March 11, 2010

The Cyber Jihad in English

The Counter Terrorism Blog:

Perhaps the most ironic aspect of all the media attention in the latest criminal allegations against "Jihad Jane" is that Colleen LaRose of Pennsylvania is only the latest example of this odd emerging trend in homegrown terrorism. Indeed, LaRose is hardly alone in this category, whether we speak of London resident Samina Malik, an active user on jihadi social networking forums who busied herself with transcribed Al-Qaida training manuals into English during spare time at her job working in secure areas of Heathrow Airport--or Canadian citizen Beverly Giesbrecht (a.k.a. Khadija Abdul Qahhar), who was taken hostage by the Taliban during rather suspicious travels through North Waziristan. Both men and women who were once written off as hapless wannabes and mere "jihobbyists" are unexpectedly rising to the occasion, in often quite desperate bids to prove their total commitment to the cause.

These individuals are, more frequently than not, English-speaking with only a cursory knowledge of Arabic or the Middle East. Their pedigree is less than elite, and they lack the traditional connections back to Al-Qaida's central leadership. Yet, even Al-Qaida's senior echelon now openly recognizes the critical value of these potential "lone wolf" operatives.

I would like to point out that these people can be quite effective spreading al-Qaeda's message in the stead of regular media outlets.

I see two major purposes in this. A. Yes they are looking for recruits and to spread their ideology. B. As a way to bypass and talk directly past the media. Often in messages directed at the public at large.

For instance Younus Abdullah Muhammad writes here on the Revolution Muslim website in response to a CNN story.

How does he Respond? By reprinting an official propaganda piece by al-Qaeda when he knows he's in the news. His goal in my opinion is not to "inform" but to assist al-Qaeda, for whom he has expressed his support many times, in getting the largest number of eyes on al-Qeada's message as possible.

He's basically reprinting the terms that al-Qaeda has demanded for our surrender.

If you fail to respond to all these conditions, then prepare for fight with the Islamic Nation. The Nation of Monotheism, that puts complete trust on Allah and fears none other than Him.
Our answer in Arabic...
I will not submit!

وأنا لن تقدم

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