March 11, 2010

American Among 7 Arrested in Ireland over Lars Vilks Terror Plot

Mark Humphries notes that the Evening Herald has printed the names of the seven Islamists in Ireland tied to Colleen "Jihad Jane" [also, "Fatima"] LaRose's plot to kill the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks for "blasphemously" drawing Muhammad as a dog.

Earlier reports indicated that all seven in Ireland tied to Jihad Jane were immigrants. Indeed, they are. But one of them is American.

Her name is Jamie Ramirez and she's married to an Algerian.

Here are the names of the seven arrested in Ireland:

1. Sharif Damache (Algerian) and his wife Jamie Ramirez (American)

2. Ghamrassan Moulay-Slimane (Algerian) and his wife Iles Moulay-Slimane (Algerian)

3. Abd Al-Salam Mansur Al Jahani (Libyan) and his wife Nadah Sameh (Palestinian)

4. Danijel Orsos (Croatian)
You'll recall that one of the charges against "Fatima LaRose" was that she had plans to move to Sweden and there marry a "Southeast Asian" [Pakistan?] so that he could obtain residency more easily and there move the plot to kill Lars Vilks forward.

One wonders if Jamie Ramirez moved to Ireland for similar reasons? If, say, her mother was of Irish ancestry it would be fairly easy to establish residency or even citizenship in Ireland.

Any one know Jamie? Known online handles or aliases?

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