March 16, 2010

Citizens an Early Warning System for Terrorism

An editorial in the Philly Inquirer on how you can help prevent terrorism. Here's a teaser:

The Internet is a vast battleground in the war on terror; law enforcement doesn’t have the resources to keep track of all of the potential threats. And a vigilant network of online tipsters deserves credit for monitoring people like LaRose, and in some cases turning them in.....

The case against LaRose illustrates how difficult it is for authorities to separate idle rants on the Internet from serious threats. If someone of her background can become radicalized in sleepy, suburban Pennsburg, the threat can come from anywhere. And bloggers have become an important early-warning system. [READ THE REST]

We're an "early-warning system"? I like that.

I think Glenn might call us an Army of Early Warning Systems.

On a related note we're re-opening our files on terrorists and terrorist sympathizers who use the Google owned blogspot platform to spread their propaganda. If you know of any radical Islamist blogpsot hosted websites, do me a favor and email us at the contact link above.

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