart parking lot with a gun holstered under his coat.

Foster followed Daniels into the store, put him in a choke-hold and brought him to the ground, the sheriff's office said. He then started yelling that Daniels had a gun.

A struggle ensued, with Daniels yelling that he had a permit. Security detained both men until deputies arrived.

They confirmed Daniels had a permit for the gun, and arrested Foster.

I hope Daniels is unhurt and I hope that dickhead Foster gets maximum sentence for his idiocy.

UPDATE: Already, Moms Demand Action is lamenting the arrest. They seem to think the whole incident is the fault of the legal gun owner.

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Mostly Peaceful Palestinian Man Stabs 11 Jews on Israeli Bus


A Palestinian man stabbed 11 people on a Tel Aviv bus during the morning rush hour Wednesday before he was shot by corrections officers and taken into custody, officials said.

Israeli Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld posted a message on Twitter saying that authorities believe the incident is a terror attack. Eleven people were stabbed and three remain in critical condition, according to Lee Gat, a spokeswoman at Tel Hashomer hospital, and a statement from the Ichilov hospital.

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Wesam El-Hanafi Joins His Akhi Sabirhan Hasanoff in Federal Pound You in The Ass Prison

NY Post:

An al Qaeda techno-geek from Brooklyn who was part of a “terror cell” that plotted to bomb the New York Stock Exchange was sentenced Tuesday to 15 years behind bars.

Wesam El-Hanafi had faced up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty in 2012 to providing equipment and $67,000 in funds to the terror group and also teaching its members how to evade detection on the Internet.

His pal is doing 18 years.

Wesam El-Hanafi originally plead not guilty to the charge in 2010 and was ordered held without bail. For five years. LOL.

Previous Jawa Report coverage.

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Everyone Wave Buh Bye to Zombie Abu Daigham al Baritani

Tsk tsk tsk, its what he gets for missing his mommy and abandoning his Jihad.

A British jihadist who spent six months in Syria and faked his death in an attempt to return to the UK undetected has admitted four terrorism offences.

Imran Khawaja, from Hounslow, west London, posed with a severed head before trying to re-enter the UK.


The 27-year-old admitted preparing for acts of terrorism, attending a camp, receiving training and possessing firearms in a hearing last year.

Legal restrictions have been lifted to allow reporting of his guilty pleas.

More from Capital Bay.
The court heard how, by June last year, Bhatti had convinced his cousin to return to the UK saying his parents were not well and that he should come home.

The taxi driver then transported Khawaja back to his home country, avoiding the well-worn jihadist route of flights to and from Turkey.

That day, Khawaja was reported as being killed but he and Bhatti - who was referred to in a coded message as 'butterbean' - were arrested by specialist counter-terrorism officers.

He plotted his escape from the war-torn country by asking his cousin Tahir Bhatti, 45 (above) to drive to Bulgaria to drive him back to the UK

Mr Dawson told Westminster Magistrates' Court: 'We say he went out to Syria at the end of January, he flew out on 26 January.

'He has a nom-de-guerre of Abu Daigham al-Britani. The Crown say he is a senior member of a terrorist group, Rayat Al Taweed.

'We say he is a senior member of that group because that group publishes media on things like Facebook and within that media are videos of members of that group in a training camp for example, driving in a convoy in military vehicles with anti-aircraft weapons and heavy machine-guns.

'There is one video demonstrating the finding of severed heads on the battlefield and decapitated heads.

'We say Mr Khawaja is Abu Daigham al-Britani and has appeared in many of those videos.'

Vice News has a collection of images from the group that Imran Khawaja was part of. They are a particularly nasty group. Connected to the usual UK terrorist crowd.

Abu Daigham al-Britani instead of staying in IS and achieving martyrdom and collecting on his 72 virgins will likely spend the rest of his life in UK prison, with hairy bearded men. All because he missed his mummy.

Justice, its a bitch.

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January 20, 2015

60% Of Chechnya's Muslims Turn Out To Protest Cartoons Of Muhammad

If only one tenth of this number would turn out to protest Islamic terrorists...

From Voice of America via Gateway Pundit:

Hundreds of thousands of people in the Russian Muslim region of Chechnya gathered in the regional capital Grozny on Monday to protest against caricatures of Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

Chechnya's Interior Ministry said more than a million people attended the demonstration. Earlier Monday, the Russian Interior Ministry had estimated the number of attendees at more than 800,000.

The republic's population is around 1.3 million.

It's not just happening in Chechnya. Millions of Muslims are turning out to protest. It makes one wonder why they can never manage a respectable number to protest beheadings, slavery, kidnappings, execution of gays, killing of cartoonists, or terrorism.

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Moderate FSA Linked Syrian Electronic Army Attacks Le Monde Twitter Feed

Via Mashable.


Nice to know where FSA stands on this issue, no?

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Sandcrawler PSA: State of the Union Post

I'd rather watch these boobs than that other boob.....

I think I actually learn more from her....

Thanks to Vinnie, he always makes sure I keep my head strait.

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Meanwhile in Yemen

The government is about to fall thus opening the door for a AQAP vs Houthis showdown for Yemen.

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Armed Women Repel Boko Haram Attack

Mothers Against Islamic Slavery

(Hat Tip: TROP)

Thank goodness they weren't victims of the gun control lobby. Had it been up to Moms Demand Action, all of these women and their daughters would be dead or enslaved. But because they were armed, they were able to fight back:

Several Nigerian media outlets have been reporting on local women in the villages of Attagara and Kawuri in Borno State who recently disarmed nearly a dozen Boko Haram terrorists. The notorious pseudo-Islamic terror groups tried to attack the Attagara and Kawuri communities over the weekend but the insurgents were instantly repelled by a group of armed women.

Bless these women.

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Zo Terrorizes Liberals

By exposing that Liberals abandoned themselves and every value they claim to stand for when they apologize for Islamic terror. Or speaking the truth, whatever.

Damn, Zo that is one brave stand you're taking. Bless you.

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These Are Not The Attacks on US Public Transport We're Looking For

Come on just because there have been three "incidents" in the last two weeks and AQAP is imploring terrorists to act against US Public Transportation "any way you can." doesn't mean these incidents are not a total coincidence

See it was just smoky brakes. You freaking Phobes!

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Begun The Cyberwar Has Jamaat-e-Islami Hacked


The singing lady was a nice touch
Dawn: LAHORE: The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), website was defaced by hackers, claiming it was in protest against the JI and its Amir Sirajul Haq over alleged support for terrorism and the Taliban.

Speaking to Dawn.com, a JI official connected with the party's IT and social media, said the website had been hacked twice on late Monday night and early morning on Tuesday.

The hack was by a Bangladesh based hacker known as CyBER-71.

CyBER-17 is also a big Bryan Adams fan, hacking his website in order to meet Bryan on Twitter.


Truth, its stranger than fiction.

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IS Holds Two Japanese Men Demands 100 Million Each For Their Lives.

Jawa Report has obtained a copy of the video.


In the video Jihadi John stands next to two captives, Kenji Goto Jogo and Haruna Yukawa.

He cites that Japan has given $200 million , "to kill out women and children, the destroy the homes of the Muslims." And then demands $100 million for each live in 72 hours or he will behead the two hostages.

Its unclear how these two Japanese citizens were captured.

A copy of the video can be found at Jihadica.

Some background on the hostages here.

Before his capture, Goto was an avid freelance journalist who created his own video production company, Independent Press, in Tokyo in 1996 with the tagline "The World With You".


Through this company, he sent footage of conflict zones to Japanese television networks.

Goto is a man with a great interest in the Syrian civil war and the humanitarian crisis that has unfolded in the country. Here is a Unicef lecture he delivered in Tokyo in March last year on the Syrian crisis and the reality on the ground.

The second hostage.
In YouTube footage released in August last year, the second man in the hostage video, believed to be Haruna Yukawa, was shown captured in Syria by IS sympathisers.

