December 31, 2014

Happy New Year Jawas

Oh heavens no, not the green one!

Yeah I was either too lazy or busy to write a proper post.

Bye bye 2014, you suck!

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10 Year Old Wrecks Dollar Stow

Smoking Gun:

On December 9, police in Tallahassee, Florida received a 911 call from a Dollar General store reporting that a “black male juvenile” was “destroying” the business.

When officers arrived at the Crawfordville Road store, the suspect was being detained outside the front entrance. Inside, evidence of the boy’s rampage was strewn across the convenience store’s aisles.

For unknown reasons, the child--who did not appear to be in the company of an adult--spent several minutes knocking over displays and pushing merchandise off store shelves. The vandalism ended when the boy was accosted by a young man who pulled him out of the store and held the child until police arrived.

A 3:29 video of the Dollar General vandalism was posted early yesterday to Facebook by a male shopper who recorded part of the boy’s outburst (and who had items thrown at him by the juvenile).

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December 30, 2014

Man Shot in Philly After Posting Threatening Video Resisting Arrest

There has been a shooting, it is not terrorism related.

Police fatally shot a 52-year-old man Tuesday afternoon in Drexel Hill after he attempted to run them down with his vehicle, said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

Officers had been trying to arrest the man, identified by a law enforcement source as Joseph A. Pacini of Clifton Heights, after he allegedly posted rants against local officers and federal agents on YouTube, Chitwood said.

"He threatened to kill police, threatened to kill FBI agents," Chitwood said.

His Youtube channel is here. From his About page.
Sara Bareilles is my love of all loves. I am making all of her playlists that I created for myself public for the first time on December 25, 2014. I love that woman more than my own life. Any undercover CIA - FBI agent that messes with her will be slaughtered like the pigs that they are regardless of whether or not they falsely believe they cannot be convicted in a court of law. How? Because our Lord's judgement is absolutely perfect. You swear your allegiance to the Beast and the Beast system, you will personally burn in hell for all eternity. Jesus Christ is the Christians' hit man against those that oppress His children.

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior took the fall for all of humanity. He is our Man among men. He is my role model alone. I answer to Jesus Christ alone and to Sara Beth Bareilles. I took the fall for Sara and myself to keep her safe. I am making these statement public because the FBI is planning my assassination as I write these words.
For business inquiries:

There you have it he did it for love and Psycho Jesus. But mostly for Jesus Psycho Jesus.

Reviewing the video, the man is crazy, He is released from two life sentences and says he has also been in various mental institutions.

He had become obsessed with a woman believing that she was his soul mate and God wanted them to be together and that the FBI wanted to kill him to keep him from his "most pure love".

There is one more video on the channel that is made just minutes or seconds before the incident in which he was killed.

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Palestinian Zombie Shot Around 122 Times in Five Separate Incidents Dies Resurrected Dies Again

And then here lifeless body was beaten by a radical Zionist before she was once again resurrected.

Ma’an News reports on a strange hospital incident involving palestinian Amal Taqata, about whom I posted in the past.
a Palestinian woman from Beit Fajjar south of Bethlehem who is being treated from gunshot wounds

While sleeping in her hospital bed, she was awakened by a Jewish settler grabbing her hair. He then slapped her in the face

pointing out that she was shot five times in the leg, abdomen, chest, and arm

....Amal Taqtaqa, 22, was shot and killed Monday in cold blood...

... saying Amal was hospitalized due to the serious injuries she sustained after she was hit by four bullets...

Amal was shot by the soldier, injuring her foot ... he soldier shot at her foot again ... For the third time, the soldier shot at Amal’s foot...

...the soldier immediately shot her in the chest. The girl fell to the ground then tried to get up and run away, but the soldier shot her again in the feet causing her to fall down again then he approached her and shot a last round,” the official added....

The young woman was hit with twenty bullets by Israeli soldiers and settlers

Wow she's a bullet magnet.

 photo bomb_magnet-1.jpg

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A Second al-Shabaab Leader Surrenders It Took A Bit More Encouragement

SuperDrone is very convincing.

NY Times:

A leader of the Somali militant group al Shabaab was killed by a U.S. air strike in Somalia, U.S. and Somali officials said on Tuesday.

The victim, identified as Abdishakur and also known as Tahliil, was the head of Amniyat, a unit blamed for suicide attacks in Mogadishu, Somalia's National Intelligence and Security Agency said in a statement.

The U.S. Defense Department said on Monday it had launched an air strike in Somalia that targeted a senior al Shabaab leader.

Two U.S. officials familiar with the matter confirmed that Abdishakur was the target of the U.S. air strike, and one said Abdishakur was killed in the attack.

When interviewed by this reporter the reason for his surrender he said, "I'm dead Jim!"

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Vlad the Impaler Borrowed From the Tolerant Enlightened Islamic Paradise of Moorish Spain

Muslim Issue:

If you think ISIS’s killing methods are bad wait till you see what one video in Arabic done by a Muslim lady dressed in a Hijab circulated to Muslims worldwide. The video was a complaint to Caliph al-Baghdadi of ISIS as “the call of Muslim mothers” arguing that such methods as “beheading” and “shooting” are just too humane and will not work to stop the U.S. led coalition air raids which she complained that this is persecution against her living in Syria. To eliminate the attacks she suggested that an Ottoman method of execution be used to detract pilots from joining the coalition against ISIS.

She suggested to use the captured Jordanian pilot Moaz Kasasbeh and begged not to execute him mercifully by using a bullet or a knife, but begged them to reinstitute the Khazouk.

he Moors in Spain. The Moors were the medieval Muslim inhabitants of the Maghreb, Iberian Peninsula, Sicily and Malta. The Moors invaded the Iberian Peninsula in 711 and called the territory Al-Andalus.

Everyone in the Middle East knows three things told to them by their grand parents about the Ottoman Turks and what they spread throughout the Middle East: Sihr “sorcery,” Baksheesh “bribery”, and the Khazouk which is a spike driven through the victim’s rectum, which the Ottomans used to terrify locals and deter potential insurgents. And this is exactly what this lady wanted to reinstitute:

“Are you going to execute him with a merciful bullet? Or are you going to execute him with a merciful knife?” she asks.

Khawiskou “impale him” she cries out “then send him to his mother” she added.

“Why are the Arab world fighting us. We are Muslim doing the will of Allah”.

“I am pleading [ISIS] to honor my special request that you Khazouk him “impale him” and post it all over the social networks and the media”.

Nice Lady.

Anyway in Vlad took it to a whole 'nother level. Impaling in such a vast scale that the Ottomans, who had impaled victims outside his window when he was imprisoned in Istanbul, were shocked and retreated rather than face the prospect of being punished in the same manner the Ottomans used.

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Syria! Visit The New Islamic Utopia Camping! Fun Athletics! Children's Activities!

Buy a sex slave and reserve your martyrdom today! Limited Time Offer!

Several jihadist groups operating in Iraq and Syria continue to showcase facilities used to train their fighters. Since Dec. 1, seven new camps have been identified by The Long War Journal. Of the seven, six are in Syria and one is in Iraq. This brings the total number of training camps identified in Iraq and Syria to 64.

Luxury accommodations!

The facility in Iraq, called the "Abu Hamza al Muhajir camp," is run by the Islamic State. Located in Fallujah, the camp is named after the former emir of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Ayyub al Masri (his nom de guerre was Abu Hamza al Muhajir). He headed the group from 2006 to 2010 after its founder, Abu Musab al Zarqawi, was killed in a US airstrike in 2006. Al Masri and Abu Omar al Baghdadi, the previous leader of the Islamic State of Iraq, were killed by US and Iraqi forces in 2010.

The "Cubs of the Caliphate camp" in Syria is also operated by the Islamic State. Photographs of the facility, which was advertised by the jihadist group on Dec. 6, show various children training with weapons, martial arts, and in sharia law. This camp is just the latest in a long list of training centers run exclusively for children in Iraq and Syria. [For more on children's camps in Iraq and Syria, see LWJ report, Jihadists tout training camps for children in Iraq and Syria.]

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Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Jihad Me Tender Edition (Fatwas Issued!)

Caption this image of the littlest Jihadi.


Fatwas will be issued.

Update: Fatwas Issued!

The I Will Cut UR Neck Fatwa issued against Al Bin Gore for

Neil Young's grandson chairs an ISIS climate change panel.
The Why U Insult Holly Koran? Fatwa issued against Dahozho for
Hello Mudder, hello Fadder,
Here I am at
Camp al-Spladda!
The Devil Will Do Meetballs From Ur Body Fatwa issued against Moe Hamhead for
One of these meatballs is different than the other.

And by popular vote the Our Hajj Will Be Complete Once We Rape Your Women Fatwa issued against IowaHawk for.

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December 28, 2014

Shabaab "Intelligence" Chief Surrenders

Shabaab "Intelligence Chief" surrendered to Somali authorities as reported by the associated press on December 27th.Zakariah Ismail Ahmed Herai Was featured faceless on the rewards for just page from the state department for acts of terrorism.


Using any shabaab members name in the same sentence as the word intelligence should be a crime on it's own. Let's be clear these guys eat worms and hyenas and kill anyone who doesn't appear to be Muslim as well as fellow Muslims also.

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December 27, 2014

Pennsylvania Woman Accused of Naughty with Boy

Iris Gibney.jpg
Iris Gibney

(Upper Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania) A 42-year-old local woman, Iris Gibney, has been accused of performing sex acts on a minor in the back of a car.

Gibney has been charged with several offenses related to inappropriate relations with a 17-year-old boy.

On Nov. 15, at around 8:30 p.m., Upper Pottsgrove police observed two vehicles parked in the lower rear parking lot of Hollenbach Park after the park was closed.

When officers approached the vehicles, they noticed that the two people in the back seat of a black Mitsubishi were not wearing clothes and were engaging in sexual acts, police said.

Gibney was booked into custody with bail set at $50,000.

Tip: Howie

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December 26, 2014

The Spice Vodka Must Flow!

Screw falling oil prices the commodity that really brings Russia to its knees is Vodka

Vodka powers Russia.

That’s the message Russian President Vladimir Putin sent Wednesday when he ordered vodka prices reined in.

Skyrocketing government-regulated vodka prices – up 30 percent in the last year to $4.10 for a half-liter bottle — means more bootleg alcohol will reach market. Unregulated vodka made by unscrupulous producers poses a potential health threat.

He who controls the Vodka controls Russia!

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Innocent Palestinian Kids Just Playing Burn the Jews

Come on, you phobes just don't understand their culture, burning little Israeli girls equates to a nice game of tag in your sick western Kuffar culture.

11-year-old daughter left in a critical condition near Ma’aleh Shomron Thursday evening when a fire bomb was thrown at their car, setting it ablaze.

Both Avner Shapira and his daughter, Ayala, managed to escape the burning vehicle; initial Magen David Adom paramedic reports suggested that the girl suffered third-degree burns over 30-40 percent of her body, and that her father sustained light injuries. They were both evacuated to the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer.

Construction Minister Uri Ariel said the attack should be treated like it was a rocket from Gaza.

“The Molotov cocktail had one purpose – to kill Jews,” Ariel stated, adding that an appropriate Zionist response from security forces would be “firm and severe.” The Bayit Yehudi minister called for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to end the “silent freeze” of settlement construction immediately.

The victim is said to be improving.
An 11-year-old Israeli girl severely injured in a firebomb attack in the West Bank is showing signs of improvement.


Ayala Shapira was rushed to the Chaim Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv after the attack Thursday evening. She had severe burns to her upper body and face. Her father sustained minor injuries in the attack on their car.

Doctors treating Shapira told Army Radio Friday that her condition had improved slightly overnight but that her life is still in danger. She is being kept under sedation at the hospital’s emergency ward where doctors are trying to stabilize her condition.

“She has a very severe injury because she has a deep burn in the facial area and the scalp,” said Eyal Winkler, director of Sheba’s plastic surgery department. “We are hoping for the best. It will be a long, protracted treatment with ups and downs.”

