March 16, 2010

Report: Jihad Jane Sent Me Threatening Messages

How did I first come into contact with Jihad Jane? I don't remember the precise moment, but for those of us who follow the radical Islamists who use YouTube to spread propaganda, she was all over the place. It wasn't just us or the Smackdown Corps that noticed her. And Jihad Jane noticed us.

Je Tabler discusses Jihad Jane's obsession and stalking of her at YouTube. Like me, Tabler thought of Colleen LaRose as more pathetic than dangerous. This even as LaRose became obsessive with sending messages to Tabler because her beheaded motoon avatar was offensive (see above right).

She even sent Tabler threatening messages such as, "If I knew where you lived".

My favorite part of the narrative:

Third, she didn’t appreciate it when I explained how tranny hookers like her would almost certainly fare much better in the West than in any Sharia state.
Tranny hooker? Jihad Jane resembles that remark!

Seriously, the entire article is worth the read.

Also, jdamn is a chick?

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