He was taken hostage while travelling with the Free Syria Army in northern Aleppo and because of his possession of a gun he was treated as a spy. In the footage, the militants ask the Japanese national: "You thief? Why you have gun? You kill soldier?" He replied: "I am no soldier."

His capture reached Japan and many started to dig for more information on the captive. It was discovered that he owned a company known simply as "Private Military Company" and he had uploaded Facebook videos showing himself using an AK47 in Aleppo.

We reported on Haruna Yukawa's capture here.

This video of his capture remains online.

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Meanwhile in Pakistan Democratic Freedom Party Praises Jaish-e-Mohammed

The Taliban, Jaish-e-Mohammed all indispensable to Pakistan.

Hurriyat Conference Jammu Kashmir (HCJK) leader and chairman Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah Saturday visited Arwani and Maran Batwan to express condolence with the family of Late Ishfaq Ahmad Malik.

Shah was accompanied by Islamic Political Party chairman Muhammad Yousuf Naqash, JKLF-R general secretary Wajahat Qureshi, Fayaz Ahmad Kaloo and Bilal Ahmad Shah of Muslim League, Zahoor Ahmad Sheikh, and Muhammad Yusuf, Mushtaq Ahmad, Muhammad Amin and other party activists, a JKHC statement issued today said.

On the occasion, Shabir Ahmad Shah while paying tributes to deceased militants said it is due to their invaluable sacrifices that Kashmir issue is being discussed at international level, statement said, adding, he said that for a great cause, we are committed to the mission of our boys.

Jaish-e-Mohammed member Ishfaq Ahmad Malik was killed Jan 15th by Indian security forces ion Kashmir.
Five militants of Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM), including a Pakistani national, were killed during a fierce gun battle with troops in Gader forests of this south Kashmir district on Thursday.

A police spokesman said the deceased militants were affiliated with Jaish-e-Mohammad three AK assault rifles, one SLR and a pistol were recovered from the encounter site.

The deceased militants were identified as Shakeel Ahmad Wani of Pakherpora, area Budgam; Tahir Ahmad Dar of Aglad Kandi village in Pulwama district; Ishfaq Ahmad Malik of Arwini, Bijbehara in Anantnag and Parvez Ahmad of Battmurran, Shadimarg in Pulwama. “The 5th militant was a Pakistani national, who has been identified as Toib.”

What appears to be Ishfaq Ahmad Malik's twitter feed in which he described himself as a mathematician still exists and reveals the reason that Kashmir is oppressed.

Would anyone care to guess why Kashmir is oppressed?

Oh come on, just one little guess......

Yup, Magical Shape Shifting Juice!

The Juice AKA The Real Terrorist

Man that dude is everywhere! And at the same time!

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Another Day Another Islamist CyberAttack

I've been getting messages telling me that a couple Anti-Jihad websites are down.

A group known as Izzah Hackers has been running a DDOS attack against the blog http://www.islam-watch.org/ to which access is sporadic, you can get there, but you may have to refresh a few times.

The second attack is against http://pamelageller.com/

It seems to have been effective in blowing all the site's bandwidth allowance.

Looking at Izzah Hackers they have been around for quite a while. Doing various things mainly against Israeli websites and a Christian church in Ireland. So The Kinder Gentler Islamist Jew Haters, Palestinian activist type.

Their artwork is similar to some of the CyberJihad crowd but they are Anti-ISIS. Anti Islamic Terrorism. But even f you find an Islamic Terrorists they only exist because Juice!

The Juice AKA The Real Terrorist

They are for freedom.....

And when I say freedom I'm talking theirs, not yours.

All in a delicious Taqiyya bun!

Yes because they had to have a body after the Magical Shape Shifting Jew pretending to be Coulibaly reverted to their original form.

Hat Tip: Magical Shape Shifting Jew #8.

Are we still up?

It's just you. http://mypetjawa.mu.nu is up.

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January 19, 2015

Respect Leonardo Coppola

Leonardo was killed shielding his employee Idanerys Garcia-Rodriguez from gunfire He saved her life but lost his own.

olice on Sunday identified a man shot to death at a Florida shopping mall on Saturday and said he was apparently trying to protect a woman who was wounded in the attack.

Leonardo Coppola, 36, died when a gunman went to a store at the Melbourne Square Mall intending to shoot the gunman’s wife, the Melbourne Police Department said in statement.

Police could hear shots when they responded to a report of gunfire and inside the mall found Jose Garcia-Rodriguez, 57, of Palm Bay; his wife, Idanerys Garcia-Rodriguez, 33; and Coppola, who died from his wounds.

Here is an image of Mr. Coppola via NY Daily News:
The owner of a pizzeria at a Florida mall food court died Saturday trying to save one of his employees, police said.


An angry husband armed with three handguns and his pockets filled with ammo confronted his wife at a Florida mall food court where she worked and opened fire, but the actions of Leonardo Coppola likely saved her life, according to Melbourne Police.

The killer at least had the decency to kill himself, saving us all a lot of trouble and expense.

May the Lord keep Mr. Coppela.

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Saudi's Upset that Public Execution A Bit Too Public

Interesting you know who also forbids its citizens from doing citizen journalism at public executions? ISIS. Yeah they get miffed if anyone other than their official media wing publishes the butchery, so not only are the Saudis the leading exporter of AQ and ISIS extreme Wahabism, they also don't like citizen journalism


A man who filmed the gruesome video of a public beheading of a woman in Saudi Arabia, which sparked international outrage from human rights activists, has been arrested and is expected to face prosecution, local media has reported.

Circulating on social media last week, the rare footage from January 12 shows Lalia Bint Abdul Muttalib Basim, a woman from Myanmar who was convicted under Sharia law of sexually abusing and murdering her stepdaughter, being dragged through a street before being pinned down and beheaded by a swordsman.

Filming executions is barred in the Gulf kingdom. According to Gulf News, the arrested individual has not been named, but is expected to face charges in Saudi Arabia's Sharia and military courts. Charges against the man have not been confirmed, but the offense may qualify under Saudi Arabia's cybercrimes laws, a spokesman with the Interior Ministry said, according to theNew York Times.

Because nothing discredits Islamic Caliphates like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Islamic State more than the truth.

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Someone SWATS Survivalist Liberals Outraged That Swatting Victim Survived Not Arrested

Not only did the crowd almost get Dallas Horton killed, they put the officers who responded to the threat in danger.

A Sentinel, Okla., man on Thursday shot the town's police chief four times and was then released from custody after questioning, the Oklahoman reported.

Sentinel Police Chief Louis Ross was shot in the chest three times and in the arm once, but he was wearing a bulletproof vest and survived his injuries.

Sentinel Mayor Sam Dlugonski said police were responding to a bomb threat to the community center, according to the Oklahoman. Police identified the house from which the 911 call came, and broke through the front door.

As police entered a bedroom in the home, a man shot Ross multiple times, according to The Oklahoman.

Liberals are of course outraged that because of white privilege.

But what else would you expect from a POS like Juan Cole.

Another outraged liberal notes that Horton had recently posted in opposition to ISIS the terrorist group that throws gays off buildings.

had posted statements on social media recently about the terrorist group ISIS, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
And there is something interesting, none of the liberals have even mentioned the swatting put lots of lives in danger including the black Police Chief. Because you know who the real terrorists are SMH.

But lets look back over the past few weeks at the group called Cyber Jihad. Along with the hacking of media sites there was also a bomb threat called into Intel in Ireland. Very similar MO to this bomb threat.

Its entirely possible that this was an action taken by Cyber Jihad against someone who opposed them online and they were able to locate.

I'm not saying I know that it was, but that is an avenue worth investigating.

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Lardass Michael Moore Trashes American Snipers

Michael Moore, America's lardass, could not resist a jab at deceased hero, Chris Kyle:

No doubt, M&M detests the blowout success of the movie about Kyle's sniper experiences in American Sniper.

Here's what the 'The Reaper,' another American Sniper, had to say about lardass:

BTW, if you haven't yet seen American Sniper, go see it. It is fantastic.