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IS Mosul Governors' Life Expectancy Declines Drastically

The last one lasted about 20 30 days.dded 12-26-14 02:32:03am EST - “Time, by Per Liljas Posted By: Lalo- Fri, 26 08 2014 07:08:38 GMT Coalition airstrikes killed the latest Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS)'appointed governor of Mosul on Thursday, according to Iraqi police. Hassan SaeedNext!

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عمليات نوعية نفذتها وحداتنا في كوباني

I have no idea but I think it means Kurds kick ass. Note the women in the unit.

The results below the fold

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Islamic State of Losers Plagued By Problems of Running a State

In stark contrast to earlier reports where IS paves some roads and passed out some of the war booty, IS has run out of booty.

GAZIANTEP, Turkey — The Islamic State’s vaunted exercise in state-building appears to be crumbling as living conditions deteriorate across the territories under its control, exposing the shortcomings of a group that devotes most of its energies to fighting battles and enforcing strict rules.

Services are collapsing, prices are soaring, and medicines are scarce in towns and cities across the “caliphate” proclaimed in Iraq and Syria by the Islamic State, residents say, belying the group’s boasts that it is delivering a model form of governance for Muslims.

Slick Islamic State videos depicting functioning government offices and the distribution of aid do not match the reality of growing deprivation and disorganized, erratic leadership, the residents say. A trumpeted Islamic State currency has not materialized, nor have the passports the group promised. Schools barely function, doctors are few, and disease is on the rise.

When your only tool is a Koran, everything looks like a neck, but it will be be hard from Islamic State to murder its way out of winter.
In the Syrian city of Raqqa, the group’s self-styled capital, water and electricity are available for no more than three or four hours a day, garbage piles up uncollected, and the city’s poor scavenge for scraps on streets crowded with sellers hawking anything they can find, residents say.

Videos filmed in secret by an activist group show desperate women and children clamoring for handouts of food, while photographs posted on the Internet portray foreign militants eating lavish spreads, a disparity that is starting to stir resentment.

Bombs falling from the sly, the gutters running with blood, death, destruction and starvation!

Its Islamic Utopia!

Update thanks to pst314 for the awesome edit.

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Anti Semitic Incidents Continue in France

People are taking pot shots at Jewish establishments.

d Friday in the window of a Jewish-owned publishing house in Paris' 19th arrondissement.

Initial reports suggested that the bullet holes were caused by an air gun, much like preceding events at a synagogue on Monday and a kosher restaurant on Wednesday.

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Open and Honest Blogging From A NYC City Cop

The innovation of the Blogsphere was open and honest discussion, of course that was back during the days of horse drawn routers.

But it still happens.

Every single day at work I encounter real bad guys. And guess what? They know they’ve won. They know we are hesitant. That fear is gone. Now that fear is in us. I have two little kids at home. I’m gonna leave them parentless for what? A city that hates me? Condemns me? Leave my spouse a single parent for a city that spits on me? It’s not worth it anymore.
Read the rest.

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Ministry of Entertaining The Masses: The Interview

Rusty probably can't watch it because the sight hot Asian chick's bare breasts make him throw up, but then again everything make Rusty throw up.

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December 25, 2014

Jawa Christmas

The message of Christmas is not that Christ was born, but he lives and that through him all things are possible.

Even Peace in Syria.

And Saul, yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord, went unto the high priest, And desired of him letters to Damascus to the synagogues, that if he found any of this way, whether they were men or women, he might bring them bound unto Jerusalem.

And as he journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven:4 And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?

And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do.

And the men which journeyed with him stood speechless, hearing a voice, but seeing no man. And Saul arose from the earth; and when his eyes were opened, he saw no man: but they led him by the hand, and brought him into Damascus. And he was three days without sight, and neither did eat nor drink.

And there was a certain disciple at Damascus, named Ananias; and to him said the Lord in a vision, Ananias. And he said, Behold, I am here, Lord. And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the street which is called Straight, and enquire in the house of Judas for one called Saul, of Tarsus: for, behold, he prayeth, And hath seen in a vision a man named Ananias coming in, and putting his hand on him, that he might receive his sight.

Then Ananias answered, Lord, I have heard by many of this man, how much evil he hath done to thy saints at Jerusalem: And here he hath authority from the chief priests to bind all that call on thy name. But the Lord said unto him, Go thy way: for he is a chosen vessel unto me, to bear my name before the Gentiles, and kings, and the children of Israel: For I will shew him how great things he must suffer for my name's sake.

And Ananias went his way, and entered into the house; and putting his hands on him said, Brother Saul, the Lord, even Jesus, that appeared unto thee in the way as thou camest, hath sent me, that thou mightest receive thy sight, and be filled with the Holy Ghost. And immediately there fell from his eyes as it had been scales: and he received sight forthwith, and arose, and was baptized.

And when he had received meat, he was strengthened. Then was Saul certain days with the disciples which were at Damascus. And straightway he preached Christ in the synagogues, that he is the Son of God.

It has been said the wages of sin is death.

If this is so the war in Syria and Iraq is a great sin, The wages of ISIS' war are clear to see.

(Howie steps down from his soapbox.)

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December 24, 2014

Jordanian Coalition Pilot Downed In Raqqa

Jordanian pilot first lieutenant Mu`adh Yusuf al Kasasbeh was captured today by ISIS terrorists after his plane crashed in Raqqa, Syria. ISIS has claimed to have downed the F16 jet by using a MANPAD they had stolen from Syrian rebels.


The interesting question is why was he flying during the day and was he flying at a low altitude? Bashar Al Assads flying death machines fly much lower every day and ISIS hasn't picked them off. So did they really shoot him down? Time will tell...

Obviously we all know ISIS terrorists enjoy diddling their buddies as well as prisoners but come on this guy just fell from the sky and they're already stripping him down for their pleasure. SAVAGES!

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AQAP Releases Threats to Blow Up Airliner For Baby Jesus' Birthday

al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has issued a new issue of their magazine Inspire #13 and a video to go with it asking Muslims to blow up an airliner.

The video is called Open Source Jihad.


After some clips of US officials speaking of the threat al-Qaeda poses the video asks, "What if this can be made in the kitchen of your mother?"

Then the video shows and extensive production of the downing of a western airliner complete with screaming infidels being sucked out of a depressurized airliner and its crash.

Apparently a clip from World War Z according to readers

Jawa Report has obtained copies of both, I'm still looking these over.

It appears the magazine carries the same theme complete with how to instructions on committing a terrorist act against an airliner.

AQAP has long sought to bring down an airliner in a spectacular attack.


I see no indication at this point they have an attack planned, but instead hope to inspire Muslims in the west to carry out the attack in their stead. Just a reminder to stay vigilant and remember al-Qaeda wants to kill us and would if they could.

Given the recent spate of attacks its prudent to stay alert if you are traveling.

Update one of the lone wolf Jihadis in this weeks' series of attacks in France is featured in Inspire 13.


As is long time Jawa nemesis Samir Khan.


Gay, and also dead.

There is also an article on Ramzi Yusuf who was involved in the first World Trade Center bombing. Also a message to America holding up the Tsarnev brothers as heroes and threatening more attacks.

*Then followed by step by step instructions in building and sneaking a bomb onto an aircraft.

A more analysis here at IntelWire.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula put out the 13th issue of its English-language magazine Inspire, with content and timing clearly meant to invoke the specter of its most-mocked attack, the 2009 Christmas Day bombing attempt in which a would-be terrorist wearing an underwear bomb did incredible damage to his own genitalia but failed to take down a plane.

Much of the issue is devoted to instructions for a "new" kind of "hidden" bomb that "America does not expect," a self-defeating announcement intended more to provoke an outburst of security theater than anything else. If this bomb design has any purpose at all, it is to sell full-body scanners to airports, as the instructions helpfully note that the bomb is vulnerable to such.

... It also includes lackluster responses from Anwar Awlaki to questions posed years ago by Inspire readers, reading lists and lengthy psuedo-intellectual justifications of jihadist action, of the sort ISIS has largely rendered obsolete in favor of a stripped down argument that can be summarized as "let's just kill a bunch of folks."

Observation: AQAP assumes, logically, that anyone stupid enough to do this will still live with his mommy.

*Obviously we won't be giving out copies of this to the public for obvious reasons.

But selected analysts and readers, feel free to request a copy. We'll make that judgement on a case by case basis.

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Armed Man With Large Knife in Cannes

Carrying two shotguns and a large knife into the center of town during peak Christmas shopping hours after three consecutive days of terrorist attacks means nothing....

A gunman armed with two fully loaded shotguns and a knife has been arrested by French police after he was spotted ‘armed to the teeth’ and walking towards Cannes city centre.

His arrest comes just hours after the French government ordered an extra 300 soldiers to patrol city streets in an attempt to quell a spate of ‘lone wolf’ attacks that have rocked the country this week.

Ya'll are a bunch of total phobes.

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ISIS Loses Hardan Leave Behind Mass Graves


After he fled from this tiny northern Iraqi hamlet four months ago, Hayder Khalef got panicked phone calls from his relatives who had remained behind. They were at that moment being led by Islamic State group gunmen toward a checkpoint on the edge of town.

"If you don't hear from us, you'll find our bodies near the checkpoint," Khalef said they told him in the calls.


He is back in his hometown for the first time since, after Iraqi Kurdish fighters last week drove out the extremists holding the village. Khalef and a few other residents who escaped followed the Kurds in, hoping to discover what happened to hundreds of their relatives and neighbors who vanished after the jihadis overran Hardan in early August.

They fear they know where they are: four mounds of recently dug-up earth. The sites have not yet been excavated, but Khalef and others are convinced they are mass graves, possibly holding dozens of dead. From the loose top soil, they and Kurdish fighters pulled out pieces of clothing as an Associated Press reporter watched

The photographs of the scene are here.

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Ya Think He's Dead Jim?

Um yeah, I think so.


Kurds, they make extra sure doubleclutch that ISIS terrorists are dead.

Hat Tip: Blogs of Jihad.

Update: Bonus!

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December 23, 2014

Proud Papa Update

My boy passed the test for the Navy's nuclear program. He's aiming for Reactor Engineer.


By Vinnie at 06:24 PM | Comments |

ISIS Timeline

A good primer on Iraqi insurgent groups such as al-Qaeda in the Land of Two Rivers, Ansar al-Islam/Sunnah and the Mujahideen Sura Council and how they have combined to create Islamic State or ISIS.

While the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) was only recently established, multiple iterations of the group have been documented since 2001, when the purported forefather Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi joined forces with al-Qa’ida.1 According to reports, Zarqawi cited disillusionment with US intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq as his reasons for pledging allegiance to Osama bin Laden and establishing al-Qa’ida in Iraq (AQI)2 in 2004. From 2004 to 2006, AQI launched a number of attacks including multiple beheadings of American citizens.3
Following Zarqawi’s death by US airstrike in 2006,4 second-in-command Abu Ayyub al-Masri assumed leadership of the group and announced the formation of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI)5 to politicize AQI’s activities, according to The National Counterterrorism Center. Although ISI (often referred to as AQI) was largely degraded by a US counterterrorism campaign from 2006 to 2011,6 the Sunni group managed to carry out various acts of sectarian violence, shown by events coded in red.

Recognizing an opportunity for further recruitment and mobilization amid the Syrian uprising, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who replaced al-Masri after his death, joined forces with Syrian Islamist group Jabhat al-Nusra in 2013,7 reports claim. The new alliance was named the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and has been largely responsible for the 2014 attacks and land grabs in both Iraq and Syria. In June 2014, ISIS announced the establishment of a “caliphate” and renamed itself the Islamic State.

Many long time Jawa Report readers will recognize many of the groups.

One thing for certain there was no shortage of insurgent groups in Iraq. Many can be found in our archives. But this is a good general overview of them, especially the ones related to al-Qaeda and the former Baathist regime that have combined to form IS or ISIS.

