March 12, 2010

Jihad Jane: "I won't quit til Islam dominates the world; I never want peace with these filthy bastards" -- Another Jawa Report Exclusive

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Here's a screenshot of one of Coleen "Jihad Jane" "Fatima" LaRose's YouTube accounts from October of 2008. I have her comments transcribed below.

Two companion stories to this one including a number of unpublished photos of Jihad Jane and some screenshots of her online activities -- are here: : I turned in Colleen "Jihad Jane" LaRose to the FBI and Youtuber "Jihad Jane" Indicted on Federal Terrorism Charges.

I've gotten several media inquiries asking me whether I had any saved YouTube accounts or videos. The answer is no. But StarCMC did and she decided -- for some unknown reason -- that she wanted me to publish it and not her.

Who am I to pass up another exclusive?

If you click the thumbnail above you should be able to see the original version of it. If you're from the media and you want to use the image, please cite "The Jawa Report" or "StarCMC" and for love of all that is holy is it too hard to ask that you link us when you give the credit?

I've transcribed what she wrote on her JihadJane4Life channel below. Is it just me, or do you think she's a little annoyed that she kept getting pwn3d by we "Zionists, Zionist slaves, and haters"? Lulz.

With the exception of some spacing and emphasis, I've done nothing to alter the text. Spelling errors, therefore, belong to the author.

Name: JihadJane4Life

Inshallah i will always come back, no matter how many times i am suspended. This suspension BS is getting old!! but I wont quit till Islam finally dominates the WORLD!



you wiill NEVER stop Islam, nor the truth tellers form spreading the truth!!

If you are a zionist savage or a kafir

Asalam Alaikum my beloved brothers, sisters, &dear friends
Please do not tell me not to talk to the haters with hate. I am sick & tired of being suspended, for no friggin reason!! & I know it is the haters that have been getting me suspended!!

If you are friends with any kafir, or zionist, then there's no need to accept or request friend invite with me. I am not talking about non-Muslims, as we all know non-Muslims does not always mean they are kafirs. If you just say to the haters that you only want peace, I assure you are wasting your time with these savages. I will never want peace with these filthy bastards... I wont wast one minute on

That's some classic stuff right there!

Also, on a personal note .....

That pic never gets old.

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