July 31, 2014

Where's Rusty?

Playing with his cats:


I guess he missed his playdate with Howie.

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DMartyr Gets Noticed

I love our readers but its always nice to get recognition from other bloggers. Huff Watcher over at The Algemeiner was kind enough to give me credit for noticing something the professional "researchers" and "journalists" at Huffington Post didn't.

And that is the space picture of the Gaza conflict. If you missed my post, read it HERE.

Huff Watcher also mentioned another blogger, "CandidBouncyGraySquirrel," who made a brilliant overlay of the space image and a map of Israel so you can see how all the ports line up:

The Huffington Post, and most of the MSM that ran with the pro-Palestinian version of "explosions in Gaza seen from space" still haven't issued a correction or clarification.

Thanks, Huff Watcher!

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She's Home

Welcome, Meriam.

We're far from perfect, but, even so, we're light years ahead of that barbaric 7th century savagery you barely escaped from.

Many prayers for you and your family.

BTW, if you're worried about being sent back, just fly to Mexico City, board a train north, and you'll be set.

Okay that was a little much. But, seriously, welcome.

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On 9/10/2011 Bill Clinton Congratulates Self on Being Humanitarian, Passing on Killing bin Laden

If America elects this guy's wife, I'm moving to Australia:

“And I’m just saying, you know, if I were Osama bin Laden — he’s very smart guy, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about him — and I nearly got him once,” Clinton is heard saying. “I nearly got him. And I could have killed him, but I would have to destroy a little town called Kandahar in Afghanistan and kill 300 innocent women and children, and then I would have been no better than him. And so I didn’t do it.”
Isn't that the logic the Left always uses? Is, in fact, using today in Gaza? Israel has to stop killing terrorists because ... innocent women and children!

These people never learn, do they? And, unless I'm missing something here, this seems to be Clinton not regretting but bragging about how he cares for the children so much that he wouldn't even risk their lives given the chance to kill America's terrorist enemy #1.

I wonder if his mood on the subject changed barely 10 hours later when the first plane hit the WTC? Nah, narcissists on his level never regret anything. The only thing they ever regret is getting caught.

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Noted Hamas Supporters to Raise Money for "Gaza Victims" at Six Flags Magic Mountain, LA

Let's go to Six Flags Magic Mountain, LA this weekend. What could possibly go wrong?


Clarion Project:

In August 2006, Jamaat-e-Islami said it dispatched a delegation from its Al-Khidmat Foundation to deliver a “special message” as well as about $100,000 to a senior Hamas leader. At that time, the Al-Khidmat Foundation’s top two donors were ICNA Relief USA and ICNA Relief Canada. A third ICNA charity, Helping Hand, was also listed as a donor.[12] Notably, the website of ICNA’s Southeast Zone linked to the websites of Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups until November 2002, over a year after the 9/11 attacks. The website also promoted a Hamas front, the Islamic Society in Gaza, as a charity.[13]

A 1989, a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Financial Committee document instructs participants to contact “all the Islamic centers and groups in the field,” naming ICNA as one of them.

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Special Delivery

Hellfires anyone?

As violence continues unabated in Iraq, the United States has agreed to sell $700 million in military aid, including 5,000 Hellfire missiles.

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Belgium: Doctor Refuses To Treat Jewish Woman

This is what it's coming to. Today, they refuse to treat Jews. Tomorrow, maybe Zionists.

From Joods Actueel via Jihad Watch (translated):

A Flemish doctor Wednesday night on the telephone manned as a duty of physicians refused to provide medical help to a 90-year-old Jewish woman who had suffered a rib fracture. "I will not come! Send her to Gaza for a few hours, then she will not feel pain anymore," was the reply. The doctor said shortly after the story became known that this was done in an "emotional frenzy." The Health Department is investigating the matter. [...]

The doctor admitted the facts and said that this was in "a fit of emotion." Markowitz explained all this to the the head of the Department of Health for the Antwerp region, while the grandson of the 90-year-old woman, Hershy Taffel, registered a complaint with the police for racism and xenophobia.

At least he simply refused to treat her. Imagine the harm he could have caused by mistreating her instead.

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Scottish Terrier Offended By Being Forced To Wear Coat With Islamic Nation's Name

You know, I can't really blame the dog.

Use of Scottish terrier dogs during Commonwealth Games opening ceremony ‘shameful’ and ‘offensive’, Malaysian politicians claim.

...Around 40 Scottie dogs were used in the opening ceremony in Glasgow last Wednesday to lead teams around Celtic Park.

The dogs, which all wore tartan dog coats with the name of each team on them, were widely praised on social media

.... However, not everyone was as impressed. Political and religious leaders in Malaysia have claimed the use of dogs connected to Muslim countries was “disrespectful”.


Many Muslims refuse to have direct contact with dogs, which are considered by some to be “unclean” in Islamic culture. Some overseas Muslim groups have reportedly previously called for a jihad on dogs.

Possibly making matters worse was the fact that Jock, who was supposed to lead out the Malaysian team, sat down and refused to move as soon as his coat was put on.

Smart dog.

Hat Tip: Allah.

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July 30, 2014

Wonder Woman Actress Gets 189,560 Likes For "Hamas , who are hiding like cowards behind women and children"

Predictably Muslims are totally outraged, because they should be able to post all kinds of murder and mayhem on social media, but if you criticize them, why you might get a Fatwa.

As we say on the farm, "They can dish but they can't take."

Gal Gadot, a former Miss Israel who plays Wonder Woman in the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” has caused a stir on social media after positing comments bashing Hamas, describing them as “cowards,” in the latest case of a celebrity wading in on the ongoing offensive against Gaza.

“I see you Zionist turds are getting a little desperate with your social media war going to desperate lengths to sway the public into empathising with you,” one user commented on her Facebook post.

“Israeli risking their lives??? Lol did see the death poll Israeli vs Palestine ? To kill the so called Hamas your Isreal is killing innocent CHILDREN!!!! And WOMEN!!!!!” another user wrote.

“Zionist Israeli army is the biggest terrorist organization!

My God what a Wonderous Woman.

click for larger


Gal Gadot wonder woman.jpg

And here I was still hung up on Lynda Carter.


Come to think of it I might not be quite ready to give up my Lynda Carter obsession quite yet. I think I have room for both.

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UN Health Clinic Hid Tunnel Entrance; Booby-Trap In Building Kills Three IDF Soldiers

It's bad enough the UN is allowing Hamas to store weapons in schools, but now they are allowing Hamas to build tunnels under and booby-trap UN health clinics:

Three IDF soldiers were killed on Wednesday in Gaza in an explosion at a booby-trapped UNRWA health clinic that housed the opening of a tunnel, the IDF's Gaza Division commander, Brig. Gen. Micky Edelstein, said.

Two of the three were named as Staff Sgt. Matan Gotlib, 21, of Rishon Lezion, and Staff Sgt. Omer Chai, 21, of Savion.

The three troops, part of the elite Maglan unit, were taking precautionary measures in efforts to limit damage to the structure before eliminating the tunnel, when the explosives detonated in the small building. [...]

Fifteen soldiers were injured. IDF soldiers evacuating the wounded came under fire from Palestinian fighters. All of the fatalities and injured were eventually brought back to Israeli territory.

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

Why does the United States continue to fund the UN?

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Italian Reporter Spills Beans on Hamas Rocket Strike That Struck UN School and Killed Innocent Little Palestinian Kids at Playground

Hamas kills poor little innocent Muslim babies.

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July 29, 2014

Hamas Weapons Discovered In Third UN School

For the THIRD time in under two weeks, a Hamas arsenal is discovered hidden in a UN-operated school:

The United Nations Relief & Works Agency For Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) announced Tuesday that another rocket stockpile has been found at one of its schools in Gaza. This instance marks the third time since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge that a weapons arsenal has been found at an UNRWA school in Gaza.

Once might be oversight. Twice, you are an accomplice. Three times, you are as much an enemy as Hamas.

20 Missiles Discovered In UN-Run School In Gaza (Updated & Bumped)
Hamas Missiles Discovered In Another UN School

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Terror Attack In China Kills Dozens

Most of the media is reporting the attackers as "unidentified assailants." I actually had to read through a dozen before I found one that actually identified the attackers:

A mob armed with knives rampaged through part of China's volatile northwestern region of Xinjiang and police responded with gunfire, leaving dozens of people dead in the latest violence blamed on Islamic militants, state media reported Tuesday.

Many other people were injured in the violence Monday in Shache county near the city of Kashgar, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

It said the mob first attacked a police station and government offices in the township of Elixku before moving on to a neighbouring township, attacking civilians and smashing vehicles along the way.

Read more.

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An Open Post To A Raging Butt Snuggling Anal Wart

You, bitch, are a fucking disgrace.

You're a dick. A fuckhole. A rampaging douche. Twatwaffle. Simpering shitnozzle. Bottom feeding parasitic shit eating bag of ooze.

Want defamation? You claiming you were a SEAL. You never were. Liar.

Oh, sorry, was that defamation? Sue me, won't change the fact you still got your ass kicked. By a real American hero.

BTW, when will you sue yourself for defamation of character?


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New Gun Control Ad Makes Strong Case For Gun Rights

Imagine the outcome had she been able to defend herself and her son...

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Al Qaeda Supporters Block London Tunnel

From Israel National News:

A shocking video from a major traffic artery in London shows Islamist protesters blocking the route in a loud protest which included the waving of an Al Qaeda flag.

The footage was taken last week in Blackwell Tunnel - a major traffic route which runs underneath the River Thames in Britain's capital city, leaving motorists temporarily trapped in the tunnel.

Video taken inside the tunnel:

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

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Michael Moore Gets Screwed

She's a ginger and she has no soul. But she has plenty of Michael Moore's money, so for a small fee, I'd still hit it.

Perhaps Michael Moore would have been better suited to make movies, not documentaries. After all, like actors in a film, Moore has been pretending to be something he’s not: a hater of capitalism.

Michael Moore Kathleen in happier times
just after hitting the buffet

In a 2009 interview with Larry King, Moore — famous for “Roger & Me,” “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11″ — described capitalism as a failure and voiced his own support for a socialist society.

“I don’t think I’m in that [richest] 1 percent … Even if I were, I think it’s my responsibility — my moral duty that if I’ve done well, that I have to make sure that … the pie is divided fairly amongst the people and not just a few people get the majority of the loot and everybody else has to struggle for the crumbs,” Moore told King.

However, details that have emerged thanks to Moore’s impending divorce from wife Kathleen Glynn suggest that the documentarian is not a champion of socialism but, as Jalopnik Detroit so eloquently puts it, a “filthy rich hypocrite.”

Hey a guy's gotta eat.

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Pallywood's Final Destination (Updated/ Bumped)

Graphic but fake.

All ur fakes are belong to US.

Hat tip: Bobby.

Update by Howie: Sharing a video pointing out Hamas supporters fakery earns Jihadtube User Debra Harris a suspension.

Too bad for Jihadtube's injustice to Debra but there's plenty more where that came from.

I say we all download it and spread it around.

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Priest Receives Text Messages From Satan After Failed Exorcist


When was the last time God sent anyone a text message? Just sayin'...

From the Daily Mail:

A Polish priest who carried out an exorcism on a teenage girl now claims he is being contacted by Satan - via text message.

Father Marian Rajchel from Jaroslaw, south-eastern Poland, said he started receiving the hate messages after failing to drive the devil out of her soul.

Now he believes that the demon is using the possessed teenager to attack him through a mobile phone.

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Religion of Peace Roundup Guest Edition

Gatestone Institute writes today's Religion of Peas Roundup saving Howie oodles and gobs of labor, because keeping up with who's butchering whom in the Islamic world is a full time job.

Beheadings of Infidels, Halal Sex Products and "Muslims Don't Like Dogs"

*The Vatican failed in an attempt to cover up the contents of a prayer by a Muslim cleric at an interfaith "Prayer for Peace" service held in the Vatican garden on June 8. Departing from a pre-approved script, the imam recited verses 284-286 of Sura 2 from the Koran, the latter part of which calls on Allah to grant Muslims victory over non-Muslims.

*In a trial at the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales [Old Bailey], a jury heard how police found 38-year-old Tahira Ahmed after she was decapitated in her west London home, allegedly by her husband, 41-year-old Naveed Ahmed. Tahira had been stabbed, had both her arms broken, and her head cut off. The couple, who have two children aged six and 12, had been married for 14 years.

Also in London, police launched an investigation into the origins of a sign telling dog owners to stay out of a park because it is "an Islamic area now" and "Muslims don't like dogs."

*In the Czech Republic, President Miloš Zeman refused to apologize for comments he made during a speech at the Israeli Embassy in Prague on May 26 at a reception to celebrate Israel's Independence Day.

Quoting several verses from the Koran that call on Muslims to kill Jews, Zeman said that Islam was to blame for the attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels that killed four people. He also said:

"There is a term, political correctness. This term I consider to be a euphemism for political cowardice. Therefore, let me not be cowardly."
*On June 14, Danish police raided a mosque in the Vibevej district of Copenhagen after a passerby allegedly saw weapons being carried into the complex. Four men were arrested during the operation.

On June 5, Denmark issued an international arrest warrant for four jihadists who were filmed shooting at effigies of six prominent Danish critics of Islam.

*In Finland, the Security Intelligence Service (SUPO) on June 19 said it was investigating a suspected Finnish female jihadist who posed with weapons and published threats against Shia Muslims on Facebook.

The photo uploaded to Facebook shows a burqa-clad figure posing with an assault rifle, and brandishing what is claimed to be a suicide bomb. A comment on the page—written in Finnish—says the woman has come to Syria because "there are lots of Shias to kill."

Oh no you don't if you want to read more about the Halal sex toys and much much more, you have to click here.

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Dueling Atrocities

Yesterday a defector from the Assad regime called Caesar released a report on the Assad's regime, its eliminating its opponents on an industrial scale.

At Hospital 601, not far from the presidential palace in Damascus, Syrian guards ran out of space to store the dead and had to use an adjoining warehouse where military vehicles were repaired.

A forensic photographer working for Syria's military police walked the rows and took pictures of the emaciated and disfigured corpses, most believed to be anti-Assad activists. Numbers written on the bodies and on white cards, the photographer said, told regime bureaucrats the identities of the deceased, when they died and which branch of the Syrian security services had held them.

U.S. investigators who have reviewed many of the photos say they believe at least 10,000 corpses were cataloged this way between 2011 and mid-2013. Investigators believe they weren't victims of regular warfare but of torture, and that the bodies were brought to the hospital from the Assad regime's sprawling network of prisons. They were told some appeared to have died on site.

The report comes complete with graphic images of the dead and highlighted evidence of torture. And Assad's forces to torture. I've seen videos of them chopping off wounded Jihadi's fingers and general abuse of corpses and the living. I've seen Assad's forces dumping Jihadi bodies by the dozen into ravines and rivers. In general they are pretty brutal..

The full report is here(pdf). And embedded her at the Guardian.


What a coincidence ISIS is also killing on an industrial scale and yesterday released a new video to prove just how efficient their genocide against the Iraqi Shia can be.

Near the end they are killing people and pushing them into the river. I guess to poison the water down stream. The dock they push the victims from is soaked in blood.






Q: So which side is worse?

A: Both.

Update: More at Gateway Pundit.

ISIS supporters cheered the bloody massacre video.

The comments on YouTube were overwhelmingly positive. One supporter called the massacre a “most beautiful Christmas bonus (present).” Another supporter praised the massacre with, “Allahu Akbar!”

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Where's Rusty? Back To School Shopping Edition

He's out with his kids shopping for back to school outfits.


I dunno, I'm torn between "Poor kids." and "Best dad ever!"

Hat Tip: Vader.

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July 28, 2014

Al Qaeda Subway Bomb Plotter Confirms Long Held Suspicion that He is Fool by Opting to be His own Lawyer

I guess the old proverb is true:

An Al Qaeda wannabe terrorist linked to the New York City subway bombing plotters has decided he will act as his own lawyer at his upcoming trial in Brooklyn Federal Court...

Naseer, 28, shared the same email account and Al Qaeda handle as the three Queens men — Najibullah Zazi, Zarein Ahmedzay and Adis Medunjanin — who were ready to detonate backpack bombs in crowded subway trains in Manhattan. Naseer, a Pakistani national, was a member of a terror cell in England and was allegedly going to carry out an attack — referred to in code as “the wedding” — in Manchester in 2009.

Yer cornhole: it won't settle for an amateur defense.

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National Review's Charles Cooke Gets Hate Mail

From an intellectual, no less!

(Click to enlarge)

The best I could tell from my limited, Conservative intellect is that the email has something to do with THIS article.

Mr. Cooke was kind enough to critique the email so as to benefit the sender in the future.

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Immigration In An Obama World

While the Obama Administration welcomes hundreds of thousands of diseased, uneducated illegal immigrants with free health coverage, schooling, legal aid, housing, and welfare, it is turning away educated, self-sufficient immigrants who are trying to enter our country legally.

One of those individuals is Waghmare Vishal, a computer programmer from India. Vishal is a senior engineer for Maxxton USA, a software company based in Dallas.

Vishal, who lives in India, applied for a visa so he could help Maxxton expand their business interests in the United States. But the State Department turned down Vishal's visa.

"The consulate thought that he was a risk because he might not go back to his home country," said Chris Connar, Maxxton's vice president for sales and marketing. "It's frustrating – very frustrating. This is a government-sanctioned problem." [...]

And that brings me to the story of a newlywed couple from Denver...

The husband is an American. His wife is British. She applied for a spouse visa in April 2013. As of this writing, they are still waiting for an approval...

The State Department demanded that the bride prove she would not be a financial burden to the country...

The bride has an English degree. Her husband is the co-owner of a store in the Denver area. She said they were required to prove that they made enough money to live above the poverty threshold.

This is truly a bizarro-world in which we live.

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Flat Fatima Attempts Big Pallywood Come Back

There's nothing like a summer blockbuster sequel. Especially when the main character is so well-known and beloved by all.


But personally, I liked the original better, even if some complained that it was all CGI with no real plot or character development.


Thanks to Fatima's Jewish agent and The Hollywood Reporter.

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jHarmony: Online Dating for Jihadis!

Aisha is a Virgo, likes long walks on the beach, and Death to Israel!

Some things are so surreal, that even Hollywood would have a hard time buying the script:

Islamic State insurgents have opened an office in northern Syria where single women and widows can register to marry fighters from the radical al Qaeda offshoot, a monitoring group said on Monday.

The office in al-Bab, a town northeast of Aleppo city, records the names and addresses of the women so that Islamic State militants can go to their families and make a formal offer of marriage, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Update by DMartyr: And you thought this was just a parody!

(Click to enlarge)

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Mormons Riot, Kill Woman & Baby Over "Book of Mormon: The Musical" Blasphemy

Yeah, I know, but if you can think of some other way to snark this without recycling the obvious joke then please feel free to start your own blog:

Rioting erupted as rumours spread that a young Ahmadi man, identified as Saqib, shared a blasphemous picture on Facebook, Pakistan Today reported.

It allegedly included the Kaaba — the cuboid building at the centre of the Grand Mosque in Mecca that Muslims face in prayer – and contained nudity.

A mob reportedly gathered outside Saqib’s house and started protesting.

When they moved to a doctor’s house where Ahmadis were thought to be hiding, someone inside reportedly shot at the mob and injured the man who had started the Facebook rumour.

The group then set five Ahmadi houses on fire, killing the woman and children and injuring several others.

Since these are Ahmadis being murdered in the name of the Religion of Peace, Ahmadis consider themselves Muslim, but some Sunni Muslims do not, then maybe the better headline analogy would be something like, "Mormon Woman and Baby Murdered by Presbyterians Riots for Blasphemous Facebook Post"?

In any event, you get the picture.

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Hamas Rocket Hits Hospital, Press Instantly Blames Israel

But that's not what you'll read in the wires.

AP thinks the dead babies will be a BIG STORY.