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Attn: Youtube User ABOO RABIE




U R Mah Byatch!

And also you're rapping is not strong.

By Howie at 09:25 AM | Comments |

NY Muslims Offer To Drop Appeal of Lost Case Want NYPD To Throw Its Report Radicalization in the West Down the Memory Hole

Muslims have lost the case once, and promise now are offering to settle the case they lost because they know the appeal they are filing is futile.

But the NY PD has been thinking of settling for some time.

NEW YORK -- In an about-face, New York City is exploring a settlement with the plaintiffs in two lawsuits against the NYPD's Muslim surveillance program.

The talks were made public on the same day as Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration fought back against an order to reveal reams of documents related to the surveillance program from undercover agents. The administration had pursued an aggressive legal defense against the Muslim plaintiffs in the cases.

In an Aug. 15 letter that attracted little attention when it was first sent, city lawyer Peter Farrell advised the judges in the cases that two meetings with the plaintiffs had already taken place.

Farrell wrote that the two sides had agreed "to attempt to consensually resolve" the lawsuits. The NYPD's widespread surveillance of Muslims was first uncovered in a Pulitzer Prize-winning series of Associated Press reports.>One of the demands the Muslims are offering not to lose in court on again is the removal of a report Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat

In top-secret talks to settle federal lawsuits against the NYPD for monitoring mosques, the city is weighing a demand that it scrub from its Web site a report on Islamic terrorists, The Post has learned.

The groundbreaking, 92-page report, titled “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat,” angers critics who say it promotes “religious profiling” and discrimination against Muslims. But law-enforcement sources say removing the report now would come at the worst time — after mounting terror attacks by Islamic extremists in Paris, Boston, Sydney and Ottawa.

Oh they mean this report. The one I have linked right here.

This is the report they want removed? That's nice.

Anyway I hope this report right here. the one they want removed doesn't get removed.

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January 17, 2015

WTF Happened to Bilal Ahmad? Vol I Issue 3

A continuing saga.

Bilal Ahmad detained in Kashmir terror sweep.

Bilal Ahmad's ex political party finally catches up with him.

Chadoora man thrashed ‘for divorcing’ NC after 3 decades...

His act has earned him four stitches in the head...

We filed a complaint with the police but no action was taken

Praise Allah his sister was there to protect him. LOL! I wonder how the Islamic Front will take it.

Bilal Ahmad still dead, still no Justice after five years.

Bilal Ahmad one of only two at funeral.

Bilal Ahmed so pathetic Saudis let him win at cricket. Now that's hospitality. I could go on but then I might hang myself. So you'll have to wait for the next episode of WTF Happened to Bilal Ahmad.

In closing if you woke up today and your name was not Bilal Ahmed, praise Allah.

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January 16, 2015

Sandcrwler PSA: Watch Your Six

The chatter and anticipation on the part of the online Jihad is palpable, it may be nothing but I'd rather err on the side of caution. I'd feel bad if these idiots did some stupid sh*t and I said nothing.

Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you're not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. 'Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That's just the way it is.

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Shocking News! Pakistan FOS


Pakistani claims not withstanding, there is no evidence that the Haqqani Network's "infrastructure is totally destroyed." In fact, not a single Haqqani Network leader, commander, or operative is reported to have been killed or captured during the North Waziristan offensive.
And the Charlie Hebdo cover gives cover to Pakistan to forget all about the Haqqani network.

Because cartoons are the real enemy.

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Sandcrawler PSA: Breaking! Apocalypse Postponed

United Press International's twitter feed has been hijacked.

This is not the end of the world we're looking for, move along. Move along.

The George Washington was just in port at Yokosuka, Japan.

NY Post twitter also hijacked.

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Its Not Often GIMF Posts Muhammad Cartoons

But when they do its because they have been foooking PWED


So I suppose now would be as good a time as any to rib Jester for his failure at retirement. Since I wrote a special touchy feelly mystery post for him and all.

So here goes.

@JΞSTΞR ✪ ACTUAL™ Blog addict!

Hat Tip: Money.

P.S. Apparently the recent raids and Germany have affected GIMF's ability to clean up the mess.

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Beagle II In the Ditch?

I've heard of having your Ox Cart in the ditch but your Martian Lander?

By Howie at 10:14 AM | Comments |

French Terrorists Liked Kiddie Porn

Far from being pious religious Muslims terrorists are usually pretty sick individuals.Gateway Pundit:

Paris authorities found kiddie porn on the computers of two of the Paris Islamist killers.
IBT: As French authorities continue their hunt for possible accomplices of the Islamist extremist gunmen who killed 17 people over three days in Paris last week, it has emerged two of the attackers were found in possession of paedo-pornographic material during an earlier anti-terrorism investigation.

In 2010, a police search of the computers of Cherif Kouachi and Amedy Coulibaly revealed traces of child porn images the two men had stored and later erased, French media reported.

The two were under investigation for their alleged role in the botched attempt to free from prison Smain Ait Ali Belkacem, a jihadi serving a life sentence for a 1995 metro station bombing in Paris.

Detectives found five child porn photos on Coulibaly’s laptop and another 37 on Kouachi’s PC. Kouachi’s stash included sickening pictures of young boys and girls involved in sexual acts with adults, Le Canard Enchaîné newspaper reported.

The findings were deemed as unrelated to the anti-terrorism probe and thus not investigated further.

If you think this is out of the ordinary for people claiming to be acting in the interest of Allah. Its not.
The Taliban have NO HONOR.

Bomb funerals,Mosques,market places.

we turned up 11 IPs,
In 4 cities all in Pakistan.
They claim to be operating from Afghanistan,
another one of their lies.
All of them speak English.

3 are in Karachi,
Dr Tariq,Azam Tariq and 2 staff.

According to the content on their
PCs Azam Tarip was the only
one without boy porn on his PC

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The Beheading of Laila Bint Abdul Muttalib Basim


Authorities in Saudi Arabia publicly beheaded a woman in the holy city of Mecca this week, according to footage sent to MEE on Thursday and local media reports.

Laila Bint Abdul Muttalib Basim, a Burmese resident of Saudi Arabia, was convicted of torturing and killing her seven-year-old step-daughter and executed by the sword on Monday.

Footage of the execution shows Basim being dragged into a street and held down by four police officers.

“I did not kill, I did not kill,” she is heard to shout repeatedly.

Basim then screamed as a sword-wielding man struck her neck. Second and third blows completed the beheading and authorities swiftly removed her body from the road moments later.

A Ministry of Interior statement said the execution had been done to protect “security”.

“The Ministry of Interior announces this news to confirm that the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, may God protect him, is greatly concerned with restoring security and realising justice,” read the statement published by SPA.

“It implements the rulings of God against all those who attack innocents and spill their blood. The government warns all those who are seduced into committing similar crimes that the rightful punishment is their fate.”

In the above text you can replace the word God with Allah.

The second flogging of Raif Badawi has been postponed "for medical reasons" after an international outcry for him. He was convicted of insulting Islam for posts he wrote on his blog. The video of his first flogging is here.

The video of the beheading is below the fold.

By Howie at 09:20 AM | Comments |

January 15, 2015

Good Gun Control: Papa Johns Delivery Girl Has Good Aim (Update: Papa Johns Stands Behind Shooting Robbers in the Face F8ck Yeah!)

Face shot!

Daily Caller:

he employee was making a delivery in Decatur when she says she was ambushed by a man wielding a gun.

“She arrived at the location and a male began approaching the vehicle she thought was there to pick up the pizza,” DeKalb County Police Department Capt. Stephen Fore said, according to WSBTV. “When he got to her he produced a handgun and forced her out of the vehicle and on to the ground.”

But the woman, who has not been identified, had a gun in her pocket and was able to reach it while on the ground. From there, she was able to shoot her assailant, hitting him in the face.

She is now worried she'll be fired.

Would be robbers sure hope so, because IN THE FACE!

Update via Zip:

I can't get Zip to load so..