The way I like to think of ISIS is this, its the Saddam method of governance, a fascist kill all those who oppose you wrapped in Islamic Salafist kill all who oppose you rhetoric.

I find that while early al-Qaeda was quite religiously motivated and saw themselves as pious Muslims, IS is much more pragmatic. It is first about its own power in the vein of Saddam's Iraq, Islam being used as the justification and for propaganda purposes. But the power of IS taking precedence over strict adherence to the core ideology.

For instance, under Islam killing one innocent is as if you killed all mankind, ISIS kind of turns this around to say, you can kill all humanity, even the innocent, so long as the end result is IS caliphate.

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Good Gun Control: JJ Was A Good Kid, Sure He Was an Armed Robber But Look A Squirrel!

I mean he just really really wanted those Air Jordans that Kuffar was holding, we all know that Robbing the Kuffar is Halal, the ROP says so.

The Middletown teen who was shot and killed at the Dayton Mall over the weekend was trying to steal shoes from a man with a concealed carry license, police say.

Officials say the investigation shows that three male juveniles approached two men outside of the hhgregg store just after 10 a.m.. According to police, 16-year-old Jawaad Jabbar got out a gun and demanded merchandise from the men.

One of the men, who police say had a valid concealed carry license, produced his gun and shot Jabbar. Jabbar died from injuries sustained from the gunshot.
"This was a random act of, 'I want something that person has and I'm going to take it from them,'” said Sgt. Jay Phares of the Miami Township Police Department.

Miami Township and Miamisburg police departments as well as the Montgomery County Sheriff's Officer and Dayton Mall security officers assisted with the investigation.

Wait a minute who armed that Kuffar?
Officials say Jabbar was the only person injured. The investigation is still ongoing.

“JJ was a good kid, making good decisions and turning his life around. Everytime he stepped on the field, he was determined to be the best player. It's upsetting that his life ended so soon and I just want to send prayers out to his family and he will really be missed,” a fellow football teammate, Messiah Haralson, told FOX19 NOW.

Middletown Middles athletics sent a tweet Saturday night in honor of Jabbar.

FOX19 NOW spoke to Jabbar's father by phone late Sunday. He says his son is a world-class young man, a good athlete and a good student.

I can think of at least one very bad decision, his last one.

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1118 Freshly Dead Jihadists

We've waxed a lot of Jihadis since we began to act against AQ and ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS and al-Nusra lost 1118 fighters by direct US action, that's not counting the IS killed by the Kurds or Iraq or by the Syrian Regime or in conflicts between Sunni rebel groups. That's a pretty high rate of attrition when you add all those up.

Unfortunately there is a pretty deep bench of retards waiting in line.

Anyway the Syrian Observatory is hardly pro US but lists only 52 casualties who were collateral damage.

That's about a 4.406% collateral damage rate. Pretty good rate considering all the whining IS does about civilians.

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December 22, 2014

ISIS Vows To Take Over The World Even if it Means Killing 500 Million People


Juergen Todenhoefer's journey was a tough one: dangerous, but also eye-opening. The author traveled deep into ISIS territory -- the area they now call their "caliphate" -- visiting Raqqa and Deir Ezzor in Syria, as well as Mosul in Iraq.

One of the most remarkable episodes of Todenhoefer's trip to the ISIS-controlled region came when he was able to conduct an interview with a German fighter who spoke on behalf of ISIS's leadership.

The man -- clearly unapologetic about the group's transgressions -- vowed there was more to come; he also issued a warning to Europe and the United States.
"So you also want to come to Europe?" Todenhoefer asked him.

"No, we will conquer Europe one day," the man said. "It is not a question of if we will conquer Europe, just a matter of when that will happen. But it is certain ... For us, there is no such thing as borders. There are only front lines.

"Our expansion will be perpetual ... And the Europeans need to know that when we come, it will not be in a nice way. It will be with our weapons. And those who do not convert to Islam or pay the Islamic tax will be killed."

Todenhoefer asked the fighter about their treatment of other religions, especially Shia Muslims.

"What about the 150 million Shia, what if they refuse to convert?" Todenhoefer asked.

"150 million, 200 million or 500 million, it does not matter to us," the fighter answered. "We will kill them all."

The fighter goes on to say that Slavery and beheading are good because its part of Islam.

By Howie at 02:44 PM | Comments |

R.I.P. Joe Cocker

He had a lot of soul for a white guy... R.I.P.

By DMartyr at 02:29 PM | Comments |

Two Three Terrorist Attacks in France

There were two attacks in France over the weekend. Last week a French speaking Jihadi called for attacks on France.

In one attack a man stabbed two french police Shouting Allahu Ackbar.

French police have gunned down a knife-wielding assailant who allegedly attacked officers while shouting "God is great" in Arabic.

The man had injured three officers at a police station in Tours, France, before he was shot, the BBC reported.

Investigators are looking into whether the attacker, identified only as Bertrand N., was a radicalized Muslim.

Christophe Crepin, a member of France's police union, said the man, thought to be a 20-year-old French national originally from east Africa, had "a long knife, like a kitchen knife.

There is a pic of Bertrand Nzohabonayo here at Rightscoop. He was a devout Islamist.

The second attack was when a crazed man ran down 13 people with his car Shouting Allahu Ackbar and complaining about the treatment of Muslim children in Palestine and Chechnya. A common complaint of Islamic Terrorists.

A man who reportedly spent time in a psychiatric hospital shouted "Allahu akbar!" as he rammed his car into crowds at five different locations around Dijon in central France on Sunday, injuring 11 people in a half-hour rampage.

At least two people were critically injured by a Renault Clio driven by a 40-year-old man, who witnesses said was acting for the "children of Palestine" and yelling "God is great," according to police.

The incident comes one day after French police gunned down a knife-wielding assailant who allegedly attacked officers while shouting "God is great" in Arabic. The man had injured three officers — two seriously — at a police station in Tours, France.

Counter-terrorist police are investigating the Tours attack amid general concern after several threats by Islamic extremist groups calling for attacks against France.

The government said the driver's motives Sunday were unclear, but the man had run-ins with police dating to the 1990s and was "apparently imbalanced," having spent time in a psychiatric hospital, the BBC reported.

Let me take this moment to point out again, that mental illness does not exclude Jihad as a motive. Oh he was crazy way before Islam.

That may be true but crazy and Jihad are not mutually exclusive categories, in fact they tend to go together. The attack in NY this weekend, yeah that dude had problems, one of them was radical Islam.

If you think there's not a lot more Crazy+Jihad out there, well sorry to say there is.

In a third totally isolated incident a tiny minority of one more Muslim runs down Christmas shoppers shouting Allahu Ackbar.

PARIS, Dec 22 (Reuters) - A man driving a van plowed into a crowd strolling through a Christmas market in Nantes in western France on Monday evening, injuring 10 people, an official at the local prefecture told Reuters.

Five people suffered serious injuries, including the driver, the official said.

According to local newspaper Ouest France, citing a police officer and witnesses on the scene, the driver of the white van shouted "Allahu Akbar" ("God is greatest" in Arabic) and then stabbed himself with a knife.

The Christmas market was evacuated and secured by police, a Reuters witness reported.

What? But, but I was told that Muslims love Baby Jesus?

Now they try and run down Baby Jesus' followers for Christmas shopping.

I'm starting to have mu doubts about this Religion of Peace.

By Howie at 12:06 PM | Comments |

Where's Vinnie? Elvin Edition

He's spreading Christmas cheer in New Jersey.

A man dressed as one of Santa's little helpers found himself in trouble Friday morning when Riverdale police allegedly discovered him drunkenly passed out in a car.


The driver... was asleep behind the wheel, wearing an "Elf on the Shelf" costume, Macintosh said.

Must have been one hell of a party.

By Howie at 10:22 AM | Comments |

Islamic State of Losers Surrounded at Sinjar

Reports are that the Kurdish push for Sinjar is making very good progress.

Kurdish authorities say their Peshmerga forces have taken control of a "large area" of the Iraqi town of Sinjar from Islamic State militants.

Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani claimed large Peshmerga advances during a visit to nearby Mount Sinjar.

The town, near the Syrian border has been controlled by Islamic State (IS) militants since August.

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters backed by US-led air strikes launched a counter-offensive in the area last week.

IS controls a swathe of Iraq and Syria, where it has declared a caliphate.

The US said it launched 13 air strikes in Iraq on Sunday, four of which were on IS targets near Sinjar.

The US, Iraq and other Western and Arab countries have formed a coalition against the militant group and began air strikes in August.

ISIS supporters are spinning and spamming desperately.

So since when was being surrounded and waiting to die a victory? What you're fighting with the Islamic State of Losers.

By Howie at 09:07 AM | Comments |

Sandcrawler PSA: Why Disruption is Good

On the one hand you might breed a resistant pest, but it seems to me the pest is pretty well established at this point. so the disruption and gnashing of teeth for ShamiWitness not only tastes sweet, it is good for the soul and of course too little too late.

ENGALURU: Many followers of @ShamiWitness, the pro-ISIS handle Mehdi Masroor Biswas is said to have owned, are disappearing from the virtual world. Or, they are at least dissociating themselves from the controversial handle.
The intent to disappear by some followers comes even as hundreds of people have created separate hashtags (#FreeShamiWitness) seeking his release, besides posting a host of threat tweets.

However, police, who have been able to track such activities, are keeping mum to prevent hampering of the investigation.

It is not clear if the followers attempting to disappear are exhibiting a knee-jerk reaction to Mehdi's arrest, or doing so to keep their identities safe.

As the analysis of his tweets continue, police are scanning through the time zones from which they originated and the consistency of some of the tweeters in maintaining a certain stand on issues or actions in Iran or Syria.

So pop some popcorn and don't listen the hand wringing about the blips we might be missing, the one thing we don't have is a shortage of blips.

The thing we did have was an unchallenged Islamic State recruiting machine.

Now we have a bunch of Jihadis who are scared shitless, And Islamic State defeat in Kobane and one pending in Sinjar.

IS and their supporters are feeling the pressure, their morale is affected, its getting harder and harder to spin the yarn of an invincible Islamic Utopia.

IS peak has passed, the thing to do now is not to let up. An any front, including the electronic and information warfare front. I'm not advocating for total disruption but it has to be a tool in your toolbox , and its the most fun tool at that, no?

By Howie at 08:52 AM | Comments |

December 21, 2014

Nebraska Mom and Two Boys

Tera Stewart of Omaha.jpg
Tera Stewart

(Omaha, Nebraska)

Tera Stewart of Omaha, Nebraska was arrested for having a physical relationship with two boys — one was 15 and the other was 12.

Both boys were friends with her daughter and were originally at the house doing homework.

The 39-year-old mother, who also goes by the name Tera Spahn, ended up having multiple encounters with both kids. She wasn’t busted until one of the parents found suspicious text messages.

Details on booking unavailable.

Tip: Howie

Update by Howie: It wasn't me, I swear!

By Mr. E. Blogger at 07:00 PM | Comments |

December 20, 2014

Sandcrawler PSA: Sitemeter Dumped

We've been getting complains about sitemeter, so we switched the tool we use for public analytics.

Anyway hopefully the counter will be better and have less annoying spamish BS.

Please feeback on comments. The counter at the bottom of the sidebar is displaying page views, not unique hits 59,000,000 we were at around 42,000,000.

Later boys and girls.

Update: I had to make the actual analytics page private until I can figure out how to suppress the full IP's to the public. The old meter only reported partial info. So for now all you can see I think is a page view count.

Also it will take some time to rebuild the entire blog. I was at about 40% this AM.

By Howie at 10:48 PM | Comments |

Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley Murders Two NYC Police Officers

Another isolated incident committed by a tiny minority of one Muslim misunderstanderer.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley shot and killed two NYPD officers before committing suicide in Brooklyn’s Bed Stuy neighborhood just before 3 p.m. on December 20. He’s believed to have walked up to the cop’s patrol car and opened fire, “execution” style.