A Palestinian health official says at least 10 people were killed and 46 wounded in an Israeli strike on a park in the Gaza Strip.
AFP reports the strike on the hospital as Israeli and reports dead children based on the hearsay report of one, count them, one Palestinian doctor. Because doctors can't be terrorists. Never mind Zawahiri, they just can't be.
An Israeli missile struck a building inside the compound housing Gaza's largest hospital on July 28, medics and an AFP correspondent said.

The attack hit a building close to the main gate of Shifa hospital in Gaza City, medics said, with an AFP correspondent reporting damage to the inside of the gate itself.

Seven children were also killed when an Israeli missile slammed into a playground in a Gaza City refugee camp, a doctor at the city's main hospital said.

The missile struck a group of children running around at a public playground in the beachfront Shati refugee camp, a doctor from Shifa hospital told AFP.

The only fact reported in these stories is that the press hates Jews.

Hamas doesn't have to worry when Palestinians die from friendly fire, the press will report that the Jews killed those babies.

Assad killed 6 Muslim babies and Hamas 7 today. Cue protests against Assad and Hamas never.

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Cutting Through the Crap

As many of you know the media campaign against Israel by Hamas supporters has been plagued by recycled images posted as if they are happening today.

I think many Hamas propagandists and Israel haters don't really care that they are spinning lies, half truths and recycled images of other conflicts as "atrocities" committed against the Palestinians in the ongoing conflict.

I think they know they are inciting hatred with lies, they just don't care.

But for those of us interested in accuracy this presents a problem, not only in the Israel vs Hamas conflict but in other conflicts. Last week ISIS demanded that Christians in Mosul either pay the Jizya, flee or die. Various interviews of Christian fleeing Mosul indicted that ISIS was not only forcing them to feel, but robbing the refugees and also helping themselves to their property before blowing up their houses.

A copy of the Fatwa directing Christians to flee added some other details, for instance that ISIS had ordered all women in the area to undergo Female Genital Mutilation. The pact looked authentic and has many details of the Dhimmi pact that made sense as well as the ISIS logo. It turn out it was a fake probably circulated by Iran.

Well now there is an attempt to crowd source the effort to separate fact from fiction, a website called CITIZEN EVIDENCE LAB has been started by Amnesty International so that people can submit images and videos and they others can help fact check or find the original origin of these videos and images.

Its like an automated Dr. Rusty Shackleford.

A worthwhile project for sure. So well see how it work out. Hopefully it will help us cut through the fog of propaganda and get more accurate reports on what comes from where.


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Obama's Regime Change in Libya Goes to Sh*t

Getting rid of Gaddafi, seemed like a good idea at the time. I mean after we turned him into ally of sorts, then we turned on him and gave Libya to al-Qaeda.


The US says it has temporarily evacuated its staff from the Libyan capital Tripoli over security concerns.

Staff, including marine guards providing security to the embassy, have been transferred to Tunisia "due to the ongoing violence resulting from clashes between Libyan militias," it adds.

Secretary of State John Kerry said there was a "real risk" to staff.

It comes amid fierce clashes between rival militias in the capital, with intense fighting at Tripoli airport.

I mean is there any other way to describe the current situation in Libya. We all talk about how dangerous it is that ISIS has taken territory in Iraq that can be used to train terrorists and attack the west. Libya has been like that every since Obama pushed Gaddafi off the edge.

But "at this point what does it really matter."

I'm reading a lot of pundits that say doesn't Obama even care or notice these foreign policy problems exploding. Because you really can't say that he appears upset.

This reminds me of his youth in Indonesia, his mother wrote that he was constantly teased by the Indonesian boys for being black and that his mom was divorced from his father. Yes Indonesian kids were racist against the young black Obama. They noticed the black a lot more than the mixed, even though probably their skin tone is probably not more than a shade apart.

I bring this up because his mother noted how he could take it, how he could ignore the cruelty being thrown at him and appear to be aloof and happy despite the hardship. How he could withdraw from his tormentors and be happy on his own or with just a few friends, discarding the "bad".

This is a pretty admirable quality in Obama really. Its a toughness.

But in the current situation it people just can't get why he's not tore up.

But I'm not so sure showing the world how much we don't give a f*ck we can really dish out really isn't a pretty good idea.

ISIS takes half of Iraq, we don't give a f*ck. Russia takes Ukriane, we don't give a f*ck.

I mean if it wasn't for the ethnic cleansing and genocide against Christians in the war torn Muslim world I could almost not give a F8ck.

Anyway your thoughts on the We Don't Give Even Half a F*ck strategy in comments.

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July 27, 2014

Where's Howie?

Waiting for Rusty to come and play with him.


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Kerry's Ceasefire Proposal Exposed: Full Surrender To Hamas

John Kerry's ceasefire proposal as presented to Israel would have fully capitulated to Hamas' demands:

The popular and widely-watched Saturday evening newscast quotes several unnamed high officials in the Israeli government who claimed that Kerry's cease fire proposal represented a "complete cave-in" to Hamas's demands for an end to fighting in its war against Israel.

The official, and others cited in The Times of Israel, claimed that Israel was "stunned" and "absolutely horrified" that Kerry's ceasefire proposal, which contained no demand that Hamas dismantle or destroy its terror tunnel network. It demanded that both Israel and Egypt open their border crossings with Gaza, from where all the devastating weapons of war were initially imported. Furthermore, the Kerry plan did not simply call for Hamas to be allowed to build a seaport on its Mediterranean coast; but that Israel and Egypt should help pay for it. [...]

Israel's multi-party security cabinet was so taken aback by the pro-Hamas scope of the Kerry proposal, they initially refused to believe they were real. "It must be a misunderstanding," the source told Channel 2.

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The Truth About The Israel-Palestine Conflict

A documentary about the conflict. It is long, an hour and a half, but well worth a watch. Knowledge is a powerful weapon. Arm yourself.

(Hat Tip: Ali Sina)

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Media Bias? BBC: Israel Ends Truce Amid Rocket Fire from Gaza

Yes, they actually blamed Israel for ending truce despite being bombarded continually by missiles and rockets from Hamas during the ceasefire period.

The article linked in tweet had similar title until the BBC quietly changed it.

Here's a song just for BBC and you pro-Hamas supporters:


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July 26, 2014

War P0rn: Total Destruction

The IDF destroys a Hamas house neighborhood.


When will these savages learn they can't compete with superior humans?

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Total Sluts for IDF (Update: Banned)

First we brought you Hot Chicks for IDF. And now Jawa Report, pretty much the greatest blog in the universe brings you....

Total Sluts for IDF.


Or Stands With IDF or Stands for IDF.


I forget.

Limited time offer, not available in Gaza, The Islamic State or Taliban controlled areas.

Bonus! Sluts reading books.

Update: Facebook banned the page. Woe is me.

You can support terrorists and wish death on Jews but you can't paint I love the IDF on your boobs.

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July 25, 2014

Sweet: 3 Former Chavez Associates Indicted for Drug Crimes

Payback is a bitch:

Among those arrested are Hugo Carvajal, who was Chávez’s close confidant and head of the country’s military intelligence from 2004 to 2009. Carvajal was arrested in Aruba at the request of U.S. prosecutors and is expected to appear in an Aruban court Friday.

Meanwhile, in Miami, former judge Benny Palmeri-Bacchi was arrested on his way to Disney World for a two-week vacation with his family. According to The Miami Herald, Palmeri-Bacchi pleaded not guilty to providing protection for a convicted Colombian drug trafficker.

The third former official charged in the case is Rodolfo McTurk, a former director of Interpol in Venezuela, who is believed to be still in his country. According to the May 2013 indictment unsealed Thursday, McTurk and Carvajal assisted Colombian kingpins in smuggling cocaine from Venezuela to Mexico and the Caribbean between 2004 and 2008, by bribing high-ranking military and law enforcement officials. The drugs were eventually shipped to the United States, authorities said.

Notice that this last guy is still on the run and was the former head of Interpol in Venezuala. The indictment means that an Interpol BOLO will be issued. Sweet, sweet irony.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:07 PM | Comments |

Good Gun Control: Quartermaine Edition

All it takes to stop a nut with a gun is one Quartermaine.

A doctor with a semi-automatic gun and a caseworker who was "nothing short of heroic" were able to wound and then subdue an armed psychiatric patient after he had killed another caseworker and appeared intent of reloading and shooting more people in a Pennsylvania hospital, police said today.

The patient, Richard Plotts, 49, suddenly pulled a gun out of his waistband and shot his caseworker, Theresa Hunt, in the head at point blank range while inside psychiatrist Lee Silverman's office for a scheduled appointment on Thursday. Hunt was killed instantly, authorities said.

Silverman dove to the floor, pulled a semi-automatic pistol out his pocket and had a furious close range gun battle with Plotts, who police said fired at least 10 rounds. The doctor, who was using a chair for protection, aimed his gun at Plotts and fired until it was empty, District Attorney Jack Whelan said today in recounting what happened.

The doctor, who was grazed in the head and wounded in the thumb while covering his face, was able to get out of the office, unaware that he had struck Plotts three times.

Well done, although he'll probably be fired for carrying his concealed weapon, for which he has a permit, in a gun free zone.

The looney had 39 more bullets, had he not been stopped there would have been many more casualties.

By Howie at 02:43 PM | Comments |

Harry Potter Denied Entrance to U.S.

Maybe Radcliffe should have tried the southern U.S. border instead...

Daniel Radcliffe may have led a charmed life until now - but it seems not even he can work his magic on U.S. customs officers.

The Harry Potter star was stopped by American border guards yesterday when he tried to cross into the country from Canada, because he had failed to properly upgrade his visa.

That's our homeland security for you - deny entrance to a multi-millionaire actor, but allow in millions of criminals who will leech off our system for decades to come. What the hell, it's only tax-payer money.

By DMartyr at 02:28 PM | Comments |

War P0rn: Knock, Knock

Who's there?

Keep in mind, these videos are edited to cut the wait time between the knock and the destruction of the building. There is usually several minutes between the two. In the above video, the edit is at 00:21.

By DMartyr at 01:49 PM | Comments |

Young, Uneducated, Uninformed Democrats

A new Gallup poll indicates that a majority of people who believe Israel is unjustified in attacking Hamas are young, uneducated Democrats:



The survey also shows that those who are the least informed about the conflict tend to support the Palestinian side.

(Hat Tip: Weasel Zippers)

By DMartyr at 01:37 PM | Comments |

UN Interpreter Reading Minds

Good part starts at 1:58.


Hat Tip: Adam.

By Howie at 01:27 PM | Comments |

Major Terrorist Attack Thwarted In Israel

And yet some actually blame Israel for the aggression.

Thousands of Hamas-linked terrorists planned to invade Israel on the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), which begins on September 24, according to an Israel security source.

First reported by i24news, "thousands of terrorists were meant to cross over to Israel from Gaza through the tunnels and kill and kidnap as many Israelis as they could. The source added that the army learned about the huge planned attack during the interrogations of Hamas prisoners, captured during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza." (Source)

Bonus: Jon Voight blasts Obama over Israel:

Bonus II: Joan Rivers slams pro-Palestinians, Selena Gomez:

By DMartyr at 12:52 PM | Comments |

Veteran Syrian Jihadis Already Beginning to Come Back to Haunt the West


A warning in Norway of an imminent terrorist attack has reinforced concern in the U.S. and Europe about the danger posed by jihadist fighters returning from the war in Syria.

Norwegian authorities said they’ve uncovered information pointing to a potential terror attack in the country within days by individuals linked to the conflict in Syria.

The warning reinforces the assessments of law enforcement and counterterrorism officials that the returning-fighter risk is real and increasing.

The good news is that most of those who go to fight won't ever come home alive. The bad news is that occasionally they do.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:10 PM | Comments |

Antisemetism in France is not a new thing

An interesting take on what is happening in France today. I'm guessing there weren't a lot of, ahem, "youths" around to blame during WWII.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:40 AM | Comments |

Why The Press Keeps Qualifying That They're Not Sure Who Struck UN School

I'm hearing a lot of "it's unclear" about who actually struck the school. Because well, it's pretty clear it was not Israel. It was either secondary explosions from a nearby strike on a cache of rockets or a Hamas rocket that fell short.

How do I know? Because I have eyes.

Here are several images of the damage at the UN school. There's a lot of images of the injured at the Pallywood General Hospital. But you have to look around a bit to see the actual damage at the UN school.


click for larger.


Here is some video from PBS of the site. Pay particular attention to the shrapnel marks in the wall and other damage at around 50 seconds. At 54 seconds the images switch to a nearby strike. Not the blue UN school.

Now here is an image from the Hamas rocket strike near the airport this week.


Pretty similar huh? Now lets look at what its left after an actual Israeli strike.


Oh my, there's nothing left of the target but a pile of rubble. And you can surf all the Israel strike images you want. If Israel had directly targeted this UN school there would be nothing left standing and probably no survivors who were in the actual strike.

The only reason the media is qualifying that they are not sure who did it is because its obvious this was either an errant Hamas rocket or a Hamas false flag operation that directly targeted their own people in order to generate propaganda.

The third possibility is that it was damage from secondary explosions due to Hamas storing arms that they knew wouldl be targeted too close to the school.

I mean it's obvious to everyone with eyes except the *US media and Hamas shills.


Thanks to Shizzle.

*My apologies for being redundant.

By Howie at 11:30 AM | Comments |

July 24, 2014

Space Image Showing Gaza In Flames?

Astronaut Alexander Gerst tweeted a picture from space that he claims shows explosions in Gaza. But as you can see when compared to a map of the region, the "explosions" are simply city lights in Israel, not Gaza (which is relatively dark).

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

Whether this astronaut is just ignorant in geography of the area or deliberately posted misinformation is irrelevant. The pro-Palestinian sheep have already fallen into step, retweeting it 33,000 times as of this writing.

UPDATE: Times of Israel also noticed the inconsistency. They marked off Israeli cities (though they included the Egyptian city of Rafah as a part of Gaza):


But facts and accuracy are not relevant to anti-Israeli pundits.

UPDATE II: Its bad enough an astronaut exposes his ignorance on his twitter feed, but now NASA is backing his vision of Gaza in flames.

By DMartyr at 06:08 PM | Comments |

Data Pretty Much Destroys Obama "al Qaeda on the Run" Lie

To be fair, I don't think the numbers would have been much different under a President McCain or Romney, but I would hope we would've at least have an honest conversation about it.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 05:33 PM | Comments |

Tasteless: Mobile Cupcake Bakery Rants Against 'Zionists,' Cops, And German Soccer Team

They hate Israel:




And they compare a soccer match with the holocaust:


You'd think people who make cupcakes for a living would be a little nicer. If I were in NYC, I certainly wouldn't eat one of their cupcakes. There's no telling what they put in it. Especially if you are a cop, a Jew, or a German soccer fan...

The Jawa Report would never advocate violence or vandalism against anyone expressing their right to free speech. However, if you happen to witness someone else damaging the Cupcake Crew mobile bakery, remember: "Nobody likes a rat! See something say NOTHING!"

By DMartyr at 01:45 PM | Comments |

High Tech Hamas Land Based Missile Launcher

LOL. Can the Palestinian moon shot be far behind?

Thanks to Webradius.

By Howie at 10:13 AM | Comments |

Anti-Israel Protesters Open Mouth, Hilarity Ensues

The funniest part? These people think they are more sophisticated and smarter than you.

My favorite one is the Bible guy. He kind of reminds me of the Bill who wanted to become a Law from the cartoons of my youth. Only crazy and antisemitic.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:55 AM | Comments |

3 Women Arrested for Raising Funds for al Shabaab

It looks like these women were all part of the Somali or Kenyan ex-pat community and were busy raising funds for "orphans" and "refugees" which apparently is code in some circles for "ruthless terrorists and mass murderers". Here's the DOJ press release:

Three defendants were arrested today on charges of providing material support to al-Shabaab, a designated foreign terrorist organization that is conducting a violent insurgency campaign in Somalia. Two additional defendants are fugitives in Kenya and Somalia.

Assistant Attorney General John P. Carlin of the Justice Department’s National Security Division, U.S. Attorney Dana J. Boente for the Eastern District of Virginia, Assistant Director in Charge Valerie Parlave of the FBI’s Washington, D.C. Field Office and Special Agent in Charge Frank Montoya, Jr. of the FBI’s Seattle Field Office, made the announcement.

A superseding indictment was issued on June 26, 2014, by a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia, charging the defendants with one count of conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization and 20 counts of providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization. The indictment was unsealed after the following arrest warrants were executed today:

Muna Osman Jama , 34, was arrested at her home in Reston, Virginia;
Hinda Osman Dhirane , 44, was arrested at her home in Kent, Washington;
Farhia Hassan was arrested at her residence in the Netherlands;
Fardowsa Jama Mohamed is a fugitive in Kenya and the subject of a pending arrest warrant; and
Barira Hassan Abdullahi is a fugitive in Somalia and the subject of a pending arrest warrant.

If convicted, each defendant faces a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison on each count in the indictment.

The Harakat Shabaab al-Mujahidin, commonly known as al-Shabaab, is a terrorist group conducting a violent insurgency campaign in Somalia. In 2008, the U.S. government designated al-Shabaab as a foreign terrorist organization, and in February 2012, the leaders of al-Shabaab and the terrorist group al-Qa’ida publicly announced the merger of the two groups.

According to court records, defendants Muna Osman Jama and Hinda Osman Dhirane were the leaders of an al-Shabaab fundraising conspiracy operating in the United States, Kenya, the Netherlands, Somalia and elsewhere. Jama and Dhirane allegedly directed a network composed primarily of women who provided monthly payments that were coordinated, facilitated and tracked by the defendants to their conduits in Kenya and Somalia. According to court records, Jama was principally responsible for sending money to Kenya through her conduit, defendant Fardowsa Jama Mohamed, while Dhirane was primarily responsible for sending money to Somalia through her conduit, defendant Barira Hassan Abdullahi.

According to court records, the defendants would refer to the money they sent overseas as “living expenses,” and they repeatedly used code words such as “orphans” and “brothers in the mountains” to refer to al-Shabaab fighters, and “camels” to refer to trucks needed by al-Shabaab. The money transfers often were broken down into small amounts as low as $50 or $100, and the funds were intended for use by al-Shabaab insurgents operating in Somalia.

This case was investigated by the FBI’s Washington, D.C. and Seattle Field Offices. The Justice Department’s Office of International Affairs also played an essential role in coordinating the arrests and searches with foreign authorities.

Assistant U.S. Attorney James P. Gillis and Trial Attorney Danya E. Atiyeh of the Counterterrorism Section of the Justice Department’s National Security Division are prosecuting the case in the Eastern District of Virginia. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Seattle also provided assistance.

Criminal indictments are only charges and not evidence of guilt. A defendant is presumed to be innocent until and unless proven guilty.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 09:36 AM | Comments |

Algerian Plane Presumed to Have Crashed Over Mali

It seems it's a bad time for flying.

An Air Algerie flight with 116 people on board has dropped off radar, prompting a search for the missing plane, the airline's operator said Thursday.

Flight 5017 lost radar contact 50 minutes after takeoff from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, early Thursday. It was supposed to arrive at Algiers' Houari Boumediene Airport about four hours later.

The plane, an MD-83, was carrying 110 passengers, two pilots and four crew members. The MD-83 is part of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 family of twin-engine, single-aisle jets.

Not only do we have the crash in Ukraine, yesterday a plane crashed in Taiwan and also a US Teenager, Haris Suleman, died trying to circumnavigate the globe when his plane crashed into the ocean off American Samoa.

Update: The wreckage has been located. There was bad weather in the area and the pilots requested a change of course, but no word on exact cause of crash yet.

There are also unconfirmed reports that Fidel Castro's niece was aboard the plane.

By Howie at 08:07 AM | Comments |

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim IS Free!

Italy Rocks!

A Sudanese woman who was spared a death sentence for renouncing Islam has flown to Italy after more than a month in the US embassy in Khartoum.


Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag and her family were met in Rome by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who said: "Today is a day of celebration."

There was global condemnation when she was sentenced to hang for apostasy.

Her father is Muslim so according to Sudan's version of Islamic law she is also Muslim and cannot convert.

Sudan's version of Islam? How about THE version of Islam?

Anyway thanks to the Italians and we hope to welcome her home soon.

Praise Jesus!

By Howie at 08:02 AM | Comments |

July 23, 2014

Texas Judge: "Highly Unusual' For Illegals Not To Show At Deportation Hearings

Do you think a U.S. citizen would get that same benefit of doubt if they didn't show for a court hearing? Of course not.

From Dallas News:

The youths were among 20 from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala who were set to appear in federal immigration court Tuesday for initial deportation hearings. But they weren't there -- 18 of the children whose cases were set to be heard didn't show up Tuesday for court.

It was an absentee rate that federal Immigration Judge Michael Baird said was "highly unusual," so high that he reset the hearings for Aug. 11 rather than possibly issuing a deportation order.

Baird said he was concerned that the children may not have received proper notice of the hearings from the government.

These aren't little "children" as the media keeps suggesting. These are teenagers, many of whom belong to gangs.

Next time, instead of calling it a "deportation hearing," just tell the immigrants to pick up their green cards at the courthouse. Then arrest them when they show.

By DMartyr at 05:35 PM | Comments |

As a Professor of Political Science, I Give Sen. Walsh an Automatic "F" for the Course

If you are one of my students and you plagiarize, I give you an automatic F. That's not an F for the paper, it's an automatic F for the entire course.

Since the reason you plagiarized was that you didn't do the work, then you would have gotten an F for the paper in the first place. Therefore, the punishment for stealing someone else's intellectual property and passing it off as your own has to be more severe than the consequences of not writing the paper in the first place. So, an automatic F.

And the fact that this was when Democratic Senator John Walsh of Montana was in a Master's degree program? That's worse. Much, much worse. You expect more from a graduate student. Not from a Democrat in Congress, no, but from a graduate student, yes.

The War College ought to rescind his degree.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:27 PM | Comments |

Paris Quiet on News Christians in Mosul, Iraq Expelled

I meant to get to this yesterday, but it's almost too depressing to read:

After being issued an ultimatum from ISIS in Mosul, some of the city’s last Christian families have fled, only to be robbed of their last possessions at ISIS checkpoints. Friday at noon was the deadline for Christian families to meet ISIS’s demands: Convert to Islam, pay an anachronistic Islamic tax for non-Muslims known as jizya, leave Mosul, or be killed. But the day before the final exodus, Christians were informed jizya was no longer an option. The order came to convert, leave, or die.

Gathered along an unlit street on the edge of Hamdaniyah, a majority Christian town on the outskirts of Mosul, large, well-dressed families of refugees from Mosul shared their stories in their only remaining set of clothes, trying to make sense of what had happened. According to the Iraq-based Hammurabi Human Rights Organization, whose field office was receiving internal refugees in Hamdaniyah, 1,500 Christian families have fled Mosul in the last four days. They were the last of the last.

Those families leaving from the checkpoints on the eastern side of the city were harassed and robbed of their possessions but ultimately allowed to leave Mosul with only the clothes on their backs and possibly cab fare. All families who fled on the last morning reported having money, belongings, jewelry, and even documents stolen from them. Women had crucifixes torn from their necks.

Jesus wept.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:28 PM | Comments |

Meanwhile in Nigeria, Islamists Bomb Muslims for Not Being the Right Kind of Muslims -- No Riots, Protests, Calls for Boycotts Ensue

One day, 2 bombs, 75 dead:

The first bomb detonated around noon, from a car parked in the city of Kaduna, two kilometers outside a gathering of Muslims celebrating Ramadan, said Mike Omeri, the coordinator of Nigeria's National Information Center. Twenty-five died, he said.

State authorities were considering the possibility the explosion—triggered remotely—targeted a Muslim cleric, Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, who has repeatedly condemned terrorism as un-Islamic.

"His convoy escaped the bomb blast by whiskers," said Marilyn Ogar, spokeswoman of Nigeria's Department of State Security.

Hours later, a second blast hit a teeming bus station in the nearby town of Kawu. Shopkeeper Mustafa Kaka estimated there were about 50 bodies.

The second bomb was apparently targeting a guy by the name of Mohammadu Buhari. So, even in Nigeria where the fighting is often described as "sectarian" between the Christian South and Muslim North, a lot of those being killed are Muslims by other Muslims.

When will the streets of Paris fill up with protesters condemning Boko Haram or demanding an immediate cease fire? Hell, even if they condemned Nigeria for responding to Boko Haram there would at least be some sort of logical parity for the Left. They could burn down Nigerian businesses.

As it is, riots only occur when one side is Jewish. And you don't see John Kerry hopping on an airplane trying to convince Nigeria to stop fighting the terrorist organization.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:40 PM | Comments |

American Gives All for Only Democratic, Free State in Middle East

Some give lip service, others give all they have:

Nearly 30,000 mourners flocked to the funeral Wednesday for American Max Steinberg, who fell in love with Israel and died fighting for its military against Hamas militants this week.

"There were crowds of men and women, religious and secular, ultra-Orthodox, young and old, all are here together for each other, simply amazing and moving," said Meytal Blumenthal, one of the mourners who didn't know Steinberg, 24, of Woodland Hills, Calif. "I came to give encouragement and left encouraged."

Steinberg, who was living in Beersheba, Israel, was one of two American-born "lone soldiers" killed in clashes with Hamas fighters Sunday. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) uses the designation for 6,000 soldiers whose parents do not live in Israel. The military says 1,100 "lone soldiers" are from the USA.

Steinberg grew up in the San Fernando Valley, and attended Pierce College and El Camino Real High School in Southern California. He first visited Israel in June 2012, his father, Stuart Steinberg, said.

When he returned home, Max Steinberg told his parents he planned to join the IDF. He moved to Israel less than six months later.

"He went back," Stuart Steinberg said. "He was completely dedicated and committed to serving the country of Israel. He was focused, he was clear in what the mission was, and he was dedicated to the work he needed to be doing."

Rest in peace.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:24 PM | Comments |

Vader 2016!

For for a safe and secure republic.


Death to Jar Jar Binks.

By Howie at 11:36 AM | Comments |

Hot Chicks for IDF

Click her, you know you want to.

By Howie at 09:53 AM | Comments |

They Call This Fat Guy Number 3

Of course Kim Jong-un will consider this post an act of war, but who really gives a f*ck what Kim Jong-un thinks?

By Howie at 09:34 AM | Comments |

Good Gun Control: One Dead One Critical Edition

Well done young Padawan.

A 19 year old resident in Pennsylvania had to use deadly force to defend himself, his girlfriend and his home when two armed men forced their way in and opened fire.
The tenant pulled out a shotgun and fired three times, hitting both men, Toler said.
One of the intruders was killed instantly inside of the apartment. The second intruder managed to make his way outside of the apartment, where he collapsed. He was transported to an area hospital where he is currently in critical condition
Shotgun to the face huh? Must have blown most of his head clean off.

By Howie at 09:31 AM | Comments |

And Now A Moment With the Religion of Peace

They are saying there is "One Solution! Jihad! Jihad!" among other things.

Islam really is a one trick pony, Kill is their solution to everything.

By Howie at 09:22 AM | Comments |

How Uncivilized

Fight Breaks Out in Ukraine Parliament

And who says politics isn't entertaining.

By Howie at 09:18 AM | Comments |

A Mitigating Factor?

Is it just a coincidence that since Bowe Bergdahlhas been back in the US there has been a sudden rash of dead Haqqani Network, Uzbek and al-Qaeda operatives?

A U.S. drone strike is said to have killed at least a dozen militants in Pakistan’s volatile North Waziristan region, where the Pakistani military is engaged in a counter-terrorism offensive that could include targeting extremists involved in deadly cross-border raids in Afghanistan.

Local intelligence officials say the pre-dawn attack took place in the Datta Khail area where a U.S. drone fired several missiles into a sprawling militant compound. Most of the dead were said to be fighters of the outlawed Pakistani Taliban and its Uzbek allies

I'd like to think so anyway.
hree of the six al Qaeda operatives were identified by Sanafi al Nasr, the head of al Qaeda's "Victory Committee." Nasr, a Saudi whose real name is Abdul Mohsin Abdullah Ibrahim Al Sharikh, is a top leader in al Qaeda. As the leader of the Victory Committee, Nasr is responsible for developing and implementing al Qaeda's strategy and policies. [See LWJ report, Head of al Qaeda 'Victory Committee' in Syria.]

Nasr, who is a prolific online jihadist, tweeted on July 14 on the "Martyrdom of six of the dearest comrades of the path in Khorasan, among them my brother and loved one and apple of my eye Taj al Makki and my brother the kind and generous Abu Abdurahman al Kuwaiti yesterday in a bombardment of spies," according to a translation by Oren Adaki. The Khorasan is a geographic area that includes Afghanistan and Pakistan, where al Qaeda's senior leadership is based.

...The US has conducted two other strikes in the Datta Khel area since July 10. In the early morning of July 19, US drones launched eight missiles at a compound in the same village, killing at least 11 jihadists, including two commanders in the Punjabi Taliban. And on July 16, the US reportedly killed 18 jihadists, including 12 "of Central Asian origin," in a strike in the village of Saidgai.

YOU WILL now forget I ever said this.


By Howie at 07:36 AM | Comments |

July 22, 2014

Storm Saxon's Kittehs

I promised. Here are SSGB's kittehs. Below the fold. Cuz you may die of teh cute.





By Vinnie at 05:16 PM | Comments |

Inability of Jihadis to Hit Most of What They Are Aiming At Finally Making Sense: Blind Jihadi Claims Handicap No Excuse for Not Picking up AK47, Firing in General Direction of Infidels

Taymullah al-Somali-blind.jpg
Friends of blind jihadi Taymullah al-Somali play epic prank, urging him to fire at the "Infidel Shia 12th Imam, flying on a carpet over us right now!"

Some things are funny. Other things are funny funny. This is the latter:

A blind jihadist pictured fighting alongside ISIS militants in Syria has reportedly urged others to join the Islamist militants, saying having a disability is no excuse.

Taymullah al-Somali, a Dutch national who is believed to have travelled to the Middle East earlier this year, has been photographed numerous times alongside ISIS militants and is believed to be based in the capital of the self-declared caliphate, Raqqa....

Another post urging more jihadists to join ISIS added: 'My beloved brothers, if there is anyone with a valid excuse to reframe [sic] from jihad, it's me. I am blind!'

Thanks to @BellumLetale

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 04:36 PM | Comments |

Hamas Missiles Discovered In Another UN School

Once again, the UN is caught aiding terrorists.

or the second time in less than a week, rockets have been found in a school in Gaza operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the body said.

"Today, in the course of the regular inspection of its premises, UNRWA discovered rockets hidden in a vacant school in the Gaza Strip," the organization said in a statement issued Tuesday. "As soon as the rockets were discovered, UNRWA staff were withdrawn from the premises, and so we are unable to confirm the precise number of rockets. The school is situated between two other UNRWA schools that currently each accommodate 1,500 internally displaced persons."

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, then I'm an accomplice.

(Hat Tip: Weasel Zippers)

By DMartyr at 02:19 PM | Comments |

Pro-Palestinian Activists Using Pictures Of Fogel Family Slaughter As Propaganda

If you recall, the Fogel family was slaughtered in their home by two Palestinians.

Pro-Palestinian activists are now using the crime photos as propaganda. The caption accompanying the photos claims "This is what the medical personnel saw after the Israeli Army left this house in Gaza."

The propaganda image is below the fold. It is graphic.



By DMartyr at 01:46 PM | Comments |

Pallywood Rises

Magical sniper bullet causes a Palestinian "civilian" to teleport 20 feet. (@2:02 @2:23)


I guess they had to edit out him climbing over the rubble to get into position.

UPDATE: Here's a picture of the "victim" from the other direction. No blood and no wounds from supposedly three sniper shots:


One other thing that's out of place - where did all these pots and pans come from? Watch the video just before he supposedly gets shot. There are no pots on the ground where they are. But after he is on the ground, there are pots everywhere.

More updates below the fold.

UPDATE II: I found these two images, one before the "sniper" shooting and one just after. I circled the corresponding points to orient. The yellow circle is the painted wall where the "victim" was supposedly shot.

Notice in the first picture, the man and woman in vests are far behind the so-called victim (in the green shirt.) That suggests they followed the victim past the sniper line-of-fire and the "victim" backtracked, or they crossed the line-of-fire after the "victim" was shot.


Also note the bag of what appears to be reflective vests. If they were so concerned about snipers, why didn't they give one to the man in green?

Note: At 01:44 02:00 in the video, you can see the barrels (circled in green in photographs.) They are very close to those barrels (or whatever those things are). That means they had passed the sniper's line-of-fire when the "victim" was supposedly shot. But somehow the body was moved back to that point. He certainly didn't stumble over all that rubble in under 2 seconds.

The more I watch the video and look at pictures, the more this smells like a Pallywood production.

UPDATE III: Youtube removed the video I had embedded so I switched to a Liveleak video. I also had to change the mentioned times to correspond with those points in the video.

By DMartyr at 11:42 AM | Comments |

Islamic State of Syria and Just Plain Stupid Orders Mannequins To Wear Hijab

Because, you now the Muj have been out on the trail for a long time and we don't want them, um temped.

ISIS has ordered shopkeepers in the Iraqi city of Mosul to cover the faces of mannequins, The Associated Press reported Tuesday.

The Sunni extremist group recently declared a caliphate – or Islamic State - covering parts of Syria and Iraq. Shop owners in Mosul said they had been told to cover the faces of male and female mannequins, apparently in line with strict interpretations of Shariah law that forbid statues or artwork depicting the human form.

You know why I'm in this now don't you, I mean the Muj are nothing if not entertaining.


By Howie at 11:04 AM | Comments |

I Felt A Great Disturbance In The Force

As if millions of Liberals cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced...

D.C. Circuit guts ObamaCare: Consumers in federal exchange are ineligible for subsidies

You already know the background here, I hope. If not, read this post and/or this post to catch up. The ObamaCare statute says that federal subsidies to help people pay for their new O-Care health insurance are available to anyone who buys their plan from “an Exchange established by the State.” Thirty-four states declined to build their own exchanges, though, so the White House built a big federal exchange for them instead. That’s Healthcare.gov. Question: If you buy a plan from Healthcare.gov, does that qualify as buying from “an Exchange established by the State”? Or are subsidies reserved exclusively for exchanges built by the individual states, not the feds?

The financial impact of ObamaCare for five million people hangs on six words. Held by the D.C. Circuit: Subsidies apply only to true state exchanges, not Healthcare.gov.

Hey, look on the bright side, Jar Jar Binks is dead!

By Howie at 10:57 AM | Comments |

Rex Kramer 2016!

Suggest Rex Kramer, I mean Joe Biden's 2016 campaign slogans.

Fatwas will be issued.

By Howie at 09:12 AM | Comments |

That's The Way You Do it

Selena Gomez inspires MTV crowd to join Pallywood.

After Selena Gomez‘s Instagram feed became rife with comments debating about the humanity of Israel’s attacks on Gaza, the singer posted a follow-up photo to let her fans know what she’s really thinking.

“And of course to be clear, I am not picking any sides. I am praying for peace and humanity for all!” she captioned a photo of a serene seaside sunset.

The article goes on to mention several other celebrities who are "under fire" for supporting Hamas and the Palestinians in Gaza.

Under fire? I don't think MTV knows quite what that means.


If this is what it takes for Selena to make the news these days, she should just go ahead and go full crackwhore.

By Howie at 07:49 AM | Comments |

July 21, 2014

'New Holocaust' Brings Out Protesters Around The World

In other words, SNAFU.

After reading this, I feel like I was actually there!

From Berkeley to Boston and from Paris to Sydney, the season is upon us again. Hipsters twirl Keffiyahs from some Shanghai factory around their necks, don army surplus jackets and Decembrist t-shirts and head to the nearest Israeli embassy to scream about a new Holocaust.

Shiites and Sunnis temporarily put aside their blood feuds and entire families of Syrian Alawites and Turkish Sunnis stand in London or Berlin screaming "Death to the Jews".

Joining them are elderly Trotskyists and aging Stalinists, normally as mutually hostile as Shiites and Sunnis, who put aside their differences to feebly wave cardboard signs about the Zionist war machine.

Fake blood is everywhere. Aspiring art students who can’t draw try to figure out new ways of intersecting a Swastika and a Star of David. Latuff cartoons are printed out along with bloody photos of dead people from Syria, Hollywood horror movies and on the rare occasion, Gaza, and shoved in everyone’s faces.

Hilarity ensues. Read it all.

By DMartyr at 09:14 PM | Comments |

The Nation Of Israel Will Never Give Up

Morale is high among the IDF. In this video, Israeli soldiers began singing during one of their breaks.

The translation from Legal Insurrection:


Every place, all the time
The old and young has
Beautiful and less beautiful days
Among them answers to all the questions

There is one mighty God
He gives us everything in this world
Between darkness to a sun beam
We only need to choose the path

It is known life is a gift
All is expected and is allowed

The one who believes is not afraid
To lose faith
We all have the King of the universe
Who guards us from it all

This nation is a family
One and one more is the secret of success
The nation of Israel will never give up
We will always stay on the map

It is known life is a gift
All is expected and is allowed

The one who believes is not afraid
To lose faith
We all have the King of the universe
Who guards us from it all

Survival, self-defense, and a celebration of life.

Compare that sentiment with a song from Hamas below the fold.

By DMartyr at 08:03 PM | Comments |


I declare a blogwar!

Hot Air? Dead!

Breitbart? Dead!

The Blaze? Dead!

American Thinker? Wait? Who?

By Vinnie at 06:36 PM | Comments |

Pay Respects To RAF Gunner (Updated & Bumped)

UPDATE: I thought an update about this story was due. Hundreds of people showed for the funeral, including veterans from Sidney's old unit, current and former RAF service men and women.

Some pictures from the funeral below the fold.

----------Original post----------

I don't know how many UK readers we have, but if any are in or near St. Annes in Lancashire, please consider spending a part of your day on July 4th paying respect to a WWII war hero.

From The Independent:

A recently deceased RAF veteran will have hardly any attendees at his funeral, an undertaker has said, as he makes a public appeal for mourners.

Sidney Marshall, 90, who took part in the D-Day landings serving as a flight sergeant, passed away on 16 June at his home in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire.

With no relatives living locally and a wife, Elizabeth, who died last year, undertaker Eddie Jacobs, 72, is concerned that Marshall won't get the send-off befitting of a war hero.

This hero from the greatest generation deserves an honorable send off.






Read more HERE.

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European Protesters Riot, Call for Muslims to Stop Butchering Muslims All Over the World

Yeah, I know, too obvious .... but it's all I have!

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:57 PM | Comments |

Chicago or France? Leaflets Threaten Jews Over Gaza Conflict

Well, this isn't good:

Anti-Jewish leaflets were found on several vehicles on Chicago's Northwest Side, police said.

Six vehicles were discovered with leaflets containing anti-Semitic threats in their windshields Saturday morning in the 6300 block of North Monticello Avenue, according to Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Janel Sedevic.

According to the Chicago Tribune, residents reported the material contained threats to Jewish people in connection to the rising conflict in Gaza.

Chicago: it's like France, but with better pizza.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:48 PM | Comments |

Friend of Boston Marathon Bomber Begins Fretting Over Cornhole

If your friend is a mass murdering terrorist, it's probably best not to do him a favor:

A college friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was convicted Monday of impeding the investigation into the bombing.

Azamat Tazhayakov was charged with obstruction of justice and conspiracy, with prosecutors saying he agreed with a friend's plan to remove Tsarnaev's backpack containing altered fireworks from his dorm room a few days after the 2013 bombing.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:21 PM | Comments |

Rusty Also Considers Reverting to Islam

Because, Anal Jihad.