By Howie at 06:16 PM | Comments |

Vanessa Marzullo and Greta Ramelli Released

Yeah I know Italy probably paid ransom.

Two Italian aid workers who were kidnapped by Islamic extremists in Syria six months ago were released on Thursday, suggesting that Italy has continued its long-running policy of paying ransoms for captives.

"Vanessa Marzullo and Greta Ramelli are free and will soon return to Italy," read a tweet from the office of Matteo Renzi, the prime minister. His spokesman also confirmed the release.

The two young women were taken hostage in July while working on humanitarian projects in the embattled northern city of Aleppo.

So two liberals learn a very hard lesson, terrorists don't care if you care.

Possibly Italy can do what France did when it freed its last hostage held by AQIM, follow the money and kill the recipients.

By Howie at 02:37 PM | Comments |

Deaths Reported Belgian Anti-Jihad Operation

Maybe Censored31 is dead?

Brussels (AFP) - Belgian police launched an anti-terrorism operation in the eastern town of Verviers on Thursday, with reports saying there were three deaths.

"An operation is under way," a source in the mayor's office told AFP without giving further details, while another official said separately that it was "jihadist-related".

Damn I was hoping it was him.

Update: Sadly one terrorist lived, two dead one in custody, hopefully very painful medical custody.

By Howie at 01:32 PM | Comments |

FOIA Samir Khan Was A Moron


Piedmont Community College officials wanted to expel Khan either based on his "academic deficiencies" or on the "threat to security" they believed he posed to the campus.
Also there were hints of the Paris attack in Inspire 13. One showing a bomb next to a French passport and also this.

By Howie at 01:22 PM | Comments |

Pope Francis' Momma is So Fat...

...when she goes to an amusement park, people try to ride HER!

Bah dum bump!

On Thursday, while aboard the papal plane, Pope Francis said there are limits to freedom of expression, especially when it insults or ridicules someone’s faith.

If my good friend Dr. Gasparri says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch, Francis said.

Is it just me or is there some slight difference between a giving a person fat lip and the murder of 12 people plus some random Jews?

By Howie at 12:57 PM | Comments |

Captain Cave Man Christopher Lee Cornell Arrested

I can't find anything in my files about Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah. If anyone knows his twitter?Local 12:

Federal prosecutors say an Ohio man has been arrested in a plot to attack the U.S. Capitol and kill government officials inside the building. A criminal complaint charges 20-year-old Christopher Lee Cornell, of Green Township, with attempting to kill officers and employees of the United States.

Read More at: http://www.local12.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/ohio-man-arrested-plot-attack-us-capitol-23506.shtml?wap=0

Cornell, also known as Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah, was arrested Wednesday as he took control of a firearm during an undercover FBI operation. It wasn't immediately clear if he had a lawyer. The FBI says the public was never in danger and he never made it to Washington.

Far out.

By Howie at 09:22 AM | Comments |

Nouvelles Shocking! Pakistan Ne est pas Charlie

Mort à l'Amérique

Islamabad (AP) -- Pakistani lawmakers are protesting the publication of images of Islam's prophet in the satirical French magazine attacked by extremists last week. State-run TV reported Thursday that the lawmakers unanimously approved a resolution condemning the publication of the images. It did not say how many legislators were on hand for the vote.

Wapo Image of Pakistanis praying for the souls of the attackers

After the vote a group of lawmakers staged a protest in front of parliament, condemning the French magazine.

More here.
In Pakistan, dozens of lawmakers chanted "death to blasphemers" at a march in front of parliament in Islamabad on Thursday. "All political parties are with us... All Muslim countries should condemn these blasphemous cartoons," said religious affairs minister Sardar Yousaf, according to NBC.
Meanwhile in Afghanistan, remember Afghanistan?
Hundreds of people have rallied in southern Afghanistan to praise the deadly attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Afghan officials said the demonstrators called the two gunmen "heroes" and protested President Ashraf Ghani's condemnation of the attack.

ne est pas que génial?

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January 14, 2015

Total Boatload of Irony

Um uh....


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January 13, 2015

French Muslims: Jews Used FM To Make Muslims Look Bad

If Jews were effing magical and could be everywhere at once, why then didn't they just pop in and kill all the Muslims and pop out?

It’s hard to know exactly what to make from the report Dana Kennedy filed after apparently speaking with groups of French Muslims in the “suburbs of France,” but we’ll take her at her word. Kennedy explained on MSNBC that those French Muslims with whom she has spoken believe that the murder of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists was all part of an elaborate scheme by Jews to “make Muslims look bad.”

But not just any Jews.

No, Kennedy cites “magical, shape-shifting Jews” as those whom French Muslims are pointing the finger at in this conspiracy. Nothing odd about that at all.

Also making Muslims look bad, retarded Muslims.

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Welcome Back Centcom

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Attn: Youtube User Is A



Yes, this time IT WAS ME!

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Muslim Tells Terrorists to F*ck Off

Its so easy, so effing easy.

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The Littlest Jihadi Appears in Second Video Executing Accused Russian Spies

You might recall the uproar a while back about how savage Khazack terrorists were training young people to kill.

The video called Race Towards Good that was banned in Kazakhstan featured this little boy being taught to hate and murder the Kuffar.

That video and the report are here at Daily Mail:

A new ISIS propaganda video has emerged on social media showing the indoctrination and training of dozens of child soldiers from Kazakhstan.

Entitled 'Race Towards Good', the video was produced by the terror group's main media branch, Al Hayat Media Center. The dialogue in the video interchanges between Kazakh and Arabic, with three sets of subtitles including English.

Now in a new video the same boy is handed a gun and is the executioner of two people accused of working for Russian Intelligence.




Islam its a Religion of Peas.

The entire video of these savages is below the fold. And to the Russians, good hunting, these people need killing.

مركز الحياة للاعلام يقدم: كشف عدو الداخل

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Meanwhile in The Emerald Isle

A threat of Jihad against Intel.


liation, a would-be bomber announced in a phone call at 5:30 am on Tuesday, that 12 devices had been rigged throughout Intel's Leixlip facility, the Irish Independent newspaper reported.

Officers considered the threat "credible" and deployed an Emergency Response Team as well as other special units to clear and secure the scene. After it was discovered that no explosive devices were present, the plant was deemed safe and work resumed at 10 a.m. this morning.

Its probably, you know, just a prank.

I mean the odds that Islamic terrorists would actually, you know, um uh bomb stuff and kill people are actually not all that high. I mean in the last week they've probably only killed a few thousand people.

I mean and more people died of regular death than that.

WTF is wrong with you Death-O-Phobes anyway?

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Teacher 23 Totally Rapes Student 18

The poor poor guy!

Jessica Bonnet Acker a 23 year old high school teacher at Bryant High in Cottondale, Alabama has been accused of having sex with an eighteen year old student, just seven months after marrying her husband.


The teachers’ arrest would come after authorities came to be tipped off that Acker was in the throes of a relationship with one of her pupils. Both Acker and the student in question would be interviewed before a warrant for Acker’s arrest was issued. Acker would in turn surrender to authorities the next day.

I mean for the husband, who married the whore.

But 18 and 23 rape? Inappropriate, and probably a policy violation. But is that rape the first or the 70th time or both?

I mean I can hear the victim's testimony now...

So you had sex with Mrs Acker? And then again and again and again?

Yeah it was awesome dude! She's a totally righteous babe!

Kids probably don't say righteous babe anymore do they?

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January 12, 2015

New Charlie Hebdo Issue

Buy it here.

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Reports of Smoke, Multiple Rescues and Fires Closes DC Metro Line

There are few details but the images are eerily similar to those from Madrid and the London Tube bombings.

>More here at FOX.

I see reports of a small fire, and also a disabled train and now "mass casualties"

It may be nothing but its clear something is out of the ordinary and the situation is changing quickly.

Now reports of one small fire are two alarm major fire.

The report of flooding was a stale report from Dec 16th, my bad.

Update: Now reports that one person has died.

