March 15, 2010

More Naval Gazing: "Web monitors didn't take 'JihadJane' seriously, at first"

The truth is that I never took Jihad Jane seriously. I'll let Stable Hand and Howie speak for themselves, but I never got the feeling they took her that seriously either. The moral of the story is never trust your feelings.

Philly Inquirer capitalizing on the interview I gave them to produce a second story out of it over the weekend:

He and others had been watching LaRose for at least two years, usually with amusement. As she continued to post inflammatory video clips on YouTube, groups such as JawaReport and YouTube Smackdown reported her and got her account closed.

The JawaReport blogger said LaRose went through at least 27 accounts that YouTube pulled.

"It became quite common for us to make fun of her, and it became even more fun because she would respond to you," he said. "It became a bit of a cat-and-mouse game."

"JihadJane's" Web naiveties made her easy to identify as LaRose, he said, and to find her social-networking sites.

"It was kind of funny, because she was claiming to be a hard-core jihadist," he said. "Then we saw some old pictures of her drinking beer and stuff. Honestly, it looked like someone straight out of 'Cops.'"

Thank Allah that a friend of the YouTube Smackdown corps ( I think that's pronounced corpse) did take her seriously!

Also, I taped a segment for Aaron Klein's WABC Sunday radio show which should have been broadcast yesterday. If any one recorded the interview or knows where to find it online, I'd be interested in a link to see if I sucked big time or just sucked moderately.

I'll also be on an internet radio show tomorrow with my old friends from Scared Monkeys. I don't have a link yet, but should be able to post something tomorrow.

Last, we do accept donations. And by "we" I mean "me". I can't promise your donations will go to anything more useful than me taking my wife out for dinner. But just remember that when Mrs. Shackleford isn't happy then she doesn't let me screw around on the internet all day messing with bad guys.

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