By Howie at 01:22 PM | Comments |

Meanwhile, in Benghazi

No word on which YouTube video is to blame:

Islamist militants attacked an army base in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on Monday, triggering fierce clashes involving helicopters and jets that killed at least seven people and wounded 40 others, residents and security sources said.

The violence followed a week of fighting between rival militias for control of Tripoli International Airport in the capital that has prompted the North Africa country to appeal for international help to stop Libya becoming a failed state.

Tripoli was calmer on Monday, but in Benghazi, militants linked to Islamist group Ansar al-Sharia attacked an army camp and were repelled by troops and forces loyal to renegade retired general Khalifa Haftar, who has been carrying out a self-declared war on Islamist fighters, security sources said.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:20 PM | Comments |

Transgendered Fighters Reported in Hamastan

It just warms the heart to see that Hamas has embraced the tranny community:

Janis Mackey Frayer, a correspondent for Canada’s CTV now based in Gaza, on Sunday reported seeing a Hamas fighter dressed in woman’s clothing in Shuja’iya, the scene of heavy fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas.
Keeping reaching for that rainbow, Hamas!

Gaza: It's like Bangkok, but the shemales have beards!

Thanks to Johnny.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:58 AM | Comments |

Howie Seriously Considering Becoming a Muslim

Sure, they tell the kids that Christians are liars. And, okay, Christmas getting cancelled does kinda of suck. But you say half empty, Howie says glass half full:

Children were taught that all Christians are liars and attempts were made to introduce Sharia law in classrooms as part of an alleged 'Trojan Horse' takeover plot of Birmingham schools, an inquiry has found.

The inquiry commissioned by Birmingham City Council found evidence of religious extremism in 13 schools as school governors and teachers tried to promote and enforce radical Islamic values.

Schools put up posters warning children that if they didn't pray they would "go to hell", Christmas was cancelled and girls were taught that women who refused to have sex with their husbands would be "punished" by angels "from dusk to dawn".

Point taken: I guess this being a positive or negative all depends on what the wife looks like.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:50 AM | Comments |

Iraqi Town of Zowiya Destroyed

And by Destroyed I mean utterly wiped off the map by ISIS, because the residents refused to pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

A small Sunni Arab town north of Baghdad put up a fight when Sunni Muslim extremists from the so-called Islamic State tried to impose their rule on the town.

The residents lost, and now the town, Zowiya, just outside of Tikrit, is destroyed. More than 200 of its homes have been blown up, and the residents have fled.

Abu Saad rented a little home in Erbil he shares with his four married sons and their families.

"We have good houses, very luxury houses," he says. "I'm businessman. I have two houses for my sons. They bomb it." Everything is gone: passports, furniture, memories.

"Because we fight them, they destroy us," Abu Saad says.

The young men of the village fought for four hours, and when the ammunition ran out, everyone fled. At least 15 people were killed in the battle, two of them women.javascript:wrapSelection('i')

He asked us not to use his name for his protection. The rest of his family fled only this week, after government air strikes rained down, killing nearly two dozen people.

The men say they would go back and fight, if they could fight with an army they trust.

Well Obama, you're sure doing a heckuva job there. There's plenty of Iraqi Sunni Muslims out there willing to fight ISIS if they could fight with an army they trust. They at one time drove AQI and ISIS to the brink of extinction with our support. Now we have abandoned them to ISIS savages. No wonder they hate us.
So it was that on Friday the Christians of Mosul, a community of thousands settled in the city since the early days of Christianity, were given 24 hours to either convert or face the sword. A third alternative was to pay jizya, an Islamic tax historically levied on religious minorities.

But only a brave or gullible “infidel” would put much faith in protection of that sort, and Christians as well as Yazidis and Shabaks, two other Iraqi minorities, are now fleeing for their lives.

For the Christians this is not a new catastrophe but rather the consolidation and systemisation of a terrible process of extirpation from their historic homelands that has been under way for years. It is nonetheless remarkable that the West has so far had nothing in particular to say about it.

They are describing the ISIS offensive as worse than Genghis Khan.
"This has never happened in Christian or Islamic history. Even Genghis Khan or Hulagu didn't do this," he said. Hulagu Khan led a Mongol army which sacked Baghdad in 1258, killing tens of thousand of people, destroying a caliphate which lasted nearly 600 years and leaving the city in ruins for centuries.

Muslims at the service held up leaflets declaring "I am Iraqi, I am Christian", some writing it on their shirts.

So Genghis Khan destroyed an Islamic caliphate? Where is he when you really need him.

By Howie at 09:19 AM | Comments |

July 20, 2014

'More Than Just An Actor'


RIP, James.

By DMartyr at 06:20 PM | Comments |

Anti-Defamation League Youth Coordinators Support Convicted Al Qaeda Terrorist


Terrorist supporters in care of children... Anything else would be 'Islamophobic.'

How would you feel if you sent your son or daughter to an Anti-Defamation League summer camp only to find out that the camp’s youth coordinators are supporters of a convicted Al Qaeda terrorist?

Brothers Bilal and Ammaar Mirza have been involved with Anti-Defamation League's (ADL's) Camp Interfaith in beautiful Andover, New Hampshire since they were teenagers, first as campers and then as staffers. Yet at the very same time, they have also been active in a Boston area extremist Islamist movement that is viciously anti-American and tinged with anti-Semitism, a movement that has coalesced around the cause of a local jihadist celebrity, Tarek Mehanna.

Read it all.

By DMartyr at 01:48 PM | Comments |

ISIS Begins Public Stonings In Syria

From International Business Times via TROP:

In separate incidents in a span of 24 hours, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) carried out executions against two woman in Syria, sentencing them to death by stoning over allegations of "adultery".

Unconfirmed reports claim that in at least one case, the woman was sentenced to death as her new husband found that she was not a virgin.

By DMartyr at 12:27 PM | Comments |

20 Missiles Discovered In UN-Run School In Gaza (Updated & Bumped)

UPDATE: Instead of destroying or confiscating the missiles stored in the school, the UN allowed Hamas to collect them.



Some 20 rockets were found Wednesday in a school in Gaza operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the organization confirmed Thursday. [...]

The discovery would seem to confirm Israel's oft-repeated claim that Hamas and other Gazan terror groups use civilian infrastructure to hide weapons.

"Yet again, Gaza terrorists abuse UN facilities to carry out their violent activities. Hamas and other terror groups are determined to put civilians in harm's way and will respect nothing in their violent frenzy," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yigal Palmor told The Times of Israel. (Source)

The UN added, laughably, this incident was "the first of its kind in Gaza..."

Oh yeah?

What about the UN ambulances transporting weapons and militants?

Or the UN funding Hamas?

Or the UN's protective support of other terrorist organizations, like Hezbollah?

How about investigating the UN's bias against Israel?

By DMartyr at 12:23 PM | Comments |

July 19, 2014

Blurred Cities

In my post yesterday about Hamas talking points, one of the points was "avoid publishing pictures of rockets fired into Israel from [Gaza] city centers."

In the video below, you can see some examples of how Hamas blurs out buildings to make launches appear to be from more rural areas:

By DMartyr at 01:26 PM | Comments |

Caution: Beware Of Flying Pigs!


End times sign? Bill Maher and liberals on panel support Israel!

(Hat Tip: Legal Insurrection)

By DMartyr at 01:11 PM | Comments |

USA: Mosque leaders Attempt To Amputate Hand Of Accused Thief

Shariah in America...

Two men described as leaders of a Philadelphia mosque were accused of trying to cut off the hand of a suspected thief, whose wrist was sliced so deeply it required hospital treatment, police said on Friday.

The 46-year-old victim said two officials in the mosque accused him of stealing jars of money from the house of worship after morning prayers on Monday.

The officials, described in police reports as the mosque's imam and amir, dragged the victim to the rear of the mosque, and attempted to chop off his hand with a machete, according to a police statement.

He sustained a severe laceration to his right wrist, and was transported to a nearby hospital by medics.

(Hat Tip: The Sanity inspector)


Never trust anyone with a zebibah.

(Un)Related: Oxford University released a study that indicates that people with zebibahs, which are caused by repeatedly striking the forehead on the ground during prayers, may experience traumatic brain injury. Some symptoms - "aggression, acting out, and social inappropriateness."

That would explain so much.

By DMartyr at 12:28 PM | Comments |

July 18, 2014

Hamas Issues talking Points Memo To 'Social Media Activists'

Judging from their reports, the mainstream media is also embracing these terrorist-issued points.

From MEMRI via Truth Revolt:

  • Anyone killed or martyred is to be called a civilian from Gaza or Palestine, before we talk about his status in jihad or his military rank. Don't forget to always add 'innocent civilian' or 'innocent citizen' in your description of those killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza.

  • Begin [your reports of] news of resistance actions with the phrase 'In response to the cruel Israeli attack,' and conclude with the phrase 'This many people have been martyred since Israel launched its aggression against Gaza.' Be sure to always perpetuate the principle of 'the role of the occupation is attack, and we in Palestine are fulfilling [the role of] the reaction.'

  • Beware of spreading rumors from Israeli spokesmen, particularly those that harm the home front. Be wary regarding accepting the occupation's version [of events]. You must always cast doubts on this [version], disprove it, and treat it as false.

  • Avoid publishing pictures of rockets fired into Israel from [Gaza] city centers. This [would] provide a pretext for attacking residential areas in the Gaza Strip. Do not publish or share photos or video clips showing rocket launching sites or the movement of resistance [forces] in Gaza.

  • To the administrators of news pages on Facebook: Do not publish close-ups of masked men with heavy weapons, so that your page will not be shut down [by Facebook] on the claim that you are inciting violence. In your coverage, be sure that you say: 'The locally manufactured shells fired by the resistance are a natural response to the Israeli occupation that deliberately fires rockets against civilians in the West Bank and Gaza'..."

  • When speaking to the West, you must use political, rational, and persuasive discourse, and avoid emotional discourse aimed at begging for sympathy. There are elements with a conscience in the world; you must maintain contact with them and activate them for the benefit of Palestine. Their role is to shame the occupation and expose its violations.

  • Avoid entering into a political argument with a Westerner aimed at convincing him that the Holocaust is a lie and deceit; instead, equate it with Israel's crimes against Palestinian civilians.

  • The narrative of life vs. the narrative of blood: [When speaking] to an Arab friend, start with the number of martyrs. [But when speaking] to a Western friend, start with the number of wounded and dead. Be sure to humanize the Palestinian suffering. Try to paint a picture of the suffering of the civilians in Gaza and the West Bank during the occupation's operations and its bombings of cities and villages.

  • Do not publish photos of military commanders. Do not mention their names in public, and do not praise their achievements in conversations with foreign friends!

By DMartyr at 06:37 PM | Comments |

Hamas: "Don't Worry, Our Missiles Only Hit Jews"

Must be the spiffy Jew-guidance systems...

Of course, even when the missiles do hit Muslim homes, the families are also happy for the blessing:

On Sunday, the M75 missile hit the front yard of Taher Tameem, 32, leaving a crater in the ground. The bomb's blast blew out his living room windows, and pierced the entrance to the home and its interior with shrapnel. [...]

"This is so good," agreed Tameem, the homeowner. "I saw the missile as a blessing from the sky, because it comes from Hamas. Good for Hamas!"

By DMartyr at 06:22 PM | Comments |

Obama: Pot, Kettle, Black

Obama exposes his blatant hypocrisy:

Obama said the rebels' sophisticated weaponry and training needed to shoot down aircraft "is coming from Russia" and said the United States could ratchet up sanctions on Russia if it continues to support the rebels.

You mean the way your administration was arming ISIS allies in Syria?

And more hypocrisy:

Our immediate focus will be on recovering those who were lost, investigating exactly what happened and putting forward the facts. And I want to point out there will likely be misinformation as well. I think it's very important for folks to sift through what is factually based and what is simply speculation.

You mean like blaming Benghazi attacks on a Youtube video?

By DMartyr at 02:50 PM | Comments |

Vox Idiocy: Israel Doesn't Have To Defend Itself Against Terrorists

...they just do because they are big meanies!

Wow, the dumbassery is strong with this one:

A United Nations agency dedicated to helping Palestinians discovered 20 rockets hidden in one of its Gaza Strip schools on Wednesday, according to an alarmed press release from the agency. Palestinian militant groups such as Hamas dominate Gaza and use rockets as a tool to terrorize nearby Israelis. [...]

It is not a great secret that "resistance" campaigns by groups like Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad bring far greater harm to Palestinian civilians than they do anything resembling liberation, but this incident is a small glimpse of how, and of the effects of militant groups firing hundreds of rockets into Israel from densely populated neighborhoods in Gaza.

Here's the thing, though: while incidents like this force Israel to decide between bombing civilian structures or allowing Hamas to use those structures as rocket storage depots, it does not actually force Israel to choose to bomb civilian buildings. It is entirely within Israel's power to not bomb civilian buildings.

In other words, Vox admits Hamas is terrorists, but that is no excuse for Israel to defend itself against them.

Can someone really be this stupid and still tweet?

(Un)Related: More pointless idiocy from Vox -

There's a particularly sobering statistic that emphasizes the magnitude of this tragedy: with the reported death count now including 189 passengers from the Netherlands, the MH17 crash has claimed the lives of a greater share of the country's population than the September 11th attacks did in the US.

The people lost onboard MH17 represent approximately .0011 percent of the total Dutch population of 16.8 million.

Many more Americans were killed in the 9/11 attacks -- 2,624 in total -- but because the US population is so much larger (it was roughly 285 million in 2001), the death toll represented .0009 percent of the overall population.

Oh well then! That certainly puts 9/11 in perspective! It really wasn't such a huge attack after all! /s

By DMartyr at 12:59 PM | Comments |

The Government Will Get Your Money One Way Or Another

If you water your lawn, the state will get your money. If you don't water your lawn, the city will get the money.

On the same day the state approved mandatory outdoor watering restrictions with the threat of $500 fines, the Southern California couple received a letter from their city threatening a $500 penalty for not watering their brown lawn.

It's brown because of their conservation, which, besides a twice-a-week lawn watering regimen, includes shorter showers and larger loads of laundry.

They're encouraged by the state's new drought-busting, public service slogan: Brown is the new green. (Source)

This is for what you voted, California. Now just shut up and pay.

By DMartyr at 11:44 AM | Comments |

Hamas: The Millionaire Boys Club

Terrorism is very profitable, especially if clueless activists and idiot leftists help stir the hatred for your enemy.

Very soon after seizing control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, Hamas and its allies began escalating rocket fire against the Jewish state. Given the severity of the Israeli reprisals, that wouldn't seem very good for business. But, in fact, it is.

Over the past seven years, Hamas' leadership has pulled in outrageous sums of money thanks to the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Most of the profits were the result of exorbitant taxes on the goods smuggled from Egypt in tunnels running under the Gaza border, or grossly overcharging for subsidized Egyptian fuel.

Neither of those revenue streams would be possible without violently provoking Israel to lay siege to Gaza.

Similarly, Hamas profits are threatened by the enormous quantities of humanitarian aid and other goods that Israel and the international community pump into Gaza every month, which is why numerous reports suggest Hamas blocks that aid from ever reaching local residents.

Not unlike America's elitists who are profiting off the suffering of Americans and the illegal immigration coming across our southern border.

And not unlike our own "community organizers" whose profits are threatened by American exceptionalism.

By DMartyr at 11:31 AM | Comments |

On Second Date, Former Hamas Prime Minister Gets Some Over the Shirt Boob Action from Leader of Hamas' Political Wing


Hamas man-love.jpg

Call me old fashioned, but back in my day you didn't even attempt to get to second base until at least the third date.

Thanks to underground-Zionist cabal.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 10:55 AM | Comments |

And His Mama Cried

In the Ghetttoooooooooo!

By Howie at 08:20 AM | Comments |

Meanwhile in Syria

Days of Fitna and daydreams about Heathrow, and kittehs, never forget kittehs.

Oh and He's so glad to get away from Vinnie and Rusty.

*Danged ol' Phobe, I may not approve of Rusty and Vinnie's lifestyle, but still, they ARE my friends.

*Saying stupid shit on Twitter, its forever.

By Howie at 08:00 AM | Comments |

July 17, 2014

Israel Begins Ground Offensive in Gaza


IDF ground forces began to move into the Gaza Strip on Thursday evening, the prime minister's office confirmed.

“In light of Hamas' continuous criminal aggression, and the dangerous infiltration into Israeli territory, Israel is obligated to act in defense of its citizens,” a statement from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's office said.

The statement said that Operation Protective Edge, now in its 11th day, will continue until its goals are reached: restoring quiet for an extended period of time,and delivering a significant blow to Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in Gaza.

Prior to the commencement of the ground invasion, the IDF launched a massive wave of combined air and artillery strikes on Thursday night.

We pray that Hamas is crippled and that Israel can bring peace to Gaza quickly.

By Howie at 03:15 PM | Comments |

Malaysian Airlines 777 and Two Su-22 Jets Downed Over Ukraine


A Malaysia Airlines passenger jet crashed in eastern Ukraine on Thursday, prompting a Ukrainian official to say that the flight carrying 295 people had been shot down.
The Boeing 777 was "shot down" by "terrorists" operating a Buk surface-to-air missile system, according to a Facebook post from Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry.

The plane went down near the town on Torez in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, according to the post, as it flew at about 10,000 meters (32,000 feet).
"We do not exclude that the plane was shot down and confirm that the Ukraine Armed Forces did not fire at any targets in the sky," Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said, according to his website.

This after two Ukrainian Su-22 jets were downed yesterday.
Andriy Lysenko, spokesman for the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council, said an Su-25 ground attack plane was downed on Wednesday evening.

Russia's defence ministry called the accusation "absurd", Russian state media reported.

Rebels in eastern Ukraine say they shot down two Su-25 jets on Wednesday.

Ukraine also alleges rockets were fired at its forces from Russian territory.

Russia as denied any involvement, but a deleted post by a pro-Russian rebel on the Russian language social network VK appears to claim to have downed the larger jet.

17.07.2014 17:50 (MSK) Message from the militia. "In the area Torrez just downed plane An-26, lying somewhere in the mine" Progress ". Warned same - not to fly in "our sky." And here is the video the confirmation of the next "ptichkopada." Birdie fell for waste heap, the residential sector is not caught. Peaceful people do not suffer. And also have information about the second downed aircraft, like the Su. "
Possibly the rebels have missiles capable to reaching the 30000 ft cruising altitude of the plane. But that takes a launcher based missile, rather than a so called manpad. But claims that such a launcher was in use by the rebels have been posted.

It appears to be a case of a trigger happy operator for the Ukrainian resistant getting greedy after a couple of successful shootdowns of the Su-22.

I've heard unconfirmed reports that up to 24 Americans Australians were aboard the 777.

Update: A recorded and translated conversation in which Pro-Russian separatists discuss the downing. Thanks to @webradius.

Igor Bezler: We have just shot down a plane. Group Minera. It fell down beyond Yenakievo.

Vasili Geranin: Pilots. Where are the pilots?

IB: Gone to search for and photograph the plane. Its smoking.

VG: How many minutes ago?

IB: About 30 minutes ago.

SBU comment: After examining the site of the plane the terrorists come to the conclusion that they have shot down a civilian plane. The next part of the conversation took place about 40 minutes later.

“Major”: These are Chernukhin folks show down the plane. From the Chernukhin check point. Those cossacks who are based in Chernukhino.

“Grek”: Yes, Major.

"Major": The plane fell apart in the air. In the area of Petropavlovskaya mine. The first “200” (code word for dead person). We have found the first “200”. A Civilian.

“Greek”: Well, what do you have there?

“Major”: In short, it was 100 percent a passenger (civilian) aircraft.

“Greek”: Are many people there?

“Major”: Holy sh__t! The debris fell right into the yards (of homes).

“Greek”: What kind of aircraft?

“Major”: I haven’t ascertained this. I haven’t been to the main sight. I am only surveying the scene where the first bodies fell. There are the remains of internal brackets, seats and bodies.