Metro General Manager Richard Sarles said one of the passengers injured the tunnel incident has died. The woman has not been identified pending notification of next of kin, he said.

In addition, Sarles said two people were in critical condition at George Washington Hospital; 40 were transported by bus to Howard University Hospital, and another 20 to 25 people were taken to Washington Hospital Center.

Sarles said that since the incident involved a fatality, the Metropolitan Police Department would now be involved in the investigation.

So if there was enough smoke to cause this it must have been a pretty serious fire.

Still no word on the cause, researching.

Here are some images from those on the train. A train broke down and began to smoke it is reported but no word on how a malfunction would cause such a fire.

A Metro train broke down near L'Enfant Plaza and filled with smoke. WMATA has confirmed at least one person has died from the smoke; two are in critical condition, and many more went to local hospitals.

While the train operator told passengers to remain in the train, they eventually decided to evacuate through the tunnel as the smoke made some people have trouble breathing. Jonathan Rogers was on the train and took this video:

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Well F*ck Me a Running


LT_-_Sylvester_Jr (1).jpg

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It Wasn't Me I Swear

No seriously, we're not kidding.

Good Anakin, Good!

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January 10, 2015

Sandcrawler PSA: Islamic Massacres And You

Hat Tip: Brad.

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Anti-Police Activist Experiences Shoot or Don't Shoot Police Training Exercise

He finds himself in simulated life and death situations. Unbelievably, people in comments still complain about his use of force.

More details at Legal Insurrection.

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January 09, 2015

Oooooh! Ahhhh!


A truck carrying 44,000 pounds of fireworks exploded during the massive pile-up on I-94 in Kalamazoo County Friday.

On the down side one person was killed and several injured in the pileup, but none in the fire or the explosion of the fireworks truck.

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Red on Red: Anonymous Declares War on Jihadis

I can already feel the weeping and gnashing of teeth in the online jihadi community, many of whom use the Anonymous' Guy Fawkes mask as an avatar. Many Islamists see leftwing activists as fellow travelers in their war against Western values. This should be fun:

Some members of Anonymous have vowed to avenge the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris by taking down jihadist websites.

A video uploaded to the web by the group's Belgian wing also promises to scrub social networks of accounts promoting violent jihad.

This is win-win, all around: more time going after the real fascists, less time going after the imagined.

Update: Ooops, thanks to Rich

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Apartheid Nation of Saudi Arabia Gives 1000 Lashes to Blogger for Insulting Islam

Saudi is not helping matters by enforcing blasphemy laws.

For if Saudi Arabia punishes blasphemy with 1000 lashes, a punishment that is tortuous and at times leads to death, then when other Islamists act in cases where they feel the Islam has been slighted, they need only to point at the Saudis for justification.

Also think of of all the people pointing at Israel as an Apartheid nation, although Arabs can travel freely within Israel, the wall that prevents Palestinian suicide bombers from entering Israel from Gaza and the West bank are criticized by Jew haters the world over as Apartheid.

While Saudi Arabia who finances the Mosques preaching radical Wahabism that AQ and other terrorist follow all over the world regularly forbids Kuffar or Non-Muslims from entering certain areas and requires infidels working there to live in specially designated camps.

But you won't hear leftist agitators and Islamists complaining about Saudi Apartheid.

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Abu Hamza al-Masri To Spend His Life Chatting With Zack Chesser Through Prison Poop Pipe

Life is cruel, oh so cruel.

Maybe he and Zack Chesser can chit chat through the poop pipe in their spare time.

Abu Hamza was tonight jailed for life with no chance of parole by a New York judge who branded him ‘evil’.

The hate cleric nodded his head and pursed his lips as Judge Katherine Forrest told him he was ‘barbaric’ because he had showed no remorse or sympathy to his victims.

Judge Forrest said that a life sentence was the only option as she could never conceive of a time when he would not be a danger to the public - even 20 years from now.

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Meanwhile in Nigeria

Islamic Terrorists leave the bodies of black Christians to rot in the street.

Those who fled reported that they had been unable to bury the dead, and corpses littered the town's streets, he said.

Boko Haram was now in control of Baga and 16 neighbouring towns after the military retreated, Mr Bukar said.

While he raised fears that some 2,000 had been killed in the raids, other reports put the number in the hundreds.

Mr Lawan, the senator for northern Borno, called on government troops to stop "dilly-dallying" and to fight back to protect residents.

"The indiscriminate killings went on and on and on," he told BBC Focus on Africa.

Boko Haram's offensive continued on Thursday, with its fighters setting up checkpoints and killing people who were hiding in the bush, the senator said.

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Breaking Third Hostage Situation in France

It seems we've screwed around until the Jihad has reached critical mass.

According to French media, one or two people are being held in a jewellery store in downtown Montpellier, in southern France.

It is believed the situation came about from a failed robbery.

Police have since cordoned off the area and are currently trying to evacuate people from the nearby shops, local media reports.

The hostage taker is said to be surrounded by police.

Officers have confirmed the incident is not linked to the two sieges in Paris.

There has been a lot of speculation about the motives for the attacks in France.

Set aside the targets for a moment, Jews and Charlie Hebdo.

France has been taking to the terrorists for months now. Bombing AQIM after freeing the last French hostage. Assisting in Syria and this week announcing a campaign against terrorists in Libya.

In fact its been France who has been filling the leadership vacuum left by Obama's hesitancy to act forcefully against AQ and ISIS.

Its not that Obama doesn't act when forced to, it that his goal is to get us out the the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has stubbornly stuck to this goal without any regard for they enemy's plans and actions.

Obama can try to leave the war, but the war follows and AQ and ISIS have flourished under the lack of pressure.

So in acting against France they hope to peel off the coalition member that currently has the most will to fight. The nation that lately has given the terrorists the blackest shiners.

Meanwhile in Obama's New Libya
Two Three Terrorist Attacks in France
French Pay for Hostage
But then, once MUJWA had given up its last French hostage, the French took their refund strait out of Ahmed al Tilemsi's ass.

Update the police are saying its unrelated to the previous incidents, possibly a robbery taking advantage of the police being preoccupied with the terrorists situations. We'll update when it becomes more clear.

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Meanwhile in DC

As Islamic Terrorist siege ends in France CAIR tweets this.

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French Police Storm Hostage Both Hostage Situations All Terrorists Dead



And now we are hearing explosions at the 2nd hostage situation in Paris:


We will update as we learn more.

Two police were injured at the Jewish Kosher Market. Those hostages are reported to have been freed and safe.

The two brothers at the other site are dead and the one hostage is unharmed.

There are still ambulances on scene and arriving on scene. No word on any more injuries.

A replay of the tape you can hear one of the brothers yell Allahu Ackbar just before shooting, then drowned out in a hail or return fire.

Reports that Hayat Boumeddiene survived the police raid and is being treated for her injuries. I also see conflicting reports that she is at large.


Update: Reports that four hostages at the Kosher market have been killed.

Update: AQAP who recently issued Issue 13 or its Inspire magazine claims credit for the attacks.

I'm totally shocked.

Video of the raid on the Kosher Market. Note the body already on the floor before the raid. Also that someone runs out apparently carrying a baby trough the cross fire.

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Heartbreak: Zack Chesser Hates Prison

chesserpoopstinks.jpgThe Smoking gun reports that Zack Chesser doesn't like federal hillbilly prison.

JANUARY 8--The would-be jihadist who was convicted of threatening the creators of “South Park” over an episode featuring the Prophet Muhammad dressed in a bear suit is suing federal prison officials for limiting his ability to "fulfill Islam’s religious obligations,” The Smoking Gun has learned.

In a civil complaint filed last month, Zachary Chesser, 25, alleges that Bureau of Prison regulations limiting religious gatherings are a violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and prevent him from fully exercising his beliefs.