After the shooting, he took his own life. Brinsley, 28, ran to the platform of a Subway station on Marcy Avenue and killed himself with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, reports NBC New York.

These aren't the 174 likers of Allah wants you to kill da police for Christmas we're looking for. Move along, move along.

Hat Tip: Dan Riehl at Riehl World View.

By Howie at 07:25 PM | Comments |

December 19, 2014

Heartbreak Santa Mauled by Bear

I guess that's it then, Christmas is canceled boys and girls.

By Howie at 10:45 AM | Comments |

Men Arrested on Blasphemy Charges After Insulting The Prophet of Islam NO WAIT!

Blasphemy Laws Suck!

BBC:A New Zealander and two Burmese men have pleaded not guilty to charges of insulting Buddhism in Myanmar.

The trio, who ran a bar in Yangon, are accused over a flyer promoting a drinks event depicting Buddha with headphones.

The image triggered an angry response online shortly after it appeared on the bar's Facebook page.

Burmese law makes it illegal to insult or damage any religion. Myanmar, also known as Burma, has seen growing Buddhist nationalism in recent years.

The flyer from VGastro Bar showed Buddha with his eyes shut, wearing large headphones, and surrounded by lurid colours.

The flyer advertised a drinks afternoon with limitless alcohol and shisha pipes.

Buddha is a jealous, angry and oppressive guy?


He always looks and seemed so happy.

By Howie at 08:54 AM | Comments |

ShamiWitness Claims Gladiator Status!

Biswas is enjoying his stay in close quarters with all the sweaty unwashed gladiators and has elected to stay rather than go back to living with Mommy.

BENGALURU: "I'm a soldier and messenger. I don't regret what I've done," Mehdi Masroor Biswas, 24, told an advocate as a posse of policemen escorted him out of court hall 49, Civil Court Complex, Bengaluru, on Thursday.

Mehdi, arrested for operating a pro-ISIS Twitter handle, was remanded to 15 days in police custody by special judge Somaraju. One of the advocates asked Mehdi outside the courtroom, "Why did you do this, man?" Mehdi replied he had no regrets.

Isn't that special?

By Howie at 08:40 AM | Comments |

'Mericans So Cool The French Stand in Awe of Our Ramboness

Le cool.

Whatever State they are from, no two accents are alike and they even admit that in some crisis situations they have difficulties understanding each other. Heavily built, fed at the earliest age with Gatorade, proteins and creatine (Heh. More like Waffle House and McDonalds) - they are all heads and shoulders taller than us and their muscles remind us of Rambo. Our frames are amusingly skinny to them - we are wimps, even the strongest of us -
Viva Lafayette!

By Howie at 08:32 AM | Comments |

Islamic State of Losers Lose Again

Is it just me of is ISIS making a habit of getting its ass kicked lately?Schweet!

BAGHDAD — Kurdish forces, backed by a surge of American airstrikes in recent days, recaptured a large swath of territory from Islamic State militants on Thursday, opening a path from the autonomous Kurdish region to Mount Sinjar in the west, near the Syrian border.

The two-day offensive, which involved 8,000 fighters, known as pesh merga, was the largest one to date in the war against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL, according to Kurdish officials. It was also a successful demonstration of President Obama’s strategy for battling the extremist group: American air power combined with local forces doing the fighting on the ground.

A statement released Thursday night by the office of Masrour Barzani, the head of the Kurdistan Regional Security Council, called the operation “the single biggest military offensive against ISIS, and the most successful.”

Its always nice to start off with a feel good story, don't you think?

Hat Tip: Small Wars Journal.

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December 18, 2014

You Were In The Clone Wars?

For a thousand years the Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice throughout the galaxy. Before the dark times, before the Empire.


By Howie at 06:55 PM | Comments |

ShamiWitness Still in Jail

It looks like Mehdi Masroor Biswas will be spending Christmas in the slammer, with hands on training in The Greek.

Police custody of alleged handler of the most influential pro-Islamic State (IS) Twitter account Mehdi Masroor Biswas was extended by 15 days by a court in Bengaluru on Thursday.

"His police custody has been extended by 15 days till January 2. We had asked for 25 days," Joint Commissioner of Police Hemanth Nimbalkar told PTI. Biswas was presented before the session's court here at the end of his five-day police remand. Meanwhile, Biswas's parents who are in the city from West Bengal met their son and the city Police Commissioner MN Reddi.

Also Disillusioned Indian Jihadi forced to clean toilets for ISIS as part of his Jihad for Allah exchanged private messages with Biswas.
One of the three Kalyan youths, fighting for the ISIS in Syria, follows @ShamiWitness on Twitter, the account operated by Bangalore-based food manufacturing executive Mehdi Masroor Biswas, police told a special court on Thursday. Masroor, 24, was arrested last week.

Apart from putting out nearly 1.2 lakh tweets, Masroor also exchanged around 11,000 direct messages through his Twitter account and one of the persons with whom he communicated is suspected to be an Indian youth in Syria, recruited earlier this year along with three others from Maharashtra, the police said.

The crime branch police investigating the tweets by @ShamiWitness for terror-links, sought 25-day custody of Masroor, claiming that he needs to be taken to Mumbai to confront Areeb Majeed, the Kalyan youth who returned to India after having fought for ISIS.

So apparently ShamiWitness was aware of the low status given to Indian Jihadis by ISIS but never once mentioned it publicly (that I'm aware of).

By Howie at 04:13 PM | Comments |

Tinyish Minority of African Muslims Take 185 Women and Children Hostage in Yet Another Isolated Incident

In yet another totally isolated incident Boko Haram took 185 hostage and killed 32 men.

Boko Haram insurgents kidnapped at least 185 women and children, and killed 32 people in a raid in northeastern Nigeria this week, local officials and residents said.

Gunmen in pickup trucks attacked the village of Gumsuri, just north of Chibok, on Sunday, shooting down men before herding women and children together.
"They gathered the women and children and took them away in trucks after burning most of the village with petrol bombs," a local government official said on condition anonymity for fear of reprisal.

News of the attack took four days to emerge because of a lack of communication. Telecommunications towers in the region had been disabled in previous attacks.

Local officials learned of the attack from residents who fled to Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, where the officials had moved a year ago to escape Boko Haram attacks.

The militants stormed the village from two directions, overwhelming local vigilantes who had repelled Boko Haram attacks over the course of the year, said Gumsuri resident Umar Ari, who trekked for four days to Maiduguri.
‎"They destroyed almost half the village and took away 185 women, girls and boys," Ari said.‎

By my count that's at least one totally isolated event every day this week.

By Howie at 09:45 AM | Comments |

NORKs To Go Back on State Sponsors of Terrorism List?

Yeah I think the Sony thing pretty much proves that removing the NORKS from the terrorist list was a bad move.

The U.S. is ready to blame North Korea for the crippling hack attack at Sony Pictures, as the studio said Wednesday it would cancel next week's planned release of its controversial comedy "The Interview."
U.S. investigators say an announcement pinning the blame on hackers working for the Pyongyang regime could come as soon as Thursday.

By Howie at 09:37 AM | Comments |

On Torture in Cuba

Alan Gross before his detention in Castro's Cuban prison.


Alan Gross after...


Khalid Sheikh Mohammed at his capture.


The most recent image of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed after years in Gitmo, much longer than Gross was held by Cuba.


Um, yeah.

By Howie at 09:21 AM | Comments |

Shami I Was Hacked!

Deccan ChronicalMehdi had denied that @ShamiWitness was his twitter handle and had told a media house that somebody had hacked his email account - and used it to upload “stuff”.

Yum yeah stuff.

Mehdi’s father, Dr Mekail Biswas, a retired West Bengal government employee has also stated that his son is innocent and his account was hacked by some “enemy”.

Shami later confessed. His detention was supposed to end today but there is no word on that.

But there is word on the investigation.

BENGALURU: At least one lakh replies to the tweets of Mehdi Masroor Biswas, 24, who has been arrested for running a pro-ISIS Twitter handle, are being scoured by the city police.

"We are also after the credentials of 17,700 followers of @ShamiWitness Twitter handle run by Mehdi. We will analyze their credentials and check whether these followers have anything to do with ISIS or any other jihadi outfits. We are sure some of them are from within the country and some may be tweeting subversive messages to overseas individuals. We want to examine the profile of each of these individuals," the top cop explained. Reddi added that Twitter India executives had promised all support to the city police in this regard.

Today there are reports that India has detained three persons in connection to the investigation. There have also been statements denying anyone was detained.
Times of India:
BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh counter terrorist group (CTG) and Anti-Terrorist Squad (MPATS) have reportedly rounded up three youths, from Jabalpur district, who followed and interacted with ISIS propaganda Twitter account @ShamiWitness run by Mehdi Masroor Biswas.

The trio, which was picked up from district's Rampur Patel Mohalla on Wednesday night, was among 17,700 followers of Mehdi's Twitter handle.

The denial....
Jabalpur Inspector General (IG) Srinivas Rao has denied reports that three Jabalpur youths have been detained to probe their alleged interaction with ISIS Twitter account @ShamiWitness, allegedly owned by Mehdi Masroor Biswas.

"Some other agency must (be) working on it...not us," The Times of India quoted Rao as saying. He added that the "detentions" could be just a rumour.
Madhya Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (MPATS) chief Sanjeev Shami also said that no one has been arrested in connection with the @ShamiWitness case.
However, reports indicate that MPATS and Counter Terrorist Group (CTG) have indeed detained three youths from Rampur Patel Mohalla in Jabalpur district on Wednesday night.

The ShamiWitness account has been restored in full to Twitter but its unknown if this is because of co-operation by Biswas or Twitter itself or both.

I think its probably both. Either way the ShamiWitness data is entirely in the hands of Indian authorities who have stated they are receiving assistance from British Intelligence.

By Howie at 09:07 AM | Comments |

I'll Take Things That Are Banned in India For 100 Alex

Since the arrest of ShamiWitness India has banned ISIS.

India officially banned the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) after a top executive was arrested for spreading propaganda on behalf of the terrorist group. Medhi Masroor Biswas’s Twitter account @ShamiWitness was one of the most influential accounts affiliated with the jihadist group.

“We had taken cognizance of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria activities in other countries,” said Home Minister Rajnath Singh. “As a first step we have banned this outfit in India.”

...It is true the number of Indians in the group or involved in its activities is only a handful,” said Singh. “But I want to make clear we are taking this seriously.”

Also banned in India? Jawa Report.
India is still censoring this website. Apparently, India considers making fun of terrorists and their Islamist supporters more dangerous than the terrorists themselves. We are #2 on India's list of 17 websites that are being censored.

India reemphasized the ban today. Contrary to MSM reports, the only retreat was from the broader domain level ban, which was instituted by ISPs in India as a way to follow the directive to ban this and other websites.

You can see a copy of the document ordering us shut down in India here. The U.S. websites were banned because they are anti-Islamist in orientation. I am told that the other websites were either Hindu nationalists, advocated for the rights of the lower castes, or were anti-Communist in orientation.

By Howie at 08:39 AM | Comments |

December 17, 2014

Reader Love Mail: A Fatwa? For Me!?!? Edition

Admiral Ackbar says, Its not a threat.

By Howie at 04:20 PM | Comments |

US And Cuba To Normalize Relations

I know I'll take a beating for this, but this is long over due, we're not getting the Casinos in Havana back and the JFK thing can't last forever.

I'm not saying forget it, but if we can deal with the Godless Chinese Commies, the Godless Vietnamese Commies, the Russian Commies, buy oil from the Venezuelan commies.

Well we might just as well invade communist Cuba with 10,000 drunken tourists. It will work probably just as well as pretending Cuba doesn't exist.

Besides Nicaraguan knockoffs are good, but....

I for one am looking forward to a good Habana.