“Greek”: Is there anything left of the weapon?

“Major”: Absolutely nothing. Civilian items, medicinal stuff, towels, toilet paper.

“Greek”: Are there documents?

“Major”: Yes, of one Indonesian student. From a university in Thompson.

Update: Its seems Vladimir's strategy was working pretty well, so long as nothing went terribly terribly wrong.

Um, Yeah.

By Howie at 01:48 PM | Comments |

White Is The New Black

A high school in Iowa asked some students to wear all white clothing during "spirit week festivities". Other students were requested to wear all red or blue. The three colors represent the school's colors.

However, when Blair Van Staalduine posted a picture of himself dressed in all white, school administration suspended him for "racism":

A star high school athlete in rural Marshalltown, Iowa has been suspended for three football games this fall because he posted a social media image of himself enthusiastically festooned from head to toe in white clothing during school spirit week. In the photo, he made the letter "W" with his hands -- which in this case stands for white. [...]

The student's parents say the the principal of Marshalltown High School called Van Staalduine a racist after concluding that his hand signal was a white pride symbol.

I'm not sure what the "w" hand sign was about, but I seriously doubt the school would have suspended a black student holding up a fist or a Hispanic student flashing a la raza sign.

By DMartyr at 11:47 AM | Comments |

Kihnspiracy Theory of the Day

Yeah yeah, Jahar is innocent and ... OMG! Not Juice Boxes!

Someone get me Alex Jones, STAT!

Of course you know who's really behind this.

By Howie at 08:38 AM | Comments |

July 16, 2014

A Muslim, A Zionist, And An IDF Soldier Walks Into A Bar...

He orders a non-alcoholic brew and tells us his story:

"From the age of zero I was told that Israel stole Palestine from us, but when I was 14 I woke up. I discovered that Jews are not bad," says Ala Wahib [...]

"I am the operations officer at the IDF ground forces training base at Tze'elim,” Ala Wahib says at the start of our conversation, his eyes twinkling with excitement. "I am like the mother and father of that place," he adds. "The only thing is that I don't really have anyone to share it with, so I make sure to pat myself on the back every now and again, and say 'dude, you're awesome. Look how far you've come.'"

The truth is that he deserves these accolades. It is not every day that a Muslim Arab, hailing from a village whose residents largely do not recognize Israel's right to exist, comes to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. And he doesn't only serve: Major Wahib, 32, is currently the highest ranking Muslim officer in the IDF. He is enormously patriotic, a true Zionist. Precisely the kind of person we like to see lighting the torches during the national Independence Day ceremony every year.

Read it all.

Major Wahib is living proof that not all Muslims are bad people. I just wish there were more like him. It is unfortunate that his Muslim communities view him as the traitor rather than the terrorists among them.

(Hat Tip: IQ al Rassooli)

By DMartyr at 11:08 AM | Comments |

Palestinian Spokesman's Freudian Slip

He's leading them to death. No wait I mean not death, um uh. Something uh. Oh who am I kidding, death it is.

I don't know what all the whining is about, I mean Muslims are always telling me how the love death and glorifying the Martyrs for Allah.

Is this not what you wanted, Martyrs and death? So what's the problem?

By Howie at 09:50 AM | Comments |

Another Happy Landing


A group of San Diego men came to the aid of a mother and daughter during an attempted carjacking.

Fox and Friends showed video of the Good Samaritans wrestling down and restraining the suspect, who attempted to steal the vehicle with the mother and her daughter still inside.

But then you look at the Fox and Friends video and find out you're going to have to go elsewhere to see that actual entire video.

That's what I'm here for.

By Howie at 09:45 AM | Comments |

Where's Rusty?

He's testing out his new Sandcrawler.

By Howie at 08:27 AM | Comments |

Stuff To Read: Wicked Game by Matt Johnson

Matt is in the UK and bought and owns a Harley. So that's good for America!

Love America, get a free post. See how this works?

By Howie at 07:39 AM | Comments |

July 15, 2014

Good Gun Control: Naked Hippie Edition!

An armed naked hippie is a safe naked hippie!

Well done, lets burn one dude.

By Howie at 12:44 PM | Comments |

Bullies! Nine Year Old Kid Hangs Himself After Being Bullied For Being White Kuffar By Asian Youthes Muslim Students in Birmingham

Of course the Brits by law can't mention the name of a certain Religion of Peas.

A nine-year-old boy who claimed he was being bullied at school was found hanged following a minor family row, an inquest has heard.

Tragic Aaron Dugmore was so young he would not have appreciated the consequences of his actions, the court was told.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, Birmingham coroner Louise Hunt described the incident as an “absolute tragedy”.

Following his death in February last year, Aaron’s family claimed he was bullied by Asian youngsters at his local primary school for being white.

The hearing was told there was no evidence of “systematic bullying” - but there had been previous “incidents” at his school.

These PC laws in the UK are just silly. Lets face it Aaron was not bullied for being white. For his race. He was bullied for being a Kuffar or Non-Muslim. The Islamists have so brainwashed the Brits with the Racist Islamophobe meme that now they automatically begin discussing matters of race, "bullied for being white" when the subject, the problem is not race at all. A Muslim can be any race, any race at all. Its not the DNA its the belief system. And I think that for the most part Islam is a PFU belief system.

In this interview with the boy's parents they cannot even mention or describe the bullying because of, "legal reasons."(0:42). Legal reasons where if you say something derogatory about a Muslim you are accused of being racist and inciting hatred.

While Muslim students are not only allowed to bully based on their religious beliefs, the UK will because of these Dhimmi laws not even mention the truth of the matter.

It looks like Operation Trojan Horse is working just fine in UK schools. Well, except for Kuffar British children.

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Ministry of Jiggly: Free Kurdistan Edition

If you're against the Kurds you're against America, against freedom and for al-Qaeda.

Kurdish pop singer Helly Luv says she will not be put off by death threats from Iraqi Islamist militants since release of her first music video but, drawing on its title, insists she will "Risk It All" to help a push for an independent Kurdistan.

Iraqi-born Luv, 25, has seen her video rack up more than 2.5 million views on YouTube since its release in February; but she has faced criticism for what some see as provocative imagery in the clip accompanying the modern mix of dance, hip-hop and traditional Middle Eastern music.

Luv said the video, which includes exploding petrol bombs, backing dancers with AK-47 rifles, and the singer dancing in a mid-thigh silver dress atop a citadel, represents the Kurdish spirit and struggle for an independent state.

"There were death threats from many Islamic groups... it was a really hard time for me," Luv said in an interview in Arbil, the autonomous Kurdistan region's capital. "(But) my whole message is that, Kurdish people, we need to risk everything for our dreams and fight for our country."

Free Free Kurdistan! Say it with me! Free Free Kurdistan!

Kurdistan! F*ck Yeah!

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When It Comes to Iraqi Kurdish Oil US Should BUY IT!

NPR reports this morning on the US and the Iraqi regime opposing the right of Iraqi Kurds to export oil directly via a pipeline through Turkey.

Kurdish security forces, the peshmerga, have taken over two major oil fields near Kirkuk, in northern Iraq. The fields have the potential to put billions of dollars into the coffers of the Kurdish regional government.

But there's a hitch: Even if the Kurdish government has control of the oil, it doesn't necessarily mean it can export it — thanks to the Baghdad government and the U.S.

On May 22, about 4 million barrels of crude oil surged through a pipeline running from the autonomous region in northern Iraq, which is controlled by Kurds, to the Turkish port of Ceyhan. The crude was loaded into four tankers commissioned by the Kurdistan Regional Government, or KRG. One tanker, the United Leadership, sailed through the Mediterranean toward Morocco — where the first alleged buyer of the oil was, says Ben Lando, editor-in-chief of the Iraq Oil Report.

Related NPR Stories

Soldiers with the Kurdish peshmerga man an outpost near Kirkuk, a city they've sought to control during the chaos that has gripped Iraq.
The Two-Way
Kurdish Leaders Boycott Iraqi Government Meetings
Secretary of State John Kerry (second from left) arrives at Irbil International Airport with U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Robert Stephen Beecroft (fourth from left) on Tuesday. The president of Iraq's ethnic Kurdish region declared Tuesday that "we are facing a new reality and a new Iraq."
The Two-Way
Kerry Visits Kurds To Urge A United Iraq
A member of the Kurdish security forces stand guard atop a armored vehicle at Taza district, south of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, Iraq, Friday, June 20, 2014.
Iraq's Ethnic Kurds See Opportunity In Nation's Chaos
"But just as it was about to reach the port and unload, the Moroccan authorities refused entry and forced it back into international waters," Lando says. That's where the tanker remains, he says.

"This is because the Iraqi government and its international lawyers and the U.S. government pushed back and essentially claimed that this oil is stolen, it's smuggled, that it hasn't been exported with the authority of Baghdad and thus would be considered illegal," he says. "They convinced the Moroccan authorities not to 'play ball.' "

When asked about the move US officials said some crap like
The U.S. also opposes oil exports by the Kurds because it could undermine Iraq's unity, says State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

"Our position has long been that we don't support exports without the appropriate approval of the federal Iraqi government, and certainly we do have concerns about the impact of those continuing," she says.

The basis being that there are not personal mineral property rights in many of these countries. They are all held by the state and the US still sees the Malik regime Malaki as the legitimate holder of these rights in a unified Iraq.

The problem is that we are caught flat footed yet again. The reality on the ground is that there is no unified Iraq. ISIS controls much of Iraq and has an outlet for its Syrian and Iraqi oil through the Syrian regime via the Baathists in its ranks. ISIS will use its oil money to further its insurgency.

Now ISIS is not without problems. Its saddled with running a large portion of Iraq and Syria. Now taking that area and ruling it are two different things. The Kurds can make things hard on ISIS be keeping open another front. Leaving ISIS involved in battles on all sides of its little Caliphate. It will be very difficult for ISIS to both maintain all those fronts and implement a regime that satisfies the people. I mean we tried it, let it be their effing problem.

The Kurds are a natural counter to ISIS power. If we fail to back the Kurds this time there will be no one to oppose ISIS in all of northern Iraq. And lets face it the Kurds deserve our help.

I don't care how they work it out, if there has to be a royalty or kickback to the Iraqi government that's fine, whatever. But this oil must flow, lest the Kurds not have enough income and resources to hold Iraqi Kurdistan from ISIS.

So like I said, THERE IS NO UNIFIED IRAQ ANY LONGER. The US led Iraqi transitional government is a defacto failure. It will be lucky to hold Baghdad and the south.

The sooner we face that reality and make the required adjustments the better. Delay and failure to adjust only serves ISIS interests.

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What Comes Around Goes Around Benghazi Terrorist Has Terrible Episode of Bad Luck

Karma just dropped a huge rock on Faraj al-Shibli's head.

Faraj al-Shibli, who was suspected of involvement in the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, has been found dead, a Libyan source and locals in the town of Marj said.


Al-Shibli, whose name is also spelled Chalabi, was last seen being detained by a local militia in Marj two days ago, a Libyan source said.

It is unclear what happened to al-Shibli since then, but his body was found Monday in the eastern Libyan town of Marj.

I hope he didn't like get Gaddafied.... Oh who am I kidding, yes I do.

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July 14, 2014

Jawa Promotion: Act of War!

Yeah, so I didn't blog much today. So ya'll need something to read?

Get it here! Get it now!

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Stormtrooper: Let Me See Your Identification

Israelicool waves hand: You don't need to see his identification.

Stormtrooper: We don't need to see his identification.

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July 13, 2014

But MSM Will Report: "Israel Shuts Power Off To 70,000 Innocent Civilians"

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War P0rn: IDF Precision

The IDF impressively takes out a home in a dense urban area.

The small explosion at the start of the video is not meant to destroy the building. It is a warning for residents to get out. The real warhead strikes a minute later.

UPDATE: About the video above - the destructive warhead comes one minute after the "knock, knock" missile. But The Daily Mail reports it actually came 15 minutes later.

That makes sense, since there seems to be an edit at 01:15 in the video. (Watch the side window on top floor. You can see smoke and then suddenly, its gone.)

More videos of IDF precision below the fold.

Take me on a rocket ride!



This one is additional footage from my post the other day, War P0rn: Bay Watch IDF:


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July 12, 2014

Pallywood & The Left

Pallywood is at it again. This time re-circulating an image of an "IDF soldier" stepping on the chest of a little girl while pointing his rifle at her face:

The original photograph dates back to at least 2011. It is a staged scene. Here is the original image:


I don't know which is worse - the anti-Israel propaganda being so freely distributed or the gullible idiots who blindly believe it without checking its veracity. (The same idiots, BTW, who will go through great lengths to disprove and discredit any pictures or videos Israel releases.)

Legal Insurrection has more.

Hooked and reeling it in!

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Caption Contest: Gaza Children Surrounded And Beaten By IDF Soldiers

Of course, my headline is the left-wing, pro-Palestinian, pro-HAMAS propaganda version.


In reality, these IDF soldiers are shielding the children from a rocket attack.

Meanwhile, Hamas continues to use human shields without a peep from the leftist media.

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Bedrooms Of The Fallen

Photographer Ashley Gilbertson captures the spirit of young men and women who died serving America in Iraq and Afghanistan. This experiment allows viewers into the bedrooms left behind by fallen heroes and offers a glimpse into the lives of soldiers who willingly sacrifice for others.


Many of the rooms are hauntingly familiar. They are not unlike thousands, or even millions, bedrooms throughout America. Yet each one tells the unique story of the individual who called it theirs.

View more HERE.

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July 11, 2014

I Totally Forgot Mocking The Muj

Yeah on my earlier post I totally neglected to mention the effectiveness of a good internet PWN! But these Kurds seems to be doing a good job of it.

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Kurds Seize Two Oil Fields Price of Oil Down

Coincidence? I think not.

Iraqi Kurds have taken over two oil fields amid a growing dispute with the government in Baghdad, Iraqi and Kurdish sources say.

Kurdish peshmerga forces seized control of production facilities at the Bai Hassan and Kirkuk oil fields in the north of the country on Friday.

Kurdish MPs have also withdrawn from Iraq's central government.

They did so after Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki accused the Kurds of harbouring extremists.

Kurdish forces have moved into areas of north-western Iraq abandoned by the Iraqi army during the advance of Islamist insurgents led by the Isis (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) group over the past month.

The Kurds have since declared plans to hold a referendum on independence in the areas seized, escalating tensions with Iraq's central authorities.

Lets face it the Kurds have been getting screwed too long. Its their turn to play pitcher.

Go Kurds!

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Taliban Leader Tweets Getting Gay with Bowe Bergdahl Photo

I actually ... kinda ... feel sorry for Bowe.

Of all the tortures the Taliban could inflict on a hostage, being a bachi bazi has got to be the worst.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:44 PM | Comments |

US Intelligence Keep Tweeting #ISIS

A pretty good article on ISIS and twitter here.

Radical Islamists in Iraq are using social media to spread fear and propaganda in a way no terrorist group has done before.


Fighters from the Islamic State (also known as ISIL or ISIS) have shared Instagram pictures of gory executions, and have posted YouTube videos showing a beheading while tweeting "This is our ball. It’s made of skin #WorldCup." Seemingly without break, their Twitter accounts spew a mixture of carnage and preaching, peppered with weird jokes and gruesome taunts.

And American officials want them to keep it up.

An employee with a major social media company told Mashable that U.S. intelligence officials approached the company and asked that the ISIL accounts not be taken down, despite the often bloody and threatening content.

The article goes on to explain why intelligence analysts want the accounts up.
The reason? American intelligence officials are monitoring the ISIL accounts, trying to glean information about the deadly group and its strengths, tactics and networks.

Social media "is one of the many sources" American analysts monitor when "assessing the fluid ISIL situation," a U.S. intelligence official told Mashable on condition of anonymity.

"Whether or not it makes more sense to be trying to quash this kind of communication so they can’t get their message out, intel folks would always want them to have it more open," said Jason Healey, a founding member of the Pentagon's first joint cyberwar unit and now director of the Atlantic Council's Statecraft Initiative.

All very well and good. But I think they are missing the point of take-downs and counter terrorism phyops.

True there should be a balance between counter messaging and quashing the message. But after you have gathered all the intelligence on a person with that handy dandy thingy called the Save Button and fed it into your little analysis tool. From that point forward what is the balance of harm done vs. intelligence gathered? You have the his network mapped. Now the user is gaining prominence and credibility. He's recruiting, he's promoting the terrorist message. And you're doing what? Watching a slow motion train wreck?

And that's where I get off the intelligence train, The article makes it sound as though all intelligence analysts think this. That's true of the majority. But the majority's bread and butter is always more info. They don't want to miss one valuable byte. I don't want to say their only motivation is money, but they are making a living and like most humans they want to make the money and gather intelligence the easiest way possible.

Anyone who has spent time building a social network or website knows, when a takedown happens and you have to rebuild that network or website the replacement rarely if ever achieves the reach and popularity of the original network.

So there's a point to counter messaging, takedowns, and psyops. Remember once you gather that initial picture of a network, from that point forward the balance of harm vs good in leaving an account diminishes while that user's credibility and reach increases.

Its a huge pain in the ass for the online Jihadi and quite an annoyance to intelligence analysts. People are basically lazy and the analysts don't want to go through the pain of relocating a particular subject and remapping his new online system any more than the Jihadi wants to start over from scratch. But you have his network saved remember. He'll come back and reestablish his network connecting with what he considers the most important nodes first. So that in itself tells you a lot about his community. On the downside he'll try to harden his online presence and become a more resistant user.

In my opinion the watch and do nothing policy fails in the long run. Are Jihadis being created and recruited faster than you can watch and gather intelligence? I think the last few years in which the watch only policy has garnered favor makes clear the answer is yes. Islamic terror is spreading faster and faster around a much larger community. Although its main presence has left the internet for the most part in favor of Middle Eastern cell phone networks.

Takedowns and psyops do however serve a purpose. They show your dominance in the online battle space and hurt the credibility, reputation and reach of your target.

Now I would never suggest that we set intelligence totally aside in these matters. It must by necessity always come first. But neither does a takedown necessarily have to be harmful to intelligence. Lets take the example of Revolution Muslim. Was the loss of several of their websites targeted by Jawa Report really that much of an obstacle?

Was the loss of the al-Buruj website, several of their backup and reconstituted websites a problem when it came time for law enforcement to go after the members of that radical group?

Thanks to the handy save button thingy, no. We've NEVER went after any target without first doing the obligatory due diligence.

The fact that Zack Chesser, Younnes Abdullah Muhammad, Yousef al-Khattab and several other members are now sitting in federal pound me in the ass prison is the proof in the pudding so to speak. Look at that network now. At one time the leading Jihadi online network in America now relegated to send second hand posts of Younne's letters to an obscure, unnoticed and unpopular website.

Revmos days of preaching Jihad and terrorism in America ARE OVER!

Now I'm not naive enough to think that the exact same strategy that worked on the domestic group will be enough to work on the huge overseas group ISIS.

And the US does do counter messaging on social media.

If through intelligence we can locate an AQ propagandists phone and send a Hellfire his way. I'm all for it. To what extent we can counter and disrupt ISIS and other terrorists messaging though psyops and takedowns we should. So long as we've used that save button thingy first.

The intelligence analysts will grumble a bit, about having to, you know, work. But behind the scenes I think they also cheer for a good PWN or takedown as well.

Will adding more spyops and takedowns to the mix be enough, well I'm pessimistic now? Online terrorism has grown to such an extent, whereas in the beginning it was a fairly small community, these days the targets are too numerous to mention. Could we have stopped it? We'll never know but anything that would have slowed it down or deterred followers and recruits could have helped. Its a bit late now, despite our repeated warnings and advocacy of a stronger online response.

I feel the advocates of the watch only policy bear a bit of responsibility for that, for now the Genie is truly out of bottle, we're paying a huge price for them to never miss a byte of data, no?

Hat Tip: Instapundit.