For instance when Zack was welcomed to Marion he didn't like that every time he and his Akhi gathered in the dark with the lights off the guards interrupted their, "prayer session." Prayer session? Yeah right.
Bureau of Prison memos show that Chesser, who was convicted in 2010 of terrorism charges and sentenced to 25 years in prison, was disciplined four times for participating in an unauthorized meeting or gathering. Specifically, Chesser was cited for taking part in congregational prayer with various Muslim inmates, most of whom are fellow terrorists.

For example, in November 2011, a guard spotted Chesser and six other inmates “in the education room with the lights out.” The group was being led in prayers by Mohammed Saleh, who was convicted of conspiring to bomb the United Nations and other New York City landmarks.

..Chesser wrote in response to a BoP incident report. “I say it’s wrong that it’s a rule.” In another note, the Virginia native declared that the congregational prayer ban was “ridiculous,” and an “evil, oppressive, bigoted, hillbilly kind of policy.”

LOL! Zack we hillbillies are glad you didn't enjoy your stay.

So Zack's whinging got his ass sent to Supermax. Where he apparently thinks his Ahki's poop stinks.

Still, he has tried to communicate with his upstairs neighbor. “I speak daily with a Muslim on the floor above me through the shower drain,” Chesser wrote in his declaration. “But this is physically painful, reeks of sewage and makes it very hard to hear.”
LOL stinky.

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Two Reported Dead as Terrorists Attack Kosher Market in Second Hostage Incident Six Hostages Held


Two people were reportedly dead in a second hostage situation in Paris, 25 miles south of a printing plant where police had suspects Wednesday's massacre holed up.

The second case, which reportedly followed another shooting that left an unidentified victim wounded, was unfolding at a kosher grocery in the eastern Paris area known as Porte de Vincennes. The gunman in that case is armed with two AK-47s, was believed to be holding as many as five hostages, including women and children, and is believed to be the same person who shot a Paris policewoman on Thursday.

The fresh situation would be the third shooting to rock the French capital in three days, and may be related to Wednesday's massacre, in which 12 people were killed in an attack on the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, sources said.

Update the two suspects in this incident are.


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French Police In Standoff With Paris Terrorist Hostage Situation

American Thinker:

Reuters is reporting that authorities have surrounded the two brothers suspected of killing 12 people in the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and that the terrorists have taken at least one hostage in a small town north of Paris.

Dammartin-en-Goele, a small town of about 8,000 residents, has been cut off from the rest of the country and an industrial estate where the suspects have holed up has been surrounded.

The drama unfolded on a highway leading back into Paris when police pursued the suspects for miles in a high speed chase. Witnesses say shots were exchanged before the terrorists abandoned their car and fled on foot.

Reuters is also reporting that the man suspected of murdering a policewoman yesterday is a member of the same terrorist cell as the two brothers, Cherif and Said Kouachi.

Here is a live feed from France 24.

And a recent report from the scene.

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January 08, 2015

Je Suis Charlie


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Media Now in Full Denial of Reality Mode

So I accidentally switched on CNN last night. I guess my thumb must have slipped. Here's what I saw: Some guy moderating a "debate" between a gal who was saying that the Mohammad cartoons shouldn't have been published because they marginalized Muslims. The guy on the other side of the debate worried that yesterday's mass murder was really worrying because it might make Muslims the target of violence.

Then this morning I turned on the car and the radio was on NPR. All college professors are required to listen to NPR. It's in the job description. There was a "debate" between a gal saying that it was really hypocritical of some in the West to support the right to publish offensive cartoons because a few European countries outlaw hate speech directed at religions. On the other side of the debate was a guy saying that newspapers ought to self-censor so that we don't make Muslims angry. Making Muslims angry is bad.

In the Newspeak "debate" is defined as two sides passionately arguing over the same side of the coin.

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Shocking News! Islamists Totally Not Progressive!

Um, duh.

Daily Beast:

Bill Maher didn’t hold back Wednesday night, blasting “hundreds of millions” of the world’s Muslims for allegedly supporting the Islamic terrorist massacre of cartoonists, writers, and editors at a Parisian satirical magazine that has mocked the Prophet Muhammad.

“I know most Muslim people would not have carried out an attack like this,” the host of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher said on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. “But here’s the important point: Hundreds of millions of them support an attack like this. They applaud an attack like this. What they say is, ‘We don’t approve of violence, but you know what? When you make fun of the Prophet, all bets are off.”

Maher then went back to bashing Bill Cosby as not funny.

Speaking of not very funny, Bill Maher.

Cosby, funny, and he could do it without resorting to foul language.

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Police Woman Killed in Second Shooting in Near Paris (Terrorists Rob Gas Station)


Another shooting has been reported in Paris this morning although as yet, there is no official confirmation it is linked to yesterday's attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices in which 12 people were killed, including two policemen.

Agence France-Presse reported that a man opened fire with an automatic weapon this morning in the south of Paris, seriously injuring a policewoman and municipal employee. AFP have since confirmed that the policewoman has died.

French television station iTELE said that two police officers could be seen lying on the ground following the attack.

Hat Tip: Hetro Woman.

During his news piece outside the petrol station which is reported to have been robbed by the two main suspects in the Charlie Hebdon attack, our correspondent says he has seen armed police along the main roads into Paris and military helicopters flying overhead.

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January 07, 2015

Pictures of Naked Muhammad: Because Some People Deserve to be Insulted

I don't normally go out of my way to insult people, but some people deserve to be insulted. If these images of Muhammad bother you, don't look at them. If you believe they should be illegal, then you and I have very different ideas about the limits of government and the inalienable rights of man.

If you believe violence is justified in suppressing them, then you should know that I believe violence is justified in protecting the right to publish them.

UPDATE: You can grab pics from the Mohammad image archive links listed here.

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12 Murdered in Attack on Charlie Hebdo Office in Paris

Charlie Hebdo has been firebombed before, for offending Islamists. They offend everyone but so far as I know the only group offended by Charlie Hebdo that has attacked the magazine are Islamists,

Daily Mail:Gunmen storm office in Paris with AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades
Attackers were reportedly heard shouting: 'the Prophet has been avenged'
'Stalked office asking people's names before killing editor and cartoonist'
Killers have fled in stolen car after a 'mass shoot-out' with police officers
Paper previously firebombed for publishing cartoon of Prophet Mohammed

Twelve people were killed and four left critically wounded today when armed gunmen carried out a 'massacre' at the offices of a notoriously anti-Islamic satirical magazine in Paris.

Two masked men brandishing Kalashnikovs burst into the Charlie Hebdo headquarters, opening fire on staff.

Police officers were involved in a gunfight with the men, who escaped in a hijacked car, speeding away towards east Paris and remain on the loose.
There are unconfirmed reports the attackers stalked the building asking for people by name before killing the publication's editor and cartoonist. Another reports says the editor is in a critical condition.

By midday, there were reports of up to 12 people dead and 10 wounded, four critically, including journalists, administrative staff, and police officers who attended the scene.

Pierre de Cossette, a broadcast journalist with Europe1 News, said: 'Several men in black cagoules were heard to shout "the Prophet has been avenged".'

Here is one of the cartoons that offended Islamists.

There seems to be a tendency for IS supporters to go after media lately. Yesterday several newspapers in the US were hacked by a group calling itself Cyber Jihad.

Today an attack against Charie Hebdo. Also yesterday a man was detained in Britain suspected of planning and attack and unlawful possession of a firearm. But details were sketchy only noting that a 32 year old man was detained in London.

Video of the attack.

Update the attackers have been identified as...

French Le Point revealed the nationality of the three Paris jihadis. Two of the three men, aged 18, 32 and 34 were actually born in France.

Their names: Said Kouachi, Cherif Kouachi and Hamyd Mourad



Two are said to have returned to France from Syria last year, More here at Pundit Press.

All three are between 18 and 32 and appear to be French-Algerian. Two are brothers. The other is apparently homeless. And at least one of them was jailed in France for providing aid to terrorists, but only received three years in prison.
Update: There are reports the terrorists have been caught, with one electing to die and the other two wussing out.

Update: Earlier reports were incorrect, one in custody two at large.