By Howie at 11:58 AM | Comments |

Good Gun Control: Scrooge Gets Screwed Edition

The best part, the weeping....

The lamentations! OMG!

By Howie at 11:24 AM | Comments |

Where's Rusty? Epic Christmas Edition

He's putting up lights.

The Force will be with you, always.

By Howie at 09:12 AM | Comments |

December 16, 2014

Attn Twitter User @greenbird7072_





Thanks to Anti_Zion ;-)

By Howie at 11:31 AM | Comments |

Muslim Pens Leftist Satire; Liberals' Heads Explode

What happens when a favored minority mocks the radical leftist machine? Outrage, vindictiveness, and threats ensue.


It was one of the coldest days of this winter past, and I was hurrying along the Diag to class. The blistering cold did not turn my eyes from all the white privilege falling around [me]. All those white snowflakes falling thick upon the autumn leaves, burying their colors. Majoring in womyn's studies, I've learned that oppression comes in many forms. Sometimes we fail to notice it because it's just everywhere - just like that white snow.

Read the whole thing.

By DMartyr at 11:21 AM | Comments |

In Yet Another Totally Isolated Incident Tiny Minority of Six Muslims Murder 130 Muslim Babies For Being The Wrong Kind of Muslim Babies

Um, uh didn't Islamic terrorists kill some people just yesterday? Is anyone possibly maybe seeing a trend here? Anyone?


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Taliban militants stormed an elite army high school in northwestern Pakistan on Tuesday, killing at least 126 students and teachers and holding others hostage, in one of the worst school shootings in modern times, according to Pakistani security and hospital officials.

More than three hours after the siege began at mid-day on a Pakistan military installation in Peshawar, explosions and gunfire continued to be heard coming from the school.

The carnage strikes at the heart of Pakistan’s military — one of the nation’s most highly respected institutions — which is seen as the guardians of stability in a turbulent region and an important bridge between Pakistan and Western allies such as the United States.

By Howie at 08:39 AM | Comments |

December 15, 2014

Those Killed in Australian Terror Attack Identified

I was watching the live feed when Ms. Dawson or who I believe was Ms. Dawson was carried from the Cafe to the Coffee shop. Obviously upset. It appears she died.

Police have named the two victims in the cafe siege as barrister Katrina Dawson, 38, and 34-year-old Tori Johnson, who managed the Lindt cafe. Both are from Sydney.

Johnson had worked at the Lindt cafe for more than two years, and had previously worked in other cafes in Sydney and in the US, according to a report in the SMH. He had worked at the Martin Place cafe since 2012.

His LinkedIn profile shows he moved back to Australia in 2004 after a three-year stint overseas, working at hotels in the US and the Maldives.


Katrina Dawson, a 38-year-old mother of three, was with fellow barrister Julie Taylor buying a coffee in the Lindt cafe when the gunman attacked.

Taylor and Dawson practised in the Eight Selborne chambers not far from the Lindt cafe.

Australia has stood with us through all of this, as you stood with us we will stand with you. We will also mourn with you.

May they rest in peace and may the Lord keep them.

Update: I'm getting comments that Ms. Dawson may have been misidentified, but checking the outlets the names have not changed. We will run a correction if we can determine the above is incorrect.

By Howie at 07:59 PM | Comments |

Jawa Report Loves Kilroy

Because he was here.

Hilarity ensues.

It has to be Kilroy, the Americans would never pull this one.

By Howie at 07:09 PM | Comments |

Question: How Many Who Lied to Furguson Grand Jury Will Be Prosecuted for Perury?

Of course at least two who told the truth to the grand jury have been murdered. The liars and celebrated and their lies repeated at protests.

The grand jury in the case of Michael Brown's shooting didn't just face an onslaught of witnesses with conflicting memories of what happened the day white police officer Darren Wilson killed Brown, an unarmed black teenager. It also heard from witnesses who couldn't be believed at all.

Some admitted lying. Others changed their stories under questioning. Prosecutors were so skeptical of one woman's account that they asked whether she might have dreamed about seeing the confrontation in Ferguson, Missouri, on August 9./

My guess is none will be prosecuted.

By Howie at 02:20 PM | Comments |

Twitter Terrorist Finds Out He Has To Off Himself

By Howie at 11:39 AM | Comments |

Dead Bastard Converted to Sunnni Islam Burned His Ex Wife Alive Charged with 40 Sex Offenses

That's some Religion of Peace you've got there.

Monis posted the following on his website on the same day he entered the Sydney café: "Islam is the religion of peace, that's why Muslims fight against the oppression and terrorism of USA and its allies including UK and Australia.

"If we stay silent towards the criminals we cannot have a peaceful society. The more you fight with crime, the more peaceful you are.

"Islam wants peace on the Earth, that's why Muslims want to stop terrorism of America and its allies. When you speak out against crime you have taken one step towards peace.”

He is believed to have recently converted to Sunni Islam after posting "I used to be a Rafidi, but not anymore. Now I am a Muslim, Alhamdu Lillah”

...Monis, along with his current partner Amirah Droudis, was arrested and charged as an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife, mother of two Noleen Hayson Pal, late last year.

Pal was stabbed and set alight on the staircase of her apartment

..He pleaded guilty to 12 charges relating to the malicious letters

Monis was also arrested by Australian sex crimes squad detectives in April and charged with the indecent and sexual assault of a 27 year-old woman at his property in 2002.

During a recent court appearance in October 2014 he was charged with a further 40 sexual offences, including 22 counts of aggravated sexual assault and 14 counts of aggravated indecent assault relating to six other women.

Enjoy Hell Mr. Monis.

By Howie at 11:30 AM | Comments |

ATTN Youtube User : لهيب الحرب 1

Also me.

By Howie at 10:55 AM | Comments |

Attn Youtube User: ناصر الخلافة

Yeah its was me.

By Howie at 10:50 AM | Comments |

December 14, 2014

Two Islamic State Terrorist Holding Up To 50 Australians in Sydney Cafe (Update Five Hostages Escape: Demands made in Videos Plus Bomb Threats/Terrorist Identified as Mufti Sheik Haron) Terrorist Shoots Twice: Police Kill Terrorist

I'm getting reports of from as few as a dozen hostages up to 50.

We pray the standoff is ended soon, with no harm to the innocent hostages.

There are reports that two gunman have taken hostages, some of which are standing with their hands up at the windows in the popular Lindt chocolate shop, which has two or three entrances. There is also a black and white flag being held up in a window. It is believed to be the Black Standard, a jihadist flag.
Lindt Australia CEO Steve Loane told he believes there are 40 to 50 people inside the cafe, including customers and staff.
Other reports are suggesting there may only be 13 hostages.


Huddled in the dark, up to 15 hostages are tonight hoping for a breakthrough in negotiations to free them from a gunman.


Well-wishers are standing in vigil outside the exclusion zone in Sydney's Martin Place, as an eerie quiet settles over the city

Five hostages including three café staff have escaped the siege so far with their dashes for freedom captured on live television.

Another woman just escaped I see on the live feed.

There is only one gunman with up to 25 people thought to still be held hostage.

Here is a video from one of the hostages.

Gateway Pundit:

The gunman who took hostages at the Lyndt CaFE in Martin Place is known to police.
The Islamist wants officials to deliver an ISIS flag to the cafe. He also said he wants to speak with Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Hostage taker in #sydneysiege is Mufti Sheik Haron. A man who previously sent hate mail to Australian war widows ”

Sheikh Man Haron Monis...

The gunman holding up to 20 people hostage in a Sydney cafe has been named as Sheikh Man Haron Monis, aged 49.

He has been holed up in a cafe in the heart of the city's financial and shopping area for several hours, raising a black Islamist flag and using human shields in the window.

Five of the hostages have managed to escape but police say they do not know how many are still inside.

Sydney police say Monis - who claims he's planted two bombs inside the cafe and two more nearby - is well-known to them.


The videos removed above can be accessed here.

Update: Its seems the people are not listening to the Shiek.

Update: Apparent gunfire, Two shots and people fleeing.

Live feed.. One woman injured.

Two motionless hostages including one resembling the heavy set woman on the video's removed. From building. Not moving.

Reports of two persons killed.

Reports that one hostage was killed and the terrorist.

By Howie at 08:23 PM | Comments |

December 13, 2014

Indian Police Arrest ShamiWitness

These things always end badly for the Jihadi, who will take care of Mummy now?

'Mehdi' Masroor Biswas -- suspected of operating a pro-Islamic State group Twitter account from Bangalore -- was arrested Saturday morning by police in Bangalore, ANI reported.

Mekail Biswas, a man claiming to be the father of 'Mehdi' Masroor Biswas told International Business Times over the phone on Saturday that his son was not in any way linked to the militant group. Mekail added that his son’s name is Masroor Biswas, contradicting earlier reports that suggested that the name might be a pseudonym, and confirmed that his son was managing the @ShamiWitness Twitter account.

Mekail, a homeopathy doctor in Kolkata, told IBTimes that his son had been working in Bangalore for ITC, a conglomerate with interests in sectors ranging from hospitality to consumer goods to IT since June 2012.

"An employee has been arrested by Bengaluru Police in connection with an allegedly objectionable social media activity carried out under a pseudonym. We informed Bengaluru Police about his employment status as soon as we found media reports on this issue, and have extended every co-operation with the investigation process," Nazeeb Arif, a company spokesperson for Kolkata-based ITC, told IBTimes in an email on Saturday afternoon.

Well maybe he can engineer his way out of Indian rectal probe prison?

Hat Tip: Betwixt and Between .

You first!

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December 12, 2014

Is ShamiWitness a Closet Homosexual?

Using a tool to search for items connected to ShamiWitness' email I found a lot of interesting stuff.

I found his twitter listed, his blogspot blog, his tumbler. his Picasa web album that was associated with his blogspot blog and was under his real name(since deleted confirming its him).

Mehdi has repeatedly stated that, "My life will be in danger if my identity is exposed", like he ever cared about the lives of those ho died at the hands of ISIS?

Which brings up a question, it is my experience that many so called Islamists are really sick people, people who get off on al-Qaeda snuff porn and endlessly post dead baby pics in an effort they claim is to highlight the plight of Muslim children. Really they are just sick people who get off on watching sick stuff on the internet.

But looking at Mehdi's facebook it seems that in real life he wasn't a dedicated Islamist at all. Eating pork at hawaiian parties. Wearing very secular dress and listening to a lot of western Music including leftists like Joan Baez.

So lets consider the possibility that Mehdi wasn't in it for Islam at all period. He as in it for the snuff porn and dead baby pics? I mean 3/4 Taliban webmasters have been proven to have homosexual child and beastial porn on their computers.

So establishing that one; I have ShamiWitness by the balls. And two; he often quotes Greek philosophers, there is one other thing the searches returned.

An entire series of blogs devoted to the ancient practice of Greek homosexuality and homosexuality in general mixed in with his Islamist blogs. And one "We are the 99% blog.




So its possible that Mehdi wanted to protect his email because either he wrote these blogs or he knew they were associated with his email address for some projects he worked with for homosexuals in the past?

I'm not sure, but it is interesting and ironic, no?

As US tears itself apart over torture of terrorists, let's just remember who we're up against: ISIS throws man off roof to his death for being gay – and strings up ‘rapists’ in the streets

An Islamic court ruled that he should be flung from the highest building
They posted the graphic images on a jihadist website

Maybe Mehdi's fear is not so much of the police or any of us but from the local Muslim community discovering his taste for the Greek and throwing him off a high place.

An act that his online persona would have cheered on because of his sick obsession with ISIS snuff porn and dead baby images.

He would not be the first fake Islamist known like that kind of thing.

Anyway, just asking questions here people just asking questions.

By Howie at 02:44 PM | Comments |

Channel 4 Doxes @ShamiWitness (Bumped/Updated) : Mehdi Masroor Biswas On The Run/Hiding in Mommy's Basement/ Busted!)

