March 14, 2010

Major Unconfirmed Rumors Spread Across The Internet That Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Is Dead

This is UNCONFIRMED....but we thought our readers would want to know about it..

Business Insider

As reported by Neal Ungerleider at True/Slant, rumors are spreading across the Arab-speaking internet that Egyption Prisdent Hosni Mubarak has died after surgery in Germany.

The talk of the Egyptian blogosphere right now is a fast-spreading rumor that President Hosni Mubarak has died. Hundreds of Egyptian and Arabic-speaking Twitter users are posting news of the 81-year-old leader’s death. The reports occurred after reports of Mubarak dying in a German hospital were broadcast on Russian television and on Arabic television.

Hosni Mubarak has been the President of Egypt since 1981, making him the country’s longest-serving leader since Mohammed Ali.

Ungerleider goes onto lay out what is known and what is speculation, and notes some odd moves on the part of the Egyption government, including the banning of Skype.

Chalk this up as MAJOR UNCONFIRMED RUMOR. But we thought you should know that it's out there.

When we get any more info we will update..

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