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January 06, 2015

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Bush!

We can't let this day go by without posting this, wouldn't be prudent.

Mr. Bush is Howie's President ever. And Mrs. Bush is pretty freaking awesome too!

George, you old scallywag ;-)

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Attn: Mujahid CyberCaliphate Ad-Virtuali


unnamed (2).jpg

Ahhh Ahh Ahh.


UR mah biyatch!


Online hackers posing as the radical group ISIS, took over an article at the Albuquerque Journal sometime early Wednesday morning.

The group claims to know all personal data from Albuquerque locals such as where we live and eat, even health insurance information. However, the writing of the article is questionable mainly because the group said it won’t stop until President Obama continues the bombing of ISIS positions in the Middle East.

The hackers’ message replaced the top story about the killer of a New Mexico State Police officer. The entire Journal website was shutdown for a few hours while the problem was fixed.

Whether it’s a hoax to be from ISIS or not, the Albuquerque Journal is taking the hack very seriously.

Their twitter feed was also hijacked and is still not under their control.

That Twitter feed has been restored.

WBOC also hijacked.


A little research leads to a group called Cyber Jihad. A little more and you get this guy. The apparent owner of cyberjihad.in


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Mia Khalifa Gets Death Fatwa For Muslima Porn


Mia Khalifa, who grew up in Lebanon, has been the target of many death threats on social media after becoming a top porn star on the web in 2014.

Mia Khalifa, 21, who grew up in Lebanon but moved to the US when she was a teenager and now lives in Miami, Florida, has received a flurry of death threats after her recent success as a porn star, becoming the main topic of a fiery Lebanese social media debate.

To see what all the fuss is about don't click here or here (NSFW)

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We're Doomed!

What you'll see on CNN when SMOD fianlly arrives.

hirty-four years ago, at the launch of Ted Turner's Cable News Network, the founder made a grandiose and specific promise about his newly created round-the-clock operation. "Barring satellite problems, we won't be signing off until the world ends," Turner declared. And in anticipation, he prepared a final video segment for the apocalypse:

No seriously, doomed.

He estimates that two orange dwarf stars, GL 710 and Hip 86505, could start messing with comet orbits as they approach our solar system. If they get close enough, their gravitational pull would send a torrent of comets our way and greatly increase the likelihood of an Earth-shattering kaboom.

By Howie at 11:30 AM | Comments |

Meanwhile in Obama's New Libya

Remember when Obama had the brilliant idea to liberate Libya?

PARIS -- French President Francois Hollande is ruling out unilateral military intervention in Libya but says French forces will strike Islamic extremists leaving the country to bring arms to Africa's Sahel region.

Hollande urged the United Nations to take action to stem growing violence in the North African country.

"We are making sure to contain the terrorism that took refuge there, in southern Libya. But France will not intervene in Libya because it's up to the international community to take its responsibility," Hollande said.

Libya is mired in the worst fighting since dictator Muammar Qaddafi was overthrown in 2011, leaving the country with two rival governments. In the chaos, arms have flowed from Libya into Africa's Sahel region, home to several militant groups. French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has described southern Libya as a "terrorist hub."

Speaking after Hollande's remarks, Aqila Issa, the speaker of Libya's internationally recognized parliament, rejected any Western ground intervention in his country, telling reporters in Cairo, "If we need any military intervention, we will ask our Arab brothers."

Speaking Monday on France-Inter radio, Hollande said French forces will strike the fighters "every time they leave these places where they are hiding" in southern Libya.

So Obama is leaving it up to France to clean up his mess?

Well not totally, if you recall Libya after Gaddafi became a staging ground for the rise of ISIS. So Obama is now bombing ISIS in Syria as a direct, I guess you'd call it a benefit, of his Libya policy.

The shame of it all.


By Howie at 11:01 AM | Comments |

RIP Bernard Jordan


A World War Two veteran who disappeared from his nursing home to attend the 70th anniversary D-Day commemorations in France has died.


Bernard Jordan sparked a police search when he left the care home in Hove to join fellow veterans last June.

The 90-year-old former navy officer died in hospital.

A statement from Gracewell Healthcare said he would be "much missed by his beloved wife and all his friends at The Pines Care Home in Hove".

Never put it off.

By Howie at 10:52 AM | Comments |

ISIS Uses German Jihadi in Last Desperate Attempt to Hold Kobane (Update: Pesh Prematurely Detonate Truck Bomb)

I'm not so sure they are even really think they can take Kobane, they just want to kill as many people in the loss as possible. Even their own fighters.

See him go boom. Note they wait for the B1-B to go off station before attempting the bombing. Which is pretty danged huge.

Anyway it was a futile suicide.

Here a video of the bomb, the Kurds set off the truck with machine gun fire. Although the explosion was large they were unhurt.


By Howie at 09:34 AM | Comments |

Weasel Zippers Is Down

UPDATE: It looks like WZ is back up and running. Feel free to show your support.


Our blog ally, Weasel Zipper, is down. It looks like a massive DDoS attack. It started shortly after WZ poster Bill exposed a #BlackBrunch protest manual yesterday.

Hopefully, the site will get back up today. Screenshots of the manual are posted, in part, below the fold (thank you, Bill & SooperMexican!) Spread them around! Let's expose these pukes!

The Right Scoop has more.

(Right-click and view image to enlarge.)




By DMartyr at 09:24 AM | Comments |

ISIS Chief Executioner Found Beheaded


It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

In a grotesque twist of the saying "live by the sword, die by the sword", an Islamic State executioner in Syria who carried out beheadings for the jihadist group has been found with his head cut off.

The body of the Egyptian man, known to be the deputy emir of the feared al-Hesbah (or Hisbah) force in the eastern province of Deir al-Zor, was recovered near a power plant in al-Mayadeen city, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The corpse showed signs of torture and carried the message "This is evil, you Sheikh" written on it. The severed head also had a cigarette in its mouth. It is unclear who carried out the decapitation but the message was obvious.

It would be sweet irony if this turns out to be "Jihadi John," but sources seem to indicate this loser was Egyptian.

By DMartyr at 09:06 AM | Comments |

January 05, 2015

Why U Insult Holly Kalif Ibrahim?

What? Questioning Calif Ibrahim's judgement?

Is it not clear that IS campaign for Kobani was for the Glory of Allah? Off with the whiners head!

By Howie at 03:18 PM | Comments |

Canadian: Red States' Success in Equality, Higher Wages, Economic Growth and Housing Affordability Raping American Dream

You didn't make that!

Blue states, like California, New York and Illinois, whose economies turn on finance, trade and knowledge, are generally richer than red states. But red states, like Texas, Georgia and Utah, have done a better job over all of offering a higher standard of living relative to housing costs. That basic economic fact not only helps explain why the nation’s electoral map got so much redder in the November midterm elections, but also why America’s prosperity is in jeopardy.
America's prosperity? Don't you mean that since we now have an anywhere economy Red States can compete against the crumbling depressing urban centers of decay?

I mean look at the list of problems.

Blue state knowledge economies are also extremely expensive to operate. Their innovative edge turns on a high-cost infrastructure of research universities and knowledge institutions — a portion of which demand public subsidy. Their size and density require expensive subway and transit systems to move people around. Blue state cities like New York and San Francisco are booming, but they are hampered by potholes and crumbling infrastructure, troubled public school systems, growing inequality and housing unaffordability, and entrenched poor populations, all of which mean higher public costs and higher tax burdens.
Business doesn't have to put up with that anymore, people don't have to live like that anymore, flyover country can and does compete.
here are many red states like Utah, Arizona and Texas that are growing their tech and knowledge economies,
So what you really have here is an article lamenting, How dare those illiterate uneducated Mississippi rednecks live better than we educated egalitarian overlords, We know what's best for you.

But if the liberal elites in the coasts know so well that Red State Success is a blight, its quite interesting because I've never heard of people running headstrong into a blight before.

If that’s the best argument you can come up with in opposition to living in Red States, we should all be packing our bags this morning to move to North Dakota.

