March 12, 2010

Yes, Jihad Jane Was a Loser

Below is a conversation Colleen "Jihad Jane" "Fatima" LaRose had with an online advice columnist in which she asks how she can get her Egyptian boyfriend a visa to come to the US. Notice the response about how Egypt sucks and so do most Egyptian men.

This kind of reminds me of the story told by Laura Mansfield of her experience living in Egypt with her former husband who, as it turned out, was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The moral of the story? Don't marry a Muslim and move to the Middle East!

As I've said in several interviews, LaRose always came off to me as rather pathetic. Unlike any of the other Muslim women I encountered online who hung around with the Salaafi jihad crowd, "Jihad Jane" was the only one who seemed to use the social networking aspects of YouTube to flirt with guys.

Here we see that as early as December 2007 she was hooking up with Muslim men intent on meeting them in the real world. And because of difficulties in getting a US visa, she met them in Europe.

Which is important because as pathetic as she was, the plot to kill Lars Vilks revolved around her going to Sweden and meeting an online boyfriend there. She would use her own American passport and a stolen passport from her boyfriend back in Pennsylvania to further the plot by helping them both blend in better.

I'll post the conversation she had below, but let me address two criticisms I've been getting about the Jihad Jane case.

1) Why am I making this out to be a big deal? Colleen LaRose obviously wasn't the biggest threat to national security and was in no way connected to al Qaeda.

You're right. What, did you expect me to defend this? Nabbing Jihad Jane was not equivalent to nabbing Osama bin Laden. I understand that.

Also, who was the last terrorist or would-be terrorist that you helped track? None? Not even a small fry? Not even a pathetic lonely woman out to kill a Swedish cartoonist who had the audacity to blaspheme Mohammad? No?

Then why don't you STFU?

I didn't drop the dime on Jihad Jane, someone else did. But she was not the first among my circle of friends to have been detected and arrested because of her online activities. She won't be the last either.

This is not my first time to this particular kind of dog and pony show. It won't be the last.

2) You cyber "vigilantes" are making it harder for law enforcement to do their jobs!

Really? How is calling the FBI and telling them that there may be a crime being committed -- which is exactly what happened here -- somehow hurting law enforcement?

Seriously, some of you people are morons. Thanks to every one else for defending us in the comments here or over at the ABC story that's getting so much attention.

Also, karma?

Jihad Jane's pathetic conversation follows.


I have a boyfriend that lives in Egypt, he & i have been corrosponding(online)&(telephone) for over a year, I want him to come meet my family & spend christmas with us, but I dont know how to get a visa for him to come here to I need to send him an invitation? & if so, what am i suppose to say in that invitation? He & I would very much ike to spend time with eachother as soon as possible. Please, Please can ou help me in any way to expidite his visit here....By the way, I live in Pennsylvannia.
Thnk you in advance
Fatima La Rose

Dear Fatima,

(Is that your real name, or a name he gave you? If it is your real name, then there should be enough Arab in your blood - as it is an Egyptian name - to know the answer to this question)

I'm not going to sugar coat this for you in any way. I'm generally a direct person, and especially on this topic, I'm very direct. I've lived here for 10 years and watched over and over and over again these boys sweet talk perfectly nice women who fall for their lines every time. Truth be told, 11 years ago, I did. I moved here anyway and I'm happy to be living here, but I won't probably let an Egyptian man do that again to me.

So, the short answer to your question is - The American Embassy is NOT going to be giving your boyfriend a visa to come visit you at Christmas or ever (probably), and certainly no "invitation" from you will change their minds. To tell the truth, I'm not certain where these boys get this idea that an "invitation" is what they need from us women to automatically walk into the embassy and have them bow to them and give them the visa. The only thing I have come up with is that they use the word "invitation" when a company offers them a job or a conference is being held and they need to go to it for their jobs. So, someone along the line might have had an "invitation" from some company to come work for them, and that was what got him his visa. Or another was "invited" to come to some conference or seminar that was being held in America, and for the work reason he was given a visa. BUT NO! If you write a personal "invitation" to him and he takes that into the Embassy, the Embassy people are going to laugh and tell him to go away. I'm sure they see plenty of those daily. There are soooooooooooooo many Egyptian boys trying anything they can to get to America. They hate America, they love Americans, and they'd give their right arm to be in America. They know of it what they see on TV and in the movies, and have NO CLUE what it's really like. Then they meet a gal on the Internet that is a little lonely and ready to have an Internet relationship with someone far far away, and they start with the "princess" talk and all that... and boy do we fall for it...right?

Now, having said all that, I hope you are not in that group. I hope he is a nice boy that really does care for you and would be happy to be with you anywhere, which if it is the case, the reality of the situation is that you are going to have to come to Egypt. He is NOT going to America. I can assure you of that. What more, should you come to Egypt and are both still in love, you are going to have to move here to be with him because EVEN if you marry him, contrary to what he will tell you, he still can't just pick up and move to America. It just isn't that easy. America doesn't hand out visas for marriage as easy as they used to. You could come here, you could get married, and you could spend several years waiting for his visa to be approved. I had a girlfriend that worked for a contractor to the American Embassy, she met her husband at the same company. They married, had a baby and still it took maybe more than a year for his visa to get approved. You'd think if he was working for an American company like that- tied to the Embassy that the security clearance he would have passed just to get the job would have meant an easy time getting the visa - NOPE!

So, as hard as it is, drop the dreams of him coming to America and having a happy little family there. It's not going to happen for some time anyway, and you may as well find out what it is like here as if you were to get together with him, you'd be coming back here often enough. They never go away and stay long - at the very least, holidays are spent in Egypt with family. So, come here, meet his family. See how his mother lives as that will give you a good clue as to how he would expect you to be happy....unless of course you can support him and let him live in a much nicer style....but that isn't easy either, unless you are independently wealthy.

I'm sorry to be such a wet blanket on the subject, but I think I told you the WAY IT IS. It's not going to be easy. It's not going to take an "invitation". If you really want to meet, the thing to do is get your own plane ticket over here and meet him here. And if you do that, don't do anything rash like marry him on the first trip over because that first holiday here is going to be very exotic and romantic, and not real at all. You need to get past the romance and all that to see on an everyday basis what life here would be like and if you would like it. Many of us love it, others don't so much. It's an individual thing, but don't let this boy be the only thing you love about Egypt if you take that step. Have many things to love and when he looses his charm, you'll still be happy.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


Thanks to winoceros

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