March 11, 2010

Colleen LaRose (Jihad Jane): I Can Haz Sekrit Spy Google?

Group-shows-terror-suspec-jihad jane.jpg

Time (pun intended) for MSM Patriot Act garbage.


The Justice Department won't say whether provisions of the Patriot Act were used to investigate and charge Colleen LaRose. But the FBI and U.S. prosecutors who charged the 46-year-old woman from Pennsburg, Pa., on Tuesday with conspiring with terrorists and pledging to commit murder in the name of jihad could well have used the Patriot Act's fast access to her cell-phone records, hotel bills and rental-car contracts as they tracked her movements and contacts last year.

But even if the law's provisions weren't directly used against her, the arrest of the woman who allegedly used the moniker "Jihad Jane" is a boost for the Patriot Act,

So, what super sekrit did the group use to track Jihad Jane? Google.

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