March 17, 2010

The New England Jihadis

An excellent report by American for Peace and Tolerance on the Boston blogger and would-be jihad Tarek Mehanna. Do we know Tarek? Yes, we do. And yes Tarek knows us. Oh what a small world it is! This guy is a real piece of work.

The complete report is here, but I'll put the entire press release below followed by links to our previous coverage of Tarek Mehanna and his buddies online.

Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) today released an 8-minute online video clip describing a network of Islamic radicals operating in New England. The video focuses on the October arrest - and the response to that arrest - of a Sudbury, Massachusetts resident who the FBI charged with planning to machine gun shoppers in a New England mall. "The arrest of Tarek Mehanna was shocking," said APT President, Charles Jacobs. "It occurred just two weeks before the murder of 13 Americans at Fort Hood by a U.S. military doctor and officer - a child of Palestinian immigrants who had become an Islamic radical. In fact, this was just one of several arrests in 2009 of Islamic radicals who had turned against their adopted country. Jacobs said "What is especially disheartening, given the historical moderation and success of Boston Muslims, is the current groundswell of support for Tarek within a segment of the Boston Muslim community and its virulent response to his arrest.

Jacobs said "our video offers a glimpse into a loosely-coordinated web of radical Islamic individuals and organizations based in New England with ties to Islamic terrorist groups overseas." Jacobs added, "what we're witnessing is the radicalization of the next generation of American Muslims."

The video shows how Islamic radicals have been using the Internet to organize thousands of supporters and raise money for Tarek - a man who the FBI alleges had enjoyed gloating over propaganda videos of Al Qaeda terrorists disemboweling and burning the bodies of American GIs in Iraq. (Tarek and his friends mockingly called these mutilations "Texas BBQs.")

Jacobs noted that Tarek's Internet support groups are rife with anti-American and anti-Semitic sloganeering (such as "Close Guantanamo Bay, Reopen Auschwitz") and support for violence in the name of Islam.

Jacobs said the decision to release the film now was precipitated by a campaign of intimidation launched by Tarek's supporters against Aloke Chakravarty, the assistant US attorney in Boston responsible for Tarek's prosecution.

As part of what they call a "Pressure Campaign to Free Tarek Mehanna," Islamic extremists in collaboration with the Boston branch of the International Socialist Organization have sought to clog the prosecutor's office phone and fax lines with bizarre messages demanding Mr. Chakravarty drop the case against Tarek or face charges of prosecutorial misconduct. Tarek's supporters claimed they had to be turned away from the prosecutor's office when they showed up there en masse in an attempt to harass Mr. Chakravarty in person.

We learned from the jihadist Fort Hood massacre that our political leadership class, blinded by political correctness and fearful of being attacked as bigots or Islamophobes, has failed to deal effectively with the threat of radical Islam to American society. It will take a grassroots effort to break the silence about this threat. Americans for Peace and Tolerance are working to organize such an initiative in order to compel our failed leaders to protect our communities, and in order to support those officials like Assistant U.S. Attorney Mr. Chakravarty who are seeking to do justice in the face of intimidation.

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