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Russian-Backed Rebels in Ukraine Up the Ante Killing 23 in Grad Rocket Attack; And What this Says about the Palestinians and Israelis

With so much focus on the conflict in Israel, I thought it would be good to remind people just what kind of damage a Grad rocket -- the kind being used by Hamas right now being intentionally fired at Israeli civilians -- can do when: a) fired by competent people; b) reaches their intended targets:

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko vowed to "find and destroy" pro-Russian rebels who killed 23 servicemen and wounded nearly 100 in a missile attack on Friday.

Poroshenko issued his angry statement following an emergency meeting of his security chiefs called in response to the early morning strike by Russian-made Grad missiles on an army motorised brigade near the border with Russia.

I wish the Urkainians all the luck in the world in taking back territory lost by Putin's brownshirts, but I just wanted to also say thank God for Iron Dome (90% success rate!) and, of course, Palestinian incompetence!

So, when you hear the MSM equivocating between Israel and the Palestinians remember that Israel always intends to avoid civilian casualties and sometimes fails, while the Palestinian side intends to kill as many civilians as they can. The only reason they don't kill more civilians is that they are, for the most part, utter failures.

Case in point: Did you know that the Israeli side tries to call the civilian neighbors of known terrorists and warn them to get out of the house? Or that prior to sending in the real missile they send in a warning missile intended to get civilians out of the house before the real one kills them?

Sawsan Kawarea, a resident of Khan Younis, said she was in the house Tuesday when the phone rang. She answered, and on the other side was “David," who claimed he was with the Israeli military.

“He asked for me by name. He said: ‘You have women and children in the house. Get out. You have five minutes before the rockets come,’ ” Kawarea said in an interview with The Post's William Booth.

She took her children and ran outside. A small rocket hit the house soon after, Kawarea said. It was apparently the final warning. Five minutes later, a larger missile hit, and the house was destroyed. According to Hamas, seven people, including three minors, were killed in the Israeli airstrike. The man the Israelis were aiming for was apparently not among those killed.

Yet the MSM tries to paint a picture that Hamas rockets fired at no one in particular is really no different than precision strikes at known terrorists. Tit for tat, cycle of violence, blah blah!

But it gets worse, because when Palestinian civilians get a phone call warning them to get out of the house do you know what some of them do? Send non-combatant civilians into the house in a vain attempt to get Israel to stand down the impending strike. But if they die, hey, Israel murders civilians! It's win-win:

Either way, the warnings are not always heeded. According to Kawarea, after the "warning rocket" hit her house, a group of young men ran inside. It was unclear whether they thought their presence would stop the bombing or whether they wanted to be martyrs.
I actually heard a Palestinian on NPR yesterday complaining about an Israel air strike in which the occupants claimed there was no warning phone call or warning missile. So, now if you don't warn the terrorist that they are about to be killed you're a war criminal -- if you're a Jew.

This kind of double standard is the kind of not-so-subtle antisemitism that we've come to expect in MSM coverage of any conflict involving Israel. But it's not only that they hold Israel up to an impossibly high standard, but it also shows a kind of racism at Arabs or, more likely, Islamophobia. For what else can you call it when you expect that people of one particular race or religion just aren't capable of civilized behavior so your standard of judgement is to set the bar lower than you do for the rest of humanity? It's the way the left dehumanizes the Arab and Muslim world by giving them a pass from normal expectations.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:29 AM | Comments |

Ministry of Jiggly: MILF Edition

I dunno, there is some debate going on about 42 year old women. All I can say about it is I hope you survive the encounter.

Esquire writer Tom Junod generously notes would be willing to have sex with Sofia Vergara, even though she is old (she is 42)…


TOM notes how Esquire attempts to do a Rule 5 on women in their early forties… and then get mocked by Gawker

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War Porn! IDF Strike on Concealed Weapons Causes Massive Secondary Explosion

I didn't realize that innocent civilians and teddy bears caused such large secondary explosions?

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Video: Aborted Hanging in Iran

From what I can tell, the family of the victim forgives the second person being executed after he is hung. Under some interpretations of Sharia, the complainant's family has a choice to forgive a person or see them executed. The rule is often similar in both Sunni and Shia Islam.

This video comes from an activist in Iran, so I'm assuming this occurred in Iran recently.

Its fairly graphic, I mean it's a live hanging, but the prisoner appears to recover after he is taken down. Although he is obviously traumatized.

When the man is found to be alive the audience applauds. Which is remarkable considering some of the other Iranian hangings I've seen in larger areas that are run by the regime. This appears to have been a local matter.

If anyone has more details please let me know. Google would not translate the language for me, although I'm assuming is Persian.

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July 10, 2014

CAIR Dumps Pretense And Posts Dead Babies in Support of Hamas

First about CAIR:

In 2008, the FBI discontinued its long-standing relationship with CAIR. Officials said the decision followed the conviction of the HLF directors for funneling millions of dollars to Hamas, revelations that Nihal Awad had participated in planning meetings with HLF, and CAIR's failure to provide details of its ties to Hamas.[59][60] During a 2008 retrial of the HLF case, FBI Special Agent Lara Burns labeled CAIR "a front group for Hamas."[61] In January 2009, the FBI's DC office instructed all field offices to cut ties with CAIR, as the ban extended into the Obama administration.[62]
Of course this week Nihal Awad was all over the Tee Vee whining about the NSA monitoring his communications, claiming he is as pure as the driven snow and the NSA was only motivated by the fact that he's Muslim.

So there is reason to think CAIR might be supporting Hamas, which is a specially declared terrorist entity as declared by the US dept of Treasury.

Today CAIR dropped the pretense and joined in the dead baby porn hate campaign that Hamas and its supporters are running against Israel.

Apparently CAIR thinks the news media is not printing enough dead Palestinian babies. But I've seen most if not all of the images and videos in their post.

Its little more than propagation of Hamas propaganda.

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African Taliban Massacre Christians Raze Church

al-Shabaab murdered 100 Christians in Kenya in the last three weeks. Including one 12 year old boy.

By BosNewsLife – “Several Christians were killed near Kenya’s violence-plagued coast and leaflets were distributed by suspected Islamic militants Wednesday, July 9, threatening to kill more Christians, residents said.

Among the dead Christians was Ken Mangara, a 12-year-old student at Kibiboni primary school, and Kenya Kazungu, in his 30s, who was found in a pool of blood with a Bible on his back, reported Morning Star News, a Christian news agency.

Of course the world is outraged that Israel defends itself. But Muslim murdering Christians in the name of Islam. Meh....

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Ministry of Irony: Man Who Gave Interview While Buying Herb in Spokane Fired

Um uh, some things are just meant to be bootlegged.

Mike Boyer said Wednesday that after significant media coverage of his purchase Tuesday, he received a text message from the Spokane office of temporary staffing firm TrueBlue Labor Ready ordering him to take a drug test within 24 hours. He told The Associated Press he took the test, failed it and was fired.

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Surprisingly, France Doesn't Surrender to Would-be Jihadist Who Wanted to Blow up Eiffel Tower

I meant to post this yesterday, but forgot. The plot, apparently, never got passed the planning stages. But still:

A 29-year-old butcher of Algerian descent, only known as Ali M, was sending encrypted emails to a senior member of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) for over a year, reports the French daily Le Parisien.

When Ali M was asked how he would “conduct jihad in the place you are currently,” he suggested targeting nuclear power plants, several landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and “cultural events that take place in the south of France in which thousands of Christians gather for a month,” the Telegraph reports.

“The main walkways become black with people and a simple grenade can injure dozens of people, not to mention a booby-trapped device,” he said.

Had the plan been carried to its operational stage, it would have looked something like this.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:16 AM | Comments |

BBC Goes For a Fatwa! Reports on False #GazaUnderAttack Hate Campaign

Shocking, shocking that someone reported it. You'll never hear this on MSNBC or ABC or CBS or even Fox.


Graphic images are being shared on social media to show how people have been affected by the renewed tensions between Israel and the Palestinians.

Hamas has been firing rockets from Gaza into southern Israel, which has responded with airstrikes on Gaza. Several Palestinian militants have been killed and on Tuesday it was reported that at least 15 Palestinians had been injured.

Over the past week the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack has been used hundreds of thousands of times, often to distribute pictures claiming to show the effects the airstrikes.

Some of the images are of the current situation in Gaza, but a #BBCtrending analysis has found that some date as far back as 2009 and others are from conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

You will find news like this on Jawa Report.

We praises the Beeb for risking a Fatwa declaring them Islamophobic Zionists to tell the truth. Very few news organizations will report this.

But there is something you can do about it, see below the fold.

Pollute their hashtag with Zionist showtunes!

Works for me.

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Israel Damned If They Do Damned If They Don't


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, meanwhile, convened an emergency meeting of his Cabinet on Wednesday to discuss the crisis.

"This war is not against Hamas or another political party, but it is against the Palestinian people," he told the media afterward. "What do you call this crime? What is this crime known under international law? To kill entire families, is this collective punishment?

"This is called collective genocide."

The problem is that entire families are putting themselves at harms risk on purpose. Then when they are killed , the Palestinians point their one hand at Israel, while out the other side of their mouth they praise those willing to sacrifice themselves as human shields.


Also note the double standard, Hamas says any Israeli is a legitimate target, all of them. Civilians, mothers, babies. Whatever. Killing Jews is Halal you see.

But when one of them dies, oh my. Then the double narrative starts, calling it murder when at the same time praising the so called martyrs.

You have to watch the Prince of Lies. He's got you coming and going. You just have to stand up for yourself. And Israel is almost the last nation willing to stand against Islamic terrorists. Because they have little choice other than to defend themselves.

While we on the other hand, our President can Play pool while Rome burns and call for "restraint".

Lets face it, the west is screwed, unless it gets its act together very soon.

It seems to me that this has escalated very quickly, and sometimes I think every death in Israel is seen as political. Sometimes a murder or kidnapping is just that. But in the context of the conflict, we in the west are lucky enough to have the time and space to question these things. Whereas in Israel the dress rehearsal for the destruction of their nation is always on.

My whole life there has always been an Israel, with its current borders for the most part, what it has not given away recently for "peace". And the Palestinians have always been idiots, consumed with recovering a past that never existed. Always more concerned with hate and destruction than with making themselves a better future in spite of most of the world's wishes for them.

I and I think a lot of the world would support and help them, but those helping or supporting them can count on two things, the Palestinians Jew hatred screwing it up and a knife in the back. Its not worth helping them when they won't help themselves.

I'm pretty worried that rather than the usual ass whoppoin dealt out by the Israelis followed by a Hudna or peaceful period in which the Palestinians lick their wounds, I'm worried that this time it may indeed spin out of control.

To the North Lebanon and Syria are a mess, to the south, Egypt to the East Jordan is the last bastion of stability, but ISIS is eyeing Jordan from Iraq.

WWIII is about 13 years old now and it shows no signs of fading. Can we call it WWIII yet? I should think so, there's few parts of the world not affected by some sort of conflict with Islamic terrorists. The only reason we won't call it that is our own sensitivity about religion. We don't want to credit radical Islam with the power it currently holds. How long can we afford this denial?

It seems to me this could all go to sh*t for lack of a better term any time. I hope not. I've been raising alarms about Islamic terrorism and its doctrine being spread on the internet for some time. I was called alarmist, Zionist and an Islamophobe.

But now, after all this, the bud of terrorism has indeed bloomed while western freedom and liberty wilts away.

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Israeli Zoo Elephants Rush To Protect Young As Missile Alerts Sound

While Palestinian terrorists surround themselves with children to use as human shields, even animals know to protect their young.

(Hat Tip: Legal Insurrection)

(Un)Related: A new smartphone app notifies you, in real time, whenever the missile sirens go off in Israel. Most people who download it end up turning it off or uninstalling because it goes off incessantly. Imagine living under those conditions with real alerts and real dangers.

By DMartyr at 09:29 AM | Comments |

Seattle Police Looking for Anti Gay Terrorist

Seattle Times:

Ali Muhammad Brown, accused of shooting two men at close range in Leschi a month ago, has been charged with two counts of aggravated first-degree murder.


Brown’s whereabouts are unknown. Police in New Jersey say he may be responsible for a robbery in that state last weekend.

The charges filed Tuesday offer new details into the slayings of Dwone Anderson-Young, 23, and Ahmed Said, 27, on June 1, but they do not explain a motive for the slayings.

...Seattle police said Brown is also wanted on warrants for failure to register as a sex offender. In March 2012, Brown pleaded guilty to communication with a minor for immoral purposes and was sentenced to a year in jail.

Brown is also suspected of attending a Jihadist training camp in april and is a suspect in armed robbery.
Detectives say Said was shot multiple times in the face at close range and also in the back, as was Anderson-Young. There was no evidence of a struggle, the victims were not armed, and there`s no evidence it was motivated by robbery, drugs or any other crime.

However, sources tell Q13 FOX News that Brown underwent jihadist training in California in April and they believe the two men were attacked simply because their sexual orientation offended what police say are Brown’s radical Muslim beliefs.

A nationwide manhunt is now under way for Brown, who is now the prime suspect in an armed robbery at a coffee shop in New Jersey.

With Brown still on the loose, the LGBT community is still worried about safety.

“People taking advantage of the Internet, taking advantage of people’s emotions and lives, it’s not something people should be doing,” Kennedy said.

Brown is 5-foot-9 and 190 pounds, with a bodybuilder look.

U.S. marshals say he has lived in Burien, Kent and Federal Way.

If you have any information on Brown’s whereabouts, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-tips.

Lets see.

Jihad, Halal.
Robbing the Kuffar, Halal.
Murdering Homosexuals, Halal.

Murdering homosexuals by pretending to be homosexual and surfing gay porn?

Apparently Halal? Gay but Halal.

Anyway its fair to call him a terrorist because he's attended Jihadi camps and the gay community in Seattle is pretty much terrorized.

But I wouldn't worry too much. I mean the number of Muslims who hate gays enough to pretend to be gay on the internet is surely just a tiny oppressed minority?

Hat Tip: Bare Naked Islam.

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Burger King Bewb-Cam!

An angry Burger King cow goes on a rampage and about 45 seconds of pure bewb-cam I posted for Howie.

By DMartyr at 01:33 AM | Comments |

July 09, 2014

Al Qaeda So On the Run that Group w/ Taliban Ties Pledges Loyalty to New "Islamic State"

I think we need to bring back the #winning! hashtag:

A Pakistani terror group has become the first in the region to break ranks and declare allegiance to the Islamic State that has seized power across Iraq and Syria....

Using the poetic language often favoured by jihadist groups, it said in a statement: “From today, Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi shall consider Tehreek-e-Khilafat and Jihad mujahideen fighters of Pakistan as one of the arrows among his arrows which he has kept for his bow.

“We are praying from the almighty Allah to give us chance in our lives to see the expansion of Islamic State boundaries toward the Sub­Continent and Khurasan region in order to hoist the flag of Islamic State here.”

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 07:06 PM | Comments |

The Bear is Loose While the Border Burns


I might have Pshopped it a little.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:03 PM | Comments |

In Which Rusty and the Jawa Report, Once Again, Are Sued

Apparently I'm being sued again. Unlike the President, who is informed of important events by the media, I am informed of important life changing events by co-bloggers (Howie & DMartyr) who read blogs (Creeping Sharia) who read other blogs (Bare Naked Islam) who read stuff in the MSM.

I guess Howie already kind of posted about this yesterday, but I'm in the process of trying to sell my house so I wasn't able to comment.

But, at the advice of my lawyer, Rusty Shackleford, no comment.

Right, like that was going to happen.

Here's the scoop:

A Muslim “multicultural relations officer” for Ohio’s Office of Homeland Security claims in court that Internet bloggers defamed him and cost him his job by posting that he was an “Islamist mole” who sympathized with terrorists.

Omar Alomari sued the City of Columbus, Todd Alan Sheets, Stephen Coughlin, John Guandolo, Patrick Poole and a John Doe known on the Internet as “Rusty Shackleford,” in Franklin County Court of Common Pleas.

Alomari was hired as a full-time multicultural relations officer in 2006 by the Office of Homeland Security (OHS), and was in charge of building relationships between the state agency and the Muslim community.

After he published two articles on Islamic culture and radicalization in 2007, Alomari says, “defendant Poole began writing a series of articles condemning individuals and organizations within Central Ohio’s Muslim communities as terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.”

Alomari claims Poole also began making public records requests for emails and other communications from the multicultural relations officer to Muslims in his area.

After the records requests, Alomari says, defendant Shackleford – who operates a blog called the Jawa Report – “began posting articles claiming that plaintiff had ties to terrorists, terrorist organizations, and/or organizations with links to terrorism.”

The complaint states: “the Jawa Report (a) labeled plaintiff an ‘Islamist mole,’ a ‘radicalized fox,’ ‘a former agent of a foreign government,’ and ‘a lying scumbag,’ (b) alleged that plaintiff was an ‘information pipeline’ to terrorists, (c) asserted that plaintiff’s work ‘help[ed] encourage radicalization,’ and (d) alleged that plaintiff ‘escorted’ terrorists into OHS.

“The Jawa Report alleged that plaintiff ‘liked to have sex with pretty blond-haired, blue-eyed infidel coeds,’ and labeled plaintiff ‘a serial sexual harasser.’”

I'm not sure why having sex with pretty blond-haired, blue-eyed infidel coeds is considered a bad thing by this guy. But, you know, to each his own. I'll mention the goats, too, if he thinks that'll help his reputation any. Bros before hoes, that's our motto around the Sandcrawler.

This guy named me in a lawsuit once before. The case was dropped. He also sued the university that fired him for sexual harassment because ... discrimination, phobes! He lost that, too.

Are we seeing a pattern here?

Anyway, this guy was working for the government at the time which means that we can pretty much write whatever we want to write about him (See: New York Times v. Sullivan) so long as we believed what we were writing was true (the "actual malice" test), there's no grounds for the lawsuit.

Moreover, I didn't personally write any of what he alleges. Somebody else, a former co-blogger, did. And I only "published" it in the sense that I gave a guy I met on the internet a login and password and permission to write stuff and press the little "publish" button.

So, sue me. You've just named an alias used by a cartoon character in a lawsuit.

I hope your lawyer isn't being paid on commission. America can't afford yet another lawyer on the welfare.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 11:38 AM | Comments |

Dead Babies Are Forever

Its known that Hamas regularly puts civilians at risk as Human Shields. You can even see a lot of propaganda featuring children who hope to be martyred by Israelis. To provoke their own killing, so that they can become the next Zombie Star of the intifada.

With the recent violence between Israel and Hamas in Gaza the Pallywood propaganda machine is in full swing. With Jew haters everywhere eager to paint the Israelis as baby killers.

See this tweet from today. I'm sorry about the graphic nature of the image but its required for us to understand the degree to which anti-Israeli activists will go to incite hatred against Jews and the State of Israel.

Note the narrative in the tweet. Even stating as fact that these boys and their mother died yesterday and ad some World Cup flavor by adding that one boy was a fan of Brazil. Hey the color of his shirt matches. So talk it up, right?

The problem is that this image is from as early as Jul 3, 2011 according to Google. And many times since then with the main cluster of results being from November 2012.

Note the Jew Hater did do a correction when it was pointed out that this image is not even from Gaza but Syria, this may be one of Assad's dead babies.

Because of a comment (below) claiming this photo is from Syria and not Palestine (which I tend to agree with) I’ve added the following photo from Reuters, a reputable news agency.
But note the blogger did not remove the image. Because, truthy I guess.

But it matters little because in Syria children are used in the same manner. Sent to die for the cause. Sent to die for a photo op that will be used in propaganda attacking the enemy of the day. Weather it be the US, Israel, the Assad regime in Syria.

It doesn't matter because the propaganda value of a dead baby never dies.

And images and false narratives like this one are being retweeted ad nauseum by Jew haters all over Twitter. Of course a lot of people can see through these outright lies and propaganda.

But there's a large group of folks out there willing to lie and also an even larger group willing to just believe, to pass it along as truth.