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January 04, 2015

Egypt’s Sisi: Islamic “Thinking” Is “Antagonizing the Entire World”

In a stunning speech getting little notice by the navel gazing American media... Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi just called out the Muslim clerics.

BloggerRaymond Ibrahim has the details of the speech.

The relevant excerpt from Sisi’s speech follows (translation by Michele Antaki):

I am referring here to the religious clerics. We have to think hard about what we are facing—and I have, in fact, addressed this topic a couple of times before. It’s inconceivable that the thinking that we hold most sacred should cause the entire umma [Islamic world] to be a source of anxiety, danger, killing and destruction for the rest of the world. Impossible!

That thinking—I am not saying “religion” but “thinking”—that corpus of texts and ideas that we have sacralized over the years, to the point that departing from them has become almost impossible, is antagonizing the entire world. It’s antagonizing the entire world!

Is it possible that 1.6 billion people [Muslims] should want to kill the rest of the world’s inhabitants—that is 7 billion—so that they themselves may live? Impossible!

I am saying these words here at Al Azhar, before this assembly of scholars and ulema—Allah Almighty be witness to your truth on Judgment Day concerning that which I’m talking about now.

All this that I am telling you, you cannot feel it if you remain trapped within this mindset. You need to step outside of yourselves to be able to observe it and reflect on it from a more enlightened perspective.

I say and repeat again that we are in need of a religious revolution. You, imams, are responsible before Allah. The entire world, I say it again, the entire world is waiting for your next move… because this umma is being torn, it is being destroyed, it is being lost—and it is being lost by our own hands.

This man just made himself a target.....wow.

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January 02, 2015

Abandoned Pakistani boat found off Gujarat coast

I've been watching this unfold for the past few days could we be on the verge of another Mumbai...would they be that crazy for a replay?

NEW DELHI: Around a fortnight before a suspect Pakistani boat blew itself up after an hour-long chase by Indian Coast Guard, a mysterious fishing boat found abandoned off the Gujarat coast had created a ripple within the intelligence establishment.

According to intelligence sources, the alleged Pakistani fishing boat was found empty 10-15 days back, floating in the Arabian Sea off the Gujarat coastline. Not only were there no men on board, but no item of interest or equipment was found on the vessel, making agencies wary if it was abandoned by a group of infiltrating terrorists before they shifted to another vessel and possibly made their way to the Indian coast for a possible terror act here.

"The Coast Guard as well as states like Gujarat and Maharashtra were alerted to keep an eye in the Indian waters as well as along the coastline, and track any suspicious movement," said an official

Worth keeping an eye on.

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Donna Douglas has passed away.

Donna Douglas, the actress who won over TV viewers as Elly May Clampett on “The Beverly Hillbillies,” has died. She was 81.

The star’s granddaughter told TMZ Douglas died in her Louisiana home surrounded by friends and family.

The cause of death was pancreatic cancer, her niece told The Associated Press.

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Crazy Bastard Chops Off His Mom's Head

All you really have to do is look at his mugshot.

The 23-year-old attacked his mother in the garage with an ax, severing her head, Gualtieri said. Gomez then allegedly dragged his mother's remains from the garage to the garbage cans.

Gualtieri told reporters that the crime was one of the worst his department had ever seen.

Mother Slain_2.jpg

Gomez then fled the scene, but he was arrested a few blocks away after another 911 call reported a suspicious person riding a bicycle in the area.

Gomez confessed to killing his mother, Gualtieri said.

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Twit Goes to Jail


A St. Louis man was charged Thursday with making threats against police and the St. Louis City Justice Center on Twitter.

Image Credit KSDK

Jason Valentine, 35, faces 10 felony counts of making a terrorist threat, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's office said Thursday.

Valentine is being held on a $100,000 cash-only bail, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which did not specify which jail. It wasn't clear from online court records whether he has an attorney or when his first court appearance would be.

Valentine allegedly tweeted about "Kill a pig Night" throughout December, the probable cause statement said, and that he threatened an explosion at the Justice Center on Wednesday.

"St. Louis City Justice Center Mysteriously Exploded 12/31/2014," one tweet read, according to the statement. Another said, "New Years Eve Massacre Kill A Pig Night."

There had been speculation about the threat running on Gawker.
According to a report from DNAinfo's Murray Weiss, the NYPD is investigating social media death threats against cops from alleged gang members who are apparently promising to turn tonight's New Year's Eve celebrations into "Kill a Pig Night." But who are these violent tweeters? Do they exist at all?

The evidence as presented in Weiss's article points not to an orchestrated, gang-related effort to kill cops tonight, but the work of a single obsessive Instagram user and the inflammatory writings of a right-wing blogger based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Weiss's law enforcement sources report that the threats have "primarily come in tweets baring a host of vicious anti-NYPD hash tags including #@deadcopseveryday, #onlydeadcops, #wingsonpigs and #laughatyourdeaths." (#@deadcopseveryday likely contains a typo, as Twitter doesn't allow the @ symbol to be used in hashtags.) However, aside from
#wingsonpigs—a slogan that Ismaaiyl Brinsley used on Instagram before he murdered two NYPD officers earlier this month—a search for tweets that were posted before the DNAinfo article was published and contain the cited hashtags turns up only one result: an unrelated tweet in support of police from August.

It's possible that the alleged threats came from private accounts, or that Twitter has already suspended the users responsible. A Twitter spokesperson wrote via email that the company "will remove reported content that violates our rules, which prohibit direct, specific threats of violence against others," but did not specifically address the alleged threats.

Here is an image of one of the tweets.

JD still has several sites up.


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I Humbly and Graciously Accept This Award on Behalf of all Jawas Everywhere

Doug Ross:

The moment you've been waiting for is here.

The votes are in. The anxious nominees' fingernails have been chewed down to the quick.


Winner - 2014 Fabulous 50 Blog AwardsAnd at least one blogger just excused himself to go to the bathroom (number two, apparently, based upon the length of time he's been gone).

So we're more than pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards, the most prestigious new media awards in the conservative blogosphere.

The Geert Wilders Award for Best Anti-Jihad Blogger:
Gates of Vienna: A global perspective of the centuries-long war
JihadWatch: Unvarnished reporting of the war against the West
Pamela Geller: America's fiercest advocate for reason
The Astute Blogger: A group blog that continually exposes the truth
The Jawa Report: Not just great reporting, but information warfare itself

I don't know that we really deserve an award, but we're more than willing to rest on our laurels of past glory.

Gracious and Humble Jawa Acceptance Track

Hat Tip: Marathon Pundit.

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Tremble in Fear Infidels!

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Italian Girls Appear in Hostage Video

Life is sometimes very hard on young idealists. So as a public service I just want to inform folks that al-Qaeda and ISIS are butchers, they will murder you.

A video has emerged of two young Italian women, who were kidnapped in Syria last summer, begging for their lives and warning that they are in “danger” of being executed.

Wearing black veils, Greta Ramelli, 20, and Vanessa Marzullo, 21, tell the camera: “We are in big danger and we could be killed,” in the latest hostage crisis to confront the West.

Before Being Chosen as Bound Concubines

After Bene Gesserit Training

The video message, posted on YouTube and thought to be genuine, marks a chilling start to 2015 for their families in Italy, but does at least prove that they are still alive.

The two young women, who were working as aid volunteers in Syria, were kidnapped near Aleppo last July. They had been in Syria for just a matter of days when they were seized.

This is not some liberal freaking pipe dream about Zionist Imperialist Islamophobes oppressing the noble peaceful tribesmen in their rapefest for oil, its for real evil.

Now I know ya'll want to learn the hard way .... behold the hard way.

Dude I can't believe they confiscated her colorful headband? That's so harsh.

Obviously these are naive innocents, we call for their immediate release. To kill these girls is unquestionably cold blooded murder.

The lack of watermarks and branding means they could be held by basically any terrorist or criminal in Syria. This might indicate a group of local opportunists rather than a more organized terrorist group.

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