March 11, 2010

I turned in Colleen "Jihad Jane" LaRose to the FBI -- A Jawa Report Exclusive


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The companion post to this one -- including a number of unpublished photos of Jihad Jane and some screenshots of her online activities -- are here: Youtuber "Jihad Jane" Indicted on Federal Terrorism Charges.

Below is The Jawa Report's exclusive report* from the person who notified the FBI about Colleen "Jihad Jane" La Rose's online activities in support of terrorism.

There have been so many media inquiries made to The Jawa Report and YouTube Smackdown about our involvement in the "Jihad Jane" case. We here at The Jawa Report and the YouTube Smackdown Corps were involved to varying degrees in tracking and "smacking down" her various YouTube videos and accounts. By "smacking down" we mean we helped with an organized campaign to "flag" terrorist propaganda videos uploaded to YouTube in an effort to have those videos removed.

Howie and Stable Hand at the Jawa Report, for instance, were much more active in following Colleen -- who in addition to calling herself "Jihad Jane" also used the name "Fatima LaRose".

Andrea, Sabby, The Bartender, Celebrimbor, & Lam from the Smackdown Corps also followed Jihad Jane over the years. And Star CMC was instrumental both in the Corps and in enlisting the help of members of the Free Republic forum for various YouTube smackdowns.

But one individual in particular decided that Colleen's pro-terrorism videos and statements crossed a line last year. I think we all thought of Colleen as pathetic and perhaps deranged. But at some time a year or more ago she also caught this person's attention and they made the judgment that Colleen was also dangerous.

This is their story:

I initially started on youtube with a channel dedicated to performing arts. Due to some disturbing comments I received on videos of Middle East Performing Arts by some so-called fanatical muslims posting comments such as, "if this were my sister I could kill her" or "if I ever if I ever see this girl I will rape her", I decided to open up a new channel and investigate further where this blind hatred for women in Middle East Performing Arts came from.

"I came to know her as a middle aged sociopath woman desperate for love, lonely and isolated"

One thing lead to another and the next thing I knew, I was dealing with fanatical's such as JihadJane/FatimaLaRose whose real identity was later revealed as Colleen LaRose. I noted this woman's dedication to Osama Bin Laden and her extreme hatred to the U.S. and all those who were not muslim wishing death upon us as well as favoriting and commenting on every terrorist video on youtube posting comments such as "you are doing a good job". Over the course of approximately 1 1/2 years we exchanged comments on youtube in reference to her fanatical beliefs, at times me becoming her main rival which drew attention from others who were monitoring her, mainly the Youtube SmackDown group who were responsible for removing many terrorist vids from youtube.

Bit by bit I learned more about Colleen through her comments or by all the information she recklessly left about herself on the web. I came to know her as a middle aged sociopath woman desperate for love, lonely and isolated, with a deep hatred for the U.S. blaming them for all her problems. She claimed her conversion to Islam was related to meeting a Muslim while on vacation in Holland who somehow made her feel special which became her quest to find a much younger wealthy Muslim husband as evident by her other website accounts with photos of possible husbands including one with stashes of cash piled around his body. Many of her comments revealed a possible husband, much younger than her, and her typical excited giggles plus questions on visa websites asking how to get this possible husband to her. All of this later revealed in searches on the web after she became radicalized.

"I noted this woman's dedication to Osama Bin Laden"

Since Fatima metamorphosed into the perfect recruit, her previous internet activity was easy to track which she listed her real name, birth date, location, and even online pictures of herself. She was the perfect recruit for extremist; lonely, isolated, blaming others for her problems, in the middle of a midlife crisis, and upset that she had to care for her elderly mother. She lashed out and converted to Islam then used this as an excuse to lash out further at society for being at fault for her problems and citing her elderly mother she had to care for who did not approve of her conversion.

Fast track to the period I came to know Colleen, she had already become radicalized. Due to her radical postings in support of Osama Bin Laden claiming him as her Sheik and idolizing 9/11 coupled with our internet encounters, I soon became friends with the group that was tracking internet terrorism - YoutubeSmackDown. We started sharing information since Colleen became their main source for finding terrorist videos on youtube since she was the main source for favoriting them.

During this period we all noticed Colleen becoming more terroristic with the U.S. for her personal problems and more fanatical in her beliefs. Many of these members had never heard of me and I had never heard of them before. However it soon became a joint effort since we watched a potential terrorist comint to life on youtube becoming more radicalized as days went on and more of a real threat to the U.S.

[Colleen in Amsterdam] "She claimed her conversion to Islam was related to meeting a Muslim while on vacation in Holland who somehow made her feel special"

Colleen went from being angry at the U.S. as a sociopath blaming them for all her problems in life to actually contacting real terrorist plotting terroristic threats against the U.S. Although Youtube Smackdown was responsible for removing most of her terrorist accounts, she remained determined to create more accounts on youtube promoting terrorism against the U.S. and grew more of a following of real terrorist as time went on, joining online terrorist websites and promoting them on her youtube channels.

When she finally made an account which she actively solicited funds for the Pakistan Mujaheddin, which at this point I knew she had acquired the contacts for, I knew she had become a real threat for our safety and had officially violated U.S. Federal Law. It was time to report her. This being in July 2009 I formally called the FBI in Philadelphia to report her.

"Colleen went from being angry at the U.S. as a sociopath blaming them for all her problems in life to actually contacting real terrorist plotting terroristic threats against the U.S."

Without the combined effort of Youtube Smackdown and members of that group which I did not know on a personal basis until our combined efforts of exposing Colleen, none of this would of taken place. Most of us still remain anonymous to each other except for a few group contacts that collaborated this effort and exchanged much information in tracking Colleen on the web. This was a group effort that deserves more pats on the back than just my story with many more plain citizens with their own stories watching out for the U.S. and our safety and security who phase into my story on how we all came together to bring down a terrorist and watched her metamorphosis a terrorist on youtube.

Thanks to so many anonymous that we all came together to bring a terrorist down and the real life story of how it evolved. We are plain citizens of the U.S. Without us, the FBI may of never been onto her.

Wish to remain Anonymous and special thanks to the Youtube Smackdown Group. We did a good job here.

*Media: Please cite "The Jawa Report" when referencing this article or information.


--The original date of this post was March 10, 2010 and has been updated since then.

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