Fro those of you who don't know, ShamiWitness is a total asshole ISIS supporter who claimed on twitter to be in Syria aka Sham. He liked to talk shit about how brave he was.

Um yeah.

The most influential pro-Islamic State Twitter account to be followed by foreign jihadis - Shami Witness - is shut down after a Channel 4 News investigation uncovers the identity of the man behind it


He spent his mornings, afternoons and evenings sending thousands of tweets of propaganda about the Islamic State militant group, acting as the leading conduit of information between jihadis, supporters, and recruits.

His tweets, written under the name Shami Witness, were seen two million times each month, making him perhaps the most influential Islamic State Twitter account, with over 17,700 followers.

He has until now been able to remain anonymous, avoiding questions about his motives and his central role in the Islamic State's propaganda war, but a Channel 4 News investigation can today reveal that the man operating the account is called Mehdi and he is an executive in Bangalore working for an Indian conglomerate.

You lose Shami!

Update: They are dropping like flies!

Update ShamiWitness unmasked.

Mehdi Masroor Biswas


Update: It appears Mehdi has skipped town.

BENGALURU: Senior Bengaluru police officials said that a search is on for the man who is suspected to have operated ISIS's most successful Twitter account, @ShamiWitnes.

The officials, speaking to TOI on condition of anonymity, said that the man may have fled the city. They added that the cyber cell, however, is still trying to get leads on him.

Bengaluru city commissioner MN Reddi on Friday said that the task of investigation has been given to the central crime branch.

The man, who was identified as Mehdi, works with a multinational advertisement firm in the city and lives with his family here.

More here at Mashable:Using the @ShamiWitness account, Mehdi tweeted the video of the execution of US aid worker Peter Kassig five times. While on his private Facebook page, Mehdi regularly posted pictures of pizza dinners with friends, and Hawaiian parties at work.

One of his Twitter followers was a 23-year-old British man named Iftikhar Jaman from Portsmouth who went to Syria to fight for ISIS. Jaman was killed while fighting in Syria in December last year. Afterward Mehdi tweeted about Jaman that: "you bros talked the talk, walked the walk."

The Washington Post has reported that ISIS draws 1,000 new foreign fighters into its rank every month from more than 80 countries.

According to some jihadi experts, two-thirds of foreign fighters for ISIS who are active on Twitter followed @ShamiWitness.And the Times of India.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) had prior information that a man from Bengaluru was running the ISIS Twitter handle and was in the process of getting more details.

Arib Majeed, an ISIS recruit from Kalyan who was deported from Turkey, had told NIA about the Twitter handle during interrogation.

Arib had also told NIA that he had heard the Twitter handle was being run by a man from Bengaluru.

During investigation, NIA stumbled upon an identity, Mehdi Mehboob Biswas, who was purportedly running the handle.

Time Magazine...tsk tsk tsk. He's being Probed LOL.

China..... its like no where is safe, I mean you think the Turks are going to pass up the chance to probe Mr. Shami?


But some analysts stressed that the account was also followed by Middle East experts and intelligence agencies, which could gain precious insight into the Islamic State propaganda machine:

That's total, but well intentioned (says Howie as he looks down his nose) , BS! Everything there is to learn about Shami has been learned already. I can assure you. His demise is a great blow to ISIS online network. Its strikes fear into the hearts of the ISIS supporters, it disrupts them.

Intel is useless if its not acted upon, morons like @dr_davidson, proponents of the watch and gather only policy adhere to a losing strategy as demonstrated by ISIS ability to recruit with impunity. One only need to log on to twitter to see the size of its failure. And today one only need to logon to see the success of the disruption of the ShamiWitness node.

These non-English/Western language campaigns for IS, which have generally continued unabated, unsurprisingly attract less attention because the media focus on social media is on recruitment of Westerners. Overlooking the Arabic side of IS’ foreign fighters recruitment base and contingents risks missing out on a big part of the story of IS’ growth.

Ultimately, the fundamental problem we face is that there is simply too much IS material being disseminated too rapidly for Twitter and social media to catch up to crack down comprehensively, for all the ‘degradation’ of IS’ official capacity to propagate on Twitter. This would seem to be the price of the world of open access social media. Hopefully, the Muslim world within in particular can develop counter-narratives.

I would argue that one of the reasons we have such an issue is a failure to disrupt that has let the problem fester, at one level on the internet. Then you have the cell phone networks in the Middle East which has taken the place of much of the old Jihadist Internet of which the Twitter Jihad reflects at it uniquely straddles both the internet and cell phone networks.

Update: Channel 4 reports they are still talking to Mehdi and he is hiding in his Mommy's basement and vowing to surrender peacefully.

He told Channel 4 News today that he feared police would kill him and that he did not keep guns in his home in a bid for his safety.
Mehdi: I have a suspicion when that the police, when they come to arrest to me, they might try to kill me then they would say I tried to attack them.

I want to state clearly that I won't resist arrest when the time comes. I don't have any sort of weapons with me. I have no intention of resisting.

Simon Israel: Why do you think they might come to arrest you?

M: They are saying in the media there's an actual manhunt right now. They might take more than 24 hours.

SI: But do you think you have done anything wrong?

M: No I haven't done anything wrong. I haven't harmed anybody, I haven't broken any laws of the country. I haven't raised any war or any violence against the public of India. So no.

Nothing wrong? Except that Mehdi facilitated murder and the rape and destruction of two nations and cheered on ISIS as it committed genocide against the Yazidis, Kurds and Shia.

Nope nothing wrong with that, if you look at the world with ISIS colored glasses, Islam commands Muslims to the rape and destruction of Muslim lands.

The fallout continues...

Update 12/13/14: Its over, Shami is in the slammi.

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Sandcrawler Public Decompression Service

We know your life is full of stress, what with the holidays coming up and Indian authorities on your tail. So Dr. Vinnie suggested we post this as a totally free service to our readers.

Vinnie is so smart!

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LOL! Delete! Delete! Delete!




By Howie at 10:10 AM | Comments |

Everyone Wave Buh Bye to Runa

A radical Luton Muslim mother-of-six who dressed her young son as a Mujahideen fighter and urged her Facebook friends to become suicide bombers has been jailed for more than five years.

Runa Khan, 35, of Maple Road West, was determined to radicalise her own children and friends into fundamentalist Jihadism in a campaign of hate on the internet and at home.

He jailed her for five years and three months, saying only her guilty plea had saved her from a maximum prison term.

The judge said since her arrest, Khan had admitted to probation officers and psychologists that she is committed to the promotion of suicide bombing, beheadings, stoning, and amputation under Islamic Law.

‘Your conduct was no reckless but intentional – the more extensive the spread of your message the better’, he added.

‘You appear to have no insight in the effect of radicalising your children, having selfishly placed your ideology and beliefs above their welfare in your priorities.’

Hat Tip: Creeping Sharia.

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Sandcrawler PSA: No One Has The Right To Say Who Is And Who Is Not Muslim

An NPR: discussion on understanding ISIS ideology.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: ISIL is not Islamic. No religion condones the killing of innocents.

REZA ASLAN: No one has the right to say who is and who is not a Muslim. If ISIS calls itself Muslim, they are Muslim.

And to the extent that Muslims in ISIS believe it represents Islam then it does represent Islam.

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December 11, 2014

Media Blows Lid Off of Super Secret CIA Plan to Undermine Communist Dictatorships

Wow, of all the yawners:

In early 2009, a U.S. government contractor sent a Serbian music promoter to Cuba with these covert marching orders: Recruit one of Havana's most notorious rappers to spark a youth movement against the government....

USAID's secret Cuban hip-hop project sought to spread democracy, but like other U.S. operations on the island, it was executed by amateurs.

This would be laughable if I didn't hear NPR give the subject 15 minutes straight of discussion. Oh, the horror! The abject horror of the US trying to undermine a communist dictatorship!

I guess the spin they're trying to put on this is that the CIA put innocents in these countries at risk by using USAID as a cover.

Um, well, yes, now that the media has exposed the story these people are at risk. When this was all classified information, not so much.

It's funny how the media always overlooks their own culpability when it comes to putting people's lives in danger.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:07 PM | Comments |

French Pay for Hostage

But then, once MUJWA had given up its last French hostage, the French took their refund strait out of Ahmed al Tilemsi's ass.

French forces in northern Mali have killed a senior commander of the al Mourabitoun Islamist group who was wanted by the United States, a defense ministry spokesman said on Thursday. The United States has offered a $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest of Ahmed al Tilemsi, who took part in the 2011 kidnapping of two French nationals in Niger and of three aid workers in Algeria later that year. Al Tilemsi was a founding member of the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJWA), which merged with fighters loyal to veteran Islamist leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar to form al Mourabitoun last year.


"Last night, we launched an operation in the Gao region in coordination with Malian forces," Colonel Gilles Jarron told reporters in Paris. He added that Tilesmi had been killed and a dozen other Islamists "neutralized," but did not specify if that meant killed or arrested.

Neutralized means dead, well played France, well played.
Ahmed el Tilemsi is a founding member and military head of the terrorist group Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJWA, also known as MUJAO and TWJWA). Prior to his leadership role in MUJWA, Tilemsi was a member of al-Qaida in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), where he played a role in the January 2011 kidnapping of two French nationals in Niamey, Niger. In October 2011, Tilemsi participated in the kidnapping of three aid workers in Algeria, which left two wounded by gunfire. Tilemsi was designated a terrorist pursuant to Executive Order 13224 on December 7, 2012.

MUJWA was created in September 2011 as an offshoot of al-Qaida in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) to further spread terrorist activities throughout West Africa. MUJWA has conducted various attacks and kidnappings, including a March 2012 suicide attack in Tamanrasset, Algeria, which wounded 23 people. The United States designated MUJWA as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity on December 7, 2012, and the UN al-Qaida Sanctions Committee listed MUJWA on December 5, 2012, for being associated with AQIM.

By Howie at 10:58 AM | Comments |

Brave al-Qaeda Muj Rolled in Ball Weeping For His Mommy

yemenipeepee.jpgGitmo is located somewhere near the arctic circle in Siberia. Wow I was unaware of the giant glaciers and freezing conditions in Cuba.

Samir Naji is a Yemeni who was accused of serving in Osama bin Laden's security detail and imprisoned for nearly 13 years...

It starts and ends in the silence of a tiny, freezing cold cell, alone.

That's when you hold yourself in a ball, and fight to ignore the confusion of what has just happened to you, and the fear of what might be coming next. Or the fear that comes when you realize that no one is coming to help; that the life, family and friends you knew are all far, far away.

So sad, I mean the terrorist is lonely, so so lonely. Sniff sniff.
I tell the interrogators that I can't face not eating any more. They throw food on the floor of the room and tell me to eat like a pig. They won't let me go to the restroom. They watch as it gets more painful, and laugh as they get the translator to describe how they will rape me if I pee in my pants.

The freezing cold cell. The cell door opens. They make me stand and salute the American flag.

'Merica! Fuck Yeah! He's going strait to hell for that.
I'm in a sort of cinema room, where I have to watch videos of other prisoners being abused. Then they tell me that I have to dance for them, and run in circles whilst they pull on my chains. Every time I try and refuse, they touch me in my most private areas.
They touched his Wee Wee!
The freezing cold cell....
Jawa report file image of the freezing Cuban tundra.
The cell door opens. It has rained, and there are muddy puddles everywhere. I'm shackled, so I can't really walk; they deliberately drag me through the muddy puddles.
OMG Puddles!

The Horror!

Well anyway what was pretty funny.

Don't F8ck with 'Merica!

And also CNN are a bunch of whiny treasonish al-Qaeda sucking ass-magots.

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War Porn! Merry Christmas ISIS! Edition


Update: Bonus War Porn Mashup!

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December 10, 2014

Nuns Blow Selves, Others Up

Nuns in habits, Muslimas in hijabs: 6 of 1:

Two female suicide bombers were behind twin explosions which claimed casualties at the Kantin Kwari Market in northwestern Nigeria's state of Kano on Wednesday, local police said.