Update: BBC reports.

Graphic images are being shared on social media to show how people have been affected by the renewed tensions between Israel and the Palestinians.

Hamas has been firing rockets from Gaza into southern Israel, which has responded with airstrikes on Gaza. Several Palestinian militants have been killed and on Tuesday it was reported that at least 15 Palestinians had been injured.

Over the past week the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack has been used hundreds of thousands of times, often to distribute pictures claiming to show the effects the airstrikes.

Some of the images are of the current situation in Gaza, but a #BBCtrending analysis has found that some date as far back as 2009 and others are from conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

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Why It's Hard to Hear the Voices of Moderate Muslim Clerics

Did you see that article about ISIS goons desecrating the tomb of Jonah? Pretty bad. But read all the way to the end:

Three Sunni clerics were also killed by ISIS gunmen in Mosul after calling on locals to reject the terror group and refusing to leave the city, authorities said.

The victims were Khattab Hassan, 43, Riyadh al-Wandi, 39, and 48-year-old Abdul Ghafoor Salman.

Oh, and they found 53 people dead near a Shia town. Their hands were tied and they were shot in the back of the head. But, you know, we're supposed to be more outraged that some tomb that no one actually believes contains the earthly remains of Jonah (the whale guy) and Seth (Adam's son).

Priorities, people. Priorities.

Oh, and very much related: What, me worry?

Iraq's government has lost control of a former chemical weapons facility to "armed terrorist groups" and is unable to fulfill its international obligations to destroy toxins kept there, the country's U.N. envoy told the United Nations.

In a letter to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, made public on Tuesday, Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim said the Muthanna facility north of Baghdad was seized on June 11. He said remnants of a former chemical weapons program are kept in two bunkers there.

But Osama bin Laden is dead and "al Qaeda is on the run" so if you question Obama's foreign policy then, racist!

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Liberals Explain that Current Fascist Tobacco Policy Really UnFascist

The Atlantic:

Under Nazi rule, Germany launched the first and most broadly reaching anti-smoking campaign of modern times. Smoking was discouraged in the workplace, and banned in cinemas, and in schools. Policemen and servicemen could not smoke in uniform, and it was not permitted to sell women cigarettes in cafes and other public places. Advertising tobacco products was restricted.

“Nazi officials moved aggressively in an all-out campaign against cigarette smoking in which tobacco was proclaimed ‘an enemy of the people,’” according to Proctor. Hitler frequently pointed out that he had quit smoking in 1919, and that fellow fascists Mussolini and Franco were also non-smokers, unlike Allied enemies Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt.

In true fascist fashion, warnings against smoking often featured Hitler himself, according to Proctor, with statements such as “Brother national socialist, do you know that your Fuhrer is against smoking and thinks that every German is responsible to the whole people for all his deeds and omissions, and does not have the right to damage his body with drugs?”

But banning smoking and E-cigs and large sugary snacks and white bread these days, totally unfascist.
Proctor is quick to say he does not mean to argue that it should in any way be celebrated. “The fear may be that by acknowledging such a work, one might somehow give credence to Nazi ideals or policy,” he says. “My intention is not to argue that today's anti-tobacco efforts have fascist roots, or that public health measures are in principle totalitarian.” However, he does conclude that “the Nazi campaign against tobacco was as fascist as the yellow stars and the death camps.”
Nah its the same, but you know, different. Like 7-Up is the uncola recent anti smoking and anti drug laws are unfascist.

Because surely a liberal nanny state can't be the same as the National Socialist Workers nanny state. It just can't.

I know my logic here is pretty bad. But but but.

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Where's Vinnie?

He's in Denver pushing herb on President Obama.

"Do you want to hit this?" a man asked President Barack Obama in a bar in Denver Tuesday night. The president laughed but didn't indulge.

Possibly turning down the herb was a mistake? Its easier to bomb people when you can't remember bombing them.

After all he can't be any less informed, can he?

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Video Evidence: Hamas Operating in Civilian Population for Terror Activities


Israel Navy Prevents Infiltration of Hamas Terrorists!

By Howie at 07:55 AM | Comments |

July 08, 2014

War P0rn: Bay Watch IDF

Watch what happens when 5 Palestinian commandos try to storm the beaches of Israel:

(Hat Tip: Legal Insurrection)

Earlier today, Hamas launched attacks by land, air and sea. Palestinians cheered as missiles struck civilians targets deep inside Israel.

Israel is now striking back, which has the leftist media outraged.

Update by Howie: Baywatch IDF? This post is missing somthing, I can't quite place it. Hold on..... its coming to me.

Oh yeah.

hot female Israeli soldier in a bikini, as yet unidentified, at the beach in Tel Aviv carrying her military-issued rifle.jpg

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Yawn! Yet Another Butchy Leftist Jew Hating Bitch

But hey, she has her hair covered, I guess so no one will be tempted by her womanly charms?

By Howie at 01:28 PM | Comments |

Jawa Report's Annual Insult Omar! Open Thread (Fatwas Issued!)

Go ahead,

Insult Omar. He likes it and losing, insults and losing.

Omar has a terribly empty feeling ---- in his skull!

Every girl has the right to be ugly, but Omar abused the privilege.

Do you ever wonder what life would be like if Omar had enough oxygen at birth?

Leaving so soon Omar? I was just about to poison the tea.

Omar has one brain cell, and it is fighting for dominance.

I don't think Omar is a fool. But then what's MY opinion against thousands of others?

It is mind over matter. I don't mind, because Omar doesn't matter.

Omar doesn't sweat much, for a fat girl.

Omar is about as useful as a windshield wiper on a goat's ass.

Omar, would you like some cheese and crackers to go with that whine?

The overwhelming power of the sex drive was demonstrated by the fact that someone was willing to father Omar.

Someone said Omar isn't fit to sleep with pigs. I stuck up for him and said, 'oh yes she is.'

Add to the list, Fatwas will be issued.

Update: Fatwas Issued!

The I Will Cut Ur Neck fatwa issued against Charles Martel for,

Omar sounds like a pussy.
The Why U Insult Holly Koran fatwa issued against Faboutlaws for,
I wish people spoke that highly of me.
And the Devil Will Do Meetballs From Ur Body fatwa issued against kekekekeke for,
Omar couldn't catch the clap in a Yemeni whore house.

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War Porn! Iraqi Ministry of Defense

I guess ISIS needs to threaten the Russians with calamity for supplying Iraq with death from the sky.

Good luck with that.

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Where's Waldo? Ahmed Jabari Edition

Apparently Hamas' Hamas Military Chief Ahmed Jabari is in this video. But I can't seem to figure out which smoking black greasy spot is Jabari.

Maybe Jawa readers can help me out.

Oooops there was a Koran in the car! Outrage in 5 4 3....

Anyway there he is at 1:24.

Ouch! That's gotta hurt.


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Khalife Ibrahim Issues Fatwa Against Darth Odie

As some of you may recall, I've been polluting ISIS hashtags in my spare time. Mainly with show tunes. Because Bernadette is like teh hot!

But now, now I can like totally retire.

I would like to extend my thanks to my parents, Corvair, George Lucas and alcohol for making this, the greatest moment of my life, possible.


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July 07, 2014

Newest TSA Worry: Cell Phone Bombs?

Um, how much power could a cell phone pack if it was filled with explosives? Apparently, enough that the TSA might ask you to prove that your phone is really a phone and not, I guess, some kind of bomb:

The TSA is requiring passengers flying to the U.S. from some overseas airports to power up their electronic devices before boarding — or risk having to leave their phones or tablets behind.
News reports have suggested the Department of Homeland Security is increasingly worried that terrorists may use Syria as a base to attack U.S.-bound flights, and the Transportation Security Administration’s decision indicates the agency fears terrorists could turn a phone or tablet into an undetectable bomb.
Intuitively, and based on absolutely no science whatsoever, it just seems like something as small as a cell phone wouldn't be big enough to blow up a plane. But I guess maybe it could cause a hole in the structure leading to rapid decompression? I dunno.

It seems to me that the bigger risk would be using the phone as a detonator, and to control for that you'd have to suppress all cell phone signals. So, I dunno. Thoughts? Is this overkill?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:56 PM | Comments |

Boko Haram #Winning

Boko Haram lost 63 female hostages as well as 53 fighters killed vs the Nigerian Government's six, count em, six casualties.

But I'm sure the Jihadis will call it "Victory". I mean no matter how badly they get beaten, how many are killed, or how much history and heritage are destroyed.

Its all Victory to them. So why not help them achieve victory.

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Ministry of Endorsements: Fly New Zealand Air!

The Faminazi buzz killers are killing this Air New Zealand ad, because, they are fat ugly bitches out to ruin other peoples lives.

By Howie at 11:22 AM | Comments |

Support Your Local Talib

So if THIS is Taliban, where do we sign up?


By Howie at 09:55 AM | Comments |

Turns Out Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a Fatass


Iraqi authorities are looking at a video that purportedly shows Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi delivering a sermon in Mosul to determine whether it is really the notorious leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Iraq's military spokesman said Sunday.

The video surfaced on social media sites tied to ISIS, the terror group that now calls itself the Islamic State. It shows a man identified as al-Baghdadi conducting Friday prayers at the Great Mosque of al-Nuri.

As part of that declaration, an ISIS spokesman said the group would now be known as the Islamic State, and al-Baghdadi as its leader would be known as Al-Khalifah Ibrahim -- a reference to the leading religious figure considered a successor to the Prophet Mohammed.

The video, which was released by the media arm of ISIS, identified the man as Al-Khalifah Ibrahim.

The video is here. If say something were to happen to it, after all ISIS is a specially designated terrorist group, I have saved a copy of Fatass' speech.

Look at that fat f*cking f*ck, not a scratch on him and while Syrians under his rule starve, he apparently hasn't missed a single Kabaab. Also he apparently doesn't spend ANY time outside, he's paler than vinnie's description Rusty's pasty white ass.

al-Arabia translates Fatass' speech here. Or is it here, I'm not sure.

By Howie at 09:28 AM | Comments |

July 06, 2014

The $50 Lesson

I saw this on Twitter and thought it was funny:

I recently asked my friends' little girl what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said she wanted to be President some day. Both of her parents, liberal Democrats, were standing there, so I asked her, "If you were President what would be the first thing you would do?" She replied, "I'd give food and houses to all the homeless people." Her parents beamed.

"Wow... what a worthy goal!" I told her. "But you don't have to wait until you're President to do that! You can come over to my house and mow the lawn, pull weeds, and trim my hedge, and I'll pay you $50. Then I'll take you over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out and give him the $50 to use toward food and a new house."

She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eye and asked, "Why doesn't the homeless guy come over and do the work, and you can just pay him the $50?" I said, "Welcome to the Republican Party."

Her parents aren't speaking to me anymore.

By DMartyr at 01:13 PM | Comments |

Liberal War Porn


I put the war p0rn below the fold because it is pretty disturbing.







This one involves a lot of civilians:


Enough of that!

Let's get back to some real war p0rn from my own archives:


BTW, this video was featured in a Newsweek video guide to war porn!

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Democratic Congresswoman Reveals Plan To Free 300 Nigerian School Girls


Those 4 re-tweets must be devastating to Boko Harem! That'll teach 'em!

(Hat Tip: Twitchy)

UPDATE: Sandra Fluke jumps onboard the hashtag train. Honestly, it would be cheaper just to purchase the freedom of each of the kidnapped girls than to buy Sandra's birth control during her college years.

By DMartyr at 10:42 AM | Comments |

July 04, 2014

A Republic, If You Can Keep It *Sticky*


And if someone tells you to have a safe Fourth of July, throat punch them. If you have need of our services, don't bother. We're all shitfaced and trying blow ourselves up!

Except for Rusty. Wuss.

Almost forgot.

If you need a NSFW warning get your lame ass back to Cuba, you fucking hippie.

By Vinnie at 11:59 PM | Comments |

President Ronald Reagan's 4th Of July Speech: 'The Only Danger To America Comes From Within'

(Hat Tip: Nickarama at Weasel Zippers)

From 1986:

Words to heed.

Read the transcript HERE.

By DMartyr at 02:43 PM | Comments |

DOJ Documents Show Benghazi Was Planned Terrorist Attack, Not Spontaneous And Not About Video

But don't worry. The left won't allow facts to get in the way of their false narrative.

The motion says that in the days preceding the attack, the defendant "voiced concern and opposition to the presence of an American facility in Benghazi." According to the motion, a group of 20 or more "armed men," including militia members, assembled outside the U.S. compound at 9:45 p.m. the night of Sept. 11, 2012, and "aggressively breached" the gate.

They carried rifles, handguns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

After breaching the gate, they stole a U.S. vehicle, "forcibly entered" buildings and stole U.S. property.

"During this initial attack, buildings within the Mission were set on fire," the court document says, noting that the fires "ultimately led to the deaths" of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and Information Management Officer Sean Smith.

U.S. personnel who were able to escape fled to the nearby annex, according to the document, and shortly afterward Khatallah entered the compound "and supervised the exploitation of material from the scene." After they were through, he and other Ansar al-Sharia members allegedly returned to a local camp and prepared for the next assault on the annex -- where two other Americans, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, would later die. (Source)

By DMartyr at 02:07 PM | Comments |

Veteran Dies In Hospital Cafeteria Waiting For Ambulance To Take Him To ER

Apparently, hospital policy prevented anyone from sending a gurney so he could be wheeled to the next building.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - A veteran who collapsed in an Albuquerque Veteran Affairs hospital cafeteria, 500 yards from the emergency room, died after waiting 30 minutes for an ambulance, officials confirmed Thursday.

Officials at the hospital said took a half an hour for the ambulance to be dispatched and take the man from one building to the other, which is about a five minute walk.

VA spokeswoman Sonja Brown said Kirtland Air Force Medical Group personnel performed CPR until the ambulance arrived.

She says staff followed policy in calling 911 when the man collapsed on Monday. "Our policy is under expedited review," Brown said.

The distance is being reported as 500 yards. But the scale on Google Maps is showing it closer to 600 feet. (Scale is in lower left corner.)


This is what we can expect from government run healthcare.

By DMartyr at 01:09 PM | Comments |

Michigan Judge Orders Unindicted Co-Conspirator CAIR To Stop Harassing Private Citizens

Unindicted co-conspirator CAIR has been using a tactic of targeting any citizen who expresses opposition to the construction of new Mosques. It is considered a form of "lawfare" or "legal jihad," which forces the defendant to expend large amounts of legal costs or give up opposition. It essentially violates the First Amendment right of individuals.

However, thanks to the American Freedom Law Center, a Michigan judge has ruled against unindicted co-conspirator CAIR and ordered them to stop the harassment of one individual:

Today, a Michigan federal judge granted a motion filed by the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) requesting that the court "quash" harassing and burdensome subpoenas issued by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to Ms. Zaba Davis, a private citizen who received the subpoenas because she publicly expressed her opposition to the construction of an Islamic center in her neighborhood. And in a rare move, the judge also awarded AFLC its attorneys' fees and costs for having to bring the motion. Read the judge's ruling here.

The judge based his decision, in part, on the Supreme Court case of N.A.A.C.P. v. Claiborne Hardware Co., 458 U.S. 886, 913 (1982)

(internal citations omitted):

This Court has recognized that expression on public issues "has always rested on the highest rung of the hier archy of First Amendment values." "[S]peech concerning public affairs is more than self-expression; it is the essence of self-government." There is a "profound national commitment" to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open.

So much for Sharia being comparable with the Constitution. Silencing criticism, as Sharia does with regard to anything Islamic, is a direct violation of the First Amendment of Constitution.

Donate to the AFLC if you can. I have no doubt, in the future we will see many more of these "lawfare" tactics and frivolous lawsuits from unindicted co-conspirator CAIR and other Islamic organizations against ordinary citizens. The average person who could not afford an attorney and would be forced into silence.

Slander In Islamic Law - (skip to around 21:45 in the video). Steven Coughlin also predicts Islamic organizations using legal remedies to stifle criticism.

By DMartyr at 10:35 AM | Comments |

Happy 2014th Birthday, America!

Twitter is alive showing off their common core math and history standards...

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool... bah, too late.

You tell 'em, Andy!

Read more.

By DMartyr at 09:36 AM | Comments |

Dude! That Was Like 28 Years Ago!


American Apparel has apologized after an employee posted the picture above for the 4th of July:

"We deeply apologize for today's Tumblr post of the Space Shuttle Challenger. The image was re-blogged in error by one of our international social media employees who was born after the tragedy and was unaware of the event. We sincerely regret the insensitivity of that selection and the post has been deleted."

Yeah, 28 years is going back in history a little far for our latest 'me' generation. They can barely remember 8 years ago, much less 28 years.

There's an old saying by George Santayana that, by American Apparel's excuse, no one under 100 will know: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

We are in for some terrible times ahead.

By DMartyr at 09:22 AM | Comments |

Good News: al Qaeda So on the Run That US Warns of Airplane, Airport Bomb Plots

Two separate warnings today. First, a very specific threat of an attack in Uganda:

The U.S Embassy has received information from the Uganda Police Force (UPF) that according to intelligence sources there is a specific threat to attack Entebbe International Airport by an unknown terrorist group today, July 3rd, between the hours of 2100-2300. Individuals planning travel through the airport this evening may want to review their plans in light of this information.

U.S. Embassy Kampala wishes to remind U.S. citizens of the continued threat of potential terrorist attacks in the country. The targets for these attacks could include hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls, diplomatic missions, transportation hubs, religious institutions, government offices, or public transportation.

And a more vague threat on airplanes elsewhere:
Security is tightening this morning at some overseas airports with direct flights to the U.S. because of concerns about al Qaeda's efforts to create an undetectable bomb, as well as the threat of Western militants trained in the Middle East.

Former CIA deputy director Mike Morell, now a CBS News analyst, said on "CBS This Morning" that the biggest threat would be those Western militants -- currently fighting in Syria -- joining forces with al Qaeda in Yemen, which has the unique capability to produce nonmetallic bombs.

Now that we've left Iraq and are "focused like a laser beam on al Qaeda", how's that working out for us?

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:44 PM | Comments |

Lawfare, the Good Kind: Terror Victims Sue for Iranian Domain Names

This is an interesting way at getting back at them:

Victims of Iranian-sponsored terror attacks are using a new legal tactic to win justice, and fight back: seizing Iranian domain names through U.S. courts. The sixty victims, who are collectively owed $1.2 billion in damages by terror-sponsoring countries, filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday in Washington, D.C. against the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), seeking seizure of Iranian domain names as assets.

The victims' attorney, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, is the founder of Shurat HaDin, an Israel-based organization that uses private legal action to retaliate against terror groups and their sponsors when western governments cannot or will not do so.

Darshan-Leitner told the New York Post this week: “This is the first time that terror victims have moved to seize the domain names, IPs and Internet licenses of terrorism-sponsoring states like Iran....The Iranians must be shown that there is a steep price to be paid for their sponsorship of terrorism. In business and legal terms it is quite simple--we are owed money, and these assets are currency worth money."

I wish them the best of luck.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 12:33 PM | Comments |

Malawi Muslims: "Ban Condoms To Stop HIV & AIDS"

Oh! So it's the lack of condoms that deter young people in Islamic countries from promiscuous sex, and not the threat of being buried up to the shoulders and pelted with stones until death!

Why didn't we think of this before? Silly Infidels!

LILONGWE – In a desperate attempt to curb expansion of HIV and AIDS in the Malawian society, Muslim traditional leaders have demanded a ban on condom use for unmarried people, arguing it was fueling the spread of the pandemic in the secular, but diverse religious southern African nation. [...]

Kadewere added: "Unmarried people are having sex for fun because there are condoms. But if you observe in Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia where condoms are banned, the HIV and AIDS prevalence rate is very low. People are using condoms here, when they sleep with strangers, but when they get to know each other, they stop using them.

