December 18, 2010

Guidance Counselor, Facing Sex Charges, Found Dead (Updated)

(Pine Grove, Pennsylvania) Sad news! Former guidance counselor Heather N. Cook, 33, facing multiple child corruption charges, was found dead at her home from an apparent suicide.

Death was pronounced at 4:21 pm Thursday. Cook reportedly left a note. According to Schuylkill County Coroner Joseph Lipsett, the note didn't explain why she took her own life.

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Hot Lesbian Teacher-Student Case
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Heather Cook.jpg(Pine Grove, Pennsylvania) A 33-year-old guidance counselor at Pine Grove High School, Heather N. Cook, was arrested this week for allegedly engaging in a two-year sexual relationship with a female student, starting when the girl was 16.

Cook has been charged with multiple counts of misdemeanor corruption of minors.

Disturbingly, no clarification has been provided to explain why such an outrageous betrayal of trust coupled with an extended series of child sex crimes are classified as misdemeanor offenses.

Cook was booked and released on $25,000 bond. (More ....)

Meanwhile in Tennessee, a tenured female teacher, Lucia Carico, has been given her dismissal notice for going ballistic and stabbing a boy with a pen after he "passed gas and started singing." Heh.

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