The young girls, wearing hijab, carried out the attack by detonating their explosive devices at the biggest and busiest textile market in the northern region of Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, state police chief Adenrele Shinaba told reporters after rescue operation had been completed.

"They came by the market and asked to be directed to a public convenience. The bombs detonated, killing them and four others. At least seven others were injured," the police chief said.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 08:44 PM | Comments |

Proud Papa

Son took the oath today. He'll ship off to boot camp sometime next fall. Delayed Entry Program.

Looks like he'll be a bubblehead.


By Vinnie at 07:09 PM | Comments |

Ferguson Activist Prophesied White People Gonna Laugh At Your Ass

Yes we're laughing. But not at him mayum.

Its so nice, seeing all that harmony in the black community.

And remember fellow Crackers, everything you have is because of her.

She made dat shit!

By Howie at 11:22 AM | Comments |

Where's the Kaboom? Where's The Earth Shattering Kaboom?

Liberals thoughts betray them.

The U.S. beefed up security at embassies ahead of the CIA interrogation report's release in anticipation of a violent reaction. But around the globe, the response was relatively muted
I've heard tell that some think the release of the CIA report was timed to block out the Gruber testimony.

I don't really know about that. What I do know is that at a time when they are pushing domestic civil unrest that has not occurred in decades, the left also sought to throw gasoline on the fire and up the ante to world chaos.

And then they are disappointed when said world chaos and hatred of America protests didn't occur and our facilities were not attacked.

Is it just me or does intent not seem to be to add fuel to the domestic unrest as well as spread that movement overseas.

WTF Who's side are they on anyway?

By Howie at 08:59 AM | Comments |

December 09, 2014

Ministry of Jiggly: Jingle Bells Edition

And now a moment of jiggly.

By Howie at 04:46 PM | Comments |

Reward $100k For Yaser Abdel Said


Yaser Abdel Said, wanted for the murder of his two teenage daughters in Texas, has been named to the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.

A reward of up to $100,000 is being offered for information leading directly to the arrest of Said, who was born in Egypt and may be hiding there or in U.S. communities with Egyptian ties.

On January 1, 2008, Said persuaded his estranged daughters—Amina, 18, and Sarah, 17—to visit him. He said he was going to take them to get something to eat. Instead, he allegedly drove them in his taxi cab to a remote location and used a handgun to murder them. One of the girls was able to make a 911 call and was heard screaming for help, saying she and her sister were being shot by their father. Their bodies were discovered several hours later in the cab, which was abandoned outside a hotel in Irving, Texas.

“Yaser Abdel Said is wanted for his alleged role in committing a terrible act of violence against his own daughters,” said Diego Rodriguez, special agent in charge of our Dallas Field Office. “Adding him to the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list shows our commitment to seek justice for Amina and Sarah.”

Since the murders nearly seven years ago, the case has received widespread publicity, and law enforcement has followed every credible lead, but Said remains at large. Today’s announcement, Rodriguez noted, should draw increased attention to the case. “We believe that the combination of publicity, the significant reward, and the team of experienced investigators working the case from the Dallas Violent Crimes Task Force and the Irving Police Department will result in Said’s arrest.”

Special Agent Gil Balli, a task force supervisor who is leading the investigation, explained that “Said likely fled immediately after the murders. There have been many reports that he is in the U.S., but we are not ruling out the possibility that he is abroad.” Balli added that investigators are coordinating with law enforcement partners in Egypt and Canada along with U.S. law enforcement agencies.

The last confirmed sighting of Said, now age 57, was in Irving, Texas, in 2008. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighs about 180 pounds, and has brown eyes, black hair, and possibly a thick moustache.

In addition to Egypt and Canada, investigators believe Said has ties to the Dallas-Fort Worth region and the New York City area. He frequents diners—including Denny’s and IHOP restaurants—smokes Marlboro Lights 100s cigarettes, and loves dogs, especially tan- and black-colored German Shepherds. He may be working as a taxi driver.

Said—the 504th person to be named to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list since its creation in 1950—is considered armed and dangerous. He reportedly carries a weapon with him at all times.

We need your help: If you have information about Yaser Abdel Said, call 1-800-CALL-FBI, or contact your nearest law enforcement agency or U.S. Embassy or Consulate. You can also submit a tip online at

“These murders were brutal and cold-blooded,” Balli said. “If a person is capable of killing his own daughters, there is no telling what he might do. We need to catch this individual and prevent him from harming anyone else.”

Source; Alphabet People.

By Howie at 03:42 PM | Comments |

Fantastic News! Online Jihad So Huge Intelligence Agencies Can't Keep Up

So how's that watch and gather information only, don't interfere with online Jihadis policy going?

Counterterrorism experts agree that the danger posed by returning jihadists is significant: already radicalized before they joined groups like the Al Nusra Front and the Islamic State (IS or ISIS), they are now well-trained in the practice of terrorist warfare. Unlike most Westerners, they have overcome any discomfort they may have previously felt about killing or confronting death. Chances are, they've already done it.

But now some experts – and returning jihadists – say ISIS "sleeper cells" are already embedded in the West. So-called "Jihadi Hunter" Dimitri Bontinck told the UK's Mail Online last month that "influential sources" had informed him of such cells, and warned that they were "preparing to unleash their war on Europe." And an ISIS defector reportedly told a Scandinavian broadcaster of similar sleeper cells in Sweden which were, he said, "awaiting orders."

The presence of these cells should not come as much of a surprise. More surprising is that Europe's intelligence agencies hadn't spotted them earlier. In part, this could be blamed on the intense focus on dealing with returnees, a problem that has left some intelligence and law enforcement agencies stretched thin: in June, for instance, Dutch intelligence agency AIVD admitted it "could no longer keep up" with the jihadists in the Netherlands.

That good huh?

By Howie at 02:21 PM | Comments |

Man Killed After Stabbing at Chabad-Lubavitch

A 22-year-old rabbinical student from Israel is in stable condition after being stabbed by a man who rushed into the synagogue at Chabad-Lubavitch Headquarters early Tuesday morning and attacked the student.

Following the attack the perpetrator was shot by police after he refused to drop his weapon and charged at a police officer. The attacker was pronounced dead after being taken to a local hospital.

The victim was identified as Levi Rosenblat, from Beitar Ilit, Israel. The public was asked to pray for the speedy recovery of Levi ben Raizel.

The perpetrator was killed in the incident.
A deranged knife-wielding man heard screaming, “I want to kill the Jew!” stabbed a 22-year-old Israeli student in the face at a Brooklyn synagogue before he was shot dead by responding police officers early Tuesday, officials and stunned witnesses said.

Cops repeatedly ordered the man, identified by police sources as Calvin Peters, 49, to put down the nine-inch blade he jammed into Levi Rosenblatt head during a furious exchange in the basement of the Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters on Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights at 1:45 a.m.

Peters put the knife down, but then picked it up again and charged the officers before he was shot in the stomach, cops and witnesses said.

"He was going towards the officer,” witness Yechi Hamlech, 19, said. “His eyes were bulging, he must have been on drugs.”

Video credit the NY Post.

Jawa readers might remember Chabad-Lubavitch as the Synagogue that was the target of Islamist Incitement by the now defunct Islamist group Revolution Muslim with the post earning both Yousef al-Khattab and Younnes Abdullah Muhammad jail time.


The center has been the target of Islamist and antisemitic hate for quite some time.

By Howie at 11:04 AM | Comments |

Outrage! Police Shoot White Dude Five Times Totally Damaging His Koran

Hudson Taylor Clark's mommy was worried about all the Jihadi sites he had been reading and also that he lost interest in girls. Because little known fact, Jihadi websites make you gay, look what they did to Rusty.

During the attack he was making “Islamic-type statements,” and after he was shot, he asked for his Qur’an, which had dropped out of his pocket. Nothing to see here. Just another random Qur’an-toting mentally ill man stabbing a police officer after telling his family he was going out and not coming back.
he 32-year-old man who was shot five times after allegedly stabbing a Cañon City Police Department officer made “Islamic-type statements” prior to the incident, according to the CCPD.

At a press conference at the police department Monday, CCPD Chief Paul Schultz said a welfare check was conducted Friday by the Fremont County Sheriff’s office on Hudson Taylor Clark because he was “acting unusual.”

“When he was contacted by the Fremont County deputy (Friday), he was saying ‘Dear God please forgive the disbelievers. Praise be to Allah,'” he said.

By Howie at 10:35 AM | Comments |

December 08, 2014

Baghdad SNAFU


Doug Ollivant: I wouldn't say it's better than people think it is. I would say it's more nuanced than the perception here is.

A couple things jump off the page at you. Life in Baghdad is normal: people are going to work, there are traffic jams, etc. Even though, in some places, the Islamic State isn't that far away, Baghdad's just very normal.

Its just like the rest of the Muslim world. Work, Play, Terrorists, Bombings and Murders.

Just another day.

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Don't Slap Me Bro!

Muslims are nothing if not great entertainment.

By Howie at 03:51 PM | Comments |

December 06, 2014

Justice Served

al-Qaeda murdered Luke Somers. But none of them lived to tell about it, not one.







Nice marksmanship. We would have preferred that the hostages were saved. But if that doesn't happen. I'll settle for killing every single one of them.

By Howie at 10:47 PM | Comments |

Report: Top Al Qaeda Commander Adnan el Shukrijumah Killed: Pakistan Army

Break out the MC Hammer if confirmed.

A top al Qaeda militant indicted in the United States over a foiled plot to bomb the New York City subway was killed in Pakistan Saturday, the country's army said. Adnan el Shukrijumah, who was indicted in July 2010 for his alleged role in planned terror attacks in the U.S. and Britain, was killed along with two others in a raid in South Wazirista, the military said in a statement to NBC News.

Merry Christmas everyone!

By Matt Damon at 03:50 AM | Comments |

Sister:American hostage killed in Yemen

Failed rescue attempt.

CAIRO (AP) — The sister of American photojournalist Luke Somers says he has been killed in a failed rescue attempt in Yemen.

Lucy Somers told The Associated Press on Saturday that she learned of her 33-year-old brother's death from FBI agents. There was no immediate comment from Washington.

Lucy Somers said: "We ask that all of Luke's family members be allowed to mourn in peace."

God rest his soul.

By Matt Damon at 03:37 AM | Comments |

December 05, 2014

How bad is ISIS? Soooo bad, because they kill .... JOURNALLISTS!

This bad:

Through it all, an eclectic band of organizations, ranging from a multinational team of anti-war activists to the UN’s local office, maintained scrupulous records of the dead. They logged every incident and released depressing day-by-day accounts of the carnage.

The emergence of the so-called Islamic State (IS or ISIS or ISIL) jihadist group has, however, plunged Iraq into a period of turbulence so debilitating that, for the first time, these death counts can no longer keep up with the killing.

The post goes on from there to some pretty horrible navel gazing as the real focus here is on members of the media getting killed:
It’s the sheer magnitude of the slaughter that’s overstretching these groups’ resources, but ISIS’s murderous approach to the media has compounded the problem. On top of the much publicized recent beheadings of two American journalists, ISIS also has killed dozens of Syrian and Iraqi reporters. Body counts rely heavily on local news articles for coverage of incidents in towns and rural pockets far from Baghdad, and the jihadists’ seizure of up to a third of Iraq has complicated attempts to report within their areas of control.
Kill an American soldier and you're a freedom fighter. Kill a journalist and you're a terrorist. Or something like that.

In the next war maybe we should just give all our soldiers press credentials? Maybe then they'd get some sympathy.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 06:32 PM | Comments |

December 04, 2014

AQAP Threatens To Murder US Citizen Luke Somers And Invade Israel

Creeping Sharia:

we give the US government three days from the date of publication of this statement for the implementation of our demands, which are known to them very well. Otherwise, the American detainee will meet his inevitable fate, and we warn Obama and the US government against proceeding with any other follies.