"If these were banned, people could be afraid to be promiscuous, because they would doubt each other's statuses. If there are people who can abstain they will start practicing abstinence when the condoms are outlawed. Abstinence was the only powerful tool among unmarried people that would help minimize the rate at which the pandemic is being spread and nothing else." (Source)

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Where's Rusty? High Velocity And Cholesterol Edition

He's moving to Colorado, but not for quite the same reason Howie is.

It's called Shooters Grill and it is located in Rifle, Colo., so naturally, the waitresses pack heat.


The burger joint, about 180 miles west of Denver, embraces the firearms theme with menu items like the "M16 burrito," "Smith & Wesson Grilled Cheese" and "Locked and Loaded Nachos." The salt and pepper shakers are made from shotgun shells. But the biggest Second Amendment statement is in the guns waitresses carry, including the Rueger Blackhawk .357 Ashlee Saenz sports.

Oh my....


Hot serving wenches packing hot iron. America Dammit!



See I'm kinda for customers checking open carry guns at the door, because, you know crazies.

But I also figure that in any establishment that requires checking I visit if someone needs shooting its the owners responsibility to pop a cap in their ass. so I can continue by meal undisturbed.


Looks like I can look forward to a nice peaceful dinner, no?

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July 02, 2014

Palestinian Teen Abducted And Murdered

Color me skeptical. I have my doubts that this is a revenge attack. It could be, but my gut says this is another Pallywood production.

I'm not suggesting he wasn't killed. He certainly was and I have no reason to believe he did anything to deserve it. But it wouldn't be the first time Palestinians killed one of their own and then blamed Israelis.

The body of an Arab teenager was found in the Jerusalem Forest Wednesday morning and police suspect he may have been kidnapped from East Jerusalem overnight and killed in a revenge attack for the killing of three Israeli teens. (Source)

Legal Insurrection has more.

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Denver Woman Arrested on Way to Syria

denverhomelyjohadi.jpgWhat kind of woman wants to go to Syria to help out the new Islamic Caliphate? This kind:

The FBI says a 19-year-old Colorado woman has been arrested while trying to board a Denver flight with the goal of meeting with a terrorist group called Islamic State in Iraq, also known as ISIS.

A federal criminal complaint states that between Sept. 7, 2013 and April 8, 2014, Shannon Maureen Conley, together with others, tried to provide material support and resources, including personnel and expert advice, to a foreign terrorist organization. She's charged with providing material support and resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization.

It only gets wierder from there. Apparently, she got onto the FBI's radars screen after she was spotted casing a church. The church had previously been the victim of a lunatic on a shooting spree, so they confronted the teenage girl and then called the Feds. The FBI interviewed the girl twice, and it seems she willingly told them of her pro-jihad, kill the kafirs type sentiments.

So, the FBI comes to interview you and you tell them, yes, I support violent jihad and killing infidels? Wow.

And then, knowing she was on the FBI's radar, she decided to pack up and fly to Syria so she could join a terrorist organization. Is there a separate category in the Darwin Awards for best supporting actress?

Anyone have a pic of her? Her name is so common that I'm getting way too many hits with a normal Google search.

Also, we need a good nickname for her. We have Jihad Jane and Jihad Jamie (who was, incidentally, also from Colorado). How about Syrian Shannon? Nah, not catchy enough. Suggestions?

Update by Howie: Image credit, Daily Mail.

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Pot Calling Kettle Black: Pakistan Demands Afghanistan Crack Down on Militants


For years, Pakistani militants have sought refuge in Afghanistan — much like the Afghan Taliban does in Pakistan.

“They’ve been able to find sanctuary on this side of the border. They are not targeted by our security forces, because they are not our enemy,” one former Afghan official said.

Pakistani officials say Mullah Fazlullah, the head of the Pakistani Taliban, has long found shelter in Afghanistan. Last month, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif urged Afghan President Hamid Karzai to crack down on militants crossing into Afghanistan. On Monday, top Pakistani military officials reiterated that demand, asking Afghan authorities to arrest Fazlullah.

Maybe we should give the Afghans some nukes. I'll bring the popcorn.

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Good News: al Qaeda Affiliate Continues to Fight "Islamic State" Caliphate

You know your new "Caliph" is a loser when the official al Qaeda affiliate, Jabhat al Nusra, wants you dead:

Following the defection of a local brigade affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra (JN) to ISIS in the border town of Abu Kamal on June 25, JN sent reinforcements to bolster remaining rebel forces and prevent the town from falling to ISIS. In cooperation with rebel groups, the JN reinforcements set up roadblocks, demanded that ISIS hand over its weapons and leave the city, and imposed a curfew on the city’s residents. Clashes between rebels and ISIS escalated on June 28, with an SVEST targeting an ISIS headquarters in the city, killing 3 and wounding 18. A subsequent regime airstrike on the city targeted a building that had been taken by JN and rebel fighters during the fighting. Contrary to reports circulating in western media, the JN-led Mujahideen Shura Council (MSC) in Deir ez-Zour Province denied that ISIS is in control of the city on June 29. ISIS is reported to have sent reinforcements from the T2 oil station and from al-Qa’im on the Iraqi side of the border. With these new forces ISIS was able to seize control of a neighborhood at the northeast entrance to the town.
The bad news here is that it looks like ISIS is now in control of the area mentioned above. But that's just territory swapped between bad guys -- bloods taking over your neighborhood in lieu of the crips.

The good news is that al Qaeda's local boys continue to fight ISIS -- Red on Red.

The more of these guys that kill each other, the better we'll all be.

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Iraqis Kill Abu Hassan the Chechen

He's dead Jim!

"Joint army and police forces killed ISIL Kirkuk military commander Abu Hassan the Chechen and three bodyguards during a carefully-planned operation near Umm al-Khanajer village, west of al-Hawijah district," said ministry spokesman Brig. Gen. Saad Maan.


"The Chechen" is one of dozens of foreigners who entered Iraq from Syria and were involved in "terrorist attacks" against innocent civilians, Maan said.

Gee I wonder how they found him? I mean surely there was no US aid or intelligence involved. Must have been the Russians.

By Howie at 01:03 PM | Comments |

Heartbreak! DNA Analysis = No Bigfoot

Those f*cking buzzkillers at Mashable.

DNA testing is taking a bite out of the Bigfoot legend. After scientists analyzed more than 30 hair samples reportedly left behind by Bigfoot and similar mythical beasts like the Himalayan Yeti, they found all of them came from more mundane creatures like bears, wolves, cows and raccoons.

In 2012, researchers at Oxford University and the Lausanne Museum of Zoology issued an open call asking museums, scientists and Bigfoot aficionados to share any samples they thought were from the legendary ape-like creatures.

...Sykes and colleagues tested 36 hair samples from Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Russia and the U.S. using DNA sequencing and all of them matched DNA from known animals. Most were from bears, but there were also hairs from a Malaysian tapir, horses, porcupine, deer, sheep, and a human.

Ya'll stop crushing Mexican Rusty's dreams!

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Man Arrested in Wales Linked to British Jihadis in Syria - UPDATE: Multiple Raids in London

I don't mind that this guy was just arrested. But wouldn't it save a lot of taxpayer time and money if they'd just let him ship off to Syria where he'd most likely have been killed?

The North West Counter Terrorism Unit and the Wales Extremism and Counter Terrorism Unit took the teenager in.

His arrest under Section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2006 was assisted by officers from Greater Manchester Police.

It comes as a man believed to be one of three people from Cardiff who have joined jihadist group Isis in Syria told BBC Wales he is prepared to die for the cause.

Aseel Muthana, 17, left Britain in February to join his older brother Nasser in the country and says he has no plans to return....

The video, thought to be filmed in Syria, showed Nasser Muthana and Reyaad Khan, both 20 and from Cardiff, appeared online two weeks ago.

The pair, who appeared along with a man from Aberdeen, urged others to join the Isis (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) fight in the country.

The cornhole: watch it or lose it.

UPDATE: I don't know if the two are connected, but apparently there's a big counter-terror operation going on in London as we speak.

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Good News! Obama Beats Out Jimmah For Worst President Since WWII

I mean good news if you're Putin or al-Qaeda or Saudi Arabia. Bad news for the rest of us. I get that Obama is a lefty, but it's the giant sucking sound that emanates from the White House that makes it even worse.

Even the lefties are pretty sure he sucks now.

public-poll-which-one-is-the-worst-president-ever-obama-cart-political-poster-1285008863 (1).jpg

Congratulations, as you so often point out polls and elections matter, YOU WON AGAIN.

Shoot me now!

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ISIS Begins Campaign to Take Iraqis' Guns

Never trust an Islamic State that does not trust its own Ummah with guns.

The other Sunni rebel groups, made up of former Iraqi military personnel, tribal elements and adherents of Saddam Hussein's Baath party, face a dilemma.

Tribal and rebel military sources say that after two days of talks in Mosul, they have been told that they must take an oath of allegiance to the new caliphate, and that only fighters from the Islamic State are allowed to bear arms.

Even if they take the oath, other fighters will still have to hand in their weapons.

As one senior rebel source put it, "our revolution has been hijacked".

But he said the other groups did not intend to engage in what they believed would be a losing battle with the Islamic State, which is rapidly consolidating its grip on the mainly Sunni areas that fell to its advance three weeks ago.

The non-Isis rebels are dismayed, and bitter that the Americans, who are giving $500m (£290m) to similar rebel groups in Syria, regard them as terrorists because they joined the insurgency against the US forces here, but later fought and expelled al-Qaeda.

What Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi really wants is to take Mohammad's seat or be Iraq's next Saddam. He's not interested in the Ummah or the Caliphate but his own power. Iraqi's need to ask themselves, can you really trust a former brainwashed GITMO detainee? I mean really. No telling what the American's did to him or who he's working for. (Just sewing Fitna ;-) )

So my advice to Iraqis in the General Revolutionary council is DON'T GIVE al-BAGHDADI YOUR GUNS! THAT'S INSANE. Not even Saddam took your guns.

Point 2. Dump that POS Euroweenie constitution and form a democratic republic with a limited Federal government, so that each region of Iraq gets a say in how it's run.

Point 3. If it's ISIS, it's foreign interference in your affairs. Probably controlled by the Jews and Americans. Kill it.

And that's about it.

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Ahmed Abu Khatallah Indictment: Video? What Video?

Washington Times:

The Obama administration’s just-released criminal complaint against the alleged mastermind of the Benghazi terrorist attacks provides a final contradiction to its own evolving explanations for what happened that day.

The Justice Department’s indictment spells out a calculated conspiracy by Ahmed Abu Khatallah and associates to attack the U.S. diplomatic mission and CIA annex, which killed four Americans. The indictment might be viewed as a death knell for a theory that the attack resulted from a spontaneous protest against a U.S.-produced video.

...To retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, a member of the ad hoc group Citizens Commission on Benghazi, the information reflects what the White House knew all along.

“The administration knew it was a conspiracy from the start due to all-source intelligence and the warning from al Qaeda to avenge the death of al-Libi in June 2012,” Gen. McInerney said.

He was referring to a CIA drone strike that killed al Qaeda deputy Abu Yahya al-Libi in Pakistan’s tribal areas. Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri publicly called for revenge against America.

Obama also helped the so-called Libyan Rebels after the Libyans threw a huge funeral honoring Abu Yahya al-Libi. Not to mention Gaddafi's warning that the rebels were al-Qaeda.

But I'm sure he didn't know.....

I mean The Jawa Report knew the Libyan rebels were al-Qaeda as early as 2009. But the f*cking president didn't? Sweet Jesus, we're so screwed.

The indictment is here at the Wall Street Journal(pdf) and embedded here at the Washington Post.

Read it for yourself.

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July 01, 2014

Looney Libs Compare Hobby Lobby Ruling With Sharia Law

Apparently, asking women to pay for their own abortions is tantamount to stoning rape victims or amputating limbs...


(Hat Tip: ZIP)

By DMartyr at 07:46 PM | Comments |

HHS "Brown Shirts" Threaten To Arrest Doctors & Nurses Treating Illegals


The Department of Health and Human Services security forces are proudly calling themselves "Brown Shirts." That alone is terrifying in America.

But even worse, these "Brown Shirts" are threatening to arrest any medical professional who warns the public about the diseases illegal children are carrying. Further, the Obama Administration is having these diseased children transported around the country using public transportation, potentially spreading the illnesses.:

A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, sources say. [...]

A former nurse at the camp told me she was horrified by what she saw.

"We have so many kids coming in that there was no way to control all of the sickness - all this stuff coming into the country," she said. "We were very concerned at one point about strep going around the base."

Both the counselor and the nurse said their superiors tried to cover up the extent of the illnesses. [...]

The nurse told me she became especially alarmed because their files indicated the children had been transported to Lackland on domestic charter buses and airplanes.

By DMartyr at 07:10 PM | Comments |

Sudan Exploring New Charges Against Christian Woman; Brother's Family Hinting At Honor Killing If She Is Freed Again

While this woman and her immediate family are housed in the U.S. embassy in Khartoum, Meriam Ibrahim is still in grave danger. Her brother and his Muslim family are hinting they will honor kill her (emphasis mine):

Meriam Ibrahim and her family are waiting for new travel documents to be issued by the U.S. after being detained last week for what Sudanese authorities alleged were forged South Sudan papers when she tried to leave the country, a source close to the family said. Making matters worse for the mother of two are a new set of charges raised by her own Muslim relatives. [...]

A U.S. State Department official confirmed that Sudan is pressing Ibrahim about her travel documents, which if deemed to include false information about her religion, could constitute a criminal violation.

"The government of Sudan has raised a number of issues related to [Ibrahim's] travel and identification documents," said a State Department spokesperson.

Last week, Ibrahim's brother, Al Samani Al Hadi Mohamed Abdullah, claimed that she was "kidnapped" after her release from a Khartoum prison. Abdullah told Sudan newspaper Al Intibaha that she should have been released to the family and not to her husband, Daniel Wani.

"They did not let us know that she was about to be freed," he told the newspaper. "It was a surprise for us."

He also made statements earlier last month that Ibrahim should be executed if she refused to return to the family's faith of Islam. He maintained those statements in last weeks interview, saying that the court system failed the family by clearing his sister of all charges.

"Our family is not convinced by the decision of the court," he said. "The law has failed to maintain our rights, and now it is a matter of honor. Christians deface our honor, and we know how to take revenge for that."

Yes, if there is anything Muslims seem to do well, it's taking revenge on some perceived wrong.

Notice the brother believes Meriam should have been released to his family's custody, instead of to her husband. In other words, she has no right to make any decisions. All control belongs to her male relatives and, as a Muslim, her brother has ultimate control.

It is very sad her family would prefer her dead and a Muslim, rather than alive, happy, and a Christian.

Christian Woman Sentenced To Death May Be Freed
Sudan Detains Meriam Yehya Ibrahim At Airport

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Brave Mujahideen of Nigeria Bomb Market, Killing 20

Infidels: you can't live with 'em, you can't blow them up. Or, I guess you can:

bomb in a van carrying charcoal exploded in a busy market in northeast Nigeria on Tuesday, killing at least 20 people in the latest suspected attack by Islamist militants, witnesses said.

The blast from the vehicle bomb wrecked cars and taxis that were unloading passengers and wares on a road adjoining the market in the Borno state capital of Maiduguri.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 03:51 PM | Comments |

Ministry of Jiggly: Autolink Edition

We're not sure what this post is about. Something about politics and young, big-breasted, blue-eyed, long-haired blondes.

I’m not sure about the rest of you out there, but most of us middle-aged-ish males (and this isn’t limited to “white American males” either) are ever-thankful that young, big-breasted, blue-eyed, long-haired blonde (YBBBELHB) women everywhere have basically no concept of the power they wield… because if they ever got a clue, they’d end up ruling the entire world in no time.

click her bewbs 4 bigger bewbs

You may be asking yourself “Why is Hunter writing about ‘young, big-breasted, blue-eyed, long-haired blondes?” to which I have to reply “Must I have a reason???”

I've sort of lost track myself, but I'm sure its a good take on an issue of great social and political import. I think.

By Howie at 02:33 PM | Comments |

Fool Me Twice: Pakistan Vows to Reclaim Taliban Areas

Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before:

A Pakistani military operation launched in the country’s northwest will clear the area of terrorists and keep it from being used as a safe haven by militant groups, officials said Tuesday.

'We Believe': Family Holds Out Hope After Teen Swept Into Sewer NBC News
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Writes Scathing 35-Page Dissent In Birth Control Case Huffington Post
Forget Fireworks? Hurricane Could Ruin Fourth NBC News
Main Street, Montana: Struggling Towns Pray for Pipeline NBC News
Uruguay eliminates Italy; Did Suarez bite again? Sports Illustrated
Pakistani officials briefed foreign media about the operation started two weeks ago against militants in the North Waziristan tribal area, which is considered the stronghold of groups such as the Pakistani Taliban, the Haqqani network and the Afghan Taliban. The long-awaited operation is being closely watched to see how aggressively Pakistan moves against the militants and whether the operation sparks a backlash of violence in the rest of the country.

Once we are done with the operation in North Waziristan, there won’t be a single terrorist,” said military spokesman Maj. Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa.


Wait, that was a joke, right?

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Muslima Practicing Religion of Peas

15292841-small.jpgApparently Latia Harris wears the Hijab because she doesn't want you to, you know, lose control over her womanly charms

Police are searching for a woman seen on an amateur video savagely beating another woman as the victim's 2-year-old son watched and pleaded for the violence to stop.

"Police in this county deal with this type of violence everyday. Yet, this video is physically sickening to watch," Salem Chief of Police John J. Pelura III said Wednesday.

The suspect in the case has been identified as Latia Harris, 25, of Salem, who is facing charges of aggravated assault and two counts of making terroristic threats, Pelura said. She has not yet been apprehended.

....Pelura said the victim said a woman named "Tia" who works at McDonald's assaulted her and "accused her of spreading rumors about her and her manager." In the video the suspect is dressed in what appears to be a McDonald's restaurant employee uniform — a burgundy shirt and black pants.

As bystanders watched, the victim is thrown to the ground and beaten about her face and kicked in her back by the suspect, the video shows. During the beating the suspect continued to rant, using foul language and saying something about possibly losing her job.

I tell you what, if Latia needs to hide her womanly charms, then Charles Barkley better start wearing the Hijab too.

By Howie at 12:20 PM | Comments |

Obama Asks Israel Not To "Destabilize The Situation"

Come on, Israel. Just allow your (and our) children to be kidnapped and murdered. Don't do anything that might upset the Muhammadan hordes.

After all, a few murderous abductions of innocent civilians is part of the peace process!

President Obama urged Israeli leaders not to “destabilize the situation” following the discovery of the bodies of three teenagers, including one American citizen, who were kidnapped by Hamas, according to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

UPDATE: Breitbart adds more on the weak words by a weak president (Thanks, Howie!):

President Obama expressed his "deepest condolences" to the family of the slain teenagers. He added: "I also urge all parties to refrain from steps that could further destabilize the situation." President Obama did not accuse Hamas of this despicable act nor did he say our government would assist Israel in its search for security and justice. Obama has once again called for "restraint" and "stability." Does he mean that Jihadists should refrain from Jihad because it is "de-stabilizing" the entire Middle East or does he mean, more likely, that Israel should "refrain" from defending itself?

White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, also said: "We obviously condemn in the strongest possible terms violence that takes the lives of innocent civilians."

This is a very unsatisfying and peculiar statement. To what is Earnest referring? This could apply to anyone anywhere at any time. It's lack of specificity is cruel and insulting.

By DMartyr at 09:21 AM | Comments |

Give A Hoot Do Pollute

It seems ISIS' CalamityWillBefallUS hashtag terror campaign has fallen victim to so called internet trolls.

There's a bevy of infidels just slinging insults, posting show tunes and impersonating Abu-Omar al-Baghdadi

Oh of course there is still some Anti American propaganda in the feed, and that's where YOU come in. Bury that sh*t where it belongs. Make this the All American Boy From NYC Hashtag.

Yes CalamityWillBefallYOUISIS.

By Howie at 07:50 AM | Comments |