“Allah will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.”

Al-Qaeda Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula

The threat against Israel comes at the very end of the video.

By Howie at 10:05 AM | Comments |

Live Orion Test Delay Video (SCRUBBED)

Maybe they are just waiting for folks to wake up.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
Atop the most powerful rocket available, NASA's next-generation space capsule Orion is scheduled to launch Thursday morning from Cape Canaveral Air Station.

The launch was originally scheduled for 6:05 CST, but a boater too close to the launch area temporarily delayed take-off. Wind gusts have further delayed the launch, the window for which officially closes around 8:45 CST

The 4 1/2 hour, unmanned mission will give NASA a chance to test America's new workhorse spacecraft. In coming decades, Orion is expected to carry astronauts deep into space: to the Moon, asteroids, Mars and beyond.

This flight will give NASA and Orion's builder, Lockheed-Martin, critical information about how Orion jettisons parts of the rocket as it goes up; how aviation controls and computers function; and how electronics hold up in deep-space radiation.

Also being closely watched will be how its heat shields work as re-entry temperatures reach 4,000 degrees; and if its three sets of parachutes make the landing safe enough for humans.

Update: We suck.

By Howie at 08:37 AM | Comments |

December 03, 2014

Leading Egyptian Cleric Mystified by Islamic Violence and Butchery


CAIRO (Reuters) - A prominent Muslim cleric said on Wednesday the U.S.-led coalition carrying out air strikes on Islamic State insurgents should widen its scope to include all other militant groups that were tarnishing Islam.

...Cairo's ancient Al Azhar is one of the world's most venerable centers of Islamic learning and the grand sheikh is considered to be among the most pre-eminent authorities in Sunni Islam, influencing the views of Muslims worldwide.

"I ask myself... day and night," Tayeb said, "about the reasons for this Arab ordeal and this blind discord that is mixed with the smell of blood and death and explosions and the beheadings of people and the expulsion of millions with a brutality that is unknown in history. These barbaric and awful crimes are sullying this religion."

Islam is what Muslims believe it is, While Al Azhar is horrified by what he believes is Haram under Islam there are millions of Muslims who believe that ISIS' interpretation and even celebrate the utter brutality of this interpretation. The problem is not what Al Azhar believes, its that so many believe from reading the exact same Koran Hadith he does that butchery and murder are condoned by Islam.

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More War Porn From Iraqi MOD

Little known fact Boresites are Haram......

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Ishallahshaheed's Last Note to Mommy

The blessed release of the very last words of Samir Khan.


Cry baby cry, make your mother sigh.

I still remember those nights when I first arrived in Yemen. I was weeping profusely because I literally had left everything and was embarking upon a new chapter in my life, in hopes that my past sins would be erased
Samir sins remain it was he who was erased ;-)

And one last note to mommy.

Please excuse me, O love of my life.
You have always been a mother of mercy.
Forgive me for the errors of my days,
And pardon me for that phase.
I know that I have wounded your heart,
Since I frequently experience the same dart.
But Paradise is calling me to conquer my fears
Thus I flew across the sea leaving you in tears…
Please excuse me, and don’t say
That I separated myself from you to play.
How is it that I separated my soul
From the one who kept me from the cold?
How is it that I make you cry,
When you are the one most precious to my soul and eye?
You are more precious than the day which my heart loves
As the thought of you gathers the most beautiful doves.
If you knew all the facts
You would certainly relax.
So lend me your compassion,
As I explain myself in succinct words of expression.
Mother, the Muslim’s humiliation is called peace,
And the heedless Rulers have put the Ummah up for a lease.
Mother, the Regimes of Sabotage have gathered on our land,
Sinking our Ummah›s nobility to that of sand.
Mother, Palestine is the little child under the rubble,
And her grieving mother can only be heard in a bubble.
Mother, I can’t let this humiliation continue,
Allowing the disbelievers to rape our Nation in the holiest of venues.
The enemy will shout, yell and scream
But I will continue to let my heart beam
For I have put my worries behind my nation›s,
Preparing myself to leave all of life's stations,
Even if it means that I fight and die,
Without saying goodbye.
Mother I want to be above all of the strife,
So please excuse me, O love of my life.
LOL! What a vag.


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December 02, 2014

Attn: Twitter User @khaled_rafah





Update: Twoffer of Irony!



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Sandcrawler PSA: Jawa Victims Support Group (Update: Short Lived Very Short)

A new twitter account where Jawa victims can reconnect online has been created.



You mad bro?

Update: The victims, the poor poor victims.


Tsk tsk tsk.

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Indian Jihadi ISIS Stinks!

Sign up for Jihad today! Because ISIS needs engineers, sanitation engineers in the service of Allah!

An Indian student who travelled to Iraq to join the Islamic State group has returned home disillusioned after jihadists made him clean toilets and do other menial jobs, according to media reports.

Areeb Majeed, 23, left for Iraq with three friends in late May amid fears by authorities that IS militants were attempting to recruit from India's large pool of young Muslim men.

The engineering student flew home Friday to Mumbai where he was arrested and charged by India's elite National Investigation Agency (NIA) with terror-related offences.

Majeed told NIA officers he was sidelined by the jihadists for whom he fetched water and performed other lowly tasks such as cleaning toilets, instead of taking part in the deadly offensive like he wanted, the Press Trust of India news agency reported.

He phoned his family to say he wanted to come home after suffering an unexplained bullet wound for which he did not get proper medical attention, the agency said late Sunday.

"Only after I begged them, I was taken to a hospital," he was quoted as saying by NIA officers. "There was neither a holy war nor any of the preachings in the holy book were followed."

What an incredible smell you've discovered, this is indeed the fastest way to Jannah.

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December 01, 2014

"Gentle Giants" Beat Bosnian Immigrant to Death With Hammers


They began beating his car with hammers; when he exited the vehicle, they beat him to death with hammers.

And obviously there's no national media coverage of the gentle giants' peaceful protest.

See, all the protesters in Ferguson are peaceful.

Contrary to reports the press didn't notice, actually they did.
Two juveniles are in custody Sunday, suspected in the death of a man beaten with hammers on a St. Louis street.

The victim, 32-year-old Zemir Begic, suffered injuries to his head, abdomen, face and mouth, according to police.

...A motive for the attack was not immediately clear.

Yup the motive is a total mystery.

The wife of a Bosnian man who was brutally beaten to death Sunday says that her husband's final act was to protect her from her attackers.

"The last thing he did before he actually died was pull me out of the way and put himself in front of me, basically giving up his life for me," Mujkanovic told the station.

Funeral arrangements are pending and you can donate to the Begic family here.

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What Really Happens to ISIS' Recruits

They tell stories of Jihad and Glory and Jannah, but ISIS recruits really end up like this, rotting corpses in the mud.



Not so glorious.

A British jihadi who fled the UK to fight alongside the Islamic State terror group has been killed in a firefight with Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iraq.

Abu Musa al-Sumali is understood to have been shot dead in a fierce gun battle with local resistance troops in Kirkuk province in the north of the country, where ISIS has carried out repeat attacks in recent weeks.

Like I said over the weekend Islamist ideologues and idealists will be the first ones that Baghdadi's Baathist generals will expend as cannon fodder and suicide bombers, lest they get any silly ideas about actually founding a state that deviates from the Baathist Fascist plans that Baghdadi and his former Saddam thugs have in mind.

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Brookings Report on IS

Charles Listers new report:

Intense turmoil in Syria and Iraq has created socio-political vacuums in which jihadi groups have been able to thrive. The Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) had proven to be the strongest and most dynamic of these groups, seizing large swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq. Shortly after routing Iraqi forces and conquering Mosul in June 2014, ISIS boldly announced the establishment of a caliphate and renamed itself the Islamic State (IS). How did IS become such a powerful force? What are its goals and characteristics? What are the best options for containing and defeating the group?

In a new Brookings Doha Center Analysis Paper, Charles Lister traces IS’s roots from Jordan to Afghanistan, and finally to Iraq and Syria. He describes its evolution from a small terrorist group into a bureaucratic organization that currently controls thousands of square miles and is attempting to govern millions of people. Lister assesses the group’s capabilities, explains its various tactics, and identifies its likely trajectory.

According to Lister, the key to undermining IS’s long-term sustainability is to address the socio-political failures of Syria and Iraq. Accordingly, he warns that effectively countering IS will be a long process that must be led by local actors. Specifically, Lister argues that local actors, regional states, and the international community should work to counter IS’s financial strength, neutralize its military mobility, target its leadership, and restrict its use of social media for recruitment and information operations.

Download the full report.

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Good News! Tiny Minority of 355,500 of 395,000 Dutch/Turk Muslims Support Terrorism

What a wonderful smell we've discovered, and it ain't curry.

or hundreds of thousands of Dutch youth, the heroes of the day are neither film stars nor comedians: they are the jihadists of the Islamic State.

That is the result of a recent study by Dutch research company Motivaction, which found that 90 percent of Dutch Turks ages 18-35 consider the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) members heroes, and enthusiastically support their friends and neighbors who travel to Syria to join them. And 48 percent of Holland's 18-35-year-old Moroccan immigrants agree.

(For reference, the latest official figures count more than 368,000 Moroccan immigrants – first and second generation – in the Netherlands, and more than 395,000 Turks in a national population numbering 16.8 million.)

This is not the first time European Muslims have been shown to support the horrors of violent jihad: earlier this year, British research group ICM determined that up to 15 percent of French youth (between the ages of 18-24) approve of ISIS, as do 11 percent of British between the ages of 35-44.

So put them on a plane for Raqqa and revoke their passports, the US will do the rest.


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US Targets IS in Raqqa With Impunity

If you're living in Raqqa and expect IS to protect you, don't. GTFO because we're just getting warmed up.

A wave of US-led air strikes have struck at least 30 targets around the Syrian city of Raqa, the self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic State group, a monitor said Sunday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the strikes took place before midnight Saturday and hit 30 targets on the northern outskirts of Raqa.

They also hit Division 17, a Syrian army base the jihadist group captured earlier this year.

Last week IS taunted the US when it took down a US RQ-180 drone. Would you care to taunt us a second time?

Pretty please.

Update: Sorry the reports last week were of an Iranian drone with a pusher prop similar to an RQ-180. An RQ-180 was lost last week in Afghanistan with competing claims of mechanical failure and the Taliban claiming a shootdown.

Regardless loss of older drones is not a significant accomplishment as ISIS claims. They are built and designed with losses in mind.

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OMG! Who Could be Behind This?!?!

Adam's last misdemeanor....

Heh.... I wondered why he was trolling the FBI over the weekend.

Oh by the way, trolling the FBI over the weekend.

The Reporters, sigh, will get back to us when they discover who's really behind this.

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Click image for more but skip slides 1, 7, 9, bad gay.

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Arab Autumn! Down With Something Maybe A little Bit!


Anti-government Islamists in Egypt saw their calls for a day of mass protests to defend the coutnry’s “Islamic identity” fall flat on Friday, with low turnouts at scattered protests around the country.
Despite widespread apprehension of possible violence that caused many Egyptians to stay home, institutions to shut, and churches to suspend their activities, there were relatively few violent incidents.

One civilian was killed in clashes in Matariya in eastern Cairo, while three security personnel were reportedly killed. Two officers died in two separate incidents of drive-by shootings, one in Cairo and one just north of the capital in Qalioubiya, while one police conscript was killed in Ain Shams in Cairo during clashes.

Twenty-six people were injured in clashes in a number of cities, while some 220 people were arrested, officials said.

At least 10 small improvised bombs were defused in four governorates and two sound bombs detonated in highly secured areas of Cairo, with no casualties.

Friday also saw a few small rallies in support of the current authorities, with demonstrators raising Egyptian flags and chanting pro-army slogans.

Muslim Brotherhood of Losers....

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